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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
over a year ago DAICHIKINJO356 said…
hey how do u even battle
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Who thinks it's weird that Kisuke has achieved bankai but refuses to activate it? I'm pretty sure it would have helped within the fight with Aizen. I know your supposed to train for ten years with it but the day Ichigo attained bankai he used it against Byakuya and won, so for a former captain it should be easy.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Kisuke got his in three days, like Ichigo.

Why didn't Yamamoto?
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Well that's my point if Urahara has it why doesn't he use it and Old man Yama probably doesn't use it because his spiritual pressure would probably crush alot of the Gotei 13.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Psh, wimps! Lololol

Idk why......
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Why what?
over a year ago wantadog said…
Why Kisuke doesn't use it........
over a year ago NateBind said…
Urahara did-does not use it for several reasons. Probably just like Kyoraku, he couldnt reveal it to everyone else or maybe it was that his bankai is not something that could be used while fighting within team-mates due its... OPness mby :D? . . . . and i think he realised that much, that bankai would be useless against hougy-aizen.
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Yes but Ichigo's "transcendent" bankai can. To that I call bullshit.
over a year ago NateBind said…
Well, ichi was far above everyone else at that time, probably having the power to 1 lol-hit and kill all the captains and other beings.
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Any shingami with captain level spiritual energy that has achieved bankai could've gone into the dangai and came out and wasted Aizen right?
over a year ago NateBind said…
Would be possible, but there are so many flaws in that theory, the fact that ichi was able to be in dangai for so long was that aizen got rid off the cleaner, which is impossible to do... well for normal beings not some houg evoled shit, second i think that ichi just.. mastered-finished his jinzen, which actually takes over 1000 years to complete ( meaning all other -captains- would been there for much longer time-, but since he is main-char the .plot. gave him such chance.
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over a year ago Igatsu said…
Don't know if people still care about other's zanpakutou, but whatever... here:

Name: Seishin senkō (Soul Piercer)

Release command: Sakugen (Slice and dice)

Bankai: No bankai yet.

Description: The sealed form has a regular blade around 75cm, the guard is triangle shapped and the handle is orange and it is about 30cm, the sheath is black.

Shikai Abilities - The shikai of the sword is used to mutilate the opponent's members without causing damage, I'll explain it better:
If i cut your arm (completely), you will not feel pain, there will be no blood or injuries, your arm will simply become useless, and if you manage to grab your arm, you can simply put him back in its place just like that.
You will be able to move anything as long it is attached to your head, since your head holds your brain in place, if it is cut down you will be only able to look around and talk and other head functions, breathing too, of course.
The sword can cut through hollows, shinigami, humans and other beings pretty well, hierro is troublesome though.
It cannot cut through other zanpakutou, otherwise it would be kinda overpowered.
This sword is unable to kill in its shikai state, so it is only used in capture missions and similar (which is my character's function) but it is useful in duels and such, even though it cannot kill. However, this power only works in shikai state, when it is sealed it works like a regular sword and it can kill.
The sword doesn't have any abilities, it's effectiveness depends only on the wielder's abilities, it is weak and puny in an asshat's hands, but it is strong and mighty in a master swordman's hands (how poetic).

If you actually have some interest in this, then please leave suggestions, critics, comments and whatevers.
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
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over a year ago NemuCreator said…
Go my Zanpaku-to ,I'll choose my bankai, Light Lion King. This my Bankai.

 Go my Zanpaku-to ,I'll choose my bankai, Light Lion King. This my Bankai.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So, after about a month of mulling over this blade, I've finally finished with it. For those of you who've kept up on this blade, you might notice striking similarities to my most recent one before this. That is intentional, as all of those in the Clan Wars RP will soon find out. Let me know what you guys think.

