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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Okay..... I will have to think more about that blade i suppose
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
New blade today! Definitely a different one for me, I've never really pursued a blade that's purely defensive. This is one that would be used by a 4th division member.

Shikai Name: Merodī (Melody)

Release Command: Rippuru… (Ripple…)

Bankai Name: Kansei Merodī (Inertial Melody)

Shikai Description: The initial blade is a plain dagger, and when released, the metal changes into a circular shape, not unlike a police baton.

Shikai Ability 1: Chinmoku no Oto (Sounds of Silence) - The wielder can utilize all binding and barrier kido at half the cost of energy and at two times the effectiveness, but they are incapable of using any offensive kido, and the binding techniques create barriers around the opponent that stop all physical strikes and kido up to the level of that binding technique.

Shikai Ability 2: Kurayami no Sasayaki (Whispers in the Dark) - The form of the blade shatters entirely into liquid, which form in drops in a 3 foot radius around the wielder. These act solely as defense, rising off the ground as though it were rain falling in the opposite direction. This ability only works to defend against abilities that utilize number (e.g. Byakuya’s blade, Yoruichi’s needles) rather than focused blasts or strength (e.g. any given sword strike, almost every kido).

Bankai Description: Liquid metal pours out of the blade in tremendous amounts, covering the field for miles and the weapon itself in a mass of silver. The blade hovers away from the wielder, transforming itself into the shape of a trill bit with holes at the tip and 6 wires radiating out of the holes. The wielder controls this separately. The two shikai abilities are still in effect.

Bankai Ability 1: Shin Kankaku (New Sensation) – The metal on the ground is entirely solid, but when any pressure is applied on top of it (from kido or physical movements) it appears to ripple. The ripples are directly felt by the wielder, allowing her to track the opponent’s movements as long as they are anywhere near the ground in the area. The size of the ripple allows her to estimate whether the movement is a strike, how far off the ground they are, and how powerful the strike is.

Bankai Ability 2: Yume no Rekuiemu (Requiem for a Dream) – Any allies that have been damaged can descend into the liquid on the battlefield. As many as 6 can be under the metal, and they are arranged in a hexagonal shape. The drill bit-like weapon plunges tip first into the metal, and wires extend out to each of the people that are under the sea of metal. As long as the wielder has her hand planted on the top of the drill bit, it will infuse each of them with healing energy. Light injuries will be healed in seconds, heavy injuries will heal in no more than 5 minutes, and mortal wounds will not heal.

Bankai Ability 3: Uprising (Bōdō) Rods of steel rise from the ground, acting only in defense. This will stop strikes as with medium-heavy strength behind them, and for anything higher will merely slow them down. This does not prevent kido, and these rods will pass through human tissues harmlessly.
over a year ago TheBlackFlash said…
It's preety good but you couldn't win a fight no mather what so it could only be for a support character. I know you wrote that it would be for someone from the 4th squad. But evon hanataro has a attack.
over a year ago serenseven said…
i've thought about this for yonks.

shikai: Shan-kara (beautiful emptiness)
Release command: saezuru (sing)

The non-shikai blade is a blunt hand-and-a-half sword - the blade is that of a longsword, about 1.5 - 2 metres long. the handle is white and gold, and is 16 inches long. the head of the blade (pointy end) is flat. designed for hitting not cutting.

When a shikai, the blade retains length, and a small gold ball, a 1 inch diameter, appears on the end of the blade, which can, at my will, form a blade, still attached, of about 10 inches on the reverse end of the sword. The main blade is a pure, brilliant white, still flat-ended. at the end, towards the wielder when held upright, is a small gold wing, of 6 inches in length, curved down.

It's abilities are that whenever i slash or attack with it, the slash's range is exactly 50 feet, a 'ghost' slash (it is almost invisible, only causing a change in the wind. the more perceptive foes will notice the movement. This slash is not a cutting moce, more designed to hurt and break bones than draw blood. like being hit with the back of a sword. if the 'ghost slash' comes across something it cannot pass through, the slash stops only in line with that object, the rest of the slash continues.

