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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago dragonaxel96 said…
all ive got so far is my zanpakuto's name Kūwokiru kuro chēn (black chain slicing the moon) im thinking that i want the bankai form to be dual wielded chains and the shikai is basically dual swords with the cloth that is on ichigo's shikai
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

Its not a dig at your weapon... this site was created specifically for the purpose of making Zanpakutos and then others would review them... That's how it has been done since about page 60 of this forum. If you submit a Zanpakuto on here, someone will most likely review it and that'll be either me or Whiteflame. If you don't like it you don't have to post on here, but if you do want to post on here, there are certain guidelines we ALL have to follow.
over a year ago LokiStormbringr said…

Your argument is invalid and it looks liek you are just a little annoyed, so i have one question for you......................... YOU BAD BRO!? :D
over a year ago LokiStormbringr said…

You say there are guidelines we all have to follow however can you physically ban people who dont from the site? If not then those guidelines mean nothing. :)
over a year ago LokiStormbringr said…

And yes my shikai is overpowered, what of it? no one ever said a fight was gonna be fair did they ;)
over a year ago wantadog said…

Actually the guidelines are not worth nothing because if you don't follow the rules...you'll just get ignored/banned.

And yes you can get banned. it's called getting reported for being abusive or whatnot.
 @LokiStormbringr Actually the guidelines are not worth nothing because if 당신 don't follow the ru
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

I didn't say rules, you moron, I said 'guidelines' meaning things everybody who visits this site must take into account... It doesn't mean anything about banning, if you don't follow the guidelines then no-one on here will respect you, simple as that. After your little 'outburst' I don't see why anyone should.
over a year ago BlindBandit92 said…

Someone's has a cactus up their ass huh? There's this rule if you can't play nice with the kids. You can't play at all. Seriously bro. It's a rp. As in your supposed to interact with other people if your an asshole you can't interact with other people so well and people won't interact with you. SO GTFO and STFU. Kthxbai
 @LokiStormbringr Someone's has a cactus up their 나귀, 엉덩이 huh? There's this rule if 당신 can't play nice
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
LokiStormbringr - I'm not annoyed. I reviewed your blade with every intention of giving you a reasonable, thought out review. It was my intention to give you a set of possible ways to improve upon your blade, until I realized that your blade wasn't meant to be improved upon. It's fine that you posted it here, there's no harm in that, just seems like putting a blade up like that is a waste of your time. This forum is a place where people post creative blade ideas, and it seems like you chose to create one that could have been explained in one sentence just as well as you did in several paragraphs.

But that's up to you. It's an open forum, and therefore your blade is also open to criticism. That's all I did.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
It's been quite awhile since I posted on here.. So here goes. This one's length got kinda.. Out of hand. My apologies. This is another one of my newest creations. Definitely one of my more.. Colorful characters. My new personal favorite (My favorite changes a lot). I hope you guys like it..

A Shinigami and His Zanpakutō - Hiyoru, Mikaru Kazuyuki and Kyūkyoku Kagi


Shinigami -

Shinigami's Name - Mikaru Kazuyuki Ryoken
- He always insists on everyone calling him just by Mikaru or either of his often used nicknames; "Karu", "Mika" or "Kaz". He dislikes formalities towards himself and others except when they are absolutely needed, such as at meetings or formal duels. He tends to give almost everybody nicknames, making well use of the Japanese honorific endings such as "chan," "sempai," and "sama." He even prefers people to add these endings to his name when they address him.

Rank/Position - Mikaru is currently the Third Seat of Squad Six. His old Lieutenant is dead and he is still waiting, eagerly, might I add, to see if he will be promoted to Lieutenant of his Squad, which is definitely pointing in his favor and his entire squad hopes he gets promoted to the rank. He could easily have been the Lieutenant sooner, but he hides a little of his power to stay a Third Seat because it has it's perks. (His Captain is my other creation, Sora Chi Hiyoru.)

Gender - Male

Age - Mikaru is sixteen years of age in appearance, although almost everyone mistakes him for being younger because of his slightly childish personality and younger appearance overall. It is rare that anyone ever guesses his actual age at their first guess. He is around one hundred fifty years of age.

Height - Mikaru is around  5,8" inches tall.

Weight - He weighs approximately 113 lbs.

Body Type - Mikaru's body type is very slim and slender and somewhat lanky looking, although he constantly maintains a somewhat graceful appearance in the way he moves and stands. He is fairly muscular, but it isn't even slightly noticeable with all of the clothing he usually wears. His movements may sometimes even be referred to as almost feline.

Appearance - Appearance wise, Mikaru is quite visually stunning and handsome, although he hardly realizes this and puts down all statements to the contrary. Because of his sometimes childish behavior, he has been called cute and adorable, although this usually earns a fit of rage from Mikaru aimed at the person responsible for calling him either of those things. His face is softly featured, giving off a somewhat cute, childish feel with light peach colored, almost pale looking skin, with a smooth and clear complexion. His eyes are constantly giving off a soft, gentle, and caring feel. His irises are ocean blue colored in the middle, and slowly fade darker to gray where the color gets close to the outside of his irises, with gently curving, almost sharp blond eyebrows placed a little above them. His nose is normally shaped but slightly smaller and below it is a somewhat petite mouth that is almost always angled up in some form of a smile. When he smiles, he displays a row of beautiful white pearls with sharp looking canine teeth. Mikaru's hair is a little longer than chin length in the back and is a beautiful color of golden blonde. The sides are a little shorter than the back's length and his bangs are long enough to go just past his nose if he wore them straight, but instead he keeps most of them neatly pulled over his left eye and the rest on the right side of his face. His hair has a very smooth, sleek, and neat appearance to it, and has a slight shine when he stands in direct sunlight. When he practices or trains, he usually pulls the back and some of the sides of his hair into a small ponytail which he ties with a forest green string which he constantly wears around his left wrist.

Clothing - Since he is often sent somewhere in the Human World, Mikaru has quite a few different outfit choices for when he is in a Geigai. However, his favorite outfit and the one he wears the most is as follows: On top, he wears a light green zip up hooded jacket with white fur trim along the bottom of the coat, as well as lining the insides. The hood also has a white fur trim along it's edge and a dark green stripe a little below the edge. One of the more childish parts of his ensemble, however, is that his hood has cat ears on the top which are pink and also outlined in white fur. The top of the jacket, just above his chest and also his sleeves, is a shade of dark forest green with white fur trim along the edges of the sleeves. He usually keeps this jacket unzipped all the way or zipped most of the way up so you can still see his undershirt, which is a plain white sleeveless V neck shirt with light blue border lines on the neck, arm holes, and bottom of the shirt. He wears lightly colored blue jeans with two sets of belt loops and also two black and white checkered studded belts which are rarely seen because his jacket hangs down to about a few inches above his mid-thigh. He fastens the belts in an X like fashion through the loops. For shoes, he wears DC-like bar-laced black shoes with white strings and a checkerboard design on the back with his name written in Japanese on each side in silver and with beautiful penmanship. When he changes into a Shinigami, he wears the normal Shinigami shihakusho uniform with a few of his unique changes to it. He wears the top to his uniform tucked into his ōbi belt, making it almost inexistent. The shirt that he wears instead of the top to the uniform is sleeveless and black and Mikaru wears a normal white ōbi below that with his Zanpakutō secured on his right side by a light brown buckled belt he wears under his ōbi. Below the ōbi, Mikaru wears normal black hakama pants. For shoes he wears the standard Shinigami straw sandals with knee length white tabi socks. As for accessories, Mikaru wears a green string on his left wrist and he wears a long, crimson red sleeve on his right arm, secured on his bicep by a golden ring with another around his right wrist. Lastly, he wears a black collar like necklace around his neck, tied in the back by electric blue string.

