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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago Ryuuikari said…

I come to reply and loads more zanpakutou appear (great zanpakutous Scayth and wantadog btw XD) but anyway to reply to your questions:

By concussive i mean knocks them backwards with force
Someone below Ikkaku's level would get knocked out in one direct hit; captain level Shinigami would merely get a headache/concussion from a direct hit

Double the power means that captains would be in trouble after receiving a few direct hits :P
Soundproof is only restricted to sound-based attacks but leaves the wielder's normal hearing capabilities intact
By immobile i mean when they use the two special attacks otherwise they have normal mobility

Yasei Taiko:
Each shockwave does the same damage as bankai
The shockwaves fire off in a random direction regardless of what is hit
Shockwaves travel at mach speeds
Using this technique continuously for a minute at high intensity consumes around a third of the wielder's energy reserves

Taiko no Dokusou Genten:
When initially released it goes in the direction of the hit but since its pathway is controlled by the wielder's drumming it doesn't really matter :P
They are like little mini blue Bala
Low tempo = mach speed
High tempo = mach 4 speeds
Low volume = one can easily take out a regular hollow
High volume = one can take out a seated Shinigami (around 4th seat and below)
Using this technique for a minute at high intensity consumes around half of the wielder's energy reserves

Thank you the idea was inspired by Travis Barker lol
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Lol, Travis is a great drummer, but my friend, Paul, is better...

(Heh, you answered my questions well enough, but now I have a whole 'nother set to contemplate over tomorrow, and probably post another part of an RP. XD)

Have you RPed before?
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Hey, Scayth, you wanna RP? You are a great writer, that much I have seen already, but I think you would do well writing posts. XD

(If you are interested, give me a private message... But, seriously, I really enjoy the way you write. :) )
over a year ago hawskers said…
Kazuke Nagano
Division: N/A
Rank: N/A
Affiliation: Himself, formerly Gotei 13
Base of Operations: Hueco Mundo
Kazuke Nagano is a former member of the Gotei 13. On one mission, he was sent
to Hueco Mundo alone, because the Gotei 13 feared he had gotten stronger than
than even the senior ranking captains like Unohana, Ukitake, and Jushiro. The
Captain Commander feard of Kazuke's potential and sent him on the suicide mission to Hueco Mundo, without informing Kazuke of the Arrancar there.
Once Kazuke got there, he encountered a privorin Espada. He was stunned that
being with such power existed there, but he soon found out he was very stronger than the espada. He decided not to go back, and is currently on self exile
from the soul society, for he feels that he is now strong than Yamamoto, and
doesn't want to upset the balance of the Gotei 13.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kazuke has astonoshing swordsmanship skills, especially since he is able to fight Privorin-class Arrancar, and defeat them at relative ease.

Shunpo Master: He has mastery over the shinigami technique, shunpo.

Kidō Master: Kazuke has mastery knowledge with Kidō.

Zanpakutō: Sukenyō Takūme

Kazuke Nagano's Sukenyō Takūme has a orange hilt and a rectangular tsuba, which is chipped, showing that Kazuke has been in many fights within Hueco Mundo since the time he arrived. He has never released his Zanpakutō when he is shown. The extent of his skills and stages of Zanpakutō release are unknown.

Shikai: Sukenyō Takūme Rōmaji, is released by the command "strike".
Shikai's abilities:
Rikujōkōrō Kougeki - Once initiating the release command, the sword replicates itself 10 times, and then impales the opponent similar to that of a binding kido, except more efficient. Once the enemy is impaled, it leaves the opponent opened for a strike by the original sword.

Render Useless, Sukenyō Takūme - A move where Kazuke throws his blade in the sky with 30 more blades returning and impaling the user at astonishing high speeds and power.

Bankai: Not Yet Revealed. It is suggested his Zanpakato has a very strong Bankai. When he was still in the soul society, Captain ranked shinigami of the Gotei 13 remarked that his Zanpakatō was one of the most powerful in the soul society.

My comments: that's all i can think of for my character at the moment, hope you all like it.
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over a year ago FangofVengence said…
Zanpakuto/Shikai:Byakurō no kiba(White Wolf Fang)
shikai abilities:Mikadzukikei no ha(crescent blade) A moderatly powerful strike in a downward crescent arc, combines the users Spiritaul Pressure with air pressure from the attack to send a crescent shaped shockwave at the enemy.
Tōboesuru ōkami(Howling Wolf) The shinigami's Spirit Pressure appearsin the form of a giant howling wolf creating a shockwave of spirit pressure.
description: A short sword with a reversed curved blade, 4.5 feet long, the guard is curved to fit over the hand with a curved pommel.
Release: Anata o baindochēn o mezame sase, yaburu(Awaken and break the chains that bind you)
Bankai description: Six foot katana with a slight curved edge,the guard is shaped like a hand-axe, pommel is in the shape of a wolf's head with the eyes closed
Bankai Name: Shiro rōge, fenriru(White Wolf Fang, Fenrir)
bankai abilities: Mangetsu surasshu(Full moon Slash) Similar to the Mikadzukikei no ha(crescent blade), the Mangetsu Surasshu(Full Moon Slash) creates a shockwave of Spirit and air pressure to attack the enemy with the possibility of temporary blinding the opponent with the light that reflects off of the blade.
Tsuki no bunshū(Lunar Divide) Leaping into the air the shinigami delivers a double strike with the Spirit pressure from the downward strike followed by bringing the blade down on the enemy
Shizukana tsunami(Tranquil Tsunami) A quick draw attack that uses the air pressure fromdrawing the sword from the scabbard to attack the enemy from a distance
True Release:Anata no gensho no ikari o tokihanatsu! Fenrirurirīsu(Unleash your primal fury! Fenrir Released)
True Bankai:Fenrirurirīsu sa reta, puraimaru· fu~yūrī(Fenrir Released, Primal Fury)
True Bankai Ability: Ōkami no tamashī(Soul of the Wolf) Manifesting ones spirit energy in the form of a large white wolf, the shinigami charges with the speed and power of a wolf
Howaitōrufu no ikari(Fury of the White Wolf) Drawing forth on the primal fury of the wolf, the user attacks with a barrage of slashes, stabs and punches
Ragunaroku(Ragnarok) Focusing all of his Spirit Pressure into a single strike, the shinigami tears through the enemy with a devasting double-edged attack, nearly drained of streangth if the attack did not kill the enemy, the user is left wide open for a finishing attack
True Bankai description: Seven foot version of the normal Bankai form, flames decorate the habaki(blade collar), the guard bears a second axe blade pointing in the oppisite dierdtion of the first, the eye's of the wolf head pommel are open. A bright aura covers the blade.
A unique Zanpakuto, Byakurō no kiba has two bankai forms. Shiro rōge, fenriru, the sealed form of the Bankai and Fenrirurirīsu sa reta, puraimaru· fu~yūrī the released form that draws on the Shinigami's Primal spirit to add extra power to every attack. An active ability of Fenrirurirīsu sa reta, puraimaru· fu~yūrī allows the user tobecome stronger with each attack given and recieved. Basicly turning him into a barbarian.
over a year ago CODYFLAME626 said…
My Zanpakuto
Name:Ankoku-No-Hikage (Shade of Darkness)
Release Command:Joushou (Rise)
Description: The blade looks like a normal Katana Zanpakuto. The blade is entirely black with a jagged cutting edge on the bottem of the blade. The Main hilt is gold but the cloth that is weaved onto it is black. The hand guard is a swirled "S" shape that is also black. There is a black chain attached to the hilt.
Bankai Name:Shino-Kage (Shadow of death)
Description: The sword turns blacker than night and swirls with shadows the sword is neither real nor imaginary.
Shikai Abilities:
Kage No Abata (Avatar of Shadow): An avatar of darkness envelops the user and forms an almost impenetrable barrier of shadow. Increases speed and streangth.

Niju Kage (Double Shadow): Creates two shadows witch take on the form of the attacker having the same streangth, speed, and abilities as the user. The user is also granted temporary invisibility.

Mugen No Akoku (Infinite Darkness): Your sword disapears into the ground as shadow envelop a fifty foot radius around you in a fraction of a second. Anything besides the Wielder of the sword is unable to move. The wielder of the sword gains the ability to punch with their fists as i they were knives. Due to the massive spirit energy this ability takes it can only be used for about one minute at a tie even if the user has extremely powerful spirit energy.
Bankai abilities:

Kage No Zanpakuto(Zanpakuto of Shadow):Using Bankai imediately changes Ankoku-No-Hikage into Shino Kage which turns the blade into a blade of shadow making it niether real nor imaginary. The sword can pass through objects without damaging them or turn solid and slice mountains depending on the wielders will to do so.

Hakai No Kage (Shadow of Destruction): The wielder splits his sword into two pieces, he stabs the ground with one and the next thin he hits with the other is transported to a different realm in which the target is destroyed. The blade returns to its wielder upon explosion.

Kage No Tensou (Forwarding of Shadow) The wielder of the blade is transported to any shadow he chooses transporting automatically creats a shadow witch has the same size, speed, streangth, and abilities as its master. the shadow does whatever its master tells it to do. The shadw disapates fifteen seconds after it is formed.

The wielder of this blade is Kuro-Ha-JoushouShimashita. he has short,messy, gray hair and brown eyes, he has a stubborn attitude and likes to get what he wants. he is hot headed and acts on instinct.he was a soul reaper lieutenant from the 4th court guard squad until he went rougue to increase his powers. he succesfully became the strongest soul reaper. When he came back no one recodnized him. he quickly made a name for himslef after killing the 5th court guard squads captain and taking his place. four years later he left the guard squads to become even stronger. after he returned, everyone soon realized he was not the soul reaper they knew before, he started attacking the soul society and killing hollows and soul reapers alike. no matter how many people looked for him after that they could not find him. he remains hidden to this day but is rumered to have gained eternal life.

over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

Post your characters on Make Your Own Characters, just post the Zanpakutous on here, dude. No-one will bother reviewing characters on here.
over a year ago MewShadow000 said…
these type of things r stupid nd gay
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
And your opinion is important, because...?
over a year ago wantadog said…
@mewshadow if they're stupid and gay(which is not an insult) then why on earth did you go to the club? Seems legit......
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Wantadog, because trolls can't create decent insults, hence why their way of trying to insult this forum was so lame. Besides, trolls always go on clubs that they aren't welcome, for the exact purpose of trying to insult the people who actually enjoy the club. Trolls should just learn to not inject their opinion where it isn't wanted.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Yup! The trolls around here just need to quit it!
 Yup! The trolls around here just need to quit it!
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Yes, indeed they do... I'd hate for them to have mess with your 'dangerous words'. XDDDDDDDDD. Nice one, dude.