Bankai: Enputi-songu (empty song)
Release command: Serena-de (serenade)

The sword disappears completely, replaced by a very light armour, like a coat (much like the Arrancar jackets, only the black lines are replaced with intricate, fluid, moving gold lines that curl and swirl around the jacket. On my hands and feet and long, flexible goold gauntlets that go up to my knees, and up to my shoulders. on the top of my shoulders are the same, small gold wings. all the joints of the gauntlet are pure white. Also, my hair changes - it becomes longer, and darkens to black (length is about down to belly button.

Bankai abilities: 1) any of my four joints covered by gauntlets, when they move the same 50 feet projection occurs, no matter how slight the movement. i can contain this to target only a single foe, however it is not as powerful, for the weapon is all about power release, and containing this is detrimental to it's power.
2) the gauntlets can create the same 'ghost slash' in the form of a direct impact, without movement, from my palms (and feet afetr a kick thrust)(if any of you have seen onepiece, the 'impact' of the four guardians of enel, but more powerful, like the reject dial).
3) i can create balls of this 'impact' in front of my hands by eradicating everything within the small area, creating a vacuum in my hand. when released, this creates a massive shockwave in front of me, capable of killing within 50 feet (weaker vice captain or below - like the power of getsuga tenshou, around episode 200-220 (vs ulqiora))), and in 100 severely wound. = ultimate attack. the shockwave is a cylinder, 12.5 metres radius arounfd my hand. both can fire it, but right hand would be more common, as i am right handed. :)

Also, my zanpakuto's form would be a winged cat that talks. unoriginal i know, but oh well. :) a gold and white one. with a flat face. quite small.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
TheBlackFlash - True, true, but I'm more thinking along the lines of an Unohana-type character, and yes, that is entirely support. I wont exactly be using this blade in a 1v1 fight.

serenseven - I suppose my main problems with this blade are ones of understanding. So the ghost slash hits the opponent...and does what exactly? You say it hits in a line and the slash keeps going, does that mean it has the full ability to cut through others, or just push them back? An ability to cut through others would be pretty overly insane, especially when you enter bankai and can do even the slightest movement to release it. I'm aware of the reject dials from One Piece, I think that move's fine. The third bankai seems overly insane. How much time does it take to generate this? How fast does the shockwave move? Anything that covers a decently large radius can't be as powerful as this one is. "Capable of killing within 50 feet" is excessive.
over a year ago Pepsi21 said…
something like this. but longer.
 something like this. but longer.
over a year ago serenseven said…
ok whiteflame. i meant cuts lightly - like a gash, not through totally, cos that would be insane. moer like a bash than a cut tbh. :) and also the last bankai move is essentially the power of a cero. 'capable' as in vice-captain strength or below - the power of the attack is not so much in what hits you but how far you are sent flying. if you think about getsuga tenshou's power, anyone of that level would be out of a fight when hit. :) editing now.
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over a year ago serenseven said…
and white flame, as much as that was a good comment, i looked at ur earlier ones, and just be careful you don't insult people. :)
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
As for serenseven's idea, I don't think it's overpowered at all. These people know how to dodge right?
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Here's mine, I will warn you though, this is a long message.

Sabaku no Rōzu- desert rose
release- iki(breath)
Sairento kage- silent shadow
release- mezameru(awaken)

Before release Sabaku cannot be unsheathed from the scabbard and the scabbard is about a foot longer than the blade covered in thick red ribbon rapping all around it, that comes off at points. The guard(can't remember the jap word) is just like a whurlpool that only has 2 points, each starts from one side ofthe blade and curles round to the other side.

But when released Sabaku must come first, and it is drawn (pulled out) while it is released. The entire blade turns white (handle and all) except the part of the blade that on a normal katana is sometimes galvanized (you know like the shark teeth or other patterns) is red, blood red and the back edge of the blade is waved like rose petals that go no more than an inch from what would be the back of the blade.

Sairento is the same but as it is released the scabbard turns into the sword and it becomes completely black, except the same region as Sabaku, which is silvery-grey. It is jagged along the back in uneven spikes no more than an inch from what would be the back of the blade.