-- Quick side note before I start. Wagakagami, as always, I hope you'll be reviewing this, but for the purposes of this review, disregard the lack of costs attached to any of these abilities. I've got the costs worked up, but the abilities are so long already and I'd already spent so long working on them that I decided to leave them out --

Shikai Name: Hikari no Matsuei (Light’s Scion)

Release Command: Chaneru… (Channel…)

Bankai Name: Hikari no Souzokunin (Light’s Heir)

Shikai: Upon release, the blade becomes an amalgamation of 10 thick, elongated hexagonal panes of glass. These are placed at odd intervals along the length of the “blade.” It remains the same length overall, though with the odd placement of glass (many of which are angled slightly in a variety of directions), the thickness of the blade is extended, and it becomes incredibly hard for the blade to pass completely through an opponent. While they are attached to the hilt, they are as strong as a normal zanpakuto, though when removed either with an ability or by hand, they are as brittle as normal glass.

1) Uchikudaku (Shatter) – All but one of the panes of the blade fly off the hilt and can be controlled at range, similarly to Senbonzakura, as long as they are at least a quarter of their original size. No matter what size the pieces are, they all project an image of any weapon within a 100 meter radius of them. This includes the blade he holds, but can also include any physical form the opponent’s blade has taken. This will continue to be effective until the size of the pieces of glass becomes small enough that no visible object could be transmitted through it.
Any weapon of any shape and size can be projected like this, and is projected in the same position mirrored. The weapon appears at the same distance from the glass shard on the other side of it. Any projection created will be in the exact same position as the weapon it’s projecting from. It will not and cannot be moved, though it can be shattered. The only size restrictions are dependent on the amount of glass remaining. If the whole pane of glass exists, it will project any amount of the weapon in its field of view. If it is in quarters, it will only project a quarter of the weapon, and that quarter is determined by which piece of the weapon is in its direct field of view. The projection will not happen if and only if the glass’s edge is facing the weapon that would be projected.

2) Busoshoku (Color of Arms): The wielder commands “Breath,” essentially allowing a portion of their life force to modify any non-reishi-bearing object. With this ability, one thing can be modified at a time, but he is allowed to remove those modifications at any point of his choice. Destruction of the object is the only way for the opponent to remove them. Any physical object that contains a Breath but is destroyed before it can be recalled, excepting those with the “Brittle” command which are returned immediately upon the object’s destruction. In total, he has access to 10 Breaths, after which he can no longer use this ability. Each Breath can last for a maximum of 5 seconds, after which it is automatically returned. An object that contained the Breath can be infused with Breath again immediately, though there is always a half second travel time for each Breath.
The commands available for each Breath with this ability are limited. The “Harden” command creates what is essentially an invisible shield around the object of his choice. This can be any object of any size, and that shield imparts the durability of his blade to that object. The “Brittle” command halves the physical durability of a given object. Lastly, the “Shift” command will phase shift any physical object. This will turn ice to either water or vapor, but cannot affect either of those substances. This can apply to anything that has physical properties of a solid, even if it should not be a solid (i.e. if someone can make blades of darkness, those blades can be forcibly changed from solid to a dark gas or liquid). This can apply to any metal weapons not bearing energy.

Bankai: He holds out his blade in front of him and then releases it upon finishing saying the name. The blade, however, doesn’t fall. It hovers in midair, though it no longer exists as a physical object. It can in no way be interacted with by either the opponent or the wielder. Instead, it follows him wherever he goes, remaining in the exact same spot relative to the wielder. This has no actual effect without the use of abilities. His new clothing is added over her existing outfit, composed of shining black loafers, black pants that extend down over the shoes, a long black jacket that extends past his knees with sleeves that extend halfway down his upper arm and bound there with an armband. He wears a pair of long, loose black gloves that cover just past his elbow bound with an armband at the end, and a black fedora with a single white band around the rim.