(Darn trolls, they just make me want to troll them back...)
 Yes, indeed they do... I'd hate for them to have mess with your 'dangerous words'. XDDDDDDDDD. Nice o
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Shinnyo ('Absolute reality')

Release Command: Stitch together (Sutecchi issho)

Bankai: Zettai No Hakushin ('Absoluteness of Reality')

Type: Conceptual (I.e. follows a particular concept)

Sealed Form: This is a normal katana, one that is about 1.15 meters long, with a circular guard and and a plain, sky-blue tsuba. The triangular-shaped wrapping is coloured grey.

Shikai Abilities:

Ba-charuriariti ('Virtual reality') This ability is basically the Shinigami equivalent of Yukio's Fullbringer ability. The wielder seals the opponent in another dimension for exactly five minutes and sends an endless array of 'creatures', that are literally figments of the wielder's imagination. If the opponent survives the creatures for five minutes, they are allowed out of the dimension. There is only one condition, they must make a blood sacrifice to do so, otherwise, they cannot pass through the dimensions (this also applies to their entry, the wielder has to cut them first, otherwise this ability won't work, because of the blood sacrifice).

Himei: Sonoshi Ryoku No Kasou ('Inscription: The Power of Imagination') This ability provides an inscription, of the said words, on the blade of the Zanpakuto. The Zanpakuto can become any type of weapon the wielder chooses (this is subject to weight restrictions... The Zanpakuto cannot change into any weapon that is not a true weapon, or one that is too heavy to be realistic. Any weapon used by this ability MUST be realistic, otherwise it simply won't occur). This is not subject to time limits. Anything the blade cuts, will be subject to the Zanpakutou's realm of reiatsu for a whole minute, meaning that the object/person in question can be manipulated entirely for that time. There is only one rule. If the object is a person, then no 'direct' harm can be done to the subject. For example, the blade could not be used to cut the opponent for one whole minute, as well as, the blade would not be able to force the opponent into a position, where there is no chance of them not being harmed.

Bankai Special Ability: Rather than set abilities, this Zanpakuto operates under a simple, yet complex, principle or concept. Because this is a conceptual Zanpakuto, it gives the actual effects much uncertainty, but also, a clear-cut notion. This ability allows the wielder to construct reality around the opponent. This differs from Zanpakutous like Kyoka Suigetsu and Sakanade in one particular way: neither are literal, but are simply manipulating the opponent's senses. Shinnyo actually reconstucts reality, not just to the opponent, but to everything, hence why it is 'absolute'. This means that the wielder can change anything around them, without too much effort, though, in order for such a Zanpakuto to work, there must be certain ground rules. These rules encompass a level of 'fairness' for the said opponent, as, Shinnyo is a compassionate Zanpakuto spirit and has no intentions to harm another, unless 'he' has no choice. Rules are as follows:

1. The Zanpakuto cannot force the opponent into a position where they would, with out any doubt, harm themselves mortally. This applies to situations, like, if the wielder used the power of the Zanpakuto to strap the opponent into a highly contained cell, then stabbed them through their heart. Or, if the wielder made the opponent stuck in a bomb shelter, then caused an explosion as large as the one of Jakuho Raikoben.

2. This has a limit. It lasts as long as the wielder's reiatsu does, but only to 50% of their reiatsu, which is when Bankai is automatically de-activated.

3. Cannot manipulate gravity, time or any other over-powered techniques to kill the opponent.

4. If the opponent touches the wielder's arm (the one that is touching the Zanpakuto), then the effects of the Bankai are automatically null. This stays in effect for five minutes and Bankai ability cannot be used until that five minutes is up.

Shikai/Bankai Form: Normally, Bankai and Shikai stay the same as Sealed Form, until the wielder uses the abilities of this Zanpakuto, where it can change into ANY kind of weapon.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Shinnyo) –


1) Is there a range on this? Is there a limit to the number of uses, beyond the blood sacrifice? Is there a lag time between uses? What suffices as a blood sacrifice (i.e. how much blood is required)? Is the pocket dimension infinite in size?
Those are your basic questions, but this one’s not quite as simple. What happens if the opponent does not use a blood sacrifice to get out? Do they simply remain in the dimension until they figure that out, or do these creatures continue attacking them? What if the blood sacrifice is paid before the 5 minutes are up? How powerful are these creatures? How fast are they? How large are they? Do they act as living beings (i.e. do they feel pain, can they bleed, etc.)? Can you control which creatures they are attacked by? Can you control the creatures themselves? Can those creatures exist outside the dimension? Is there a limited amount of them, or is their amount dependent on how many the opponent destroys or incapacitates, or is the amount simply a torrent of these creatures?

2) Can the zanpakuto become multiple weapons? Since the zanpakuto can (I assume) become a blunt weapon, how does the cutting aspect of this ability apply with those cases? Can a bruise or broken bone have the same effect? I’m really uncertain on this ability in general, mainly because I don’t understand what it would do. You say they’re subject to the zanpakuto’s “realm of reiatsu,” and that they can be manipulated entirely for that time. But then you say that no “direct” harm can be done to the person. I’m not certain what that allows and what that disallows. What does and does not count as harm? I get that cuts with the blade are harmful, and I can think of some other obvious ones, but would a vacuum space around their body function in this way? On the whole, I’m still not certain after reading it multiple times how much manipulation you are capable of doing, since it’s at once limited and unlimited. On the certain side, you might want to include at least one more exception: other zanpakuto. My interpretation is that even a small notch in the opponent’s zanpakuto (or any creations of that zanpakuto) allow you to basically modify all of them completely.


1) I can tell you thought this one through a lot, and the detail’s there. The issue is that it’s incomplete, and that’s because this is such an absolute ability. There’s so much in the way of possibilities available that covering them all is difficult. I’ll go through a few of those.
a. While your first point here prevents placing them in a position where they will immediately face harm, once again, I’m left uncertain as to what would be regarded as harm and what not. Injury takes many different forms, and what the zanpakuto might view as harmful becomes a bit difficult to be certain about, though how you’d make it completely certain I don’t know.
b. There’s nothing in here stating that you cannot simply imprison your opponent in an unbreakable box. With the time limitation, that isn’t so bad, but it does give you an absolute out, no matter how bad a situation might get. My solution is to say that it cannot create any absolute objects, energies or items (as in, no unmovable object, no impenetrable shield, no unblockable strike). As such, you'll have to include a power limitation by comparison to the wielder, though even a high limitation is more reasonable.
c. Limitations on size of the creations (and range from the opponent) are definitely necessary, even if the only limitation is that it takes up more energy.
d. This is a smaller change but no less important: make sure you include something in here that makes it clear that the effects of changing reality around one opponent has the same limitations with any of the others who might come into contact with that modified reality. Given what you’ve stated here, it’s possible to put someone in direct danger as long as they aren’t the ones around whom the reality is directly changing.
e. Limit the power of creation. Much like with the first shikai, it’s important to limit just how powerful any creatures, objects, or energies that could be created through this would be.
That’s what I’ve got for now, though I have a feeling that there’s more that I’m missing, and I don’t think it’s an easy thing to deal with necessarily. There are a lot of individual aspects that might tip it over, and to some extent, it all depends on how long this is likely to be active, since the duration of certain objects and dangers can matter as much as their size and power. It’s worth giving some idea of how long this would last on a normal basis.

It's a really interesting blade that stretches a lot of boundaries, but it can fit within the lines, though it seems like it would require quite a lot of specifics. Nonetheless, it can be done!
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
Cool Zanpakuto Blackpanther666. It's hard to make a zanpakuto that alters reality and not have it really op. I'm working one on thats based on physics today, just beat diablo 3 on normal so i have free time, and it is giving me trouble. You did a good job
over a year ago Riorzen said…
Here's mine
Shikai: Kaminokaze (God Wind)
Release: Blow away the darkness
Abilities: Furyoka Tabin (Wind Turbine) - creates a gust of wind to blow away enemies.
Uindoburedo (Wind Blades)- throws Kunai knives surrounded by wind at you enemies
Toppu (Wind Gust)- Fires a blast of wind to stall enemies
Description: A small shortsword with a Black and white blade. It has a circular cross grard shaped kind of like a wind mill. The grip has a silver ribbon running down it as well as hanging off the pommel. The blade is slightly curved. The Ribbon resemles the wind current.
Bankai: Eien no Kaminokaze (Eternal God Wind)
Abilities: Fudo (Wind tunnel) creates a tunnel of wind for you to travel through
Tatsumaki (Tornado) creates a small tornado
Genzai no kaze (Wind Current) This allows you to move with the current of the wind to sneak into places and behind enemies.
Description:Two short dagger like sythes. he can move faster then the wind while wielding them and is a master at doing so.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Riorzen (Kaminokaze)

Shikai Abilities:

1. You need to be more specific about this ability. How fast does the gust of wind blow? How large is the gust of wind? How much potential damage can it do? Is there a cooldown for the ability, or can you manipulate the wind as often as you like? Is this a Kido-type Zanpakuto, or is it an elemental blade? If so, what is the limit to this attack?

2. How fast are the knives thrown? How long and sharp are the knives? What use is the wind surrounding them, i.e. what does it do? Damage? Speed? Please more specific about this.

3. What exactly is the difference between this one and Shikai ability one? All you have said is that one is a blast and the other is a gust. While I understand the differences between the two, you really need to elaborate on this end and list these differences. This ability is subject to the same questions as Shikai ability one.

Bankai: This doesn't need the 'no' in it. 'Eien Kaminokaze' is fine. If you have the 'no' in it, then, in Japanese, it would say 'eternal of god wind', which wouldn't make any sense. Otherwise, this is a cool name.

Bankai Abilities:

1. Okay, please explain how this works. I get that it is a wind tunnel, but you need to explain how your Zanpakuto creates the wind tunnel and what the wind tunnel is subject to. I.e. how long does it take to create this wind tunnel? How long does it last for? How often can the ability be used? Can this be used to go between dimensions, or is it only used to reach the opponent? If so, what does using this ability achieve? How fast can the user move through the tunnel?