1) Sabaku- Steals reiatsu(with each touch on their body) and feeds it to the other blade (Sairento) making it longer. It also turns completely black slowly.
Sairento- steals reiatsu(with each touch on their body) and makes the other blade turn completely red.
2) When the blades are completely coloured (red or black) they gain a new power.
Sabaku- Starts stealing reiatsu and feeding itself and me so that I become stronger as I fight with it.
Sairento- Steals reiatsu creating an invisble and thin layer of reiatsu around me so that I take less damage and blades cannot penetrate as far.
3) Each one has an attack-
Sabaku- Rōzu wa katto (rose cut) The blade temperarily becomes longer and as it is swung it leaves a red trail from the last foot of the blade, that still cuts like a sword, but it dissappears 30 seconds after the attack finishes.
Sairento- Kage no kōshō (shadow bite) The blade releases a black wave (like getsuga tenshough, but rather than a beam, it is like a shockwave)
Over though out eh?

Taiyo rozu- Solar Rose
Choetsu no kage- Transcendant Shadow
Also the bankai release is:
Moetsui ni rirīsu (burn and finally release)
It is for both of them (cuz they are really just one blade, sorta).

When in bankai, a halo appears 20cm above my head. It has a central ring of red fire with a thinner spiral of black fire around the red one. I also get massive wings, one red and one black. The swords themselves become 8 feet long(if they were longer from fighting then they lose it and the colour returns), retaining their prior appearance, except the silver part of Kage(sairento) becomes black and the normal part goes white (like Rozu(sabaku)). Also the width of the blade (from edge to back) increases by about an inch, so that the spikes/petals are much longer.

1) Again they both steal reiatsu, but this time powering both contributing to a slightly red, on the right, and a slightly black, on the left, shield. But also as they steal reiatsu the wings slowly turn to fire, red and black obviously.
2) When the wings are completely on fire they stick straight up and the ends become more like hands and the bend over as if to draw swords from my shoulders (although much higher up because the wings are massive) and then they each draw a 20 foot long flaming version of their counterpart sword, these are much more powerful, also contribute to the shield and constantly steal reiatsu (while doing damage) to feed to my own pool of energy.
3) They also have attacks (the one done by the wings being simply much bigger)-
Rozu- Rōzuton'neru (rose tunnel) The blade is thrust forwards and a massive hollow (not the evil kind)beam is fired from it, with red flaming petals all around it- It is very devastating and absorbs reiatsu around it to increase in size and speed.
Kage- Kage no parusurirīsu (shadow pulse release) A massive black translucent orb is ejected around me, blocking any attack and sending anyone standing in it flying. The orb is connected to me by black lightening and fire. This attack uses up all of the reiatsu collected in the black wing (unless the sword has been drawn, in which case it simply loses the sword and needs a little bit more in order to get it back).
I also gain one sort of Ueber attack:
Ryū ton'neru- Dragon Tunnel, exactly the same as rose tunnel, except the end is a dragon and instead of coming from the swords it is shot backwards from the wings as 4 beams, collects behind me and is released passed me, like I have been swallowed by the dragon. The major difference is that it can only be done when both wings are charged up and it can change direction (while rose tunnel is a straight line).

The overall downside of this zanpackuto is that it uses massive amounts of reiatsu to sustain and use it's attacks, as in when using bankai if not enough reiatsu is stolen, then the shield is powered by my own and eventually so are the wings, but only as a plan z sort of scenario (the wings not the shield).

Hope you like it. I came up with it ages ago and have been slowly adding to it since then.

Just a side note, but the japanese isn't entirely correct because some of these words have no (real) translation and others are missing accents on letters and things.
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over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Has anyone else noticed that the biggest recent arguement was between a black thing and a white thing? I think they're just secretly racist.
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over a year ago LunaShay said…
Zanpakuto:Yakeramasukatana(fire sword)
Release command:Hi Ni Yakeramasu(burn,fire phoenix)
Bankai:Yakeramasu(fire mirror)

Zanpakto ability 1:a fire is slashed from the sword
Zanpukto ability 2:if in sun,can heal itself
Zanpukto ability 3:a burning blade that brings up her fire moves
Zanpukto shape:it's skinny with a black hexagon end on it

Bankai ability 1:a phoenix comes out of the sword,wraps around the foe or something,and attacks
Bankai ability 2:an explosion goes around the area made of fire.also kinda hurts the user
Bankai ability 3:marks go around her body that are black and red eyes(they have marks too)also brings up her powers moves.Like Toshiro,she is young and her marks disappear.when theyre gone,she has no power left.