1) Busoshoku: Masuta Keitou (Color of Arms: Master Lineage): This is the same as his shikai, excepting three aspects. First, he is now limited to a maximum of 20 Breaths in bankai, the amount being entirely dependent on how many he has from shikai, which is doubled on entering bankai. If his Breath is active before entering bankai and returned to him afterward, it will not double. Second, each Breath now remains in a given object for a maximum of 10 seconds. Third, each of the commands has an improved effect.
“Harden” now turns an object black and shiny. This makes it obvious which objects are being enhanced in this manner, but in doing so this also creates a high force gravitational field around the object. While this has little effect on anything outside the object, this makes it extremely difficult to move the object from its current place by force. “Brittle” has the reverse effect, reducing gravitational forces around a given object, which means that if that object shatters, it sprays far faster and further than expected. “Shift” is not an automatic effect that will affect anything within a 5 meter radius of the wielder, though each still requires a single Breath to work. The wielder selects what phase to shift a given solid to, and until that is changed, they will all change to that phase.

2) Ishikika no Nyuuzai (Castle of Glass): When this becomes active, it is always made apparent by a complex black symbol on the ground. Despite the name, this is not a physical object. Instead, within a 5 meter radius around his body, the air becomes a gaseous array of glass particles. Passing through these particles is just like passing through normal air. Both the symbol and the particles move with him, whether he’s in the air or on the ground. This arrangement of particles makes the air around him take on a very strange appearance, controlled completely by his ability to move each and every one of these particles with impunity.
From this space, he can pull any number and shape of blade he wishes. The blades themselves are often modified to look otherworldly, glowing hot white on one edge and pitch black on the other. These blades are half as durable as his normal blade. Using this same method of solidifying this space into objects, he can create panes of glass of any shape he wishes. These panes can only project the original blade left floating in space upon release of bankai. However, any blades created as projections of the original are completely solid, and each can be interacted with and moved by the wielder.

3) Densō no Yoroi (Armor of Transmission): This ability has two components, and only one can be active at any given time.

The first is “black.” This allows his black clothing to function as a transmitting force, much like with the previous ability. This only works with physical attacks, which include zanpakuto and the opponent’s physical body. As long as any piece of his clothing is touching the attack before it reaches him, and the attack only touches his clothing, the attack will inflict no damage. However, the attack will plunge into him as normal. For example, a blade would go straight through the flesh as though it were causing harm, just without any blood being spilled or damage being done. Hence, if the blade was stabbed through his heart and not moved, it would stay in that position causing him no harm. However, a piece of clothing must be touching the weapon continuously for this effect to continue, and if the effect is not applied before it reaches the point of contact, this will not work. Strikes at any portion of his body not clothed in black cloth will function normally.

The second is “white.” If he stands straight and places his arms out to his sides at 90 degree angles, he creates an invisible set of glass mirrors 2 feet in front of and behind him. These mirrors have no physical presence. The mirrors are 12 feet wide and 12 feet tall. Any energy-based attack that touches them (this does not include anything attached to a physical object, which will pass right through) will instantly transmit from one of the mirrors to the other. This is independent of power level. The space between the mirrors provides no protection, and can be attacked directly by energy-based abilities.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Igatsu (Seishin senkō) -

I'm going to say to you what I probably say rarest of all about blades I review: it's not strong enough. Essentially, from what I can tell, this blade actually does less than a normal blade would. The only real benefit is that it can never actually kill an opponent, which I can certainly see being useful in capture missions as you say, but it just seems incredibly minimal even there. Admittedly, some of the language is a bit confusing ("if you manage to grab your arm, you can simply put him back in its place just like that" I'm really not sure I understand that sentence at all), but if I'm understanding it correctly, this is basically a handicapped blade without the ability to spill blood. That's fine to have, it just seems like you could add another ability or two that would make it more interesting and more powerful.
over a year ago Wulfrick said…
[zanpakuto's name] shinokishi (death-knight)
[release command] destroy the light so darkness may die
[bankai name] - tsuin shinokishi (twin-death-knight)
=description - unreleased they is a katana with a pure black blade. released they transform
into a scythe with white blade and black pole with a short secondary blade under the main scythe blade
[shikai abilities] - girochin (guillotine) a large wooden guillotine block appears on the enemy trapping them in it as their secondary blade detaches and becomes the guillotines deadly blade falling to behead the enemy
shi no kage(shadow of death) an illusory type of attack a shadow engulfs the opponent and allows them to see multiple variances on themself/selves dying horrible deaths
shi noto (long first o) ((death-note)) with a swing of the scythe a high shrill note is made incapacitating the opponent and deafening them at the same time

