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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Yeah I guess your right. I was being a little head strong when I said that my bad. Plus blackpanther666 my first one may have had tensho in it but at least mine didn't have a blade similar to ichigo's like one of the one's on page 5.
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over a year ago wantadog said…
*Considers checking page 5*

....too lazy.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Captain-Ben. I know the one you are referring to... Even so, why are you going on about that? I never said anything about you using it in your Zanpakuto... Lol.
over a year ago Captain-Ben54 said…
Yes you did my first one plus the shape and appearance of a zanpakuto are defined by it's soulreaper so he trying to copy Ichigo's with out anyone knowing. Inonly use the words not the actual ability or apearence.
over a year ago chase645 said…
umm can i play this game ? and if so were do i find it =)
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Captain-Ben54. This is what I said the first time, note that there is absolutely nothing about the Getsuga Tensho in there. "Your blade is absurdly overpowered, so it seems obvious that no-one would be able to beat it, using a normal Zanpakuto. However, I have entertained several ideas for overpowered Zanpakutous that would wipe yours from existence. So, I say to you the same thing you said in your post, challenge me if you want to die. XD" - those are my exact words.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Not a game, an RP (roleplay). You can find it the Bleach forums under 'Bleach Generations: New RP'. XD.
over a year ago Etrios said…
0_0 Black Panther, is it possible to rp there with the zanpakuto I made? 83
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Tedasuke (Helping Hand)

Sealed form: Normal katana with a dark blue handle and circle guard

Release command:Kasu (Lend)

Shikai: See picture

Iyashinote (Healing Hand)- The hilt is engulfed in a green glow that will physically heal the wielder and/or the hilt is touching.

Hogo-te (Protective Hand)- Creates a box like barrier that is 15x15x15 ft. To break through the barrier, the attack or attacker must have a higher reiatsu than the wielder.

Ganjōna te (Sturdy Hand)- Allows the wielder to enhance someones strength, speed, and stamina by cutting them. The effects last for 5 minutes.

Seishin no te (Spirit Hand)- Allows wielder to enhance a persons reiatsu and kido ability with a cut. The effects lasts for 5 minutes.

A person can have only one of the enhancing abilities active on them at one time. The wielder can't use the enhancing abilities on someone if they are already active on somebody else and can't place two on one person.

Bankai: Kami no te (Divine Hand)

Able to use all the abilities from Shikai. The enhancing abilities can now be active on two people each and he can place two on one person and the effects last 10 minutes.

Shinjinbukai tatchi (Godly Touch)- The wielder stabs someone through the heart and is able to transfer all of his power to the person who was stabbed. The person stabbed can't use the wielder's abilities but all of his/her abilities are greatly enhanced. The wound heals instantly but the wielder can't use any of his abilities, including kido and shunpo. The effects last for 5 minutes

I'm using this the new generation rp
 Tedasuke (Helping Hand) Sealed form: Normal katana with a dark blue handle and 원, 동그라미 guard R
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
@Etrios. If you want to. You can even RP on my one if you like. The other one (New Generations) is made by Bleachcrazy123. Join either, or both, if you like. XD
over a year ago Etrios said…
Yes! Thank you!!!
Could you give me links to the two?
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over a year ago Maniax33 said…
Shikai-Jigoku no shinjitsu(Hell's Truth)
Appearance-It looks like a normal katana with a blood-red line going up the middle of the blade in its sealed form. On release, it becomes a massive version of this. It's about 13 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Shikai abilities:

1. It allows the weilder to anticipate the opponents attacks apon release.

2. Sōdai heru-jū (Grand Hell Beast)- Summon's a Suit of Death Armour. The armour enhances all other abilities.

3. Kami no sabaki(God's Judgment)- Summons a Heavenly light that incinerates all opponents. weilder immune.

Bankai-Jigoku, fukanzen sonzai no kami,-rai subete o hakai(God of Hell, imperfect being, come and destroy everything)- A neon green suit of death armour covers the weilder. the suit has golden details. Hell's Truth takes the form of 2 blades(same as shikai), with 4 large chakram floating around the weilder.

Bankai abilities:

1. Sōdai ha no harikēn(Grand blade hurricane)- the 4 chakram spin at super-sonic speeds around the weilder. As they move they multiply expinentialy. They also increase weilders speed.

2. Kami kanpeki hantei(Perfect Judgment by God)- Summons a pair of angelic wings of pure light. they can be used in 3 ways- flight, as an impenitrable sheild, or as hundreds of unblockable spears.

Resurreccion- Nana-kaku no kami(Seven Horned God)- Think ichigo's full hollowfied form, but instead of just 2 horns, there are seven all pointing forward. 4 smaller horns and 3 larg ones.
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 Shikai-Jigoku no shinjitsu(Hell's Truth) Release-Shout Appearance-It looks like a normal katana wit
over a year ago JuniorLibre said…
big smile
Make your own Zanpakuto!!!:
I hope you guys read this!


Name: Tōketsu Hebi (凍結蛇- Frozen Snake)
Release Command: Ōda (殴打- Strike)
Type: Ice Type and Kido Type


In its Shikai state, the zanpakuto appears as a large Khopesh, (see pic. below) an Egyptian sword, with light blue coloring as the sword and dark blue coloring for the tsuba and hilt. In its Bankai state, it multiplies into two large Khopeshes with the same coloring as the Shikai.


Tōketsu Kiba- Frozen Fang. By slashing the sword, it can turn release a frozen ice attack, similar to the appearance of a fang, and strikes the opponent. After the opponent has been attacked, it can release a feeling as if venom has entered the wound.

Hyō No Sutoraiki- Hail Strike: Similar to Hitsugaya's Guncho Tsurara, with the swing of the sword, it can release giant hail from the tip of the sword and cast it onto the opponent.

Reitō Doku- Frozen Venom: Similar to Ashisogi Jizō's attack, the blade releases a venom, in the composition to mist, fatal to whomever inhales it. Instead of being composed of my blood, like Ashisogi Jizō, it is composed of pollutants produced by it absorbing the air in the World of the Living and using the very potent poisons to make it lethal. It also uses some of holder's spiritual pressure to make it more lethal.

Bankai: Aisuwaibān (アイスワイバーン Ice Wyvern)

Someno Ōda: Henkan- First Strike: Transformation: The whole zanpakuto turns into a giant Ice Wyvern (that looks like this------> link Just imagine it more fiercer, lol! Basically a dragon without back legs)

Tsugino Ōda: Nomikomu- Next Strike: Ungulf: The holder jumps on top of the Ice Wyvern, and ride on its back. When reciting Tsugino Ōda, the Wyvern will spew cold, blue, ice flames to the opponent. When the mist clears, it'll reveal the opponent in an ice encasing.

Sanno Ōda: Yaburu- Third Strike: Break: The Wyvern whips its tail to break the ice and destroys the opponent with it.

=I thought about this for awhile and I was like "I wanna post my zanpakuto on this too!" But I, at the time, didn't have my laptop. Now that I have my laptop back, cuz it was broken, I had the opportunity to do this! So, my zanpakuto looks like the picture below. In its Shikai state, I wield two of these swords, that are blue. And in my Bankai state, I wield a large Khopesh and only have one now. So yeah, hope you guys like this!
 Make your own Zanpakuto!!!: I hope 당신 guys read this! Zanpakuto Name: Tōketsu Hebi (凍
over a year ago dozza said…
Zanpakuto: Kuroi Ouji (Black Prince)
Release: Jiboujiki
Bankai: Eien no yami (Eternal Darkness)

Description: Black and white version of Ichigo's original Tensa Zangetsu, but slightly longer, with an anti-clockwise cross guard. A small ring near the end of the hilt (such as is present on kensei's bankai) and a 200mm chain for optimal use in battle.

Shikai Ability 1: jigoku kusari (Hell Chain)

--------> Allows the ability to create and control millions of strands of indestructible/Unabsorbable, razorwire made from super dense reshi.