Bankais look:she doubles her sword(same look like before)but has a red long ribbon coming out of the bottom of the sword.

Bankais appearance:looks like Kiyomi(her master)except she has black hair and purple eyes.(Thats why it is called fire mirror xD)

i never thought about it so it might not be all as good xD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Um...as far as I know, I don't insult people. If you're getting the thought that that is not the case, please tell me where I'm being insulting. I give a full list of what I view as problems with the blade, and I when people like yourself provide me with good specifications, I always appreciate that. I also appreciate feedback on my blades, so if you see problems, tell me, I really haven't gotten much in the way of negative feedback and that's what I've been looking for.

I'll take a look at the blades a bit later tonight. Honestly, if I'm being offensive at all in my responses, I want to know so that I can stop doing that. I don't think I am, but obviously you're seeing something I'm not.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
CookiesFTA - it's not really about dodging so much, I just wanted to ensure that if a person were cut by the ability and not directly by the blade, they would not be likely to immediately die. I think that was made apparent in his response. Anyway, let's have a look at your blades.

As is the case with a lot of blades, despite the length of your post, some specification is in order. How much reiatsu does each blade steal upon each touch? Does the amount increase dependent upon how much it touches? How quickly does it turn black or red (i.e. how many times must it touch the opponent)? For the second ability, how does Sabaku steal reiatsu? Does it do so at range, and if so, at what range and at what rate? What’s the defensive potential of Sairento? The third ability is fine.
As for bankai, the first ability needs to be specified as to its defensive potential as well. For the second ability, can the wings be cut off, and if so, can this ability be deactivated by cutting through them? How long do these take to turn to fire? How many hands extend from your shoulders using this ability? The final ability seems like you’re just trying to insert 3 abilities into 1. You’re going to need to take this down a bit, or substitute the other 2 for these. As for the individual parts of this, the first part is fine, the second part needs to specify how big the orb is. How long is the orb active? Can you attack while this is active (it’s basically invulnerability, so despite the energy loss, that’s pretty insane). The final ability seems fine too.

LunaShay - your blade needs a lot of specification. On the first ability, how far does this fire go? How big is it? What does it look like? On the second ability...if in sun? What, do you throw the blade at the sun, or do you mean that if the sun is out (as in, it's day) it can heal itself? Is it just the blade that heals itself, or the wielder as well? On the third, I'm even more confused. Does the blade turn to fire? What fire moves? You mean the bankai abilities? Or is this required to use the other shikai abilities?
On the bankai, can the phoenix only attack if it's wrapped around the opponent? How fast does it move? On the second bankai ability, how big is this explosion? How fast does it expand? How much damage does it do to the wielder? For the third ability, how much of an increase to the power of her moves does this give? Does that mean only the fire moves are powered up, or does that mean that she gains speed and/or strength? How long can this last?
over a year ago serenseven said…
nice humility there whiteflame. it's not so much the words as the tone that comes across sometimes. :)
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Well with the orb the idea was more that it's instant, only lasts a few seconds and has a fairly small range, only 10 feet around, or so. With the hands thing, it's the wings themselves that turn into hands, so only two appear, and I hadn't really thought about the speed of stealing reiatsu. Thinking about it now, I don't want it to be as significant as Yumichika's and so it would fill up the swords (and wings) over the length of a battle, rather than very quickly. As for the shield I don't think I described it very well, it was more meant to be something that had a similar effect to slowing down blades slightly, so that attacks still cut, but they don't hit as hard, and it would absorb a little bit of magical attacks. Then in bankai the shield would have a slightly increased effect, to help fight another bankai for example, but not so much that it would stop a weapon. It's also more aimed at large weapons, like the big clubs that some use, it would have a greater effect because more of the weapon is touching the shield, but a bankai such as Ichigo's would be scarcely effected and something like Soi Fon's shikai wouldn't be effected at all. Oh, also with stealing reiatsu the attack has to actually connect to steal any reiatsu, and slightly more is taken from a deep cut (but not significantly so). Overall though most of the powers are simply ways of keeping the character alive before the weapons can be fully powered up and released. Thanks for the criticisms though, if I missed some or you have more please tell me.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
serenseven - Well, honestly, I didn't think words had "tone." I've never once in these forums said I knew better than anyone, never said that I had the best blades, never said I had the best ideas. The only things I've ever said are what I feel about the blades, and I've been told I'm wrong before, and I have been wrong before. I provide as much feedback as I know how to, that's pretty much all I ever do. I would really appreciate the same feedback from you on my blades as well, be as critical as you want.