[bankai abilities] - shi o ikite iru (living death) a black shroud and hood appear on my body mimicing deaths figure and striking an impenetrable fear into the opponent
bappon-tekina shi (sweeping-death) with a toss both scythes combine and create a broom like shape with many blades to "sweep" the lifefrom multiple opponents adding a bit of comedy to a deadly attack
niju-sei (duality) a clone of the wielder appears only the colors of everything including skin is completely opposite the original adding a second attacker to take on opponents as every move is flawlessly mimicked by the clone creating an onslaught of attack so quick there is no time to defend against
bankai and spirit desciption- tsuin shinokishi literally meaning twin-death-knight in their final release form are two scythes of opposite colors where one is black the other is white which can be used independently of each other or combined base to base to create a dual sided scythe of enormous size with blades so sharp they could easily slice through anything with the barest of touches when in the hands of their shinigami partner the ability shi o ikite iru is automatically activated giving him the look of death itself when used independent of their shinigami they can easily protect him from almost anything. they are usually silent to others when they take a physical form instead of their zanpaktou form and only communicate with each other or their shinigami unless around his friends then they become childlike and play pranks on everyone causing laughter and happiness. their physical appearance when not in their zanpaktou form are twins appearing to be 16-17 and as well as having opposite color clothing they also are of opposite gender and enjoy pranking their wielder though he anticipates their pranks and turns them around instead pranking the twins

totally random here but i plan on bringing my zanpaktou into the real world....i am an amateur smith and this thought of if i had a zanpaktou what would its name be and what would it look like. being fascinated by death and twins i came up with this one in the spot though i have many others this one screamed to be published. hope yall like tsuin shinokishi!!!!!
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Wulfrick.....Idk if you want a review but I'll tell you this most of the abilities of your zanpakuto would not work on someone like Kaname Tosen because they require the sense of sight but he is blind so the only abilities that would work against someone like him would be Girochin and Shi noto the latter of which would probably cause the most damage. Besides that your zanpakuto is very exceptional. When I first started reading it I thought it was gonna be OP but as I went on to read it all evened itself out. I also like the way you described your zanpakuto if it was to manifest into a physical state. Good Job XD.
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over a year ago Wulfrick said…
thanks hollow destroyer i have some slight experience with RP and am a huge fan of bleach so i kinda knew it wouldn't work on kaname but my shinigami is in the works and became shinigami after tosen dies during the hogyoku arc andniju-sei would work as well seeing as it crates a physical clone of my shinigami just opposite colors much like ichigo's inner hollow .....and i thought the physical manifestation is important seeing as how the muramasa arc brought the zanpaktou into their physical state
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over a year ago Igatsu said…
whiteflame55 -

Sorry, I'm not very good at english, I'll try to explain myself better: Imagine a lego man, you can take out its arms or legs and simply reattach them, right? the process is the same, if i cut your arm, you can litterally attach him to your body and it will work normally again, just like lego works. Sorry if it is still incomprehensible, but I'll try to work on Seishin senkō a bit more, in the meantime I'll try to make some other zanpakutou.
over a year ago Wulfrick said…

so basiccaly your just temporarily detaching the persons body part from the main body....no true injury......hmmm can see how this would be useful but very passive aggressive and not very useful in a true life or death fight as your opponent would just tire out and come after you at a later time...
over a year ago Igatsu said…