2. How long does it take to create the tornado? Does it have a cooldown? How large is the tornado? How fast does it spin and how fast does it move? How does this ability do any damage?

3. I don't understand this ability at all. How does moving with the current of the wind allow you sneak behind enemies without them seeing the wielder? [Providing you answer that, I have other questions for you] I gather the wielder would move at the same speed as the wind current he is moving with? Can he change wind currents and move onto a different one? What if there is no wind, can the wielder manipulate the air around him, in order to create his own wind currents? Basically this ability needs more specificity.

Comments: I have seen plenty of wind blades and the abilities of this one, while needing more work, are very unique and interesting to me. I feel that if you spent more time on this idea, that you could come up with some great ideas. If you interested in doing so, please reply and aqnswer my questions. Thank you. Nice blade.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile

(Thanks, dude, I spent a lot of time coming up with that idea. An earlier blade (Parameta Yaiba) was my original idea for a conceptual Zanpakuto, but I'm now using it in an RP and don't want to edit it. I kept thinking about doing one and finally that one came to me, so I just wrote it down and it worked. Though, considering Flame's review, I know that I have plenty of work to do on it. Thanks for the kind words. XD)

On that note, Whiteflame, I'll respond to this in due time, once I have worked out the discrepancies and decided on how to change it and follow the rules more closely and worked on them. Thanks heaps for the review.
over a year ago theGRAINGERzone said…

Thanks for the response! It's awesome to know someone has read my post, and thought about it enough to give me feedback.

-What amount of time does it take for a full extension/retraction of the tonfa ?
No idea.. I doesn't really matter, i don't think, since long range attacks are only used to surprise an enemy who thinks they know the extent of his abilities. Or to switch tactics, if need be, while facing an unsuitable long range opponent. Just think of a poor mans version of Kazeshini's long range abilities. Slower, less control, and it doesn't spin.

-How far away from the blade classes as being within the blade’s vicinity ?
It depends on how much pressure Angel wants to exert.

-100 metres ?? Can I assume that this is a typing error ? Does increasing the radius of the air blades tire out the wielder more ?
No, it wasn't a typing error. The air blades CAN be extended that far, but only in the most extreme of circumstances, as a one time only attack, using it at the beginning of the battle before ANY pressure was used, and it would almost certainly kill Angel, if not, it would definitely put him on the edge of death. (Surviving only by Squad 4 healing him in the nick of time, as usual) So it's not practical, or useful, or entertaining to viewers, but it would be the extreme extent of the ability.
And yeah, there is a direct correlation between size of the air-blades and amount of Spirit Pressure used.

-When you say as fast as Ichigo, do you mean as fast as Ichigo in his shikai state or Ichigo in his bankai state ?
Shikai.. Just a misunderstanding due to lack of emphasis. "As fast as Ichigo in HIS Shikai state."

-You say the wings increases his speed ‘exponentially’. Does that mean that his speed continuously (and infinitely) increases while his bankai is active ?
This is me just trying to overplay my hand in terms of vocabulary. Lets just say he get's faster and be done with it.

Can I liken Datsu Subu Uzu to Senbonzakura Kageyoshi’s Gokei technique (except more wind-like obviously) ?
Yeah it kind of is, only it's a tornado not an all encompassing pink death sphere. Also, there are gaps between the blades, they're not as 'wall of blades'-y as Senbonzakura Kageyoshi.

-Once the wielder starts moving after using Shoukan no Seika Tei, how much time (and how far) before he is able to stop ?
It would depend on how far away the enemy is i guess.. In my mind, stopping distance / speed don't really matter, because if he is facing an opponent that can dodge this attack then they would have shunpo-ed behind him and cut him down as soon as he was past them. Making the distance he traveled redundant. It's not miles and miles, but enough to leave his back exposed. I guess he could stop immediately by releasing the hilt and letting the blade carry on without him, but that would be silly. Actually if he used the blade as a distraction by thrusting then letting go, he could move behind his opponent to take them down with a well placed Bakudo or destroy them with a pre-incanted Hado. But, again, if he missed he would be in a whole mess of trouble. There's not much you can do without the element of surprise and no weapon. Not to mention it would be a bitch to find again after the battle is over, and i don't suppose Heaven’s Breath would enjoy being thrown away like that either.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
New blade! Haven't made one of these in a while, interested to hear what people think of it. I realize it's pretty complex, but hopefully I've explained it well enough for everyone to understand. As always, please, review it if you could!

Shikai Name: Hikari no Shisha (Light’s Envoy)

Release Command: Kussetsu Saseru… (Refract…)

Bankai Name: Hikari no Maebure (Light’s Harbinger)

Shikai: Upon release, the blade becomes an amalgamation of 10 prism crystals. The crystals themselves are all elongated hexagonal shapes placed at odd intervals along the length of the “blade,” giving the blade an odd appearance, as though it’s a crystal growing from the hilt. It remains the same length overall, though with the odd placement of crystals (many of which are angled slightly in a variety of directions), the thickness of the blade is extended, and it becomes incredibly hard for the blade to pass completely through an opponent. While they are attached to the hilt, they are as strong as a normal zanpakuto, though when removed either with an ability or by hand, they are as brittle as crystal.

1) Biki Hanasu (Sunder) – All the prisms of the blade fly off the hilt and can be controlled at range, similarly to Senbonzakura, as long as they are large enough to visibly refract light. While the crystal itself is highly brittle, the colored light it produces by refracting a source of light (any source) is not. Essentially, any refracted light acts as a powerful beam of light, capable of cutting through anything completely below half the reishi in the wielder's skin. Above that point, the cuts it causes are more superficial. When the crystal is broken down to the point that it can no longer refract enough light to be visible, it no longer remains in her control. Anyone at her level would only receive cuts that lightly bleed, none would reach deep into the muscle tissue. However, complete immunity is only possible if the opponent has double the reishi in their skin by comparison to hers. These beams, whether in shikai or bankai, can all be stopped by any level of Bakudo defense.

2) Pranayama (Sanskrit for “extension of life force”): The wielder commands “Breath,” essentially allowing a portion of their life force to modify any non-humanoid bearing color (not white, grey or black) within a 50 meter radius. With this ability, only one thing can be modified at a time, but she is allowed to remove those modifications at any point of her choice. Destruction of the object is the only way for the opponent to remove them. Any physical object that contains a Breath but is destroyed before it can be recalled sacrifices that breath. In total, she has access to 5 Breaths, after which she can no longer use this ability.
The commands available for each Breath with this ability are limited. The “Fade” command reduces the strength and speed of a colored object, creature, or kido to half of what it originally contained. If used on a weapon, this will reduce its cutting strength and durability by half. A faded object or kido will be drained of color during this time, turning various shades of grey. The “Brighten” command doubles the strength and speed of a colored object, creature, or kido. If used on a weapon, it will increase its cutting strength and durability.

Bankai: The blade disperses, coalescing back down into a large prism that sits directly in front of her. It is as tall as her with a length to match, and a width of a quarter meter. To everyone else, this prism only exists as a visual illusion, and attacks and attempts to touch it will pass straight through. To her, it functions as a source for other blades, allowing her to pull fully crystalline longswords from it in any number she wishes. The swords themselves have the same strength as metal blades. Her new clothing is added over her existing outfit, composed of shining white loafers, white pants that extend down over the shoes, a long white jacket that extends past her knees with sleeves that extend halfway down her upper arm and bound there with an armband. She wears a pair of long, loose white gloves that cover just past her elbow bound with an armband at the end, and a white fedora with a single black band around the rim.

1) Pranayama (Sanskrit for “the cooling extension of life force”): Breath becomes a constant around her within a 50 meter radius. As long as she still has even one Breath unused, this space will persist. Everything entering is subject to an automatic “Fade” or “Brighten” command, depending upon the wielder’s choice at the time (which must still be spoken aloud). Each item, person, or energy to which this is applied requires a Breath, but the Breath is automatically returned once that item, person or energy leaves the space or dissipates – destroying it will return these Breaths automatically. She is limited to a maximum of 10 Breaths in bankai, the amount being entirely dependent on how many she has from shikai, which is doubled on entering bankai. If her Breath is active before entering bankai and returned to her afterward, it will not double. The number of available commands, however, increases.
The “Kill” command can only be used on her zanpakuto, but only requires one Breath. All available blades in Bankai will attack on their own. They will attack anyone and anything, making it one of the more uncontrollable forms. The “Obey” command allows her to take control of any specific object within the available area. That object is limited in size to her own size, excepting in the case of sentient physical creations of other Zanpakuto. In only that case, size limitations do not apply, though those creations can only be controlled for a minute before the Breath is automatically returned to the wielder. After “Obey” has been applied, any simple command may be given to the object/creation. The “Shatter” command allows her to take control of any non-living object and destroy it. This costs one Breath that cannot be retrieved.

2) Kesshou Sei Yuki (Crystalline Snowfall): A storm of large, white snowflakes falls from a cloudless sky, blanketing a 500 meter radius. The flakes range tremendously in size from as large as a half a meter to as small as a centimeter. None of the snowflakes are cold, and each that hits the ground dissolves immediately. While in the air, they have similar physical properties to very brittle crystal, shattering at a touch. These snowflakes have absolutely no effect if they go untouched. However, as soon as they are touched and broken, they take on similar traits to the floating crystals in shikai. Each reflects light, refracting beams that are capable of causing injuries of the same level. Unless the fragments are each absolutely disintegrated, any of the snowflakes’ breaking will lead to a shower of such beams. These do not affect the wielder as long as she is wearing her white clothing, though if the color should change at any point, that point is vulnerable to the same beams.

3) Uroko Han’on Kai No (Chromatic Scales): This ability allows the wielder to use her Breaths toward a different purpose. She can localize a Breath into any 3 inch portion of her visible white clothing, which proceeds to shine brightly with a color of the visible spectrum. If that portion of clothing is destroyed, the Breath is automatically lost. All three colors can be localized at the same location, though this puts all the Breaths there at risk of being lost at the same time. She chooses which color, but it is always one of the primary colors.

Blue – If blue is active, the uniform becomes covered in translucent, ethereal blue scales. While these scales have no physical presence, they make the uniform much more difficult to cut through, essentially making it as strong as armor. Cutting through it (and therefore the skin underneath) requires twice the strength it did before.
Red – If red is active, the uniform radiates red light at a distance of up to 50 feet. While this light has no effect in and of itself, it can refract through broken snowflakes in the same way as other light, providing a consistent source of light to use offensively en tandem with Kesshou Sei Yuki.
Yellow – If yellow is active, a yellow glow eddies out from under the gloves and a wind picks up underneath them, making the end billow out continuously. While this is present, the movements of her hands are increased four-fold, increasing her rate of response and attack.