Personality - Mikaru has a very calm and friendly personality. He is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy and usually chooses to stay out of things unless he needs to get involved. He enjoys being nice to people and will help them in any way he can and he always seeks to do the right thing. He enjoys making people laugh as well and loves to see people smiling because it makes him happy knowing that other people are feeling the same way that he almost constantly feels. When people aren't feeling so well, Mikaru is almost always the one who tries to make them feel better and cheer them up. Because of this, a lot of people have grown to like him and see him as a good friend. He has a slightly childish side, however. He views battles as nothing more than fun games most of the time and treats them as such. Mikaru makes a lot of silly comments and even some perverted ones at times. Even with his personality, Mikaru has a good understanding of honor and respect, and tries whenever possible to not damage someone else's personal honor. Despite his age, he still finds toys fun and thoroughly enjoys things like carnivals, fairs, parades and etc.. He also has a sweet tooth. He loves all kinds of candies or treats and is occasionally seen eating them, although he tends not to be seen doing so as he hates for people to know about his little "addiction" because he believes people might try to use it against him. Mikaru has a slight problem with killing humanoid-like creatures and even animals. He doesn't mind killing hollows, however, and enjoys the fun and the challenge, although he finds that for him, killing especially human looking Arrancar is sometimes difficult. He has no problem with fighting rogue Shinigami if they have gone astray  or are opposing him or the law and order of the Soul Society. Despite the good side of his personality, in battle, he can sometimes be quite serious and cold on occasions, although that rarely happens unless one of his friends have been hurt or killed or if his own life is threatened. Another of his more embarrassing facts is that he dislikes being alone. Whenever he goes somewhere, unless it's secretive, he wants someone to be with him. For this, he usually picks one of his best friends and Fourth Seat and soon to be Third Seat, Shinyu Roka (Shin-kun to Mikaru), to accompany him. Mikaru also tends to follow his Captain, Sora, with unwavering conviction. One of his favorite things to do is go to the Human World. More specifically, he loves going to Tokyo, Japan, and even has a loft-like apartment there that he stays in when he takes trips there or goes on longterm missions, and even has a few spare rooms for people who may be accompanying him (Most people see the fact that he has an apartment at his age in appearance, as weird, but nobody has ever confronted him about it). Although his most feminine quality, he loves to shop for all kinds of things like clothes, toys, foods, etc.. Although his favorite thing to shop for is weapons. He loves the Human World's taste in weapons and has quite the collection of different types and models back at his apartment in Tokyo. Somewhat secretly, Mikaru has a deep love for cats. He has even been known to stop doing anything he's currently doing to observe what a cat may be doing, sometimes losing all trail of thought in the process. He believes this is linked to his past.

Background - Despite his happy personality, Mikaru's past is kind of  sad, and he believes that his "special one" would want him to be happy, despite what happened to him. Ever since he can remember, Mikaru had lived in poverty in one of the more poorer districts of Soul Society, having to resort to stealing food to keep from starving as well as stealing others' things and selling them for money. Back then, when Mikaru was about nine in appearance, he had shoulder length, spiky looky blonde hair and looked very childish and daring, and all he wore was a small light brown kimono that reached down to a little above his knees and cheap brown sandals. His most noticeable feature was his bright, beautiful, ocean blue eyes, which people often commented on. He had always been sneaky, and when he stole things he was almost never caught because even at his younger age, he could outrun the everyday normal residents of the Soul Society with ease. One time, however, he decided to go and try to steal things from the house of one of the more rich and noble families, hoping to obtain something expensive so he wouldn't have to steal again for a long time, as he viewed it as immoral, although he had to do so to survive. When he was in the act of stealing an item he had found in the manor, an expensive vase, the guards of the manor caught him and chased him across the enormous threshold. Struggling to give them the slip, Mikaru then encountered a child appearing a little older than him, wearing noble looking clothes who had chin length brown hair and forest green eyes. The boy realized what Mikaru was doing and decided, strangely, to help Mikaru escape. Mikaru escaped with the help of his newfound friend, and they both took the vase to a local merchant and tried to sell it to him, although he wouldn't take it because they were children. They ended up leaving it there and with his new friends help, they stole the money the man said the vase was worth and took off. The two went through the town, buying all kinds of treats and food, and went back to a run down, abandoned house Mikaru was staying in. The only other occupant of the little dilapidated house was a golden and white spotted cat, which Mikaru had named Niko, which he derived from neko, the Japanese word for "cat." It was there that the boy revealed his name to Mikaru and the two boys, Mikaru and Shinta Hiyoru, became close friends, and spent almost everyday visiting and playing with each other. The two became like brothers, and Mikaru found himself attached to Shinta, feeling that he would never need anything else as long as he was by his side and the two of them together. They both had quite the interest in swordmanship, and with Shinta's familiy's weapons, the two became engrossed in training with each other, constantly pushing each other. The two were very excited when they obtained their Zanpakutō's through vigorous training and meditation, which they had found out how to do in quite a few of Shinta's family's scrolls. One day, however, Shinta enrolled himself in the Academy. Although his intentions were pure, he wanted to protect Mikaru even if it cost him his life, Mikaru still found himself feeling animosity towards Shinta for leaving him all alone again. Mikaru never wanted to join the Shinigami. He had even accidentally, although indirectly, killed his cat, Niko, in a flustered rage, and hates himself for it even today. Years later, however, Mikaru heard of Shinta dropping out of the Academy for an unknown reason. He later found out that Shinta had gotten some sort of incurable disease which made him lose most control of his arms, making them practically unusable, and also making him unsuitable as a Shinigami. Mikaru visited Shinta everyday, and still does when he can. It was then that Mikaru decided that he wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps, so as to fulfill Shinta's dream by becoming a Shinigami himself, and he trained harder than ever and entered the Academy himself at the age of about fourteen (in appearance). He passed through at the top of his class and was soon inducted into Squad Seven when he passed through the Academy, although he later transferred to Nine and became it's Third Seat when the old one had died in battle on a mission to Hueco Mundo. He is now set up to become it's future Lieutenant, and then someday it's Captain. Even now, he spends all the time he can with Shinta, telling him stories about Mikaru's life as a Shinigami and his duties, sometimes exaggerating for the sake of a good story to ammuse Shinta. Along with his duties to the Soul Society, Mikaru uses his connections with the Squads and other big factions in the Sereitei to find a way of reversing the disease that Shinta had befallen, hoping that one day the two could charge into battle together. He believes now that he is close to finding a cure to reverse the diseases effects. After learning of Mikaru's and Shinta's bond with each other, Sora Hiyoru adopted Mikaru into the Hiyoru clan.