Well I made my sword based on my character's needs, which are capture, torture and interrogation, not in the kill-everything pattern, and besides, if i slice your head off, you won't be able to move, so I can simply take my time in stabbing your heart with my normal sword. I admit, it is no good to jump in the middle of a battlefield shouting how you will slaughter everyone with this sword in hand, but then again, neither is suzumebachi (soi fong).
over a year ago Wulfrick said…

i agree as mine is not a kill everything zanpaktou either...most of its abilities are illusory to inspire fear in the opponent rather than just injure or kill. but having an ability or two meant to injure or mortally wound in shikai and bankai is also important because ones reiatsu is also increased strengthening the blade whereas having to revert to the sealed state time and again is inconvenient when one is in the middle of a batte.....not meaning to offend as this is just a review and some constructive criticism......but all in all i applaud the ingenuity of a collection and interrogation type....but my opinion is that it is too passive aggressive and should have at least one ability in each release form that can injure...and suzumebachi is meant for killing...one hit makes the butterfly and the second on the same spot kills the opponent....admittedly this is a troublesome ability but very formidable in its own right and the bankai of suzumebachi is a very large rocket launcher.....
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over a year ago Igatsu said…

Yeah i guess you're right. I'll think about some features to the shikai and a more agressive bankai. Thank you for your opinion :)
over a year ago Wulfrick said…

hey its no problem...happy to help you and glad my opinion is respected by such an imaginative person...as an amateur blacksmith i am willing to forge all three forms for you should you wish it....and make them battle-ready or display pieces
over a year ago Igatsu said…
I would really appreciate it :D but for now, back to the drawing board.
over a year ago Wulfrick said…
Yup i still have to make the shinigami who weilds tsui shinokishi XD
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
big smile
Sealed form: A regular katana. It's hilt resembles the Gates of Hell.

Shikai: Kerbex
Doesn't change form.

Ability #1 Kakaru kasai: 
When Kerbex cuts something/body, the cut will start to burn and fire will be ignited from the wound. The fire will continue to spread until the whole target is engulfed in the flames. 

Ability #2 Gōrudenchēn: 
A technique that binds the target in with the chains and shackles of Hell. Can also be used to pull/catch objects. The chains come out from the hilt.

In Bankai mode, the chains come out of the Gates of Hell.

Ability #3 Hakka suru:
Used in conjunction with Gōrudenchēn. This ability lights the chains on fire while electrocuting the target. 

In Bankai mode, the chains come out of the Gates of Hell.

Bankai: Hanketsu
Retains all abilities listed above (used in different way)

Form: The blade disappears into light, leaving the hilt and handle. The hilt (resembles the Gates of Hell) shifts forward and disconnects from the handle. It then grows bigger and transforms into the Gates of Hell at the same time. The gates will open at the user's  will/if the ability requires it to do so.

Ability #4 Jigoku no mon:
A forceful opening on the Gates of Hell. 

Ability #5 Fumetsu no shimobe:
A guardian of Hell (like the ones in Hell Chapter) crawls out from the gates and fights the wielder's opponent/opponents. 
over a year ago Wulfrick said…

NICE!!!!! totally like this one...despite being a physical type it's abilities are powerful and will cause great injury despite the bankai remaining immobile. Perfect as a capture/torture as well as useful in a life or death fight. great job!
over a year ago Wulfrick said…
shinigami name-Kokuryu (black-dragon)


weight-165 lbs.


description- normal) stark white hair usually in a braid of some sort while he wears the shinigami uniform he remains barefoot and the hakama legs around his ankle is tattered as is the sleeves of his uniform he wears no undershirt preferring to leave his uniform open exposing a lightly muscular yet lean upper torso the jacket flows out and down much like his father kenpachi's though differing in which he prefers a black haori to the captains white he also wears bells around his wrists to complicate a battle if he is against an opponent who can hear them he also wears his zanpaktou vertically on his back with the hilt down instead of up

bankai) his attire changes in which the bells are gone and his hair becomes adorned with golden streaks his entire outfit changes as well becoming much like Ichigo's outfit with the exception of him having a hooded shroud instead of the tattered haori that ichigo wears this shroud becomes darker hiding his entire body when he takes hold of tsuin shinokishi his zanpaktou

personality-generally good mannered and fun-loving like his mother Amaya (night rain) he always finds a way to make people laugh though he enjoys a good fight like his father he tries to avoid them if it is unnecessary preffering instead to talk things over much like his "uncle" shunsui he tends to enjoy his sake as well frequenting the bars with his friends Ikkaku and Renji. When his family(exception being his father) and friends (excluding other shinigami) are in danger he will rush to help in any way he can even though he prefers peace he will not hesitate to beat someone to get a point across if needed.