Shikai Ability 2: Mugestu (Moonless Sky) (Enhanced)

-------->Allows 'Mugetsu' to be fired just a fast a a getsuga tenshou without the loss of shingami abilities

Shikai Ability 3:

-------> Gives me super enhanced speed and strength twice that of an Espada

Apperance: No change from the original form, besides a negative from its original colour

Bankai Ability 1: Cero

--------> Allows me to craete a red cero and condense it into a smaller black one

Bankai Ability 3: jigoku keshiki (HellScape)

------->Creates an endless wall of my razorwire and is used to end those tricky situations quickly. (also is needed for the 'Iron Maiden' Technique

Bankai Ablity 3: Aianmeiden (Iron Maiden)

-----> Razorwire stabs an wraps around a foes limbs and wraps around the rest of thier body. Afterwards they are impaled with thousands of wire limbs from the wall.
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
long time no been one here but ill finnaly be able to get back on on the 15th
over a year ago JuniorLibre said…
Wow! Your zanpakuto is very powerful! So you should probably know that my zanpakuto is powerful! Probably more powerful than yours! Lol!
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
Name: Kyomusuke (The Nihilistic One)
Sealed appearance: Kyomusuke takes the form of a regular katana with uncoloured hilt-wrapping and an uncoloured sheathe.
Release command: Blend into the background (Haikei ni tokekomu)

Shikai appearance: Its appearance does not change from its sealed form.

Shikai special abilities: Kyomusuke gives the wielder the power of dynamic camouflage and furtive assimilation; this allows the wielder to seamlessly blend into their environment both physically and socially. Although the wielder can become perfectly camouflaged and are effectively optically invisible they can still be detected by sound, smell, touch, taste, heartbeat, reiatsu etc.

Bankai name: Ippan Kyomushugisha (The Faceless Nihilist)
Bankai appearance: The appearance of the zanpakutō does not change but the wielder’s face is now covered by a thin layer of special ‘skin’ that makes the wielder appear ‘faceless’; the ‘skin’ matches the natural skin colour of the wielder and still enables the wielder to breathe, communicate and see normally. The wielder also becomes dressed in featureless black cloak.

Bankai special abilities: Ippan Kyomushugisha retains all its shikai abilities but now also gains the ability to selectively erase the memories of anyone that it cuts. Memory erasure is permanent; however memories can be restored either by external regeneration of the victim’s brain or by the victim experiencing a traumatic event that forcefully causes them to remember the memory out of shock. In addition Ippan Kyomushugisha has the powerful ability of total imperceptibility; once it reseals its bankai anyone that saw it (both allies and opponents) totally forget all traces of Ippan Kyomushugisha ever existing. For all intents and purposes, this bankai does not exist.

Sora no Kokū (Empty Void):
The wielder grabs the opponent’s head with both hands then completely erases all of the opponent’s memories leaving them an empty shell; the technique causes the victim to black out and wake up with a heavy migraine. This technique consumes a surprisingly large amount of spiritual energy and causes serious mental fatigue with multiple usages in short spaces of time. This technique has a more ruthless version called "Muryokuna Sora no Kokū" (Powerless Empty Void) where the wielder first performs Sora no Kokū on the victim then proceeds to stab and permanently seal the victim’s Saketsu and Hakusui (thus sealing up their spiritual power); this leaves the victim a completely powerless empty shell.

Wasureppoi Yūyami (Forgetful Dusk):
The wielder holds Ippan Kyomushugisha up in the air as its blade glows black and then it releases an omnidirectional wave of blinding dark light. The wave of light causes anyone to see it to forget everything that happened to them in the last several seconds of their life. It is best used as an escape tactic.

It feels good to post a new zanpakutō after all this time XD
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
And a great one it is, Ryuuikari. XD. And, so, here is my latest one.

Fukaseha ('Shark's Tooth') - see image of Shikai below

Release Command: Clamp (Kasugai)

Bankai: Kyouka Fukaseha ('Reinforced Shark's Tooth')

Type: Melee/water

Sealed Form: In its regular form, this Zanpakuto is a katana, with a blue and white wrapped tsuba, with a small tie on the end, that is blue. The blade is the regular length, size, width and thickness, as opposed to most other Sealed Zanpakuto. The guard is silver and shaped like two rows of teeth fit into one another, or two triangles put together, that are inverted. The guard also has a triangle etched/carved into the front face.

Shikai abilities:

Special ability: The Zanpakuto is very durable and hard to break, just like the teeth of a shark. If the teeth of the kiribachi are broken, then they will grow back automatically, without requiring a large amount of reiatsu to do so (this is doesn't apply to general damage to the Zanpakuto, besides the teeth of the blade).

Sha-kusukin ('Shark Skin') When the Shikai is released, this ability is automatically activated and is passive, but uses a certain amount of reiatsu to sustain it. Because the skin of a shark is highly elastic, but very strong and hard, this ability becomes very useful in fights against high-level opponents. The user is covered in shark's skin from chin to toe, including the arms, right down to the wrists. This skin is very hard to breach and doesn't crack like Hierro, or armour; instead, this skin takes a hit and stretches until it reaches its breaking point, which is very high. Regular sword strikes will do very little damage to the user, but it requires a fair amount of reiatsu to focus this ability and keep damage from occuring. If the user loses concentration, their focus will be broken and it would be much easier to inflict damage upon them. If the user begins to run out of spirit energy, then this ability will become less effective, as it depends on a large amount of spirit energy to sustain and focus the energy into this ability and keeping it activated.

Shitsu Ponpu ('Hydro Pump') This attack is powerful, but only able to be used every five minutes, due to the raw power displayed. This attack is weaker when away from water, but much stronger when the user is close to the ocean, a lake or a river/stream/creek. If the user is near water, then this draws the water into the blade, then releases it, imbued with the user's reiatsu, at a high compression and large volume; as the water is released it separates into four columns and each one approaches the target from one direction. When the user is away from water, this attack incorporates a Kido-type version the ability, doing the exact thing, but with less raw power. This attack can be avoided if the opponent is fast, but, even if they have high-level reiatsu, this will still do a fair amount of damage, unless the opponent is much, much stronger than the user.

Hamukau ('Bite back') This is a counteractive ability, that activates whenever another blade touches it. The kiribachi will flare its reiatsu and force the opposing reiatsu and Zanpakuto back, causing pain to the opponent's Zanpakuto and consequently to the opponent himself. This is not unavoidable, but very difficult to do so, unless the opponent has incredible reflexes. The damage taken to the blade, under this ability, is reflected on the opponent, so to speak.

Shikai Form: The katana disappears and is replaced by a massive kiribachi ('toothed blade'). This kiribachi is 1.8 meters long, from the blade tip, to the end of the tsuba. Each 'tooth' is 15 centimeters long and measures 5 wide at the base. The blade is about 22 centimeters from the tip of a tooth, to the top edge of the blade. The tsuba is 30 centimeters long and thinner and sleeker, with a while wrapping around it that can be unwrapped to use in ranged combat if necessary.

Bankai abilities:

Special ability: The kiribachi gains another blade, side by side and regeneration (of the teeth) becomes even faster. Bite back, Hydro Pump and Shark Skin can also be used in Bankai.

Ketsueki Kaori ('Blood Smell') Sharks can smell blood, in the water, from up to a mile away. This is reflected in this brutal ability. Whenever the kiribachi tastes blood, it yearns for more and consequently grows more powerful with each sucessful strike. This allows the kiribachi to be much more durable, taking far less damage than usual, as well as causing the reiatsu, of the blade itself, to grow more powerful. Strikes also become stronger and harder to parry. This ability uses a large amount of reiatsu to sustain, but is very useful, especially in the hands of a powerful hand-to-hand fighter.

Shitsu Ponpu: This ability is essentially the same, but has a 3 minute cooldown and is more powerful than in Shikai. This can be used anywhere, and will have the same amount of power, whether it is used near water, or not.

Shark Skin: Same as in Shikai.