Style of Fighting - First off, before he starts a battle, Mikaru prefers to use Hakudō with the occassional use of Kidō on his opponents to gauge their strength and decide if they are worth him using his Zanpakutō to dispatch them. There are few occasions where he instantly first draws his blade. When using Hakudō, he prefers to attack with high emphasis on speed and agility and a little less on power, but his attacks still pack quite the punch. When Mikaru draws his sword, he uses normal attacks with decent speed and strength and is quite ambidextrous, as he can fluently switch between one handed to two, and then to fighting with his left hand, although he is dominantly right handed. He has tremendous speed, however, and out of nowhere he can switch from normal like attacks to using high speed slashes and stabs to overwhelm his opponent. There are few instances where he resorts to using attacks where it's only backed by brute force, but he is capable of doing so. He often uses his surroundings to his advantage, trying to corner his opponent near a building or running atop trees or jumping from branch to branch, although he finds it cowardly to resort to hiding in a building during a battle and he will never do so. He also makes great use of his high Shunpō speeds during battle as well, using it to get quickly close to his opponent, move far away, and even behind his target for a hopefully easy decapitation. He is also quite flexible and can move in ways most could not, and he uses this to assist in dodging attacks and performing different forms of Hakudō attacks that require a good amount of flexibility. Mikaru is also skilled in arial combat. He prefers it most of the time, as it gives him more freedom to move around. He is also quite the acrobat and can  jump high and far. As for Kidō, he prefers to refrain from using it during battle, but he is quite skilled with using it when he needs to, and can use his Zanpakutō's abilities for devastating effects with his destruction Kidō.

Stats -
Offense - 95
Defense - 90
Mobility - 100
Kido/Reiatsu - 100
Intelligence - 90
Physical Strength - 95

Mikaru is skilled and proficient enough to be called and have -

Master Swordsmanship Specialist

Kidō Master
- He is capable of using Kidō of high levels without any incantations, and is proficient in using Kidō rapidly, and is even capable of using Kōjutsu Eishō, saying the Kidō's incantation after it has been fired to increase it's power.
- In Bakudō, he is capable of performing everything up to a level 81 Dankū and is currently training on being able to perform Bakudō 99, Kin and Bakudō 99, Bankin.
- He is just as versed in performing Hadō as Bakudō, and can perform every spell up to a level 90 Kuroshitsugi, although he hardly ever uses such high leveled Kidō. Whenever he does use it, he prefers lower leveled spells that he can fire rapidly, such as a Hadō number 4, Byakurai.

Shunpō Master

Hakudō Combatant

Keen Intellect

Immense Spiritual Pressure

Master Tactician and

Enhanced Durability

Zanpakutō -

Zanpakutō's Name -
Kyūkyoku Kagi
"Ultimate Key"
Sealed Form - When he's sealed, Kyūkyoku Kagi takes the form of a normal sized katana, only slightly longer. The blade is twenty-nine inches with a little less curvature to the blade than normal. The blade's color is the regular silver color of everyday katanas, except slightly more shiny and reflective. His Zanpakutō's tsuba, or hand guard, is in the shape of a golden colored hourglass, with another exact replica of that hourglass shape attached horizontally to the first, combining in the middle and forming a shape similar to an X or even like a four petaled flower. At the end of each hourglass is an inch thick decorative line a few centimeters away from the edge of the ends of the hourglass shapes with a few other decorative markings elsewhere along the guard as well. Kyūkyoku Kagi's handle is ten inches long, enough to accommodate Mikaru using both of his hands to swing the blade. The hilts's wrappings are colored crimson with a golden underlying color to go with it. The Zanpakutō's pommel is very simple with a similar golden color. Kyūkyoku Kagi's sheath is colored a deep shade of green with a light brown string tied towards it's top as well as golden plating on the bottom six inches of the sheath.

Zanpakutō Spirit and Inner World - Mikaru's inner world looks like a normal, metropolitan city with a lot of skyscrapers and smaller buildings as well. Cars drive by randomly on the streets, but they are not controled by anybody inside of them. There is always a bright sun that looms directly over the area, and a lush green forest fills the space around the city. There are cloud's everywhere on the sky, although they never cover up the sun, and most of them are in obviously distinguishable shapes such as people, cats, etc.. Kyūkyoku Kage takes the form of a prepubescent boy around the age of eleven. He has hair colored the same as Mikaru's, although longer and he has his bangs pulled to both sides of his face that lay in gentle spikes. His face is very similar to what Mikaru's appeared like when he was younger, although his eyes are golden colored. He wears a forest green colored, ninja-like shirt with a bright blue skin tight shirt underneath it. Around his waste he has a very thick purple rope tied in a strange fashion where the ends of the rope stick up in the air behind Mikaru. He wears forest green colored slops as well, with black bands around the pant legs to keep them tight. He has black boots with open toes that stretch up to his knee which are plated with armor on the front. He also wears similar gauntlets on his arms that are fingerless and also plated. He has his Shikai manifested which is tied to his back by a vibrant red colored string. Kyūkyoku Kagi and Mikaru have very similar personalities, although Kyūkyoku Kagi tends to keep more to the calm and relaxed side. He has his moments, however, when Mikaru gets to him and causes him to flare up and become childish. Despite their easygoing relationship and steady friendship, they both train vigorously to get stronger together. Mikaru views his Zanpakutō with the highest respect and believes he wouldn't be capable of anything without him. Kyūkyoku Kagi views, even if he doesn't act like it to his face, that Mikaru is more than worthy of wielding his power and is proud to be his Zanpakutō.

Release Command -
Anrokku! Kyūkyoku Kagi!
"Unlock! Kyūkyoku Kagi!"
When Mikaru goes to unseal his Zanpakutō, he withdraws it from his sheath with his right hand and turns his body sideways from his opponent and holds Kyūkyoku Kagi straight, with the blade facing down and towards his opponent. He then calls out the command "Anrokku!" and he twists his wrist to the left, turning the Zanpakutō as well, until the blade is facing the opposite way that Mikaru is facing, so that the blade is horizontal to the ground. When the blade gets to that horizontal point, a sound springs forth that resembles the noise a key makes when it turns in a lock, but more distant and louder. He then finishes the command by calling out the name of his Zanpakutō and pulls back the sword and thrusts it through the air once. When he does this, a faint golden glow emanates from his Zanpakutō that covers the entire length of the weapon. When the light fades, Kyūkyoku Kagi is in it's Shikai form.