skills- his power is on the same level as his father and his rieatsu is hidden until he touches a person or draws his zanpaktou much like his sister Yachiru's ability his speed unmatched except by byakuya and ichigo his body can remain hidden as long as there are shadows present and his spiritual presence once revealed is captain level nearly rivaling "old man yama" though he is still much younger than most captains

achievements-he soared through shinigami academy exiting after only two years excelling in everything but Kido his only weak point having been trained by his father since he was able to walk. He made captain of 11th squad gracefully defeating his father though he suspects Kenpachi allowed him to win being tired and bored with the position of captain his lieutenants are Ikkaku madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa. he is the only known captain to have two lieutenants and also one of the only shinigami to make captain being so young the only other being Toshiro Hitsugaya. He is the only known shinigami to be able to physically manifest his zanpaktou at will to interact with them outside of Jinzen

act of turning zanpaktou to bankai- in the shikai form he places his neck between the two scythe blades and mutters "be born from the death of darkness and light" and a large amount of rieatsu is released creating a black cloud with a bright white outline that grows encompassing the black and dissipates as he swipes the twin scythes in a cross pattern that can blow most lower leveled opponents backwards leaving only the higher leveled ones

Comments- it took me awhile to come up with this shinigami to accompany the zanpaktou but once i had his name the character detailed what i needed to know about him inside my mind...so i wrote everything down while powerful he is not an OP asshat cocky with his abilities he is a genuine character....hopefully you all will like him.....thanks...uhm review please want to know your thoughts and opinions
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over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
@Wulfrick......Woa, woa, woa no offense but Yachiru is Kenpachi's adopted daughter. So the possibility of Kenpachi and Yachiru being your parents is almost zero to none. When your character addresses Shunsui as Uncle you mean non-related right. The two lieutenant idea is good as well as you being a captain but with a reverse haori. Good job.
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over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
@Bleach0123.......I like your zanpakuto because it vaguely reminds me of my Gouka Tenma back when I was HollowKiller. I like it's abilities very much especially the one with the reference to the Movie Bleach Hell Chapter. I don't like how your form leaves you completely defensely beside the Guardian and chains. This is my only dislike what would you do against someone like Toshiro who was able to temporarily freeze Ryujin Jakka.
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over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
@Everyone.......Oh and anyone who wants me to post Gouka Tenma again for everyone to see just request it XD.
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over a year ago Wulfrick said…
@hollow destroyer sorry i brought out my fanfic side....corrected now his mother is a plus that caught kenny's attention.... and yes shunsui is non-related but close enough to be family...also i would like to see your gouka ken i am always interested in seeing other peoples zanpaktou creations!!
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over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Your request is my command XD.
over a year ago Wulfrick said…
@hollowdestroyer lol any new comments for my fixed char?
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Alll good from my perspective captain of squad 11.
over a year ago HollowDestroyer said…
Zanpakuto Name: Gouka Tenma(Hellfire Demon)
Release Command: Now let chaos reign
Bankai Name: Gouka Ranmyaku Tenma
Type: Sub-Kido Type Fire-melee
Sealed Form: A normal katana with a guard shaped like fire. The hilt is covered in a getsuga tenshou colored bandage(the red and black one) with a black skull with red eyes on the top of bandages. The sheathe is red with black skulls on it.
Shikai Abilities......
Special Ability: Gouka Tenma can turn my shinigamis reiryoku into fire to repel large groups of enemies
Shikai Ability 1, Kotan Katto Enkou: This allows Gouka Tenma to slice through reiryoku and reiatsu.
Shikai Ability 2, Gouka Kiriorosu: A getsuga tenshou type attack that causes Gouka Tenma's blade to catch on fire. Then that fire is forcibly flung off by adownward slash.
Shikai Form: Gouka Tenma's shikai form is that of a nodachi with a blade similar to the blade of Benihime in her shikai form with a square guard and a hilt similar to that of its sealed form but without a skull.