Bite Back: Same as in Shikai

Bankai Form: The kiribachi gains another blade, side by side with the original blade and both are slightly longer, making the kiribachi 1.9 meters long. The tsuba is the same, minus the white wrapping and has gained a long black chain.
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 And a great one it is, Ryuuikari. XD. And, so, here is my latest one. Fukaseha ('Shark's Tooth') -
over a year ago shukun_kizuku said…
anyone know of any good rp's going on i would like to join
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
You can join my one, the Clan War, if you like. I understand that you used to RP with Whiteflame on Fallout. He is also joined to my RP. Here's the link: link
over a year ago agiebner said…
Name: Yōchi saru 幼稚猿 (Infant Monkey)
Release Command: Yureru 揺れる (Sway)
Bankai Name: Erudā reichō エルダー霊長 (Elder Primate)
Description- Yōchi saru turns into a brown mist and engulfs body, once the mist has fully covered the body it will turn into a deep gray and sink into the user's body, in turn the arms and legs transform into x10's the size of a fully grown gorilla's appendages. The user then grows a long tail about 15ft long with 3 blades, each about 4ft long, sticking from the end of it. The head now has a silver haired helmet that has the head of a gorilla, but the eyes, nose, and mouth region are not covered. The helmet and tail are connected by hair that goes down the spine. The over all color of the hair is a light silver to a deep gray.
Shikai Abilities - Tōtte noboru 通って登る (Climb Through)
- Ignores all matter and slices through, still maintains blade form and does not harm insides of opponent. Returns to solid state when said: Jitto shite iru じっとしている (I Sit Still).
- Kamu koto o gaku かむことを学 (Learn to Chew)
- Same ability as Tōtte noboru, but when slicing through human, shinigami, or hollow opponents the inside organs, bones, ect. are cut are damaged. Returns to solid state when said: O kamu no ni jūbun'na をかむのに十分な (I've Had Enough to Eat).
- Furuku sodatsu 古く育つ (Grow Older)
- Same ability as Tōtte noboru, but when slicing through human, shinigami, or hollow opponent's muscles and bones are gradually weakened until they are brittle, weak, old, and frail. Returns to solid state when said: Watashi wa seichō shite owatta 私は成長して終わった (I Have Ended Aging).
Bankai Abilities - >The blades on each of Erudā reichō's tail represent different abilites that affect the opponent.
- Saisho no burēdo juchū anata wa seichō suru 最初のブレード受注あなたは成 長する (The First Blade Orders You to Grow)
- When command said, the other two blades retract and the first blade grows grows to be 6ft long, when hit by the blade it passes through the part hit, that body part expands until it burst through the skin or explodes, does no external damage to the skin.
- Daini wa, anata no nemuri o motomeru 第二は、あなたの眠りを求める (The Second Asks for Your Slumber)
-When commanded, other(s) blade(s) retracts and the second blade turns into the form of an axe. When slashed by the axe, the body part goes completely numb will be unable to move.
- Anata no shi no tame ni fainaruburēdo negai あなたの死のためにファイナルブ レード願い (The Final Blade Wishes for Your Death)
- When commanded, other(s) blade(s) retracts and the second blade turns into the form of a scythe. When cut by throught the scythe, the blood begins to crystalize and slowly spreads to the whole body.
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
@agiebner I can't give a full review on your zanpakutō at the moment (stupid laptop won't turn on) but what I will say is that your zanpakutō, even in shikai, is very overpowered
Also your zanpakutō likens more to an Arrancar's zanpakutō than to a Shinigami's zanpakutō, since it transforms the wielder into basically a giant ape
Apart from that it's a good zanpakutō XD
over a year ago chr982 said…
zanpakuto name: Fenris

Realease phrase:
Anata no chēn o saku (Tear/rip your chain)

In it's sealed state i looks like a ordinary katana, with a grey guard that resembles a gaping wolf. Atached to the wolf head there are three chains which connects with the hilt.

Realesed state (shikai): First form, the blade takes the form of a canine fang. One of the chains i broken.
Ability: you gain an enormous amount of strenght but you can only pierce and crush your opponents.

Second form: by saying the realese phrase again the zanpakuto reforms around your arm up to the elbow, it now looks like a giant wolfs head ready to bite. Now there is only one chain left.
Ability: you still have the strengt from the first transformation but now the zanpakuto bites your opponents.
Urufupakku: the zanpakuto howls and several reiatsu wolfs form, they can only attack together with you using hit and run tacticts.

When releasing your bankai you are engulfed in an armour witch hold the form of a werewolf.
Increased speed, strength and toughness, you attack with claws and fangs.
Ryōba (hunting ground) After drawing blood from your opponent and feeding on it you engulf an area around him/her that becomes your own hunting ground, here you have the ability to dissaper and strike wearing out your opponent. Each sucsesfull strike makes your opponent more and more fatiqued.

Shikai: as your zanpakuto has realative short attack range and no ability to cut you are left open to attacks from the sides and ranged attacks.

If you get hit inside off Ryōba, you are the one who will get fatiqued instead of your opponent, if you get hit enought times you can cancel Ryōba to regain your stamina but so does your opponent (wounds won't heal on either) and you can no longer use Ryōba.

My zanpakuto is based on the norwegian myth of the fenris wolf who the god's (thor, Odin etc etc) tried to chain down so it couldn't wreak havoc and bring about ragnarok. The first chain was a large and heavy chain, wich it easely ripped appart, the second chain was even larger and sturdier but that one too got ripped apart, the third chain on the other hand was a thin and frail chain which was imbued by magic, and will only break when the time for ragnarok is there.

hope you like it ^^
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over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
Sealed form: a regular katana

Shikai: Ran Setto
Release Command: Operate
Form: A doubled edged scalpel called a lancet.

Ability #1 Shujutsu: 
This technique completely hides the user's Reiatsu and allows the wielder to cut the opponent without them knowing it. The opponent(s) won't even feel it so that the wielder can cut them countless times until the words "Operation Complete" are spoken.

Ability #2 Sosa:
The wielder uses the back of Ran Setto's handle which shoots out a special light in a split second. This will allow the wielder to see the opponent's weak spot.

Ability #3 Gekai:
This ability reverses the way how the target was cut. For example, if a Quincy was cut by Ran Setto's Gekai ability in the arm and the cut had enough strength to reach the bone, Gekai causes the injury to start from the bone to the skin. So basically the Quincy's arm will be cut from the inside out. This technique can be used in conjunction with Shujutsu.

Bankai: Shinkū
Form: Same

Retains all Shikai abilities

Ability #4 Uzu:

This ability shreds the opponent to dust with a vacuum vortex cutter. It's shape varies from the wielder's will

Ability #5 Uragaeshi Hanten: This ability flips the opponent's body inside out of whatever the sword points at. This means that if Shinku is pointed at you, your internal organs will be dangling on the outside of your body and the inside of your body will be in the inside. Using this ability again on the same opponent will revert them back to normal.
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over a year ago Shadow---Puppet said…
Sorry, @Bleach0123, I was thinking about a stealth zanapakuto too, i hope it doesn't sound like I'm copying. :)

I haven't done a zampakuto with a female spirit before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm digging the femme fatale vibe...

Ake Ibara - Scarlet Thorn (poison/kido)

"Sasu za Chimmoku" - Prick the Silence

Sealed form - A short wakizashi (12-14 inches long) sheathed in an engraved formal sheathe, tucked into the front of her uniform. The handle is deep scarlet with the tsuba a small oval with quarter circle holes on each of the four sides, producing a sort of oval shaped target.

Shikai form - A slender stiletto dagger, slightly shorter than its sealed form (roughly 11 inches). Its crossguard is stubby and curved, with a dark red, fluted handle.

Shikai abilities - The blade is laced with a rather potent poison, making the wounds it deals terribly painful and the healing incredibly slow. Bleeding out would be a concern.

"Gekido" ("Wrath") - The Shinigami compresses a large amount of energy into the point of the blade and fires it straight out, holding the dagger forward, like a pistol. It emits no light, and only a whisper of a breeze as it streaks through an enemy, leaving a small, painful, damaging hole in the victim.