Shikai -

Shikai Appearance - In his Shikai form, Kyūkyoku Kagi doesn't change much from the general shape of a katana. The Zanpakutō's tsuba keeps mostly it's same shape, although one of the ends of the hourglass shape, the one that points the same way as the sharp side of the blade, thickens and extends down in a rectangle like shape and connects to the pommel, forming a hand guard of sorts. The hilt, tsuba, and pommel all retain their same old colors. Kyūkyoku Kagi's blade turns black except for the sharp side of the blade, which stays silver. At the end of the blade, just a few inches before the point of the sword and on the unsharpened side of the blade, are two small, black, rectangular like shapes, like teeth to a key. The rectangles are rounded outward where they attach to the blade and are about three inches apart from each other. On these rectangles are two red rings that are attached to the center of each of them.

Shikai Abilities - One unique ability about Mikaru's Zanpakutō is that, while in it's Shikai or Bankai form, he has a somewhat easier time breaking through binding spells or barriers, as his Zanpakutō is a key of sorts. For instance, if someone captured him using a Bakudō spell like Sajō Sabaku, he'd be able to break free of it faster than other people might.

First Shikai Ability -

To activate this ability, Mikaru holds out his Zanpakutō and calls out the name of the ability. When he does this, he twists his wrist to the right, moving the blade as well until the blade is horizontal with the ground. Then, a glow covers his Zanpakutō and focuses at the tip of the blade then shoots off and forms a ring of yellow energy about six feet in diameter. The center of the circle is then filled with a dark swirling like vortex, like staring into a black hole through which you can't see the bottom. Whenever he makes this portal and he enters it, another one is made in the area he would like to transport himself to, although the area he can teleport to is limited to the field of his spiritual pressure at the time that he opened and stepped through the "door." However, multiple doors can be created, at a maximum of three others, excluding the starting pair of doors, so Mikaru can trick his opponent. All of Mikaru's portals can be closed immediately by placing his Zanpakutō's blade through it and twisting his wrist left, or announcing the command "Toji" (close), which makes the ring of energy around the circle shrink into itself and move back to Mikaru's blade. Some other ways that Mikaru can use this ability is as a reflector of sorts. For example, if a Cero was fired at Mikaru, he could open a door and in front of the Cero, making it enter the portal, and put the other end of the door facing his opponent, making it fire at them instead. This can be formed above or close to the opponent, although the door makes a soft static like noise when it opens, which can give away if it is close to Mikaru's opponent or not. Another way Mikaru could use this is if he fired a Kidō spell which missed, he could open a portal a distance away, which costs a lot of energy, to catch the attack and redirect it back. One last use for this ability is to teleport the opponent to a desired location, although he/she cannot be teleported into solid objects. An example of this is that if the opponent is charging at Mikaru, he can open a portal and they would run through it and he could teleport them further away. He also has one more use for this, one of which he has only ever used once in his lifetime with his Zanpakutō. He can use his Zanpakutō to open up just one "door," which he can then put things into. He can carry heavy things long distances, hold injured people, etc.. Although what he used it for in his past was that he opened the portal and powered through quite a few of his Sōren Sōkatsui's, which he then opened the portal again when he needed to use it and shot a lot of blasts out, obliterating a large ammount of hollows. There is a limit to how much he can put in one portal, but he has never tested it. The time it takes to teleport from portal to portal is roughly a second, and all uses for this ability's range of teleportation are limited to Mikaru's field of spiritual pressure upon activating the ability.

Second Shikai Ability -
To activate this ability, Mikaru needs to have clashed blades with his opponent's Zanpakutō. When it makes contact, a golden light on his Zanpakutō flares up and begins to spark. This lasts for about one or two seconds before it dies down. If Mikaru connects another blow to his opponent's Zanpakutō within that time frame, that's when he can activate this ability. When he makes that second attack connect, he can call out the name of this ability and activate it. When he calls out the ability, the golden light flares up and leaves his Zanpakutō and forms a long chain that wraps around the opponent's Zanpakutō. When it wraps around it completely, a golden lock is formed on the chains and they disappear, but the lock is still on the Zanpakutō even though you cannot see it, and an insignia of a lock is placed on the blade of the weapon. This ability basically places a lock of sorts on his opponent from using one of his or her abilities, and Mikaru has to call out the name of the ability after he activates this to place the lock on that ability. If the opponent has a blade that activates an ability upon the release of his/her Zanpakutō, Mikaru simply has to state the name of the Zanpakutō to lock the ability. For instance, he could use this ability in cases like Shinji Hirako's Zanpakutō that activates his "Inverted World" upon the release of his Shikai. This lock automatically releases after five minutes, but people with significantly high spiritual pressure can make the lock deteriorate faster by exerting the pressure in a massive amount. Mikaru can only place one lock on any Zanpakutō and he can only lock one ability at a time, and he'd have to remove the lock and reapply it to lock a different ability on the opponent's Zanpkautō.

Bankai -

Bankai Name -
Kami Kagi
"God's Key"
When Mikaru wants to change into his Bankai form, he first withdraws his Zanpakutō and holds it out in front of himself horizontally. He lets go of his Zanpakutō, which hovers in the air in front of him, and spins it in the air by pushing on it's hilt. Kyūkyoku Kagi then begins to spin very fast, and Mikaru calls out "Bankai." The speed of the spinning increases even more so and a red aura accumulates on the Zanpakutō. Mikaru then calls out the name of his Bankai, "Kami Kagi," and the wind in the area starts to be pulled towards the spinning blade, and it changes shape into a large circle that is about six feet tall. More develops with the Zanpakutō while still encased in the aura, and when it is finished changing it's form, the aura and the wind dies down and reveals Kyūkyoku Kagi in it's Bankai form.

Bankai Appearance - In his Bankai form, Kami Kagi takes the form of a giant chakram. In the middle of the chakram is a handle, designed to look like a golden snake, that stretches from one side of the chakram to the other, meeting in the exact opposite point of where the handle starts. The handle is curved in an S shape, like a snake that is moving. The chakram's blade is black, with the edge being silver. The edge along the inside of the chakram is decorated by a red ring around it's entirety. This chakram always stays behind Mikaru's back, hovering, unless Mikaru hurls it at somewhat or chooses to leave it behind. At Mikaru's sides are two blades in the image of his Shikai, attached to his wrists by chains that attach to two new bracelets on both of Mikaru's wrists. The ends of the chains attach to the swords at the pommel. The chain is about three feet long, but Mikaru can make the chain extend and shrink with a thought of his mind. Mikaru wields both of these blades in both of his hands. Mikaru says that the appearance of his Bankai is reminiscent of a key ring and keys.