If all three are active at the same site on her clothing, the addition of a fourth Breath causes these abilities to bleed into one another (much as the colors of the rainbow meld with each other), increasing each of the effects. This increases the strength of the wielder’s skin to the same as the clothing (which doesn’t change the effectiveness of a strike, but does double the strength of the beams in Kesshou Sei Yuki). The red light increases dramatically in wavelength to infrared levels, becoming the only type of light not visible to the naked eye that is capable of creating cutting beams with the fragments of Kesshou Sei Yuki. The infrared light produces light heat as well, allowing others to detect its presence. It also breaks the armbands nearest to her shoulders, allowing the same billowing light effect to extend to the jacket and making it possible to move her entire torso and neck at four times normal speed.

As long as three or four Breaths are in use on her uniform, the Breath space around her no longer persists, though the same commands can be used within that space.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Holy wow, I knew this one would be good, but... Such description!!! Really cool blade, Whiteflame. XD.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
big smile
Heh, glad you enjoyed it!
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Whiteflame55's Hikari no Shisha

Shikai: No real questions but what color are the crystals

1) Biki Hanasu - Ok so these crystals refract light and that light forms into beams and cuts opponents right? If so how long can the beams be for example could she just have the crystals go real high up and cut anything below them? Also how fast can these crystals move and how fast can they rotate? Also how fast does the beam come out? For example if the crysals can rotate all the way around 60 times a minute can the beams keep up making large disks of light? Also does this cost reshi and can the beams be turned on and off?

2) Pranayama - For this ability how fast does this take effect and how fast can it be stoped? Also sence this uses her lifeforce does it also use reshi? What, if any, are the negitive effects of using her lifeforce? If there are any will the lifeforce come back after time and can a lack of it kill her?

Bankai: No real questions about this but once again what color is the crystal, and swords, and what are loafers and fedora? Do they add defence and how strong are they?

1) Pranayama - For this does everything that comes in have to have a command on it? For the kill comand they float around and attack right? With obey what happens if she tries to tell a chair to move for example or is this mainly for living things? With shater could she destroy anything like someones zanpakuto. Also can commands be overlaped?

2) Kesshou Sei Yuki- How long does this last and does this take reshi to use? What if someone else was wearing white would they be effected? Also if a crystal is broken it will still fall then disintegrate right but what happens if it hits a building not the ground?

3) Uroko Han'on Kai No - Makes sence

Blue- With the whole armor covered does it change color for the second ability or for exapmle Shunsui Kyōraku's shikai?

Red- No questions.

Yellow- Cool no questions

Four- cool but no real questions for this.

Overall a cool blade that has a cool method for attack another good job :D
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Hey, Wagakagami, you said taht you were working on a physics blade... When are you posting that? Because, I would be very interested in reading it. I have entertained the notion of making a physics Zanpakuto for ages, but never knew what to do, so I just never got around to it.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
i'm going to try to post it soon like in and hour or so i had to take a break from it and i finiehed a different one lol.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Heh, okay then... I'll take a look later, before I go to bed. If you like I could probably do a review for you, before I end the night. XD.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
This is the physics based blade i was working on for a while it took a while but i got it done. If anyone wants to review it thats cool :) Also 1. I hope this helps you with yours blackpanther 2. I have a vary small amount knowlage in physics all of it is from wiki lol

Zanpakuto Name: Fu_Su ( Force )

Release Command: Meiku Kontakku ( Make Contact )

Shikai: The zanpakuto takes the form of a black straight sword with no tip and no guard.

Ability 1: Mason ( Friction loss ) To use this ability the user touches an object other then them self, if the user touches a person there clothes are effected and if there clothes are touched they are effected but not anything they hold, and for 8 seconds friction does not effect it. This takes a level 40 kido worth of reshi and has a 30 second cooldown before it can be used on the same thing twice.

Ability 2: Danryoku ( Elesticity ) To use this the user puts a level 60 kido worth of reshi into an object, any one thing no bigger then a house, and it gets a small black mark that looks like a smiley face about an inch in diameter. This last until the user wants to stop it or 2 minutes have passed, if the user is knocked out of shikai stops so does this. When the user stops this the user gains that same black mark on there fist and when the user punches something the punch gets the same amount of force as the amount put on the object while the mark was on it. This however does not include any force that was applied after the object was broken. For example if the mark was on a ball and someone punched that ball 50 times with out it breaking then the users punch when used would have 50 punches worth of extra force but if the ball poped with one punch then the amount of force it took before it poped would be all the user got. This can only be used twice per shikai once for each fist with no cooldown and no force the user applies counts for this.

Ability 3: Fu_Su ( Force ) When used an object for 5 seconds doesn't apply any force to the user it simply passes through the user, includes anything the user is holding up to 1 cubic meter and all there clothes. This costs 15% of an average lieutenant whould have and has a 45 second cooldown from when the object is selected. The object this effects can be selected and the reshi cost is used when it is, for example the user could select someones sword and pay the reshi and the cooldown would start after that when the object would touch them the ability activaes automaticaly. If the user has that object in them when the time stops it moves out of there body or the body move away from it, if the user has less mass then it the user moves.

Bankai Name: Fandamentaru Intarakushon ( Fundamental Interaction )

Bankai: In bankai it forms into a pair of sword like the shikai one but both are white and have a guard that looks 2 inch in diameter ball with a half inch ball floating around it at a high speed.

Ability 1: Genshuku/ Denjiki( Gravity/Electromagnetism) To use this the user has to get there blood on an enemy, or any object, once it is on them the user activates this and 1 of 2 effects works on them. The first effect Gravity causes the target to have a gravitational field 30 meters wide around them that pulls everything around them with 3 times earths gravity. This lasts 2 minutes and in this feild there is no gravity from the earth on anything in this area. The second ability Electromagnitism works the same as gravity but repels anything magnetic with the same force as the gravity effect pulls them. This last 2 minutes as well and the blood used for this dissappers after this ends. These can't overlap and this costs no reshi.

Ability 2: Ganjo_ / yowaiso_gosayo_ ( Strong/Weak Interaction ) When the user cuts someone with the sword they are affected by one of two effects randomly. The first effect Strong interaction causes all the users reshi and blood to be traped within them for 60 seconds. With this there reshi can't be taken or used for abilities and they don't bleed. The second effect Weak interaction causes the persons blood to stop cloting for 60 seconds and they lose reshi equal to the amount of blood loss, based on percent of there total reshi and total blood. This effect can't effect the user and only one can effect someone at a time. This costs no reshi and is always in effect.

Ability 3: Fu Kontakku Fu_Su ( non-contact force ) This effect takes a level 90 mkido worth of reshi to use. When this is used the users next attack, with the zanpakuto, hits the opponent even if it misses, for example if they tried to cut the opponents arm but the opponent moved away the attack would still hit as if an ivnsiable sword hit them. This attack can however be blocked and ocures 5 seconds after the attack. This works at any distance as long as the user can still see the opponent and hit always hit or be blocked. No cooldown with this ability.

This came out just how i wanted it but for the first time with all my zanpakuto i don't like it lol
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
@Wagakagami, I might do a review in the morning, actually. I'm pretty tired now. I like the look of it so far, though. Seems pretty good and a decent effort put into it. XDD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
As usual, thanks so much for the review wagakagami, always a big help.

Shikai: The crystals are clear.

1) Biki Hanasu – Essentially, yes, it’s death by refraction. The distance of the beams depends entirely on the light being shined through them, and the size depends on the size of the crystal doing the refracting. If she makes them go up too high, she won’t be able to judge their angles either, putting herself at risk, but yes, that could be possible considering the sun is also a light source. She cannot make the crystals rotate at all – she has the ability to change the position of the crystals, but they only rotate if they were physically set to rotating. The beam speed is kido speed at first, but as long as a light source is transmitted through it, it will continue to shoot out a beam. It does not cost reishi to have them shoot beams, but every minute they are active in this way (i.e. off the blade and under her control) costs her as much as a level 60 kido spell.

2) Pranayama – As soon as the Breath goes into the object completely and as soon as it leaves completely, each of which takes approximately 5 seconds (that doesn’t include travel time to and from the object). The life force is the only cost, no reishi for this. Oddly, this is something I had an explanation for that I simply never explained. Each Breath used doesn’t have any effect, it’s only when she completely lacks for Breath (including if all of her Breaths are out). Any source of light around her becomes dull and difficult to distinguish from the background. In shikai, the only effect of this is that she becomes incredibly vulnerable to new sources of light creating beams that could easily cut her. In bankai, the same effect occurs, and her clothing grey, making her vulnerable to the beams that can be created from her snowflakes.

Bankai: The crystal becomes frosted white in bankai, same with the swords. Loafers are a type of shoe. A fedora is a type of hat. They don’t add to defense beyond the abilities themselves, and in their normal white state are just as capable of being destroyed as regular clothing.

1) Pranayama – All of the commands are spoken aloud. The only difference is that the “Fade” and “Brighten” effects can only happen within the 50 meter space, and don’t require any Breath expenditure. You’re right about “Kill.” Any object that doesn’t have the capacity for movement on its own will not do so under “Obey,” though an object with limbs (such as a doll) that was completely lifeless before the use of a Breath can be brought to life and act if it has limbs. I should have made the “Shatter” effect a little more specific. A zanpakuto, I would view, as a living object, so it could not be used to do this. It only works on anything not containing (or not being) a living, thinking entity. Komamura’s bankai would fall to this, since it has no thoughts of its own and only moves based on his actions.

2) Kesshou Sei Yuki – It does take reishi, the same as a level 70 kido spell. The opponent, no matter what they are wearing, will still be affected since only her clothing confers a benefit (though armor can obviously prevent much of the damage). A building would equate to ground in a city environment, as would trees in a forest environment. The crystals must be broken by the actions of either the wielder or the opponent(s) in order to shatter and have an effect.

3) Woo!

Blue – The clothing she wears retains its same color – it’s always white. All this does it introduce a translucent blue-ish shield over it. The beams would essentially pass right through it and hit the white of her clothing and disperse.

Red – Yay!

Yellow – Good!

Four – Awesome!