Bankai Abilities........
Special Ability: It can absorb reiryoku. It has a limit of being able to absorb most of a captain level shinigami's reiryoku. To estimate about 7/10 of it. It stolen in the reverse way ishigo activated his bankai against Byakuya
Bankai Ability 1, Nenshou Dageki: It's a technique that allows Gouka Tenma to cause anything from a first degree burn to cutting through its target and searing it once coming into physical contact with it.
Bankai Ability 2, Maruchi Fusea-Tama: A technique that cause up to 200 flares to shoot from the tip of Gouka Ranmyaku Tenma at 100 miles per hour.
Bankai Ability 3, Enhanced Gouka Kiriorosu: This causes the flames of the sword to turn jet black and crimson red that when fired sounds like screams. When it makes contact with anything it explodes to form a skull shape made out of the fire.
Bankai Form: Gouka Ranmyaku Tenma is a double edged katana with a four star guard that points upward. The hilt is black on the top half and red on the bottom half. The top half has the black skull with red eyes and the bottom half is designed to look like fire. The first inner blade is black with the kanji for hellfire written into the bottom of the blade in red. The outer blade is red. At the end of the hilt is a 6 inch chain with a fire emblem at the end of it.
Zanpakuto spirit: The zanpakuto spirit of Gouka Tenma is a lightly muscular red skinned demon that wears a open sleeve-less black hoodie and matching black sweat pants. After activating his bankai he takes the form of something like a demon-hollow hybrid that wears a rigid-edged knee length black skirt that flares outward. He wears a black shirt that is burned to the point that only a triangular poncho like piece is left but it only extends to the middle of his ribcage. The shirt has the same skull from his bankai in the middle of it. His red dual horned head is now covered by a mask that resembles Hiyori's hollow mask but is circular with two horn pertrusions. He hates water because he is a fire zanpakuto spirit. He loves my inner world but hates there's no one there to talk to, even though he acts like a loner .
My Shinigami: He prefers to plainly be called Tony because he despises honorifics. He hates when people talk because he believes they never say anything interesting. He's easily bored and is the captain of squad 7 after Sajin is promoted to the royal guard. He believes his lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba is a kiss-up. He only protects the people he respects and/or cares about and the people they respect and/or care about and so on. He hates long drawn out battles because that means he has to try. He wears a black captains haori with a red flare design at the bottom. He eyes are light brown but flare red when angry. He has no surname and doesn't know his parents because they were shinigami who died fighting Metastacia, leaving him in the care of Retsu Unohana. Who he reluctantly calls captain mom.
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captain Kokuryu: well tony......it's always nice to meet a fellow captain hehehehe
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@Wulfrick.......It sure is. How'd you like Gouka Tenma.
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@hollowdestroyer very nice....very balanced as well and the physical description and personality of gouka tenma.....sounds like tsuin shinokishi would love to be friends with him
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@Wulfrick.......That be nice because he needs friends anyway.
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@hollowdestroyer yeah and the twins may pull a prank as an icebreaker....lol....wanna RP?
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@Wulfrick...... Possibly but for now me and Gouka Tenma are going to sleep
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@hollowdestroyer......ok maybe later then
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@Wulfrick...... but tell the twins he might be lonely but he's not a push-over.
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@hollowdestroyer i will do that in jinzen tonight
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zanpaktou name/shikai name: Kura Ryu(dark-dragon)

type: darkness/hand-to-hand melee

sealed description: a nodachi similar in size to hitsugaya's only dark purple the tsuba is an eight pronged star shape with a dragons face embellished on the top the hilt is wrapped in silver leather straps and the pommel is a black roaring dragons head

release phrase:Hikari yami nomi ni sonzai ga atta tokoro katsute, doragon no suimin ga midare, sore ga ima mezamemashita... ... Yami o jōshō shi, kuiiruyōni miru (where once there was light only darkness resides, the dragons sleep has been disturbed and it now awakens......rise and devour the darkness)