Zanpakutō Spirit's Appearance in Bankai - In his Bankai form, Kami Kagi's appearance changes quite drastically. Instead of having the image of a young boy, he looks like a man in his mid twenties. His hair grows much longer and is tied in a high ponytail with his bangs skirting both sides of his face. He also has a noticeable stubble on his upper lip and chin. His attire changes to that of a samurai, although keeping the same color scheme. His robe is light green with the sleeves ripped off at the shoulders, showing bare skin. His arms are covered from wrist to elbow in rings that hang loosely on his arm, all of which carry quite a number of keys on them. His hakama is forest green, and from his ankle up to his knees are even more rings with keys attached to them. Kami Kagi wears no shoes in this form, and his Bankai manifested hovers at his bank in the same fashion that it does when Mikaru wields it, with both of the blades in his left and right hands. Kami Kagi also wears a key around his neck by a necklace and is noticeably different from all of the other keys on his person.

Bankai Abilities - In this form, Kami Kagi is still able to use it's ability Hiraite to open doors, although the number of doors that he can make doubles as he wields two blades in each hand. Mikaru can also form doors by spinning his chakram in front of himself. He cannot use his Rokku ability during his Bankai, although previous locks placed will still retain until they dissipate. Mikaru also still has an easier time breaking through binding Kidō spells. Although it is not an ability, Mikaru is capable of wielding the chakram and spinning it very fast and creating a slight whirlwind affect. It's not very strong, but can pull the unprepared closer to Mikaru. Also, Mikaru can call the chakram back to himself with a simple flick of his wrist if he left it somewhere or threw it and wants it to return. For a much quicker return, he can open a portal in front of the chakram and teleport it to his side if it hasn't left his range of spirtual pressure.

First Bankai Ability -
"Absorb/Breathe in"
Mikaru can only activate this ability when he uses his chakram. To use this ability, the opponent needs to have used an offensive blast like ability or Kidō and fired it at Mikaru. He then begins to spin the chakram in front of him and calls the name of this ability. This activates a different kind of "door," which literally absorbs the blast that his opponent sends at him. When it absorbs the blast, Mikaru's Zanpakutō coverts it into a golden blast of energy that he adds his own reiatsu to so as to increase it's power. When he wants to release the blast, he spins the chakram in the opposite direction, which opens the "door" to the opposite effect that fires the new blast back. Mikaru can't use this ability quite often, as spinning the chakram continuously tires him, and he can only really use it effectively about three times. He can also only absorb so much energy before the door seals itself shut and he is left open to damage, but he has never put how much it can hold to test so he could see.

Second Bankai Ability -
"Thousand Door"
To activate this ability, Mikaru must throw his chakram into the air around him and call out the name of this ability. Doing so makes the chakram pulsate with black reiatsu and it begins to expand, forming a giant mass of shadow about two hundred feet in diameter. When the shadow area is complete, it forms a giant sphere in the area and floats above the ground. On the inside of the sphere, Mikaru's "doors" line nearly every inch of the inner surface. His opponent cannot enter the doors, however, only Mikaru can. This ability can go on as long as Mikaru intends it to or until he is defeated. It's main purpose is to allow Mikaru to use the doors effectively to confuse his opponent. Mikaru can enter any door and exit any door that he pleases. These doors also have the same properties as Mikaru's other doors. Blasts can be fired into the portals which then reemerge from another portal, so on and so forth. Once the mass of the area has formed, nobody from the outside can enter it, and nobody inside can escape from it unless Mikaru dies, he kills the enemies inside of it, or he allows it to dissipate. It is slightly possible for someone to escape being trapped inside the sphere, but the success rate of evading it is really low. The same goes for anyone who tries to enter it before it has completely formed.

Sorry for any typos I might've missed. Feedback is greatly appreciated. <3
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Waga! Always eager to see one of your blades.

(Atmosphaera) –

1) Interesting ability, seems to prevent all poison gas-based effects. I’m interested in what is viewed as part of the air. Can he, for example, remove air moisture from the air around him? Is it limited to gasses, or can spread out physical or liquid objects be affected?

2) You mention that this has the same composition as the atmosphere around you, but I’m uncertain what effect that has on the blast itself. You mind being specific here?


1) Does the amount of change in terms of pressure matter in terms of time required to reach it, or is it always 10 seconds to change?

2) Yep.

3) Can the gas be spread out over an area larger than the 2 cubic meters? Can the gas be separated into chunks, and can those chunks be controlled separately? Can you combine multiple gasses? How simple/difficult is it to disperse the grey mist while it’s not solidifying? While it is solidifying? Is the gas capable of moving while it’s solidifying? Does the solid gas continue to last past the 20 seconds? How strong are the solid blocks after they solidify? If it’s being solidified by the point that 20 seconds elapses, does it automatically fade out?

It’s an interesting blade, not much to say on most of the abilities (with one obvious exception). Never seen a blade like this one before, so well done!
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Morenzoboss (Kumo no kōshō) –


1) Are the spiders otherwise physically the same as normal spiders? How fast do they move? How difficult are they to kill? How large are they? How large are the cracks you create by plunging your sword into the ground (i.e. are they abnormally wider or longer than you’d expect)? Can this be done ad nauseum, or is there a lag time between uses? The only thing I’d say here is that it should be dulled down to a certain extent, if only by stating that the spiders fangs can only bite through the skin of opponents up to a certain level, otherwise you’re talking about being able to kill even the strongest of opponents with a single bite, and that seems a bit much.

2) This is a bit more problematic without more details. What would you define as a “standard soul reaper”? What effect would this have on a vice captain? On a captain? On a captain commander? You should be careful about its killing effectiveness with one strike on these types of opponents, since it’s a pretty big deal. Also, include some symptoms they would feel as a result of the poison coursing through their bodies.

3) What size of spider can he turn into? How fast is he as a spider? How strong? How do injuries in spider form translate to human? How quickly can he transform? Which poison specifically does he maintain?

Bankai: Just a heads up here, but if the spider can do anything outside of your abilities, it’s technically an ability. Think about Sajin Komamura’s bankai, which has the sole ability of being summoned and used as a physical giant linked to his movements. How fast is the spider? How strong is the spider by comparison to you? Can it use webbing? Does it have any especially super traits?

1) This is where you could place the spider as an ability. The passive strength of its exoskeleton could just be an aspect, and that’s fine. Also, be a bit more specific than “an espada’s hierro,” since there’s a wide variety even in that. How capable is it of resisting kido-based abilities?

2) Define “much deadlier.” Be specifics on the effects of this poison, how quickly it can kill, how quickly it kills people of very different levels, and such.