CookiesFTA - Nope, I think you covered it all, sounds like a pretty awesome blade dude. The visual explanations certainly make it sound like something I'd want to see.
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Thanks, I'd like to as well, but the chances of meeting Tite Kubo AND convincing him to add my character, seem somewhat limited.
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over a year ago gokuluigifan333 said…
Warning this is over powered zanpakto pls don't give feed back(but you can if you want to) this is just for fun
(sorry wasn't able to find japenese translations)

Name:sayin blade

Kamehameha-no explaniation needed i guess(turtle destruction wave, only translation i know)

Galick Gun-a lot like kamehameha

Kaio-Ken x20-the next attack is 20x stronger

Bankai:(doesn't need one)
this is a stupid zanpakto cause i didn't give much explanation and just came to my head real fast
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over a year ago Ikusa510 said…
So i just watched episode 271 that came out today and uh..... good god is it epic.
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
I'm still only on episode 145ish. I haven't had time to watch it in months.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Yeah, it was pretty insane, basically one of the most amazing moments in Bleach so far. You'll see what we're talking about when you get there CookiesFTA, though don't think you have to be too fast about it, and you could always skip the filler.
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Yeah, did that with most of the Bount arc.
over a year ago charliezombie said…
Shikai: Yozorazainin (Nightsky Sinner)
Release command: Yotaru (a word to say "live a wicked life")

Sealed form description: a normal zanpakuto, the blade is above average lenght, the guard is shaped like the letter "T" and the grip is black purple.

Shikai description: A France Middle age sword (like the knights in armor), the pommel is connected to a ring like the ones to knock at the doors. The guard is long and slim, and on the center of it (on each side of the flat of the blade) there's two rings (much like Musashi's Daisho Iaito link )
At the half of the blade theres a little irregularity like a single spiked edge.
Shikai powers: The spirit of a giant wolf is hiding around the blade. Where the blade is pointing, the wolf head's watching so if the blade is pointing behind the owner, he can see behind him. Same goes for the smell earing abilities and other stuff of the wolf.
Powers:- Shinnoyami (Pitch Darkness)
The area is darkened and even the user can't see a thing. From the outside it looks like a black moon.
- Shitsuren aikai (broken heart lament)
the wolf howls a sad melody that, if heard, will give the illusion that there are many foes (just like the wolf's real howl that even if theres a single wolf howling it will look like theres 10)
- Akumahakamu (devil tooth bite)
Much like getsuga tenshou, a giant fang (the wolf's) of black purple is summoned around the blade and will bite anything. It closes into a thin black line much like if it was cut horizontally.
- Biyouyami (second darkness)
only used after the Shinnoyami, its setting the wolf spirit free in the darkness, so it can hunt whatever is trapped inside.

Bankai: Akashita Yozorazainin (Akashita is a demon if I might say in Japanese myths. It means Red thongue so "Red thongue night sky sinner". Its a beast that hides in a dark cloud.

Bankai description: A long spear looking like Yukimura sanada's. But the blade is thinner like one of a sword and as long as the "grip" of the spear ( making it particullarily long like twice a spear) the "guarde" of the spear is a wolf's skull that breaths black smoke (where the giant demon wolf Akashita is hiding). The pommel of the spear shaped like a sandglass and wears a ring like the shikai, but this time there are many rings attached to each other making a chain. :P if anyone dont know what they want as zanpakuto I made many of them
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Charliezombie: Make sure to limit the abilities to 3 but i love the Zanpakuto. And may i ask what you mean by hiding? I love the ideas but the hiding thing confused me cuz i immediately imagined a wolf trying to hide behind a sword

Serenseven: There is no tone of being mean in any of his. I think yours is coming off meaner than Whiteflames comments.