Glad you liked it! I’ll be working on a review for yours a little later.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Fu_Su) –

Shikai: So is the blade rounded, or square?

1) Mason - Is this independent of size? For example, could the wielder touch a building and have the whole building reduce its friction down to 0? And is it only external friction, or does it reduce friction on internal particles within the object (not contained by the object, but a part of the object)?

2) Danryoku - Can this be placed on a living target? The main reason I ask is that the force required to break something isn’t always so simple. If you hit a wall, the wall fragments and breaks eventually. If you hit an elastic object, it will rebound more easily. If you hit skin, you could break a multitude of bones and tear muscle without doing more than heavily bruising the skin. This applies to other targets as well, though this one’s the most important.

3) Fu_Su (just something to be careful of, that is the name of the blade as well) – Does this apply only to solid objects, or can it be used against other targets? Is this possible to use at any range? What level of awareness of the target does the wielder need to have before he can designate it (i.e. does he need to see or hear it)? If it’s an opponent’s blade, can he designate it with or without knowing its name? Can he designate an object containing other objects and have all of them be affected?

Bankai: Can the half inch ball be dislodged or stopped in some way, and if it is, does that have any effect on the blade?

1) Genshuku/Denjiki – Does the amount of blood, or coverage of it, matter? The idea is that this pulls objects towards a given target, essentially making them a celestial body capable of generating gravity, correct? You say that Earth’s gravity doesn’t affect anything within that space. Does that include the object or person on which this effect is placed? Is there any cost to using this beyond blood, or can it be used over and over as long as a drop of blood lands on the target?

2) Ganjo_/Yowaiso_Gosayo_ - This one looks good, though I thought it might be interesting to include some aspect of erratic reishi discharge in the Weak Interaction effect.

3) Fu Kontakku Fu_Su – Does the second bankai ability apply to the second strike? Also, if the initial strike it blocked, will the second strike still go off?

I think it looks good, not quite sure why you don't like it =P.
over a year ago Saru1234 said…
I'm beginning to make my own but I can't find out how to make the shape
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Just a concept, it does not need reviews but I’ll take any comments though.

Name of Zanpakuto: Ramaji (Betrayal)
Release: Snap Back
Type: None

Theme: Boomerang
Katana Sealed and Shikai is shown in the drawing below.
Both forms have a three feet long blade. Handle is covered with blue and black clothe.

Ability 1: Bu-merankai (Boomerang Effect)
Ability2: Bu-meranseme (Boomerang Affect)

Feel like posting something XD
 Just a concept, it does not need reviews but I’ll take any 코멘트 though. Name of Zanpakuto:
over a year ago ichigokurosaki9 said…
hey whats up?
my Zanpakuto,sealed,realish phrase,shikai and bankai

name:Chikyuu nami(earth wave)



realish phrase:now crush them,Chikyuu nami(earth wave)

sealed:a normal katana with two big circles as a guard and a blade that cuts a bone like butter

shikai look:a sword with a big straight handle and a huge guard with a blade full of sharp and pointy rocks

shikai abilities(4)

1:toki(crush)it sends a giant wave of rocks to the enemy like getsuga tensho but with rocks

2:yama no josho(rise of the mountain)when i swing my sword to the ground it makes a giant mountain that can be used for defence

3:chikayu no me(eye of the earth) it traps the enemy in a rock circle and if he doesnt make a sucrafise like a hand or a foot he would die in 30 seconds

4:kuketcho sa reta chikyuu(extented earth)when i wound my enemy even if there is one scrutch i say the name of the abillitie and a green crystal is created inside hime and after 2 minutes the crystal would have gone to his brain and would kill him


name:tokimeki chikayuu nami(crushing earth wave)

look:a big thing that has a big blade in the edge,2 axes on the other edge and one cannon next to the axes(i will take a photo)

abilities (4)

1:yodoku iwa(poisenous rock)if one of the axes has gotten in contact with skin,i say the names abilitie and poison is realished in the enemys body and after 3 minutes he will die and he will only prevent that if cuts the part of his body that has been touched

2:daiyamondo taiho(daiamond cannon)it shoots and huge piece of diamond with gunpowder inside and makes an exploison that can erase the existance of the everest

3:chikka no kesho(underground crystals)when if crush the huge blade in the ground a huge crystal is created benith the enemy and kills him if he doesnt dodge it

4:sutarokku(star rock) it makes a star from rocks in my back and makes me fly in the triple speed and it heals me
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 저기요 whats up? my Zanpakuto,sealed,realish phrase,shikai and bankai name:Chikyuu nami(earth wave)
over a year ago wagakagami said…
ty for answering my questions whiteflame i'm glad to help Now i can answer your questions :)

Shikai: The top of the blade is flat so i guess square.

1) With this size doesn't matter so yes a whole building could be effected. It is only external friction lol imagine if it worked on a persons insides.

2) With this yes it works on living things but if any part of the object is broken it counts so if you break someones bones you can't just keep going. So with this the more elastic an object is the better.

3) I know it's the same as the name it's meant to be that way but ty for saying something :) with this any object can be selected regardless of state of matter and as long as the user can see it they can select it so they don't need to know it's name or what it is for that matter. Also every thing inside counts to i was going to have it be the other way but then i thought you could just let someones skull pass through you and not there brain and well yeah.

Bankai: No it can't it just goes throught stuff it represents a electron so it's just visual.

1) With ether of these effects any blood will do but once the ability is used all the blood dissappers off them.Yes all matter no matter it's size has gravity this increases it to the amount a planet would have and yes they are immure to earths gravity to but there gravity would pull them to the earth. Yes as long as blood gets on them it can be used with out cost.

2) ty :)

3) No the second ability can't proc off this and no only if the attack doesn't hit will it work.

I didn't like it due to the fact that it's bankai is based on the four fundamental interactions of particles electromagnetism, strong interaction ("strong nuclear force"), weak interaction ("weak nuclear force") and gravitation but it just doesn't feel epic enough. For example when i read your review for the second ability it gave me the idea to have the weak interaction make people nearby sick, weak interaction is responible for radiation, and the strong incteraction to cause an explosion when the person uses reshi after the effect is over, strong interaction is responsible for nuclear fusion and fission, but i couldn't think of anything like that then. Maby i'll redo this sometime but for now i'll leave it on the shelf. I'm should have a new one out in a few minutes that i really like lol
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
This is my newest zanpakuto and for the first time in a while it is a zanpakuto I would really want to have. I really want a review for this if anyone can please :)

Zanpakuto Name: Kaji ( Blacksmith )

Release Command: Fo_Ji ( Forge )

Shikai: When shikai is released it forms into one of six weapons. This is random and after shikai is released the weapon can the same weapon will apper every time shikai is used for 30 minutes then it can change if shikai is released again. This is a random change every time and can end up with the same weapon again and again. Once bankai is achived the user can choose what weapon they will get.

Weapons / Ability 1, each weapon has a effect that counts as ability 1. These are all in the pics below.

___ Cho no Tanken - Eruma ( Butterfly Dagger - Elma ) This dagger is about 1.5 feet long and looks like the first pic. When this dagger is out of the users hands they can have it reform in there hand after 2 seconds and if it is destroyed it can reform in 2 seconds. This costs no reshi

___ Juryoku no Ono - Guraru ( Gravity Axe - Grarl ) This axe weighs is 3 feet long 2 feet wide, about 300 pounds and looks like the second pic. At anytime the user can activate it's effect increasing the gravity 2 meters around the user by 2 times however the gravity on the axe goes up to a total of 5 times normal. This can be used at any time and costs no reshi

___ Seijaku no Roddo - Kesto ( Rod of Silence - Kay'est ) This Rod is about 4 feet long and looks like the third pic. When ever this top of this rod hits someones cheast or head they can no longer talk for 60 seconds add causes projectile abilities like creo to take 50% longer to cast. This costs no reshi and when hit again it adds time to the effect.

___ Ryusei no Yumi - Shiru ( Shooting Star Bow - Ceal ) This is an average sized bow that creates it's own arrows, physical arrows not reshi ones, when the string is pulled back. These arrows go unhindered through barriers and are only effected by defensive abilities like herro by 50%. These cost no reshi.

___ Senko no Soken - Toraisu ( Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce ) These are a pair of swords about 3 feet long that look like pic five. When the user casts kido, or kido like abilities, they are only 65% as strong as normal but two come out, one from each sword. The second one costs no reshi.

___ Haja no Taiken - Bao ( Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou ) This sword is about 5 feet long, 1 foot wide and looks like pic six. This sword is immune to special abilities, like kira's shikai, and removes special abilities, like soi fon's shikai or szayel aporro granz's vodoo thing, from anyone it cuts, at least 2 inches deep, after 60 seconds. This costs no reshi.

Bankai: Waga Heiki ( My Weapon )

Bankai: When used the weapon forms into a weapon that the zanpakuto spirit has forged for the user. This forging process takes 24 hours and can be done as often as the user wants. During this time shikai and bankai can't be used. The zanpakuto spirit can forge a weapon of any kind and it can be shape or size however the it weighs as much as lead and if the user would not be able to hold it without straining themselfs it's to big to be made. Any ranged weapons use ammo made by the users reshi, like uryuu's arrows, but are commpatable with ammo for it. The ammo fired from ranged weapons are as powerful and fast as uryuu's arrows in proprtion to there size, if it is 50% larger it will be 50% stronger and slower etc. When made the user tells the spirit what they want it to be like and it gains some abilities. Below are some examples. There can only be 3 of them but if any ability is the only ability gets 3 times stronger, for any one the list with percents 300% divided among them anyway the user wants.

1. Fire a projectile from the blade. This attack can be made of and element, earth, water, fire, ect. or reshi. This is 100% as fast, strong, and large as a bankai Getsuga Tenshu. These can be altered for an equal reshi cost change, 50% more power would be 50% more costly 50% weaker would be 50% cheaper but cost deduction can only go down to 30% cheaper. this has a 10 second cooldown.

2. Coat blade in reshi. This works like the above ability but this aura's size, how far off the weapon it goes, is 3 inches an insteade of speed it has a duration of 30 seconds, both of these can be increased like the others. This has no cooldown.

3. Summon a creature. This allows the user to summon a creature or creatures whos strength, speed, size, and reshi are equal to 250% of the users. Any amount can be created but they all have to be the same and all there combind stats don't go of there totals. These can only take verbal commands and they can only be respawned after 120 seconds. This takes about as much reshi as a level 90 kido for the all of them regardless of how many.