"Jihi" ("Mercy") - The more deadly of her two attacks. It's a single stab, the entire blade embedded in the victim, with the tip hitting the heart. The attack is painless, but the poison is administered so thoroughly that death is a certainly. The difficulty comes in the implementation, and as such is seldom used. Burying the blade to the hilt and hitting the heart require precision, and leaves the shinigami open to attack, but is one of the more beautiful forms of assassination.

I haven't hashed out her bankai yet, but when I do I'll post it. So what do you guys think?
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
It's alright. Zanpaktou can have similar attributes.
over a year ago bleach_my_heart said…
perfect member for squad 11!!!

Name: Hakaisha (the destroyer)
Relase: level the land
Bonki Name: Idaina Hakaisha (the great destroyer)

Shikai Description: 5 foot long thick dubble side blade,pure white,flat end,half circle hand graud,black grip tape,long silver chain on the handel

Shikai Abilities: can cut threw anything

Bonki Description: 6 foot thin dubble side blade,front blade white back blade black,razor sharp tip on the end,flat small hand grad,no grip tape,no chain on the end, able only kill hollows with the white blade, able to only kill other soul reapers with black,can't be broken

Bonki Abilities: idaina Kiritsukeru (the great slash) destroys anything it touches.
Kakeru (multiply) idaina Hakaisha spits itself into one pure white and one
pure black blade
over a year ago JuniorLibre said…
Another zanpakuto, hope you guys read this!

Zanpakuto Name:
Idaina-en Hebi (偉大な炎蛇, "Great Serpent Flame")

Fire and Kido type

Release Command:
Zuruzuru Suberu (ずるずる滑る "Slither")

When unreleased, my zanpakuto favors a wakizashi with a flame-shaped tsuba, and a red and brown hilt. When released, the wakizashi's blade is engulfed in flame and turns into a butterfly sword (see pic. below) with red and orange coloring on the hilt, and the tsuba becomes smaller. In its Bankai state, the blades double in size, I lose the tsuba, and the hilt turns burgundy and dark purple color.

Shikai Ability:

1. Honō Kidō (炎鬼道 "Flame Kidō) Combining the styles of Kidō (specifically Bakudō No. 4: Horin) and my zanpakuto, I can create a web-shaped area around the opponent and send the Kidō aflame, along with the opponent.

2. Koge Kenkō (焦げ健康 lit. "Burnt Health;" Viz "Singed Health") While my zanpakuto may burn and defeat opponents, it can also heal them. By using the healing flames combined with Kidō, it literally singes the person's bruises off from the inside-out if they have accumulated them in battle. While it may restore the person's strength, their reiatsu will be restored slower.

3. Hai Kūhaku (灰空白 "Blank Ash ") In case of a quick get-away, I create a small fire, about the size of a basketball, and throw it up in the air. When I say "Hai Kūhaku," the fire turns into a giant field of white ash, (hence the name "Blank Ash ") similar to Bakudō No. 21: Sekienton, and use Bakudō No. 26: Kyokkō to mask my appearance and spiritual pressure.

Bankai Name: Orochi Fukkatsu (八岐の大蛇復活 lit. "Resurrection Serpent;" Viz "Yamata No Orochi's Resurrection)

Bankai Abilities:

1. Tenken Koya no Sakebi-en (天譴小屋の叫び炎 lit. "Cry of Fire Divine Punishment Hut;", Viz "Divine Punishment of Raurava*.) When using this attack, I draw a traditional japanese hut with my swords (Note: the hut is originally made of fire, not actual wood and tools.) By using this attack, I can force the person I'm attacking into the hut and lock him/her in it. After they are locked in, the hut is set ablaze.

2. Sen Nokoribi (千残り火 "1,000 Embers) Similar to Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, this ability uses embers and launches the attack onto the opponent. The differences are that my zanpakuto reads and recalls fire attacks used by me, and turns the fire into a physical embodiment of it. Basically, it occupies a physical body , like how shinigami occupy a gigai.

3. Yōgan no Kyozō (溶岩の巨像 lit. "Colossus of Lava;" Viz "Lava Colossus") Similar to Komamura's Bankai, fires that still remain on the ground after being released from my zanpakuto return to it, along with more fire being created, and turn into a large colossus version of a samurai made from fire. It mimics my attacks, though if cut, the attack will be absorbed and fuel the fire. Unlike Komamura's Bankai, in which if cut, the attack reflects on him. When the colossus attacks, lava flows from the tips of the swords and engulf the victim. When the giant fire samurai strikes the lava-covered opponent, their life is over.

I also made another zanpakuto, (see post at the top of the page.) Anyways, this zanpakuto is based of many legends and other zanpakutos, unlike the last one where I imagined it and took ideas from other zanpakutos. Like, the first bankai ability, Raurava is a type of hell in Buddhist mythology. It is said that the souls that are reborn in Raurava immediately try to find shelter somewhere from the hot ground, and when they find a hut, they are locked in and the hut is set on fire and they start screaming, giving it the name of the "Screaming" hell, or Naraka as they call it. And my Bankai name is based on a legendary Japanese creature called Yamata no Orochi, an eight-headed, eight-tailed creature. Also, most of my attacks are kido, because I think Kido and fire go together. So yeah hope you like it, sorry it's a little wordy, and I also hope I didn't go overboard on these powers and make it seem like I'm just very powerful, because we all know that all zanpakutos have weaknesses. Enjoy!
 Another zanpakuto, hope 당신 guys read this! Zanpakuto Name: Idaina-en Hebi (偉大な炎蛇, "Gre
over a year ago 129jmaster said…
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
crimson fury
[release command]
[bankai name] – optional
Flame dance
=description - optional
The hilt of crimson fury is black same as the blade the guard is in the shape of a red tear drop but with flames at the point pointing in the direction of the blade
Flame dance is a Naginata with the blade on the side of the pole instead of on top so it can concealed a black tanto underneath the blade the overall colour red with tints of black
Bankai dual welding red short spear left hand with a black Wakizashi right
[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)
The speed capability of the user and the zanpakuto is increased exponentially
The edge of the blade is coted in fire which with a slash in the air releases a katana like shape od fire in the direction of the slash
Tanto only while welding the tanto multiple bursts of fire can be released with hard stabbing motion
[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption – optional
The short spear can grow in length and shoot a burst of sparks to blind the enemy but is slow when it comes to cutting
The blade of the Wakizashi is extremely hot when the Wakizashi and the short spear comes in contact with each other a burst of sparks emerge
When both weapons touch like an x a small beam of light shoot to the opponent and explodes to a ball of fire
over a year ago diablo112383 said…
I know this thing is insanity given form, enjoy it, it's just for fun :)

Shikai: Sovereign
Release Command: "Command all of Creation"

Shikai Description: Sovereign appears as a typical katana but appears to be made entirely of precious metals and lavishly encrusted with jewels and gems. While it looks like an ornamental weapon that only a king of kings would carry, it is in fact quite functional and combat capable. Upon activation of Shikai mode, the wielder gains a gentle flame-like golden aura that encompasses and surrounds their entire body and can be seen from hundreds, if not thousands of feet away.

Bankai Eternal Sovereign

Special Command: After Sovereign has been released to Shikai level, a second command phrase must be spoken to activate its bankai due to the sheer reality altering power it posesses. That phrase is "Dominate all of Existence"

Bankai Description: Little changes in the weapons appearance save for the hilt guard becoming an infinity symbol, and numerous infinity symbols appearing along the length of the blade as glowing light. The gentle golden flame-like aura becomes a raging inferno that can spread out to encompass an area hundreds of feet in diameter at the wielders will and can be seen from miles away.

Shikai Abilities: Unassailable King - Nothing, sentient or non sentient, material or immaterial, can pass beyond the edge of the golden aura that surrounds the wielder of sovereign if doing so would harm or result in the harm of Sovereigns wielder in any way shape or form. This protection transcends space, time and matter. it is absolute. While it does no damage to anything itself, anything that hits it with enough force would be subject to the consequenses of collision with a truly immovable and indestructable object. Anyone or thing standing within the radius of this golden aura also benefits from this protection for as long as they remain true allies to the wielder of sovereign. If for some reason an ally becomes an enemy with intent to harm the wielder of sovereign at any time, and is within this golden aura, they are instantly and utterly destroyed.