3) Again, a lot of specification here. What do you mean by “much more explosive power” and “much deadlier poison”? How does the spider seal into you? How long does this last?

It's an interesting blade, but a lot of the details seem glossed over.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
Not really a question about a created Zanpakutõ, but I'm just curious. Being a huge fan of Rukia Kuchiki, I have always been curious as to what her Bankai would be like, as Sode no Shirayuki is said to be the most beautiful Zanpakutõ in all of the Soul Society, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts as to what her Bankai would be like? I have my own idea, but I'm thinking the thoughts of others might help to refine that idea into something more actual. Thanks. ~
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I always thought it would take dance a little more literally in bankai. I could see the ice taking on the form of dancers that whirl about the field in sometimes consistent, well thought out motions and other times in chaotic blurs. Each would create small storms surrounding them, and move to attack the opponent, freezing a large area around each strike in large blasts that go far beyond where they actually hit. Just my thought though, would be interested to see what others think.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
I had also come to the end that the dancing might be taken more literally, although the thought of the ice actually taking the form of dancers in quite intriguing. Thanks for that very interesting thought, Whiteflame. ^.^
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
I'll add in a word on this... I was thinking that while Rukia's Zanpakuto wouldn't utilise the element of ice, so much as utilizing particular dance moves... I always thought that her Bankai would be very fluid and utilise speed, as well as the mastery of complicated, unorthodox movements, something like how Kazeshini moved in Shikai... Unpredictable.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
It might be somewhat strange, but I also pictured her movements being very fast and fluent, as well as unorthodox, but somehow fitting the dance aspect into it, making it just as graceful and beautiful as her Zanpakutō is, and still giving it that unpredictable aspect. Like Whiteflame brought to mind, I also think that she would also utilize new ice manipulating powers in her Bankai state, such as the ice becoming dancers. Although another thing that comes to mind.. I wonder what material changes would take place to either Rukia or Sode no Shirayuki. Do either of you have any thoughts?
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
I imagine she'd gain a different colored Shihakusho, probably a white, flowing one, that resembled maybe a dancing robe or something similar. I imagine her Zanpakuto would lengthen slightly, but wouldn't grow larger, probably slimmer to allow her more control. Hey, Gracen, are you planning to create a Bankai for her? If you do, can I help? I enjoy making Bankai for people who don't currently have one. I did one for Shunsui, Momo and Rangiku lol. If you are interested, those are hidden somewhere amongst the RPing genius of the Clan War. XD
over a year ago morenzoboss said…
big smile
Reply to the reply - Thanks for the review, I appreciate you taking the time to read it x)

1)Generally the spiders power is mainly just sheer numbers. They're not extremely fast, and would be easy to wipe out, or even stamp with out much effort, but due to how many are coming (it's just lots of tiny spiders, maybe a bit smaller than a redback) it makes it difficult to counter them all before they get to you (unless you had something like Uryu's 1200 arrows thing). They can generally bite through any skin, but the effect of the poison is reduced depending on the persons spiritual pressure. A weak soul reaper would probably feel the effects straight away, while someone of maybe captain class wouldn't feel the effect for an hour or so. Also, I should of added this, but the number of spiders depends on how long my sword stays in the ground. I have to channel the spiders, and while I'm doing this it makes me quite vulnerable. When I reach a certain amount however, I would probably stop and defend myself. There is no particular cooldown between uses, it does however drain my spiritual pressure, and takes a second or so to cast. Also, the spiders come out from the sword, not the ground.

2) Like I said before, the effect of the poison is exactly the same in this form. It's not a one hit kill, and the effects of the poison are all based on spiritual pressure. It is also curable, with certain kido, and the poison can be physically removed. The main benefit of a power is that if I keep the pressure up with both the poison and swords, it doesn't give the opponent time to counter it. Also, the more poison injected, the more lethal it is. Some effects might be slow draining of the spiritual pressure, body sickness, dizzyness, and lots of pain. Again, this is the same poison in all of the abilities.

3) The spider is essentially just one of the spiders that comes out of the ground. Let me put it like this - he doesn't transform into a spider, he just puts his mind, body and soul into one of the spiders. It takes him maybe 1 or 2 seconds to transform, and maybe 1 minute to transform back, but both are accompanied by a screen of smoke to prevent enemies from telling what is happening.

Bankai - You've given me a bit to think about here xD Let me put it like this. It is just a much, much, much bigger, deadlier, and tougher version of one of the tiny spiders. It crawls at about the same speed as one of the tiny spiders. And no, it can't use any webbing, since I didn't want to go over the power limits. It's only super trait is essentially it's massive size, much deadlier poison and iron skin.

1) I should be more specific here, but I can't really tell what else to compare it to - just an additional point here - its iron skin is what makes its legs so sharp and strong. If I were to compare it, I'd put it at maybe a little less harder than Nnoitora's skin.

2) Much deadlier... let's say it's a much more concentrated poison, less diluted, and put it's poison at a rate of say, 10, maybe 20 minutes for a captain class soul reaper. Again, it's exactly the same poison, but much more concentrated.

3) I was kinda rushing to finish this last one x) Let's see... first off, the spider is absorbed into the users own body, giving him a giant spider tattoo sort of thing on his back. He essentially gets the Queen Spider's poison in his blades, as well as the sheer strength something would have from being that size, as well as increasing his overall body strength. Also, he would get the iron skin the queen had. This is kind of like Byakkuya's final bankai move, it is completely concentrated for a short period of time, maybe only a few attacks.

Anything else I should touch on? x) Thanks again for the review.
over a year ago gracen_silence said…
Ah, I'd love to try and create a Bankai for Rukia with you. And I believe I might just go check those out. ^.^
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over a year ago zaviox said…
The Mirror Princess (The Yellow Princess)

Name : Rose

Shikai command is "Reflect"
Rose is a normal katana with a small mirror that forms from the pommel, which can be use to Reflect light rays with the sword fight.

Passiv Ability: when Zanpakutō get hit by another Zanpakutō 30 percent of the strength in the hit be applied against the opponent's Zanpakutō in a setback

Ability 1. This technique forms an mirror-shaped barrier in front of the blade for defensive, and it can reflect Kido or physical attacks so it canceled it.

Ability 2. This technique comes from 6 different angles and can not be destroyed from within because it Reflect it all back on the person who is inside, but from the outside can be a normal person ruin it with a blow, the wielder can also turn them reversed so that it becomes a shield from all sides. But this technique takes time to set up because you must have spent at least use the first
technique five times

Ability 3. This force is the only offensive force Zanpakutō has Shikai, but can be used in two different ways:

1: it works just like Kisuke Urahara´s (scream)
This technique fires particularly strong concussive and destructive yellow-colored heated energy blasts.
The energy flows out of the blade and fires usually in the arc of the swords swing, the wielder is also able to charge-up this technique to produce considerable more damage (It becomes hotter).
when the sun is up 20 Procent less Spiritual Power.