4. Power up the user. This allows the user to increase any of there atributes, strength speed etc., other then reshi by 200% for 120 seconds for about a level 60 kido worth of reshi.

5. Any of the shikai abilities.

These are just some examples of what abilities the bankai can have just about any effect can be used as long as it has a proprtinate reshi cost and cooldown.

This is almost certinly overpowered in bankai but i couldn't think of how to make it without it being op.
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 This is my newest zanpakuto and for the first time in a while it is a zanpakuto I would really want t
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Kaji) –

I recognize Yu-Gi-Oh cards when I see them! Interesting take on using them this way. I can certainly see the influence of the effects of each equip card, though you’ve made some modifications to adapt it to a non turn-based environment.

1) So if the shikai is not used for 30 minutes before it’s stopped, will the same weapon appear in their hands on the next release?

Cho no Tanken – Guraru: Can reformation happen no matter where the wielder’s hands are (i.e. can it be reformed inside the opponent)?

Juryoku no Ono – Kesto: Got it.

Seijaku no Roddo – Kesto : So this has no effect unless it hits those specific portions of the body? Does it matter with what part of the rod?

Ryusei no Yumi – Shiru: That’s actually very similar to an ability I made a while ago for one of my characters. No problems.

Senko no Soken – Toraisu: Makes sense.

Haja no Taiken – Bao: I’m guessing the effect applies to both the wielder and the opponent?

Bankai: Can the process of changing over be stopped and reversed, and if so, does that take a certain period of time as well? Can a single ability be used in multiple ways (say, ability 4 being used 3 times to increase 3 traits)? I’m somewhat concerned about the first ability being included, considering that it only requires a split second to use. Perhaps, when you choose your 3 abilities, you’re stuck with them and cannot switch up, but as I read it the ability doesn’t negate the possibility of just shifting between abilities.

1) Are all of these attacks physical like Getsuga Tenshou, or can the wielder select the way they work? For example, if they use water, can it emphasize cutting force or blunt force? If they use fire, can it take on physical properties or could he just make it a wave of intensely hot air? Also, with regards to a lot of these, can temperature be modified, and if so, to what extent? And what does shooting reishi in this manner look like?

2) Again, can the reishi be modified in order to add a different aspect to the weapon? Can the 3 inches off the blade be gathered in a specific spot, say at the tip of the blade, to make it longer or thicker?

3) Are the creatures capable of feeling pain or fatigue? Can the wielder sacrifice some size or reishi for speed? Since they do contain reishi, can the wielder endow them with abilities? Are they capable of using flash step or other shinigami abilities? Do the creatures also have 250% the defensive properties of the wielder? Can these creations be allowed to fly?

4) Makes sense.

5) Got it.

These abilities aren’t themselves overpowered, it’s just a question of what’s missing. If you leave it open ended there’s quite a bit of uncertainty surrounding what could be available, and I can’t help but wonder what those could be. Hence, I would say you should list them all and not leave any room for guessing.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thanks for the review whiteflame

Thanks i love yugioh and i've been playing yugioh 2011 over the nexus while watching youtube and playing starcraft 2 td maps lol. I also plan on making more based on yugioh and maybe a yugioh based summoning type zanpakuto lol.

1) Yes it will not change if 30 mins have not passed before it's released again.

Cho no Tanken - Eruma. no the users hands have to be somewhere there is enough space for it.

Juryoku no Ono – guraru ty :)

Seijaku no Roddo – Kesto yes only those parts will cause the effect and any part of the rod works

Ryusei no Yumi – Shiru Cool great minds think alike I guess i'm also using an effect like this for a gun based zanpakuto

Senko no Soken – Toraisu ty

Haja no Taiken – Bao Yes it effect the both of them.

Bankai: Changing the bankai can't be stoped but it can be remade back to the way it was but that takes 24 hours as well. For this no each ability would have one effect and to change it would take 24 hours. With this i must have explained it wrong. You have to change the zanpakuto to have a differnt effect. For example that ability is to shoot a getsuga tenshou like attack is the ability and the elements and things are dicided at the start of the 24 hour forging time. So if you were going to fight someone whos main attack was turning the ground to lava you could make the first ability water based to hit the lava or have a summon that is a big bird to ride over the ground on but you can't change the summon the a bear or the attack to fire without that 24 hour time.

1) For this the user can chose how it would work and they can chosse it properties as long as they are do able, for example i don't think fire could be made a solid but water can be as ice. Tempature and state of mater are also chosen before hand but they have to be physical posable, can't make water to hot or it will just evaperate. With shooting reshi it would look like getsuga tenshou I think that is just a dense wave of reshi but it would be the users reshi color.

2) With this ability no it is equaly on the blade so it can't be used to reach off the blade.

3) Yes these can feel pain and get tired. Yes the user can move it's traits around, when the zanpakuto is being made, anyway they want. With the reshi it's main purpose is to use it for thing like a soul reaper would, like to defend against attacks, but they don't have any non natural abilities. There defensive properties are based on there body, a bull of dragon are tougher then a bat, and them using reshi to defend themselfs. With flight they can if they have wings the same way that if they had a snake fangs and poison gleand they can use them.

4/5) sweet :)

I guess I could try to list more of them but with bankai to whole point is that the spirit is a blacksmith that can forge anything for it's user but i guess that is pretty op.
over a year ago AltairEzio22 said…
Zanpakuto name: Shintaga
Release Command: Zentaga Tensha
Bankai: Zlantana Senzapkta
Shikia abilities:
Zlenta Shika: Slash waves (like getsuga tenshou) with color black and violet and white and can hit many times if slashes twice
Lushito Senlai: Smashes the ground with 7000 distance with lightning hitting enemies

Shenata Kishita: Puts a slow effect piercing slashes of Zlenta Shika it can slow enemies and can kill it fast

Bankai: Turn to Zlantana Senzapkta his sword turn to small and have spikes and glowing purple waves and had little piercing waves when attacking enemies

Hollow: He will turn to hollow even in bankai or not bankai and his mask have similarities with ichigo but the signs of the mask is different it have 10 lines of the sides (like ichigo's) and its color is purple and his powers will be more powerful than his bankai.

Final Zlenta Shika: The most powerful ability in his abilities he can use it as a Zlenta Shika or he will turn into a Zlenta Shika (like ichigo but different) when using as a Zlenta Shika it will slash the largest Zlenta Shika in his waves and in one wave shoots many large Zlenta Shikas when turning to Zlenta Shika he will have long hair and have the shirt but wreck and his sword will be more bigger than small (still have spikes and glow) and one shot of Zlenta Shika it will follow enemies it wont stop until it will hit the enemy it is more larger than his largest Zlenta Shika and it can use cero blast
when hollow or not hollow (more larger) and he can use his sword to steal the enemies soul and crush it ( can use it when full power)

Zranga Tusheda: all the powers and abilities of the shintaga and it will shoot it in 70 miles and when in hollow more deadly than 70 miles and puts more power abilities in normal Zranga Tusheda.

Too much lazy do done it all

over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Here's the revised version of Shinnyo.

Shinnyo ('Absolute reality')

Release Command: Stitch together (Sutecchi issho)

Bankai: Zettai No Hakushin ('Absoluteness of Reality')

Type: Conceptual (I.e. follows a particular concept)

Sealed Form: This is a normal katana, one that is about 1.15 meters long, with a circular guard and and a plain, sky-blue tsuba. The triangular-shaped wrapping is coloured grey.

Shikai Abilities:

Ba-charuriariti ('Virtual reality') This ability is basically the Shinigami equivalent of Yukio's Fullbringer ability. The wielder seals the opponent in another dimension for exactly five minutes and sends an endless array of 'creatures', that are literally figments of the wielder's imagination. If the opponent survives the creatures for five minutes, they are 'forced' out of the dimension. There is only one condition, they must make a blood sacrifice to do so, otherwise, they cannot pass through the dimensions, but the wielder must be the one to draw their blood, which limits any over-powering of the ability (this also applies to their entry, the wielder has to cut them first, otherwise this ability won't work, because of the blood sacrifice). The wielder MUST force the the opponent out of the dimension after five minutes, otherwise Shinnyo will punish the wielder and ignore his words indefinitely, meaning the wielder will never be able to speak to Shinnyo again and will eventually forget the name of their Zanpakuto after a week. The range is that of about 100 meters at best and the wielder has to be 'at least' that close to the opponent for the ability to work. This ability can only be used twice each time Shikai is released - meaning that, if the wielder were to de-activate Shikai and seal the Zanpakuto, then release it again in another battle, this ability can be used two more times. Because of the small number of usage, this ability has no such lag time, only the time taken to procure the enemy in the 'dimension'. The dimension is fairly limited in size, being about same area of the whole Seireitei and Rukongo areas. The creatures cannot be created any stronger than Adjuchas-class Hollows. The creatures are not controlled, but are mindless and will attack anything, in order to satisfy their hunger. When the dimension is activated, and the first blood sacrifice paid, approximately one thousand of these creatures (give-or-take) are created, however, passage out of the dimension is not dependant on the defeat of these creatures.

Himei: Sonoshi Ryoku No Kasou ('Inscription: The Power of Imagination') This ability provides an inscription, of the said words, on the blade of the Zanpakuto. The Zanpakuto can become any type of weapon the wielder chooses (this is subject to weight restrictions... The Zanpakuto cannot change into any weapon that is not a true weapon, or one that is too heavy to be realistic. Any weapon used by this ability MUST be realistic, otherwise it simply won't occur). This is not subject to time limits. Anything the blade cuts, will be subject to the Zanpakutou's realm of reiatsu for a whole minute, meaning that the object in question can be manipulated entirely for that time. (This is the same principle that Katen Kyokotsu acts under, but Katen Kyokotsu simply makes other Zanpakuto and Shinigami follow her 'game rules') The person cut by this ability cannot be manipulated to wound themself, under the wielder's discretion. The weapon (s) can be used in the same way that any weapon would be used. The Zanpakuto will only change into another weapon, this ability cannot create more weapons, otherwise they would potentially be able to make an infinite amount of weapons appear.