Commanding Light - Anyone who sees the gentle golden flames that surround the wielder of Sovereign, even once, no matter how brief, even if they do not relize what they are looking at, must forever obey *any* command the wielder of Sovereign gives them for as long as the wielder of Sovereign lives. Commands may be given specificaly to an individual or the same command may be given to many. Once the commanded task is completed the victim is free to do as they wish until such time as they are commanded again.

Bankai Abilities Dominating Light - In bankai mode, commanding light's power is augmented greatly and its effect is permanant and absolute. The victim becomes forever more a willing and devoted servant of Sovereign's wielder and will activly fight for, protect and serve even without being given commands. There is no command the devoted victim will not follow without even the slightest fractal second of hesitaton.

Dominate Power - In Bankai mode, the wielder of Sovereign may use any special ability and wield any power of any Zanpakuto that belongs to any victim under their control that has been subjected to Dominating Light at any time. They wield these powers with flawless proficiency as if they were their own. The wielder of Sovereign may choose to make the tranfer of powers temporary or permanant. If the transfer is temporary, the original posesser of the powers lose them until the wielder of sovereign returns them. If the transfer is permanant, the victim loses all relevant powers forever.

Dominate Reality - The wielder of Sovereign may dominate the very fabric of time, space, reality and exsistence. The true effects of this ability are not known to anyone other then the wielder, for reality has been altered before, and it will be altered again.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
Wow. Although I find it interesting, that has got to be one of the most over powered Zanpakutō I have ever read on this forum. No offence. It definitely pushes the bar on absolutely insane ideas in my book.
over a year ago diablo112383 said…
lol i know, it's retarded, but like i said it was just for fun.

I actually originally designed that sword with it's power scheme some time ago for a d&d game i ran with a bleach twist. Ie: select group of people in th egame had special powers which took shape as sentient weapons which all varied in power and type etc etc. That one in the game was considered to freking powerful by the standards of the special people with said powers, and so it was seperated into multiple copies of itself with their powers rendered inert, and the bad guy of my campaign was trying to collect the pieces of that sword to make it whole again for obvious bad guy reasons.
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
Sealed form: A regular katana
Shikai: Yoshiyasu
Release command: Flex and Multiply, Yoshiyasu!
Shikai Form: Two Dual Bladed Jian 劍 (Chinese Sword) connected together by a chain at the end of each handle. Similad to Kazeshini's chains, it can be lengthened. The chain allows the wielder to withdraw the sword if it is thrown or twirl the chain to turn Yoshiyasu into a spinning weapon. It's chain can also be used to bind or block

Ability #1 Togu:
This ability sharpens the blade every time Yoshiyasu cuts the target.

Ability #2 Tatsu: 
This ability allows Yoshiyasu to become a flexible sword. Using this technique, Yoshiyasu can stretch also up to 10 ft long (just the blade). This ability DOES NOT turn Yoshiyasu into a whip. When it stretches or flexes, it's properties as a sword stays the same so it's shape won't be affected by contact with other objects. This ability takes flexibility in sword terms to a whole new level It can allow Yoshiyasu's blade even to wrap/tangle/coil around other objects if the command is given. So if the wielder stabs someone, they can use this ability to move the blade inside the opponents body and do additional major internal damage.

Ability #3 Kyanseru:
This ability cancels out any power so that the opponent would have to fight based on martial arts, reaction time, and swordsmanship. When using Kyanseru, the wielder cannot use another techniques as well unless he/she stops using it. The wielder can do this mentally so the opponent will think that they still can't use their zanpaktou because they are still affected by Kyanseru. This allows the wielder to use other abilities while forcing the opponent to be "powerless".

Bankai: Tsukisasu
Form: Same
Retains all Shikai abilities.

Ability #4 Sen Ao Hari no Kabe:
The wielder holds both the blades of Tsukisasu together with the blades pointing up and the blades (only blades) will begin to glow blue and multiply one by one from left to right on one side and right to left on the other forming a wall. This allows the wielder to block attacks like a Cero. This ability can also be used offensively. When the user points Tsukisasu at the target, the wall of blades will also point at the target. The multiplied blades will then simultaneously fire all at once towards the target. It will also follow the target if it moves.

Ability #5 Shōten:
This technique can only be used in the day time. It focus all the sun's light into one focal point like a deadly laser to incinerate the target.
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over a year ago Liquidz-Flamez said…
hehe best RP EVER!!! ^_^ go here to get started!
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over a year ago ImprobableCat said…
....Kore wa watashi no kidesu....

Zanpakuto- Kurai Jishin (Dark Earthquake)
Release Command- Sumaito (Smite)
Bankai- Kurai Shokobai (Dark Cataclysm)

Appearance: Kurai jishin is sealed into the form of a walking stick. When it is released it transforms the right arm of the wielder into a huge crescent made of rock and steel covered with red eyes. There are 30 of these eyes.

ZA1: Ishi Bijon (Stone Vision) Stone is manifested in the area that the red eyes see. Any thing that is in the line of Kurai jishin's sight is turned to stone instantly.
ZA2: Seishin hitsugi (Spirit Coffin) The opponent is trapped in an unbreakable coffin made of stone. This rock absorbs all of the opponent's reiatsu until it is almost dead and then destroys them with it in one blast. The bigger they are, the harder they fall...

Bankai Appearance: 49 more identical crescents to those of the Shikai form, although each of these are connected by chains and are twice the size, with twice as many eyes on each. These blades have the same effect as the Shikai form.

BA1: Kuresentosākuru (Crescent Circle) Each of the 50 crescent blades surround the opponent and then immediately manifest stone in the small space inside. This stone will then turn to dust.

BA2: Haken (Harken) The blades all form together to make on singularity-a giant crescent blade with a total of 3000 eyes all over it. It can manifest stone within a radius of 30 miles.

No one will appreciate these ideas but I had them anyways.
over a year ago NecroBrago said…
Ironically enough, I was looking for images to update my character when I came across this thread. If any of you want to put these ideas into action, I created a game that's running for over 4 years now where you can do just that. It is based off Bleach and, first and foremost, we adhere to Kubo's rules. However the game has grown and you can literally create any type of character on there you want. The only forbidden abilities are mind reading, time control, or insta-kill types. Anything else, if it's a little out there, I'll personally help you make it legal. We're a bit slow right now but picking back up and now is a great time to join since the story right now is completely detached from the 4year history. Rest assured, it's not like any other game you've come across, unless you've come across a copy of it. There are many, but they never last. They can't run it like I do. There's a unique combat and stat system in place that literally makes combat and role-play in general limited only by your imagination. If any of your are at all interested, or curious, the site is below and I hope to see you there.

over a year ago diablo112383 said…
lol i guess that makes Sovereign an illegal Zanpakuto in your game :-p (a few posts up)
over a year ago Ryuuikari said…
I'm breaking the rules of Bleach with this one XD

Name: Sōseiji Bōkō (Assault Twins)
Sealed appearance: It resembles a katana-length wooden staff; concealed within the staff is the thin blade. The top part of the staff functions as the handle.
Release command: Fool around

Shikai appearance: In shikai it takes the form of a pair of nunchaku. Each nunchaku is eleven inches long, has a diameter of an inch and is coloured black with a crimson band around the middle; it also has a four inch spike protruding from the bottom.

Special shikai abilities: Sōseiji Bōkō is used for melee combat and has no true special abilities however each nunchaku is composed of an extremely dense and extremely strong, hard substance. The kusari which connects the nunchaku can be extended a far distance by sheer force of will.

Shikai technique:

Chīsana Kanshaku (Tiny Tantrum): Sōseiji Bōkō absorbs some of the wielder’s spiritual energy causing the attacking nunchaku to glow. Then on striking contact the attacking nunchaku explodes, increasing the power of the hit. It can also be used in bankai.