2: it works just like Rukia Kuchiki (Next Dance, White Ripple)
The particles build up at the tip of Zanpakutō (It depends on how much the wielder charge-up, it can spread to the whole Zanpakutō) and is then released as a powerful large avalanche of heated air,
the wielder is also able to charge-up this technique to produce considerable more damage (It becomes hotter).
when the sun is up 20 Procent less Spiritual Power.

Bankai: Working on that one
over a year ago HecklerAndKoch said…
Wow I didn't expect to get such an awesome response from whiteflame55. After I do some thinking and revising I'll repost an edited and hopefully improved zanpakuto for people to look at. Thanks for the input, I'll get right on this.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
big smile
It has been a longtime since I posted a Zanpakuto. Here I go!

Name of Zanpakuto: Tsukigenshi (Moon Atom)

Release Command: Connect and Combine

Type: Water

Katana Form: A regular katana that looks somewhat like Rukia katana but the handle has grey cloth rapped around untidily.

Shikai Appearance and Description: There are two blades that are 2 feet long. They are opposite in a mirrored direction and are separated by a 1 foot long handle. In the middle of the handle there is a black cloth that raps around it that is 10 feet long. The blades are fashioned out of materials from the moon and both glow white when in darkness.

These abilities below show how the blade creates and control water.

Ability1: Mizu Souken (Water Formulation)

This ability allows the user to join hydrogen and oxygen in the surroundings to create water. When the blade is swung around it forces Catalyst Ignition (CI) Molecule to be released into the air. These CI molecules cause the hydrogen and oxygen to combine to create water. The blades look like it sweating because of this. When swung around it can release a million CI molecules per second and creates a gallon of water per second. After 10 million CI molecules are released it takes 20 seconds for the sword to create more. Please note that some of the scientific explanation is fiction.

Ability2: Shio Tougyo (Tide Hypnosis)

This allows the sword to manipulate the moment of water. This power is derived from the moon materials that it is created form. Furthermore it can only control fifteen gallons of water which is more than its capacity to create. Also, the sword glows of green spiritual pressure when using this ability. Moreover it can control water up to 20 feet away.

These techniques below display the sword’s abilities.

Technique 1: Tsukikansen (Moon Infection)

When the blade cuts the target’s body the CI molecules enters. This causes the oxygen and hydrogen breathed in by the target to become water. This can lead to loss of breath and drowning. It takes 5 seconds to cause loss and 20 seconds to cause drowning. For those effects to happen it take 3 minutes for the CI molecules to fully affect the body.

Technique 2: Tsukisoujuu (Moon control)

This allows the user to make the target movements 30% slower or 30% faster than their actually speed. This can also be used to increase the user speed the same percent. For this to affect the target he/she must be within the distance of 8 feet. This technique control increases and decreases according to the percentage of water in the body so using the first technique then this one is a good combination.

Technique 3: Shio Korijon (Tide Collision)

After the sword creates 10 gallons (or less) of water it can be send at the target at the same speed of Senbonzakura blades.

While post Bankai soon.
over a year ago EndlessStrategy said…
All right, here's an Arrancar I wanted to post. Comment please.
Name: Roland Oceanier
Age: looks 25 (circa soon after Aizen’s capture)
Gender: male

Appearance: Roland stands at 6’2 with a wiry-muscled build. He wears a plain white cloak with a hood that normally hides his face. Underneath he has short hair that’s entirely black save for a streak of silver hair at his forehead’s crest. His eyes are blue and his skin is fair white. His hollow hole is in the palm of his left hand. His mask remnant is a diamond shaped piece that is pressed to his forehead.

Personality: Roland possesses few if any ambitions. Having reached his peak of power, there is nothing left for him to attain. His calm and composed front hides a whimsical nature. He accepts whatever happens as predetermined, and possesses a humble demeanor on most occasions.

Regular Espada abilities

Immense Spiritual Power

Master swordsmanship Specialist

Expert Tactician

Zanpakuto Name: Infini Bete (Infinity Beast)

Sealed Form: While sealed Infini Bete is a claymore that extends almost five feet, possessing a pure-black hilt and silver blade. The blade is riddled with dozens of small rectangular slits spaced parallel from each other.

Release Phrase: Finish them

Ressureccion Appearance: In release form Roland sheds his cloak to reveal a bare torso and white pants. His upper body becomes riddled with dozens of rectangular slits (exactly a hundred in number). At his command a long silver blade protrudes from each slit, giving him an appearance somewhat resembling a porcupine.

Ressureccion Powers: Each blade of his body is filled with Reiryoku, allowing him to manipulate them like his arms and legs. Each blade is attached to durable metal wire hardened by Reiryoku that runs through the insides of Roland’s body endlessly. Roland can shoot blades out and manipulate them at long range so long as they remain attached by the string. He can control each blade as skillfully as if he were in combat himself, making it as if his opponent were fighting multiple enemies at once. The blades are only half the threat however, as the wire is also capable of cutting through steel.

Cero Infinity: Roland charges up then releases a cero from each blade simultaneously, completely obliterating his enemy. The attack can also be done with any number of blades. It takes most of his Reiryoku to initiate, and is generally kept for finishing a strong opponent.

Infinity Body: Roland recalls every blade back to his body and covers himself with the overlapping blades so that no part of him save his eyes can be seen. The blades melt into a smooth second skin over his body, Giving Roland jagged teeth at the border of his mouth and sharp claws. The metal also extends into the shape of a tale three feet long with multiple blade-like protrusions. In this form Roland no longer has to spread his reiatsu over a wide area, allowing him to focus on enhancing his speed and strength. The metal body serves also as effective armor, like a thick second layer of Hierro that must be penetrated to even reach him.
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Thanks for the review whiteflame

1) For this anything that makes up more then 1% of the air around the user counts. Yes moisture can be removed from the air around him and this only works on gases or vapor of some sort.

2) With the atmosphere effecting the blast it could do a lot. For example if the user made most of the atmosphere around them oxygen then shot it at a person on fire of useing fire it would ignite or if the user put poison in the air then all the blasts would have poison in them.


1) For this the max time is 10 seconds i would be less if they only changed it a little.

2) Thanks

3) The gas can spred out the 2 cubic meters is just for the amount made but it can't be seperated into chuncks. Yes multiple gasses combind togehter to make larger clouds and it's would be like blowing aways smoke from a fire while it's a gas but while turning solid it starts at the middle and goes out from there. Once it is solid the user can't move the gas and if it's not solid it dissappers after 20 seconds. When solid it's about as strong as stone and if it's turning solid it will still dissapper if time is up.

Thank you this one is based off a throw away ability from another one i'm working on. I would have answered sooner but in Pockie Ninja, a game based on naruto and bleach, they said they where giving away one piece characters and I pick some cool looking fire guy but it turned out to be an april fools joke and I got mad and spent about 8 hours on call of duty :(
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gracen_silence (Kyūkyoku Kagi) – Long time no see. How’ve you been?