CookiesFTA: I have noticed the conflict.... I am sorry if the fact upsets u.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Charliezombie: As Ulquiorra said, you have to limit the number of abilities in your blade (though I don't see any bankai abilities, so you might just want to separate them into shikai and bankai, perhaps even add a couple), but let's go through them all. For the first, what size is "the area"? For the fourth, is the wolf spirit made of energy, or is it solid? How much power does it have? For the bankai, it seems the only ability is this demon summon, but I'm not seeing any specification on what it does other than hides in the dark. Same questions as the ones for the fourth ability on this one.
over a year ago serenseven said…
big smile
oh filler episodes suck my life utterly dry of entertainment, but i feel guilty skipping them! and don't worry about it white flame i'm just probably seeing things.... :)
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
Ulquiorra1313, nah it was just a joke, trying to lighten the mood a little.

Charliezombie: Can I ask what the bankai's power actually is? Or is it just big, you didn't really mention that.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Heh, doesn't matter dude, but seriously, if you see something I should change on any of my blades, I'd be more than happy to hear your advice.
over a year ago serenseven said…
haha. ok, i get it, i shut up. just trying to be helpful - noobs get offended easily (not referring to you, but about 5-6 pages back someone sounded upset - he was a fanboy i guess)
over a year ago rantora13 said…
hey guys wuts new on the filler,havent been on in a while.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Oooooooo... I see :) Good job :) It made me think and laugh when i realized that that is so true. So what do people think about a new blade, any ideas are welcome. It will be a dual blade, one half light and one half dark??? Completely need help with creation and ideas so plz suggest stuffs
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Unfortunately I'm out of ideas in that department. Posted an arrancar resureccion a while back based on the yin-yang style, and that's really all I can think of when it comes to having two halves black and white.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
Hōritsu no haha (mother in law)
Nag, Hōritsu no haha

Anyone within a 3 mile radius is knocked out from nagging and dies in about 10 minutes from said nagging
over a year ago hollowfication said…
honoo (flame)
tengoku no honoo
the shikai would be a big curve of a blade(like a big crecent with a straight part attaching it to the hilt) with bacwards curving spikes all along the inside of the crecent. the hilt would be all black, with a lanted base and a straight middle. the guard would have on prong going down on the left, and one prong going up on the right. its power would be to simpily get REALLY hot. the more powerful you are, the hotter it can get.

it's bankai would have a black hilt, with a dimond shaped pommel. that pommel would have a glass center, which would show weather or not the zanpakuto or the hollow is in controll. ( yes, my charecter is a vizard). the blade would be a katana up until the top, where it would split of into two curving prongs. the prongs would have a small v shaped split in them. the entire blade would be on fire. fire could shoot out of the split in the prongs, and it could then be controlled. you can figure out what to do with a ton of fire being cntrolled by your mind. maybe make a replica of your opponent and have it fight.
over a year ago hollowfication said…
sorry, tengoku no honoo=heavenly flame (cheesey anyone?)
over a year ago skullwarrier said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]- ooyuki(Heavy Snow)

[release command]-Katamaru(Freeze)

[bankai name]-hiyasu makkuro(Black Ice)

[description]-in regular form its a normal zanpakuto but the guard is kinda like ichigo's bankai, but silver. In shikai form its a white blade with an arrow shape at the tip of the blade,(Below i will put sorta a pic with lil characters lol), the guard will be just like in shikai form but white. bankai will be a spiraling black blade with a guard that has 4 T shapes around it. like a + with lil - on the ends.

The arrow thingy lol:

[shikai abilities]-shi kootta(frozen death), ishi kootta(Frozen Stones).
Shi Kootta-Completely freezes the blade firing ice arrows at the enemy/target.

Ishi Kootta-forcing the blade into the ground, freezing the ground, and lifting up random rocks/stones hurling them at enemy/target.