Bankai name: Yotsuko Bōkō (Assault Quadruplets)
Bankai appearance: The wielder holds each nunchaku in each hand with the kusari stretched in between and then initiates bankai. Yotsuko Bōkō now forms two pairs of nunchaku. Each nunchaku is thirteen inches long, has a diameter of an inch, is completely black except for the ends being coloured crimson and has a five inch spike protruding from the bottom. The wielder now wears a dark silver, sleeveless version of their shikakushō.

Bankai special abilities: Like in shikai it is used in melee combat and the nunchaku are still composed of the super strong, super dense, super hard substance. The kusari connecting the nunchakus can be extended a far distance by sheer force of will. Yotsuko Bōkō can also use an enhanced version of Chīsana Kanshaku (which is roughly four times more powerful but functions exactly the same).

Bankai technique:

Bankai Shōten: Yotsuko Bōkō Abare (Final Release Ascension: Assault Quadruplets Rampage): This is an extremely rare and unheard of state where the wielder achieves a second level of the bankai state. This can only be activated while the wielder is in bankai and then the command “Playtime is over” is spoken. In bankai shōten, inch long spikes protrude from the outside of each attacking nunchaku; the wielder now wears metal-clad crimson fingerless gloves.

Special bankai shōten abilities: Yotsuko Bōkō Abare has exactly the same abilities as in bankai except that it can use an even more enhanced version of Chīsana Kanshaku (twice as powerful as in bankai) and the attacking nunchaku can be made to increase in size; it can increase to a maximum of twenty times its original size (260 inches long, 20 inch diameter).
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over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
Sealed Form: A regular Katana with a rectangular hilt. 

Shikai: Fukkatsu 
Release Command: Resurrect, Fukkatsu! 
Shikai Form: A Scythe

Ability #1 Dorein: Fukkatsu has the ability to draw out blood from any opponent's wounds or any opponent it cuts. Once it cuts the target, the target's blood will come out following the blade. The wielder can either continue draining the opponent's blood until he/she/it dies. 

Ability #2. Sosei: This technique takes the opponents blood and splatters it in front of the opponents feet. The people that the opponent previously killed will be resurrected and try to kill the wielder's opponent. The more people that person killed, the more powerful the technique. Those resurrected will fight until their bodies are completely destroyed. However, even if they manage to get their 
revenge by killing the person who killed them, they will then disappear. 

Bankai: Fukkatsu sa Seru 

Retain's all abilities mentioned above. Form doesn't change. 

Ability #3 Shibuki: 
The wielder drops the zanpaktou onto the ground and it splatters into a lake of blood, flowing towards the opponent. 

There are 2 forms to this ability. The first form revives all the opponents the wielder killed, and all the oponents the wielder's opponents killed. This army will rise from that lake and kill the wielder's opponent. 
The second form activates similarly to the first form. However, this time, the wielder's opponent will sink into the clotting, foul smelling, hot, dark red blood of all the opponents the wielder killed, and all the opponents the wielder's opponent killed. The lake will then grow thinner and smaller (in width, not length). Soon, it will disappear, and the blood will fade as if it never existed. The corpse of the opponent will be left in the middle, curled up, eyes opened wide, and bloodless. The defeated opponent will then fade into to reishi and be absorbed by the blade and be added to the army collection.

over a year ago NexusHex12 said…
Hi!! I'm new!!
so, here's my original bleach character and Zanpakuto!!
Soul Reaper Name: Hex Legend/Nexus Legend(Hex and Nexus are the same person just different personalities).
release command: Eraze
Zanpakuto Name: Shikai-Sonzai Meijin (Existence Master)
Bankai-Kodai no Sonzai Meijin (Ancient Existence Master)
Shikai Personality 1-Hex's shikai is in the form of 2 pure silver scimitars.
Abilities=1.Damage Erazer Light!-->Creates a Silver Light that heals any non-fatal wound.
2.Erazer Wave--> generates a wave of silver energy that cuts cleanly through anything in its way.
Shikai Personality 2-Nexus's shikai is in the fom of 2 pure white scimitars.
Abilities= 1.Force Erazer Wave-->Creates a blast of pure force that erases anything in its path.

Bankai Personanality 1-Hex's hair, clothes, and swords all turn pure silver with black rune markings and his eyes turn into silver cat eyes, and he gets silver dragon wings, silver dragon claws and a silver dragon like tail.
Abilities= 1.Ancient Existence Light-->Generates a Silver Light that can heal any wound, both fatal and non-fatal.
Bankai Personality 2-Nexus's hair, clothes, and swords all turn pure white with black rune markings and his eyes turn into white cat eyes, and he gets white dragon wings, white dragon claws and a white dragon like tail.
Abilities= 1.Ancient Erazer Void Force-->Creates a White Black hole like void that nothing can escape from not even the user(LAST RESORT ONLY BECAUSE IT KILLS THE USER TOO).
2.Ancient Force Erazer Wave-->Advanced version of the Force Erazer Wave( It is ten times stronger than the shikai version)
Now I'll descibe Hex and Nexus!!( Hex/Nexus is Squad 10's 3rd seat)
Personality 1-Hex is super shy and hates fighting just to fight. Hex only fights if absolutely needed to protect those he cares about.Hex is the more gentle personality, he is more of a healer than a fighter.
Personality 2-Nexus is the opposite of Hex. In fact, Nexus developed to act as Hex's more ruthless half so that Hex wouldn't have to be ruthless or be a fighter.
Oh yeah!! I forgot to mention!! Hex looks 10yrs old, but when Nexus takes over he looks 16yrs old.
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…

Zanpaktou #2 (Dual Bladed): Dansu no Shindo
Release Command: Shatter and Vibrate
Shikai Form: A dual bladed zanpaktou with an extra edge at the tip instead of a point. The extra edge is 3.2 inches wide. The both zanpaktou can be connected at the back of the hilt, allowing it to have the function of a spinning weapon; a double headed voulge.

Ability #1 Setsudan Kikoeru:
The user waves Dansu no Shindo from the left to the right or right to left and creates ultrasonic sound wave vibrations for offensive purposes in the form a "(" or ")" shaped wave. The longer the distance, the wider it gets. When first fired, it's size starts off at the exact same length as the blade itself. In Bankai mode it takes the form of a tsunami made of sonic waves. One hit of this (Bankai mode) will wipe out any protruding thing into a perfectly flat surface.

Ability #2 Shirudo no Shokyo:
Dansu no Shindo focuses sound waves with reishi (or my spiritual pressure)together to form a vibrating shield that disintegrates any attack (both projectile and physical). It can also be used offensively, having the shield surround its target and gradually getting smaller and smaller, trapping the target(s) and eventually eviscerating it/him/her/them. Beings with captain level or above spiritual pressure and energy will cause evisceration to occur a bit more slowly. It can take the form of any shape and size and can be even used inward or outward. When focused outward on the blades of my Zanpaktou, it prevents the opponent's weapon from getting a clean hit on the blade or cause the blade to vibrate in the opponents wound or cut, damaging them even more. When used offensively, teleportation (or the teleportation Kidou spell) can be used to evade it. While it is IMPOSSIBLE to break from the inside when used inward, it will be easily broken (with a single shot/swing) from the outside. If used outward, it can only be broken from the inside. Being invisible will also prevent the target from being trapped with this technique. When used to trap something/one, the user must first point at them with the sword. If you are pointed at even once, I will be able to trap my target even when it is out of sight unless in a different dimension.
If used inward on the OPPONENTS weapon, it will cause it to vibrate at tremendous speed, forcing the opponent to grip it harder. When this happens, the friction will create heat, causing the opponent to drop it. If they do not grip it tighter, they will most likely drop it.