shikai description: upon the release phrase being said the sky turns dark she extends the nodachi skyward and it crackles with black flames that encompass it from tip to pommel and the dragon head pommel moves visibly shaking and roaring once the transformation is over the blade has drastically changed becoming a pair of black dragon claw gauntlets and greaves
shikai abilities: 1)kuro tsume (black claw) a black aura emanates from both of her hands as she strikes the ground. once the ground is struck a giant black claw erupts grabbing the opponent (if they are caught by surprise or not fast enough) trapping them in its powerful grip
2)Doragon no sutoraiki(dragon's strike) with this ability she jumps in the air and rockets toward the opponent with the speed of a dragon diving towards prey and her black aura resembles the dragons head opening to devour the opponent. If this ability misses or is blocked she takes damage equivalent to a menos grande's cero to her right leg. if it connects then the force of the strike creates a crater around the opponent while simultaniously heavily injuring the opponent possibly incapacitating them should their strength be half of hers while only moderately injuring opponents that have the same strength of her reishi.
3)Kuroi hi (black-fire) she raises one leg and proceeds to kick with it letting loose five kicks per second that produces a black fireball(per kick) from her aura sending it forward at a speed equivalent to byakuya's senbonzakura when not controlled with his hands these fireballs have a distance limit losing effectiveness after ten feet and losing more per foot after that

bankai name:Kodai no yami ryu(ancient darkness dragon)

bankai description: she punches together her gauntlets saying "Ban....Kai" and the gauntlets and greaves shine with a dark light that travels her body to her back and black wings form on her shoulderblades that are scaled as the gauntlets and greaves become even more draconic extending up her arms and legs creating a scaled armor whose hardness is equivalent to a high ranking espada's hierro once the transformation is completed she has a scaled armor that covers most of her body leaving only skin exposed in the middle of her chest showing her slight cleavage and her middriff and she wears no helmet

bankai abilities:1)Kuroi tsume hakai(black claw destruction) see shikai ability 1 for basic description. after the claw traps the opponent she flies up and dives down twisting her body into a corkscrew attempting to "drill" through the opponent
2)ryu no ikari(rage of the dragon) her eyes darken as she rushes forward faster than Ichigo in his fullbring shikai and unleashes a barrage of strength enhanced punches into the middriff of her opponent ending with a straight vertical slice of her hand meant to split the opponent in half and creating a slice in the land as long as three football fields and as wide as full size eighteen wheeler parked sideways (including the trailer)
3)Hikari no hakai (destruction of light) a one shot desperation move only used as a last result because it not only has the potential to utterly destroy the opponent but the price is she spends a month in the squad 4 infirmary recovering from multiple compression fractures in her hands arms and legs. she dashes towards the opponent becoming a black blur of movement in which her strength is enhanced ten fold as she lands a thirteen punch and kick combination ending with an uber powerful axe kick eliminating the opponent and she passes out on the ground from the loss of reishi and her injuries (must have someone with her or aorund in order to even attemp using this move)

zanpaktou physical appearance: a small though not as small as suzumebachi black dragon that usually flits around or stays on the shoulder of his shinigami unless when in battle then he grows to be the size of a house and as long as three 18-wheelers complete with trailer parked end to end

personality: cocky his bark bigger than his bite as he typically boasts and exaggerates stories about he and his shinigami defeating an opponent but when it comes to a challenge he finds some excuse to walk away not wanting show he is actually stronger than they think a meek yet cocky zanpaktou that only truly cares for his shinigami and tells everyone else to "suck a dragon egg"

inner world:a dark place with the moon constantly shining bright on a grassy field he enjoys lounging around in unless his shinigami is in jinzen then he talks and spars with her unless she needs to learn something

comment: spur of the moment creation his shinigami coming soon...tried to keep him balanced so if something bothers anyone reviewing him please ask and i will elaborate as best i can thanks hope yall enjoy him!!