Bankai Special Ability: Rather than set abilities, this Zanpakuto operates under a simple, yet complex, principle or concept. Because this is a conceptual Zanpakuto, it gives the actual effects much uncertainty, but also, a clear-cut notion. This ability allows the wielder to construct reality around the opponent. This differs from Zanpakutous like Kyoka Suigetsu and Sakanade in one particular way: neither are literal, but are simply manipulating the opponent's senses. Shinnyo actually reconstucts reality, not just to the opponent, but to everything, hence why it is 'absolute'. This means that the wielder can change anything around them, without too much effort, though, in order for such a Zanpakuto to work, there must be certain ground rules. These rules encompass a level of 'fairness' for the said opponent, as, Shinnyo is a compassionate Zanpakuto spirit and has no intentions to harm another, unless 'he' has no choice. Rules are as follows:

1.If the wielder uses Shinnyo/Zettai No Hakushin to manipulate the world around their opponent, they are limited in what they can do to damage the opponent. The wielder can use any object around them to cause damage, but cannot use 'cheap tricks' to kill their opponent. Cheap tricks are often attacks made without any respect for the opponent in battle and include such atrocities, like strangling the opponent, manipulating their blood, or any organs of their body, and anything else that could kill the opponent unfairly and without respect for the opponent's body.

2. This has a limit. It lasts as long as the wielder's reiatsu does, but only to 50% of their reiatsu, which is when Bankai is automatically de-activated. The spirit energy consumption is massive and Bankai will last no longer than ten minutes, unless the wielder has obtained a huge reiatsu.

3. Cannot manipulate gravity, time or any other over-powered techniques to kill the opponent.

4. If the opponent touches the wielder's arm (the one that is touching the Zanpakuto), then the effects of the Bankai are automatically null. This stays in effect for five minutes and Bankai ability cannot be used until that five minutes is up.

5. It cannot create any absolute objects, energies or items (as in, no unmovable object, no impenetrable shield, no unblockable strike and no invincible creatures). The wielder cannot make themself invincible, either, which includes re-construction of their reiatsu, physical strength, speed and reaction time. (In other word, the wielder cannot use their Bankai to make them appear stronger than they already are)

6. Cannot seal the opponent away, in another dimension, like with Shikai ability 1.

7. If creatures are to be created, they cannot be stronger than a regular Hollow and no more than 100 can be 'alive' at any one time.

8. Anything 'created' by Zettai No Hakushin is limited in power and size. This limitation is applied logically, according to the power of the opponent. (Each limitation is determined during battle)

Shikai/Bankai Form: Normally, Bankai and Shikai stay the same as Sealed Form, until the wielder uses the abilities of this Zanpakuto, where it can change into ANY kind of weapon.
over a year ago wantadog said…
Ok, I had an idea for a zanpakuto and decided to write it down....this is what came out....

Zanpakuto name: Kado(Card)

Bankai Name: Mahō No Kādo(Magic Card!)

Release Command: Inbo to Hoso(Pave with Intrigue)(Together it would say: Pave with Intrigue, Card!)

Sealed state: A katana with a 26 inch blade and a 8 inch hilt. The guard has a spade shape on one side, a heart shape on another, a club shape on another, and a diamond shape on the last side.

Shikai Description: The blade disappears entirely to be replaced by a black deck of cards With a white top hat printed on each card. The deck is a full one with all 52 cards and 2 jokers.

Bankai Description: There is no weapon that is visible. and no other change.

Shikai abilities:

1. Sore wa Mahoda(It's magic)
This ability is completely random. The user draws a card from the deck and the type determines what is summoned while the number determines the power. The card will always be random. Even if the user were to take a card and place it at the top, it would be a completely random draw nonetheless. Each type of card summons a being with it's own powers. The powers are fire, water, wind, and earth. Each being summoned has it's own skill. They do not require any spiritual pressure. Once all the cards have been used, the user drops out of shikai.

Heart: Heart summons a fire being. The fire being will take the form of a Archer. The fire being will have the ability to fire several flame arrows in a single shot. Only half of these arrows are real, the others are illusions(magic tricks). The archer can control the arrows and can only use this attack one at a time. There is no lag time between uses and can only be blocked by either having the arrows hit something else or destroying them. When near fire, this attack is twice as strong. Full power is 20 arrows with 10 decoys.

Spades: Spade summons a water being. The water being will take the form of a Swordswoman(Water being is female. Oo-la-la). The water being has the ability to send blasts of water at the opponent by swinging her sword, and the ability to turn the ground at the users feet into water. The second ability is a magic trick that plays with the users mind. It will not kill, but unless the user figures out that it's a trick, he will lose consciousness. The attack can only work if the user is within 20 feet of the opponent. The attack can be used as many times as the being wants, but it won't work if the user has already been exposed to it. The first attack is as powerful and fast as Ichigo's shikai Getsuga Tenshou and is released in much the same way. The user builds up spiritual pressure and it is transformed into water(Don't ask how, I don't have a clue). The attack is scorching hot water and explodes on contact. The attack cannot be destroyed unless you hit it all at once, but can be easily dodged if you are fast enough. There is a 10 second cooldown for this attack. Full power is an explosion that is close to as large as Soi fon's bankai's attack.

Diamond: Diamond summons a wind being. The wind being takes the form of a mage. The mage has the ability to form tornado's in the area. The tornado's are all defensive and only produce small cuts, but gives the user the impression that a more serious wound has been inflicted. Only 5 tornado's can be formed at a time. The tornado's can only be formed in a 30 foot radius from the user. The tornado's do not affect the users. This attack can only be used once per summoning. At full power, the tornado's can cause serious damage(full power means using an ace to summon)

Clubs: Club summons a earth being. The earth being takes the form of a very large man(the whole wild man look). He weilds a large mace. The earth being has extreme strength and okay speed as well. He has the ability that he always appears to be farther away than he actually is. He can be 4 feet away from you and appear to be 8 feet away. The full power of this attack gives the user the strength to easily crush an higher rank arrancar's hierro.

Joker: The joker takes all the attacks and fires them as a beam that is as strong as Yammy's cero as the level 10 arrancar(weaker Yammy, not Giant, annoying one.)

Bankai abilities:

1. Kakū no dangan(Imaginary bullet)
The user can fire images or feelings into the opponent using his left hand and stop the effect with his right. The user makes a gun with his hand and makes a firing movement. It takes effect instantly. but it can be dodged as it only moves in a straight line. The effect gets stronger the closer that it is fired at the opponent. If it is fired at 20 feet, it will be less effective as opposed to when it is fired at point blank. For example: If the opponent is hit with this attack, the opponent can be made to feel as if his brain is being run through a shredder. This attack cannot make the opponent kill himself or turn on his allies, it is purely head games. It can however affect the opponents feelings like sadness and anger to a certain extent. Like I said it cannot cause the opponent to become so sad that he is suicidal nor can it cause him to be angry at his allies. It would be like he is angry and doesn't know why.

2. Kurōngēmu(Clone Games)
This attack can make the opponent feel as if he is fighting several of his opponent. It makes the opponent feel as if the clones are real and can cause damage. For example: If one of the clones hits the opponent, it will not cause damage, but in the opponents mind it did. That make sense? This attack has no cooldown and at most can summon 10 copies.

I might add some more as I figure it out....but I'm not sure it needs it or not.
Comments/reviews/suggestions are welcome. XD
If I copied anyone, I apologize.
Yes...the main weapon is a finger gun.
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 Ok, I had an idea for a zanpakuto and decided to write it down....this is what came out.... Za
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
New sword. I like it.

Release command: 書き込み (Moeru - Burn)

Shikai: 怒り (Ikari - Wrath)

Bankai: 避けられない判決 (Sakerarenai hanketsu - Inescapable judgement)

Sealed Form: Whilst sealed Ikari appears as a normal katana, save for the lack of tsuba. The sheath and handle are
both a dark green in coloration. All up the blade there is a faint green color in the shape of flames.

Shikai Form: Once unsealed Ikari becomes wreathed in green flames. It's over all look is unchanged, however the flames
that once rode the sword now cover it all making the blade appear a deep green color.

Bankai Form: Upon entering bankai the sword and flames dissapear, the user becomes wrraped in a deep green garment
and is hooded. It still generates a huge amount of heat that can be utilized to create fire that can from weapons.

Shikai Abilities:

Ability 1: 裁判官 (Saibankan - Judge). The flames engulf the users eye's allowing them to judge to power of any combatant.
This is accurate with a small range of error, however shroud type Zanpakuto cause a larger range of error. This can be used
in sealed form, with a lrager range of error.

Ability 2: 実行 (Jikkō - Execute). The flames engulf the users target, only after the correct seal has been applied. This ability
causes the target to be restrained for 10 - 20 seconds depending on the overall strength of the target. 10 for Ichigo, Kenpachi
and other Captain levels, 20 for misc Shinigami levels.

Ability 3: スマイト (Sumaito - Smite). The flames tighten around the sword, upon swinging the sword they leap forward attacking
the target. This causes roughly the same damage as Getsuga Tensho does in shikai.

Bankai Abilities: In bankai Ikari retains all the shikai powers Judge becomes more accurate, execute more diffucult to break and
smite more powerful. The only new ability it gains is the ability to form any and all weapons from the flames it generates.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Bankai for Captain UKITAKE Sogyou No Kotowari (translation “law of the twin fish”)

Bankai Name: Ikameshii Sogyou No Kotowari (translation “solemn law of the twin fish”)

Bankai Appearance and Description: It is twice the size of its shikai and there are two blade shaped like a crescent moon which are perpendicular opposite to each other. Also they are located at different positions along a lightening shaped rod. At the beginning of the rod there is a golden covering that possess the rope and charms of its shikai. Then there is a handle. (There is a drawing of this below)

Please note that each charm when filled possess the power of a level 50 hado.

Ability 1: Koujun No Nori (translation “obedience of the law”)

This is same to its ability in shikai but the blade can absorb 4 times as much and the user can release the power absorbed when he wish as long as all charms are not fill. When all charms are filled user most release an attack. The user can release four attacks but he can also drain power absorbed from the four charms into one attack. The power of these attacks depends on the power absorbed.

Ability 2: Kyoukou No Nori (Translation “enforcement of the law”)

When kido nature attack is sent at the user releases an absorbent energy force that can not be seen which cuts through the attack robbing it of its spiritual power and then it attacks who ever that is in the line of fire. This absorbent force can also rip the spiritual power form the target’s body. This force can completely absorb the energy of kido under 70. This force cannot be blocked by sword or kido barriers. Kido over 70 would still be weakened heavily by this force so much so that kido #88 would have the attack power of kido #18 after the force past through it. The force power is limited to the strength it absorbs.