Ability #3 Jigoku handan no himei:
This is the most powerful ranged attack.
A beam of extremely compacted sound waves of both high and low frequency are forced together and shoots out continuously forward from the hilt. Most opponents will think it is a whip, but it is not. The vibrations from the waves will deteriorate anything it comes in contact, including other shields, weapons, and attacks. It can be used as a sweeping beam to take out multiple opponents. Only a single beam can be formed per blade (once again this Zanpaktou is dual bladed). It takes 3 whole seconds to generate this attack. Anything that is hit (besides a dimension/etc) will instantly be broken off due to the vibrations. The power of this attack is equal to an Espada Level Gran Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras combined.
In Bankai mode, an immense amount of spiritual pressure is released and the wielder stabs the Zanpaktou downwards into the fabric of space and turns it 90 degrees (right or left), then sonic waves begins to rush towards the sky in a large circular beam. Sonic waves (similar to Shirudo no Shokyo) will be emitted in every direction, gradually eroding and disintegrating anything (even air, reishi, reiatsu, attacks, zanpaktou, etc) outside the beam. Anything and everything caught in the ripples of the super sonic waves will be unable to move as the waves will hold them in place. The beam itself also has defensive purposes as it acts like armor, deflecting any and every attack upwards. This attack requires distance from the opponent (@ least 3 ft away). Those inside the beam will not be affected for it is a personal dimension that is shut off from the rest of the universe. This means even the Garganta, Senkaimon, and even teleportation cannot be used to enter this divine domain. The more obstacles that in the surroundings, the more powerful the attack. This occurs because the sound waves will bounce back and forth, left and right, up and down, in different directions simultaneously, making it unavoidable. It's power effects anything within 35 miles. If anything is caught in between at least two sonic waves, they will die with no trace of the corpse.

Ability #4 Nemuri no Kanakirigoe:
The wielder holds Dansu no Shindo together in the form of a cross and then scratches the blades together as if he was playing the violin which releases a high pitched noise. All those who can hear this noise will be affect by this technique. The noise this technique creates is similar to the noise a cat makes when scratching a chalk board.
By changing the frequency of the emitting sound waves, Dansu no Shindo can dispel or disable one's abilities for a period of time, or hypnotize them (their mind will be conscious.

Ability #5 Hijō ni Memai:
Focuses super sonic waves into the opponents ear, causing extreme dizziness, even unconciousness, cause them to fall asleep(temporarily), or using the sound waves to turn the opponent(s) brain to goo. This leaves the opponent wide open and vulnerable to all attacks and/or seals.

Ability #6 Rimoto Buredo:
This is the most powerful physical attack.
This allows Dansu no Shindo's two blades to become detached from the hilt. This will allow the 2 blades to fight for its wielder. It can be controlled mentally so all the wielder has to do is command it mentally. This ability allows the blades to levitate in the air under any condition and even if the opponent attacks the blades, it will not affect the wielder. The blades will never break. It is as if the there are 2 extra soldiers that cannot be injure, scratched, and killed. This attack can be used from any distance, perfect for sneak attacks. The wielder can disconnect/connect the blades at anytime, even when the opponent strikes the blades so the opponent will think that Dansu no Shindo is broken. But once he pays attention to something else, the blades will attack. Kido can also be fired from the blades. This technique can be used in conjunction with Bakuhatsu Shini (Bankai only), Hijo ni Memai, Nemuri no Kanakirigoe, Jigoku handan no himei, Shirudo no Shokyo, & Setsudan Kikoeru.

Since its abilities are based on sound waves, all its abilities hits (not counting cooldown/charging time of attack) the opponent at the speed of sound.

Bankai: Funka Shindo (Transforms back to a single, but a much wider bladed Zanpaktou with a the extra edge at 7.9 inches now)

Since its wider, it can be used as a shield, to swung like a bat to slap opponents, or hammer opponents and other objects.

Retains all abilities listed above but with 2x more power but with the same speed.

Ability #6 Bakuhatsu Shini:
The wielder cuts the target normally, but if the same spot is cut/jabbed/stabbed/even touched again from any direction in anyway, it will cause the target to explode with extreme heat caused by the vibrations of the blade at 400,000 degrees Celsius with the power of a supernova. If the target is a living thing, it will cause every cell in their body to explode simultaneously in the same manner spoken above. The bigger the target, the bigger the explosion.

The sonic waves are in the color of a greenish yellow.
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over a year ago ArtWaffle said…
My zampakuto is slender man lol xD "Kiru Kagemusha " kill shadow warrior
over a year ago bleachknight said…
Alright! I got one:
Name: Dākuransu(Dark Lance)
Sealed form: Medieval short sword with a solid black handle
Release Command: Emerge and pierce my opponents through! Dākuransu!
Shiki: Takes the form of a black lance, with the users arm covered with black armor
Shiki Ability 1: Piasuransu(Piercing Lance) The user stabs forward with blinding speed, with an equally fast Lane jab
Shiki Ability 2: Yuri Kage( Lances Shadow) Similar to Getsuga Tensho, but the blast of black reiatsu takes the form of a lance instead.
Banki: Dākuransu kishi(Dark Lance Knight) Covers the wearer head to toe with black armor,
Banki Ability 1: Kishi-kō(Knights Light) Shoots a blast of spirit energy from the users free hand like a Cero.
Banki Ability 2: Saigo no sutoraiku( Final Strike) The user focuses all of their spirt energy into the lance, leaving only the lance glowing with reiatsu, upon piercing the opponent(Or what ever it happens to hit) It breaks, releasing all the reiatsu inside it, reverting the weapon back to it's sealed state.

Their you have it! My idea, I might make an update on a character who wields this weapon, but I still have a few ideas.
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
@ bleachknight: it's Shikai and Bankai
over a year ago ShadowHunter15 said…
Shikai: Tan kiba hoshi no kui (Single Fanged Star Devourer
Sealed Form: Normal katana, star guard, white hilt
Release Command: O tabe kirakira hikari (Eat the glittering light)
Shikai Look: Double edged white long sword, the half cross guard on one side 9 inches long, black hilt
Sutādasuto ha (Stardust Blade)- A white sphere is generated between the guard and the blade. The wielder then swings the blade and it creates an attack similar to Gestuga tensho.
Hoshi hōden (Star Discharge)- A small white sphere is generated between the hilt and creates a flash. This momentarily blinds the opponent.
Bankai: Futatsu kiba nichiyō kui (Two Fanged Sun Devourer)
Look: The sword now looks similar to Ginjo's sword but it doesn't have the gold hilt part. The blade is still white and hilt black. Now the blade has a full guard.
Nikkō ha (Sunshine Blade)- Two spheres are generated between the guard. It is a stronger version of Sutādasuto ha.
Nikkō ītā (Sunshine Eater)- Blade starts to absorb light around the wielder, rendering them invisible. But it only lasts three seconds.

Open for comments!
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over a year ago Igatsu said…
An Arrancar character i made. I already posted him a while ago, but I'm putting him back in the front, just for the heck of it.

Name: Bajula

Gender: Male

Born in: April 20th He looks like he's in his 20's.

Height: 190cm

Weight: 83kg

Body type: Grimmjow-model

Hair color and hair style: Dark blue (almost black), rather short and messed up, since the mask is constantly on his forehead, you can only see the tip of the bangs.

Appearance: He wears a normal arrancar outfit, like Ulquiorra's except a bit more loosen in the sleeves, his eyes are brown and show constant laziness, he usually keeps a smile on his face. there's a small scar on his left eye, he is still able to see with it though. His skin is pale, but not white. In his normal state, his mask covers only the top part of his head and it resembles the top part of a knight's helmet (the thing that goes up and down with holes to see), it has 5 rectangular holes and the part above them is covered in spikes, being the middle one a bit longer than the others.

Personality: Rather lazy, doesn't like to move a lot, he is constantly in a sleepy mood but always alert, he is always nice to people when he is not fighting, no matter who they are, but when the fight begins, he changes almost completely, he gets violet, enraged and bloodthirsty but it takes a while to put him in that killing mood.

- Normal arrancar abilities (Sonído, Bala, Hierro, Pesquisa, Cero).
- He has 2 Resurrecctións.

Zanpakutou (sealed): the blade is around 75cm long, the tsuba is silver colored and it resembles a knight's shield, the handle is night blue and the sheath is white.