[bankai abilities]-shi no kurushimi(Pains of Death),botsuraku rasenkei(Spiraling Downfall), itami motto(More Pain)
Shi No Kurushimi-momentarily(max 2 mins) blinding the enemy/target, then stops their thought proccess, but after the 2 minutes the enemy/target is no longer affected, but they do experience a sort of whip lash.

Botsuraku Rasenkei-a basic spinning attack, the user spins with the zanpakuto firing at the enemy/target.

Itami Motto-used as a last line of defense, using flash step, the user stabs the enemy/target 100 times in all pressure points, basically killing them, but at the cost of the users life. the user gets infused with the zanpakuto, then gets turned back into its normal form. Thus for someone else to find, and probably put into the archives for its awesomeness ;P.

(comments on your zanpakuto)
I just want to know if this is good or not, i kinda like ice ;P if ya didnt notice lol, but i do want your critisism, but plzz dont be all like...GAY!!! or crap like dat, its just pointless and annoying.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
skullwarrier- Well i can say i like the general idea, but it needs a lot of specification. Like the second shikai ability: How far around is the ground frozen? How many rocks? How big? How fast are they thrown? How far can they travel?
1 ban kai: Way overpowered, if you can stop everything of them for two minutes, you could kill em, and be a mile away (with flash step) and be all safe and such.
2 ban kai: How far can it fire (same for 1st shikai, and how many and how big)
3 Ban kai: Not a bad idea sacrificing your own life, but i think these kind of attacks are pointless, unless you would be SUPER dedicated to absolute protection. What if they were like aizen and stopped it? And hitting them in all pressure points would not necessarily kill them, probably just paralyze.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, let's see. Skullwarrier, Ulquiorra1313 pretty much addressed all the issues I saw, just want to add a bit onto some of them. First, I don't see specification on how fast the ice arrows move on the first shikai ability. We talkin' Ishida-like speed, or faster? Second, I agree that the first bankai ability is extremely overpowered, but it could be mellowed down very easily. Stopping an opponent's thought process is really what makes this so overpowered, so you can do one of two things. You can either make it more difficult to apply (as in, it doesn't just do it immediately when you command it to, or that it has some catch), or you can tone the ability down power-wise. Third, I agree that the third bankai ability is just too problematic. These double-edged abilities that auto-kill you and your opponent are just far too extreme. This has to be either dealt away with or toned down.
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
I must agree, there's a million anime and manga characters that try an instant double kill move, and they always miss and die (e.g. the 3rd Hokage in Naruto).
over a year ago charliezombie said…
Ah, srry to Ulquiorra1313 if the ability of my zanpakuto is unclear :P, actually its not really hiding I chose the wrong word to say it, its more like invisible to the unuser of the zanpakuto. You remember when Ichigo fought against Kenpachi i suppose, well its more like that, but the wolf head is around the blade. So if I cut, it can cut if the wolf dont do anything, if it decides that the cut will be blocked, it will bite the enemy. And sorry to whiteflame55 on top of that too for the tons of attacks, but for me actually shinnoyami and biyouyami are kind of the same attack but in two steps but if a power should be taken off I would biyouyami, anyway. And to whiteflame who asked to precise more the range and power here it is:

for the range of the attacks, the wolf cannot bite what is not in his reach so kind of a few inches from the point of the blade. for the range of the ability pitch darkness, its responding to how much reiatsu I put into it so it can be just the size of a room to the size of half a forest (in bankai though). In bankai akumahakamu if big even though its a close combat attack, its enormous, I would say 6-7 meters tall if correctly used. For the power of its attack its almost just like getsuga but in dark purple. The wolf is really NOT in this world, kind of. It cant be killed as long that its kept in the <<hiding>> mode. If its separated, in shikai its made of reiatsu, in bankai its a hude ammount of compacted reiastu so its made solid, cutting it will only make a bit of reiatsu leak kind of like blood would but its immediatly healed. What the bankai does is overpower ( >:D ) the wolf into an enormous best-like creature. The black cloud doesnt just hide the beast, its the limit it can reach. I can move its certain but if I trapped someone into the cloud the wolf will move much quicker than me and will make mince meat of the guy, but if the guy manage to get out of the cloud, it will act like a cage for the wolf and it wont be possible for it to get out. You may ask if the wolf is not in the blade anymore what does the poowers do? Because I can control the cloud (wich is the size of a I would say a much like the size of Tousen bankai because I dont want to enter in the meters and inches and all :P. By controlling I mean move it. So by moving it I can decide the wolf is just at my right and make him bite the foe. With the bankai though the wolf is twice the size of a grizzly bear even though the bite is bigger. Hope it helped srry if Im not clear I always forget to write things and its just confusing or I write too much, etc.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I had a new idea for a dual blade that i really liked, but I would like some opinion on whether of not i should create it :)
It would be called Sairentoshinfonī (silent symphony)
The shikai would be one blade becoming the bow of an instrument and the other a violin or something
Ban kai would just be different colored and a viola called kuresshendosairentoshinfonī (crescendo of the silent symphony)
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Seems fine to me, you'd just have to make the blade first. Be careful on this type of stuff. I've done some work on blades involving music myself, and it's really easy to fall into the "if someone hears it, it does something tremendous" problem. That can definitely be overpowered, or underpowered, depending upon the opponent.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
so true :) thats why im putting a whole lotta thought into this
over a year ago CookiesFTA said…
That sounds awesome Ulquiorra.
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
So my newest zanpakuto is called
Kanashi-sō na kōkyōkyoku (sorrowful symphony= shikai)
Release phrase: Play, Kanashi-sō na kōkyōkyoku
Basically one blade becomes the bow to a violin and the other a violin its self.

1) Sounds of sorrow (Kanashimi no oto):
A slow and sorrowful minor tune is played (tempo is adagio on down). The music of this instrument affects time and space, making the opponent move slower, though it seems as though the user speeds up. Basically "increases" your speed by 25% ish.
2) Sonikkuburasuto (sonic blast)
A note is stricken, and a blast (think like one of ishida's arrows) comes off of the string that is being played, thus a four note chord, the most possible, fires four blasts
3)Nenshō moji retsu (burning strings)
A fast flurry of music is played (tempo is Allegro up. Faster=more power). When the tune starts, the violin glows read, and once the player reaches the end of a section of music, the area within 20 feet around (except the small place where the user stands) bursts into flames.

Ban kai- Kanashi-sō na ketsueki shinfonī (sorrowful blood symphony)
The violin grows to a black viola with red details and the bow becomes pure black.
1) Subete no sekai no gengo (the language of all worlds)
This is basically a more resourceful than a combat move. The user plays a tune and when they complete it, they can understand and speak any language in the world for the next 72 hours, after which the ability cannot be used for another 72.
2)Ongaku shīrudo watashi (music shields me)
When the user plays the music for this ability, a barrier of a rainbow of colors appears around the user for the duration of the song (20 feet around). The enemy is automatically transferred out of the area. This allows for allies to heal and get ready.
3) Kurushimeru (torment)
when the user plays this song, they must play the whole song UNINTERRUPTED for it to work. It transports the opponent and the user to another dimension. There, the opponents mind is subjected to torture by means of horrible out of tune and small intervals (Trust me it really is that bad). It all actuallity, the ability only takes roughly 2 minutes, but the opponent feels like it lasted for 3 years. Basically a psychological attack

The more in tune the instrument is, the more powerful everything is... Hope all yall liked this one :) Any criticism or help is welcome :)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Seems fine to me, just want a little more on the specifics, and it's all about time. On the third shikai, how long does it take for the violin to glow red and reach the end of the section? The same question for the second and third bankai abilities (since they are time dependent, it's nice to know exactly what time that entails). The first bankai ability seems a little out of place, but it's alright, would just want to know exactly how it would help someone in battle. I can think of some uses, but spelling them out would be nice. All in all, looks like a pretty sick blade.
over a year ago ookami510 said…
yo whats up haven been on in 5 monthe whats going on
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
I am currently thinking of applications for the language move, but in terms of time wise, the section of a song i would say like 2 minutes ish and a full song more like 4.5 minutes. And thank you... I find this blade weird cuz i am actually in band and there is a fierce band v. Orch rivalry at our school
over a year ago Ulquiorra1313 said…
And about the light and dark i am developing one of those in my mind. I am going to make it completely a psychological blade :) like it does things to the mind