Ability 3: Kakujuu No Nori (Translation “Expansion of the law”)

This ability takes the energy from the movement of the user and turns it into spiritual Energy. This energy is store in the charms. It takes ten swings to fill one charm.

This was fun, thanks for reading and please comment and tell me If this Bankai suit Ukitake.
 Bankai for Captain UKITAKE Sogyou No Kotowari (translation “law of the twin fish”) Bankai Name
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
In it's sealed form, it takes the form of a dagger.

Shikai: Wādopurosessa

Its ability is to copy, save, and undo abilities. Undo only works on attacks, shields, barriers, illusions.
It's memory is infinite so it can copy, save and undo any ability the user sees.

Bankai: Wādoekuseru

Same as above but can unleash all the saved attacks or shields/barriers at once in one direction. The wielder can also combine them in any pattern or shape.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Interesting idea, Bleach0123, I think it is cool. Do you think you could do a longer version of this blade, but add in any missing details? I mean, you just have the general description, but I'd love to see a longer revision of this blade. I think it could be great.
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
Name : Koga Mangetsu

Age : 200 (looks like he's in his 20's )

Rank : Captain of Squad nine former asstaint captain of squad 6

Height : 6'0

weight : 200LBS

apperance : Koga wears a slevless Haroi his Shihakusho is longer at the sleves to hide his hands. he also wears hand garuds that go up to his forearm along with two black Cloth gloves over his hands. Koga also wears dark black glasses Simalir to Tousens to hide his eye's even though he is not blind.His hair is of a black complexion with a purple tinge to it. His hair is pin straight and extends down to his mid-lower back. he generally keeps it up in a pony tail similair to Renji's.Koga himself has lightly taned Skin and has a Meduim muscle build his Zanpakuto is kept on his right side with a slight angle to the right.

Zanpakuto :
Sealed state : Koga's Zanpakuto in it's sealed state is a meduim legength Katana with a blue sash around it. the Gaurd of the blade it really thick. and the blade is also rather thick. the blade it's self also has engravings going up and down the blade in Kanji.

Release phrase : Vanquish all Evil Meriou Kyohaku
Released state : upon the Release phrase the blade gives off a bright yellow glow that looks almost like a rainbow of colors. the blade remains the same size but the blade turns into a Astrail blue color. The Gaurd of the blade turns into a Star.
Shikai name : Meriou Kyohaku (bright Star )

Shikai Abilties :

Senkou Karuyaka ( flash of light ) : this a Ability occurs when Koga's Blade begins to Glow what is happening is Koga's blade will absorb sunlight for 30-60 seconds after that given time Koga's blade gives off an explosion that is slightly more powerful than flash gernade. The flash of light provides the oppent with temporay blindness for 30-60 seconds this ability only deals in sight and impairs no other senses. this Ability does not have cool down time as it takes 30-60 seconds to charge. Koga CAN NOT use the flash than imdeaitly begin charging again it does take some time for the blade to re-coperate.

Neraiuchi Suta ( shooting Star ) : Meriou gives off a Bright blue Glow Koga than swings the blade in any fashion he wishes. Diagional, horizontal or Verticle when Kogas does swing his blade small Reiatsu blasts shaped like shooting Stars come racing out of the blade. there is only 6 star shaped blasts they travel 1x faster than kido but can be blocked by Bakuo 40 and higher. The blasts are about 2-3 inches long and 2-4 inches wide.However if hit by the blast A freezing affect occurs so say your hand get's hit your hand is now completely frozen. the ice can be melted away by kidou, spritual pressure or you can go with time and let it melt. The ice does not continuosly spread around the body.this ability has a 30 second cool down Time.

Kyuutai Karoyaka ( Orb of Light ) : This is Meriou's most powerful Shikai ability what happens is again like the first two shikai abilties Meriou begins to glow. A explosion of light is given off but three orbs go in orbit around Koga. the orbs function like Senbansakura meaning Koga can control them any way he wishes what the orbs do is they can fire off thick beams of light that are 5 feet long or they form a triangle and can provide a sheild ( like Orhime's ). The beam is only equal to A level 40 Hado and can be blocked by anything higher than a bakudo of 40. The sheild can be destoryed by a Hado of level 40 and Higher. The orbs last about 2-5 minutes and this ability has a 40 second cooldown time.

Bankai Name : Meriou Kyohaku Zenten ( bright Star of all Heaven )

Bankai Apperance : Meriou becomes really thick like in it's sealed state. the color of the blade remains the same Astral blue color the star where the garud should be becomes slightly Larger almost as if the blade is connected to it rather than the Hilt. the hilt extends about 2-3 inches and becomes a bright golden color.

Bankai Abilities.

Kouki Rei Karuyaka (Final Ray of Light ) : This ability is simlair to the first shikai Meriou begins to Absorb Sun Light for 30-60 seconds this time when the charge is complete in stead of a Shine of Light A Large Blast of Light Launches from the tip of the tip of the Blade The beam is 5 feet wide and about 10 feet Long. The beam is Equal to a level 50 hado and can be blocked by anything above Level 50 The reason why the Block level is so Low is because Koga can control where the beam goes with in reason he can cause it to curve or follow you upon dodging but the beam only travel faster than kido by 0.5% the beam only lasts form 1-3 minutes before extguishing. This ability is the same restrictions as the first Shikai he cannot launch another beam right after or begin charging his balde Immediately as there is some form of a cool down.

Oozara Renda Kyohaku ( Heavans Barrage of Stars ) : Like all the other abilityies Meriou begins to Glow and much like the second shikai this ability is used when Koga swings his blade Diagonal, Horizontal or Verticle. A Blasts that look like shooting shooting stars. This time there are 12 blasts instead of six . the blasts travel 1.5x faster than Kido and can be blocked by a Bakudo of level 50 and up. When hit with a Blast the same freezing affect occurs only this Time spreads to the area for instance if your hand is hit instead of just your hand frezzing your whole arm becomes frozen. the ice can melt, you can blow it away with spirtual pressure or use a kidou to get your self out. No if you blast the ice off your arm does not go with it. This ability has a 50 second cooldown time. The blasts are 4-8 inches inches wide and 8-12 inches long.

Zenesuto Kaigo ( General Strike of Remorse ) : This is the final and most powerful and complicated ability of Meriou what happens is Meriou gives off a Blue glow of Reiatsu. A wave of the generated reiatsu flows off the blade Almost like A flow of water consuming everything in front of it. when something is hit by this Mist so to speak. your body come's loose and limber almost like your drunk making you feel really jittery so to speak. Your vision Eventually starts to shut down and your over all movements become slower with prolonged expsore to the mist. the mist Lasts 3-5 minutes if in the mist for 1 minute you loose your eye sight completely for the duration of time the ability is active. if in the mist for the full 3-5 minutes your body becomes 4x slower and less reactive for 60 seconds after exsposure. The Mist like reiatsu takes up an Area of 10-8 feet. This Mist can be blocked by bakudo of 60 and up. You can move out of the area in witch case the slowing affect takes toll by 5seconds per minute your in there. so 1 minute in the mist equal 5seconds of slower movement etc.

I hope you enjoy it :)

over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Heh, seems legit, dude. I like the style, seems pretty interesting. XD
over a year ago wolfmaster3000 said…
The Flow of the blade was hardest making it look pretty and deadily was the Hard part. the final Bankai ability took up most of the work.
over a year ago drake10293 said…
I'm trying to actually do a fan fic on bleach. The main character's zanpakuto:
(thought of the name from the word 'lupine' or 'lupus')

Zanpakuto: Luperia
Release Command: Howl
Bankai: King Wolf

Zanpakuto Ability 1: Can control the elements by morphing the air. Good with high speed attacks made of either snow or lightning.
Zanpakuto Ability 2: Can shoot blue energy from the blade.
Zanpakuto Ability 3: Sword can call on wolves made of blue spiritual pressure.
Zanpakuto Appearance: Always has blue energy trailing on the blade. Looks like Ichigo's bankai but has two thick silk threads like twin tails tied at the end of the hilt.

Bankai Ability 1: Sends a wave of black energy, like that of the shikai ability but stronger and much faster, outlined with dark blue energy.
Bankai Ability 2: Wolves made of Black and outlined with blue spirit particles form a pack and directly engage the enemy.
Bankai Ability 3: Has the ability now to take in large attacks and shoot them right back at the enemy.
Bankai Appearance: Covers the user in a new shuhaksho and sprouts wings on his back along with a wolf's head that bites the hilt and the blade is exactly like the shikai however has black energy instead of blue.

Zanpakuto Comments: Many fear this zanpakuto but it also has many flaws. It cannot fully conjure a too strong of an attack, otherwise it threatens to destroy whoever and whatever is around without warning. And there are power limitations too. If a wolf has been wounded in battle, the last of its strength is handed over to his comrades. They are all one wolf after all. Wounds on a wolf also affect the user, for it makes him stronger and much faster. His weakness is thewolf's head, even though he is training ever so hard to make it immpossible to shatter. The wielder does't think himself as a powerful one, for he is a nice and considerate person, always humble and doesn't like to show off his strength unless absolutely neccasary.
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over a year ago kkikk1 said…
I'm new to bleach so like... I don't know what a shikai is so in just guess from others answers!
[zanpakuto's name/shikai name] - Zanakor - pronounced "ZAN-A-TORE" (made it up not japanesse or anything)
[release command] - Hikari no kirā hakai suru- killer of light destroy
[bankai name] - Kirā wa mezame - killer awaken - my zanpakuto gets bigger and sharper and gets engulfed in black flames making it invincible and super powerful  
description - like zangetsu new blade when it reform after breaking but black-ish and has stars like the night sky on it with gold dragons (one on each side) on it.


[shikai abilities] -
Kage no dokuhebi - shadow viper - two shadowy snakes come from it and attack my enemy.

Kirā no supīdo - speed of the killer - increases my and the blades speed to faster then the eye can see!

Shi no jōshō - death rise - if I slam zanakor into the ground a crack in the ground forms and skeleton warriors come from it and attack they enemy.


[bankai abilities] -
Yami no tornadoe - tornadoe of darkness - creates a tornadoe of darkness that destroys anything in it's path

Doragon no taitō - rise of the dragons - spirit pressure from it creates black dragons that make it stronger

Konton no ha - blade of chaos - the black flames get bigger and powerfuller to the point one touch will kill any enemy!

Thanks I hope you like it!!!

All but my zanpakuto name were actual japanesse translated by google translate!