Resurrecctión: Pegaso (pegasus)

Resurrecctión command: Hirogaru anata no tsubasa (spread your wings)

He holds his sword in front of him, pointing it to the sky, after saying the command, white wings come out of the guard and start shining, the sword is then involved in light and after a long flash, the transformation is complete. Now follow me with this one:
Picture Alphonse Elric's armor.
Make it a tad smaller.
Color it white.
Grab the chest guard and picture it like a roman centurion chest guard, just more skeleton-ish, and white of course.
Make the boots spiky and long enough to cover the knees.
Make the shoulderpads a bit bulkier and spiky too.
Replace the helmet with the hollow mask above.
That's all for the armor, but there's more. He gains a pair of white feathered wings and an enormous blue claymore like the one roughly sketched below.

Resurrecctión Abilities and "upgrades":
- Normal arrancar abilities

- Enhanced strength: He gets a lot of power when he transforms, it helps him to swing his enormous blue claymore faster (which actually weights around 237kg).

- Santa Centella (holy spark): He points his claymore to his target, then it starts glowing and, from the tip, a stream of light is fired at high speed, obliterating everything in it's path. It's like a smaller, more concentrated cero.

- Mighty Cleave: He holds the sword with both hands and swings it like a baseball bat with tremendous strength, the objective is the overpower the opponent's parrying, disarming him or maybe, in some rare cases, break his/her zanpakutou.

- Tormenta Divina (divine storm): His wings start glowing, then he collects them, after yelling the attack name, he opens them fast and, around him, a white explosion occurs destroying anything nearby and pushing back anything not so nearby.

2nd Resurrecctión:
The transformation process is the same. After transforming, his armor gets a few more ornaments, like jewels and such, and more color (blue color). His helmet gets blue horsehair crest. Instead of the claymore, he gets two white jousting spears, each 1.50m long. He now rides an armored pegasus, the pegasus is made of spiritual energy, so it looks like a light blue spectrum with real armor.

New Abilities and "upgrades":
- Enhanced speed and strength

- Santa Centella is now fired by a single jousting spear, therefore, he can fire two of them.

- Embestida Celestial (celestial charge): He points his jousting spears to the front and charges on his pegasus at high speed, almost like a meteor.

- Exorcismo (exorcism): A getsuga tenshou like attack, he swings both spears in order to fire two crossed waves of energy that form an X, it is much stronger against someone with dark powers.

That's pretty much everything, I apologize for my terrible english, if you don't understand something, just ask.

Some reviews would be truly appreciated!
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Igatsu's Arrancar Bajula

Resurrecction: Pegaso

Enhanced Strengh: Nothing to ask

Santa Centella: Couple of questions about this one how fast is it lets say compaired to a normal cero? Also You say it's like a concentrated cero so how big is it the size of the sword and how much more powerful is it, sometimes it helps compaire it to other people ceros in the show that makes it easier when i'm describing abilities.

Mighty Cleave: So with this is it a named attack or an ability? For example does it give him extra attacking power or does this make it easier to disarm or break a weapon or is it just a sword swing?

Tormenta Divina: With this by collects them do you mean he folds them around himself, sorry i was cunfused by your wording, also how long does this take to explode after he starts it does it charge or is it instante? With the attacks power is it just vary powerful, if so how strong compair it to something in the show if yo can, if it just automatically destorys things in its range can this be stoped or defended against. Lastly what is the range of this attack and how close is destoryed or pushed back? does it grow weaker as it goes or is there a distance where it stops being lethal?

2nd Resurrecction: Ok with the pegasus how fast is it, how strong is it, can it fight, and how does Bajula control it is it part of him or does he have to tell it what to do?

-Santa Centella: no new questions

-Embestida Celectial: How does this work is it just a faster charge the he could normaly do or does it suround him with reshi and if so how does it help? I'm sorry this one was a little to vage for me but not bad :)

-Exorcismo: So how strong and fast it this compaired to getsuga tensho? Also what is dark powers like Ulquiorra Cifer or a bad person and how much strong is it?

I'm going to try to start giveing reviews again so ask if you want one but it could take me a while to do them I don't have as much time at my pc any more but I can try on my iphone :)
over a year ago ouchi said…
big smile
it's been 3yrs. (I think..) since my last post here.. whiteflame have been very popular here. LOL

anyway, here's my UPDATED zanpakuto. Im very open for any comments and suggestions.

Zanpakuto Name: Jisetsu "Time"

Description: A Standard katana. The shape of its cross guard is circle with roman numeral writings. it will look like a clock. Please the link: link


Release Command: Manipulate "ayatsuru"

Desciption: The katana changes into reverse edge. (Just like kenshin himura's sword)

Shikai Ability: (always in effect even in bankai state)

-It delays the movement of anything it hits by 1 second. If the same spot was hit, the number of delay will double.
Ex. 1>2>4>8 and so on until the opponent can no longer move.

Jikan no Hizumi "Time Warp" - Ryouji can teleport in any location or place in an instant.

Bankai: Shujin Jisetsu "Time Master"

Bankai abilities:

1st ability:
Jikan no me "Eye of Time" - It gives the ability of premonition. Ryouji can see anything that will happen for the next 60secs. This is what it look like: link
2nd ability:
Jikan Hanten "Time Reversal" - Its the same as the "Healing" powers of inoue (though its actually time reversal) the only difference is Ryouji can use it on anything (living or non-living things). His life span (although they can live in a very long time) is decreased depending on how long the time had reversed. But if ryouji used it in reviving a person, it will cost him his life.

Its good to be back.
over a year ago bashar184 said…
what is a shinigama?
over a year ago Unknown451 said…
Zanpakutou, Shikai: Hoshimaru (Star Pill)
Release command: Kagayaku (Shine)

Shikai description: In normal form, the sword has no hand-guard, but it has a hilt. It is black with some yellow details. Because it's without hand-guard, when it's sheathed it looks like a Kendo Shinai. Then again, when it's released, the shape doesn't change much but 8 mini silver diamond-like stars will chain themselves at the end of the hilt.

Shikai abilities:

-> Hoshi no Keisei (Formation of Stars) - I can form up to 8 stars. Each stars take away one mini silver star in the star chain of my sword. These stars are solid built and have a very high speed of movements. It's high speed enables it for immediate defense and fast attacking.

-> Mitsuboshi no Kekkai (Three-Star Barrier) - Don't be fooled by it's name, it's not for defending... It's for trapping and killing. By using 3 stars I can set up a perimeter of a triangle and traps a person in it. Once I say 'Katsu', the person in it is burned... Of course, I can control my power if I want to let him live...

-> Suta no Shirinda (Cylinder of Star) - I set my foot onto the ground, with the condition of not moving my legs, an indestructible shield from the ground will shoot up, the ground will appear a Star Tetragram.

Bankai: Shichigatsu no Hoshimaru (Star Pill of July)

Bankai description: The whole sword transformes into a glove, decorated with star shaped diamonds. These gloves are as sharp as how a normal Zanpakutou can cut and it's as hard as a Zanpakutou. It make use of the reiatsu and sends them in the form of impulses, just like how signals work.

Bankai abilities:

-> Yorunara Ryusegan (Night Meteor-Shower) - My Bankai turns my reiatsu into an arrow form and I can throw it with great precision. As I mentioned earlier, my Bankai can send impulses, so the arrows can change direction and speed.

-> Hoshi'o Kussetsu (Refraction of Star) - The Tetragram of stars now don't appear under me, it appears before me. My Bankai allow me to maintain the tetragram in mid-air as I fight, like a real shield. I can move it anywhere I want as long as it doesn't exceeds 250m.

-> Nano Hoshi no Jutsu (Nano-Stars Technique) - My Bankai vaporise my reiatsu and turn it into a nano-sized star that can even enters your cells. This is perfectly perfect for blocking a Cero as the stars stand in the Cero's way and stops it. It is not visible to the naked eyes so it's easy to attack and defend with it.

Ultimate Skill: Kyodai Inseki Bakudan (Huge-Meteor Bomb) - I fires a tremendous amount of reiatsu to the sky and forms a real sized star. It will slowly approach the earth and smash onto my target, I don't like it cause it takes a helluva lot of time for it to reach the earth... Of course, I am immune to the explosion... It's quite hard for my opponent to escape nor destroy this Meteor because it's really HUGE and the explosion radius is 2 miles.
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