1) I know this is difficult to specify, but how much easier is it to break out of and though bakudo spells using this? Also, is there an effective range on this ability?

2) What is the usual effective range in which these portals can be opened? With regards to the circle itself, what happens if someone hits the edge of yellow energy? Is it possible for them to disrupt the vortex at this point? If so, how much power is required? If the attack entering the door is larger than the door, will only the portion the size of the door enter it? Can the doors be rotated or moved while active? Is there any requirement on the wielder’s part for choosing which door they choose to exit through? How quickly can the exit location be changed? Could, for example, one kido strike go through one exit and a follow up strike go through another? What occurs if only part of an object goes through the portal when you close it (say, you close it while an opponent’s zanpakuto is halfway through)? You mention the effect with a single portal. What does the space inside the portal look like? Can a person escape that space if they’re trapped in there? You mention energy being trapped in here. Does it merely freeze when it enters and regain time as an exit point is made, or does it constantly bounce around within the space?

3) Are the chains and lock physically impossible to break? While the chain is wrapping around the zanpakuto, can this be escaped? Can this ability not affect a zanpakuto like, say, Senbonzakura, which doesn’t always have a physical blade form? If it does come to affect said blade, where would the chain and lock form? Can this have effect on summoned forms of a given blade, and if so, how?


4) Only thing here is that you mentioned its ability to break binding bakudo spells, but not barriers. Not certain if you wanted both here, though that would be a downgrade from shikai if you left it this way.

5) Give some idea of, at least compared to his total energy, how much he can absorb in one of these doors. Does the second door open in the same area as the first? Are these doors the same size as the regular ones? If the wielder doesn’t know the name of the opponent’s ability, is it not possible to absorb it in this fashion? What if the wielder says “cero” when a Gran Rey Cero is fired at him? What if, in the case of Hinamori, the ability is a two-piece creation, and therefore the name is a compilation? What does the golden blast of energy look like? Is there a lag time between opening the absorbing door and the firing one?

6) Do the doors exist both on the inside and outside of the sphere? Inside the sphere, is light available to see by, or is it only light the wielder or opponent creates with their attacks? This attack is very interesting, it sort of reminds me of Haku’s abilities from Naruto, though these would obviously require the wielder to exist outside of the portals pretty regularly.

Looks great, as always.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Zaviox (The Mirror Princess) –

Shikai: Just a general thing here, but if your zanpakuto has a passive ability, it counts as an ability, bringing it up to 4, which is one above the guidelines.

1) I think I understand at least partially how this passive ability works, but I’m uncertain. So 30% of the strength of a given blade strike that lands on your zanpakuto will automatically be felt in reverse by the opponent’s zanpakuto, essentially meaning that if you clash with your full strength, it’s augmented by 30% of their strength?

2) Where is the mirror-shaped barrier? Can it form anywhere on the blade (i.e. at the tip, on an edge, on the broad side)? What’s the size of the barrier? When an opponent hits this barrier, is the passive effect applied as well? You say it can reflect any kido strike, does that mean of any possible level? Can it reflect Bakudo as well? When you reflect physical strikes, what does that do? Does that mean that opponents rebound off of this if they clash with it directly? I don’t understand what you’re saying here at the end. Is that supposed to mean that the barrier automatically is canceled after performing the reflection?

3) It seems that here you just launched into an explanation of some sort of chamber of mirrors without explaining the chamber itself. What does the chamber look like? How large is it? How fast is it formed following the creation of the necessary reflecting material? Is it possible to escape it as it forms? At what range can you create it? Can an opponent dig out from underneath this chamber? You say it “comes from 6 different angles” but I really don’t understand that. What comes from 6 different angles? The reflecting mirrors? Do you form them somewhere else and move them towards the opponent? How fast do they move? It’s sounding like there’s simply no way to attack you when it forms and you reverse it around yourself. Is there any way to get through it at that point? I realize you’d have to break the mirrors to attack out, but still, this seems like the perfect way to just restart a fight if it’s going badly for you. It’s too much of an ultimate defense as written.

4) Technically, this is two separate abilities. They’re dramatically different from each other, so I’ll address them separately.

a. What heat does this ability produce? How quickly does the energy move? Give some idea of the amount of time required to up the strength by a given amount.

b. Again, give details as to the time it takes to achieve certain levels of size and power here. How fast does this move? How hot is the air this releases?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
EndlessStrategy (Roland Oceanier) – It’s strange that this has to be corrected so much, but Aizen is not dead. Aizen, as far as we know, cannot be killed. So you would be far more accurate in saying “circa soon after Aizen’s capture”.


1) How long is the range of the strings? Is it possible to break them? You say the string is capable of cutting through steel, does that mean that you’re able to cut through an opposing zanpakuto or sealed weapon? If that’s the case, I’ve got to wonder why you’d even bother using the blades, since these are essentially stronger, harder to see, have a wider range, and better cutting power, but that’s just my perspective. How many blades can he control like this at a time?

2) Does the cero released from each of the blades cost the same as a normal cero would for him? What’s the maximum number of blades that it is possible to do this with (i.e. how many blades does he have), and how much of a toll on his reishi would it take to do them all at once?

3) How much of a speed and strength boost would he receive from doing this?

It’s an interesting arrancar overall, nothing especially problematic that I can see.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Tsukigenshi) –


1) So basically this creates constant water around the blade. At what range away from a swing would the water be formed? Can it only turn gaseous hydrogen and oxygen into water, or can it remove hydrogen and oxygen from solid objects and turn them into water as well?

2) You say it can “manipulate the moment of water,” though I can’t say I can fully understand such a statement. Does it simply control the water completely, or does it have some other effect?


1) You mention here that when the blade cuts, it leaves these CI molecules in the wound. Are these required to be near the lungs or trachea in order to affect breathing? If it can happen at any point in the body, do the CI molecules take longer to take effect if, say, the cut is on a finger? If not, can the water condensation cause harm to other parts of the body (say diluting the bloodstream, messing with the liver or other organs, etc.)?

2) This isn’t so much a technique as an ability enhanced by another ability. The initial 30% decrease to the opponent and increase to you, from what I can tell, is independent of either ability, just enhanced by the amount of water in the body. You should give some idea of how much the water formed from various cuts can affect this as well.

3) Got it.

It’s an interesting blade, and though it employs pseudoscientific principals, I like it.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
HecklerAndKoch - I'm glad you appreciated the review so much, and I'll be looking forward to seeing your next draft.
over a year ago EndlessStrategy said…
@ Whiteflame
1) There is a limit to the strings length, but they each can extend several hundred meters. They can be broken, but considering there's tons of Reiryoku running through them it would take a concentrated attack from someone near captain level to do so. When I said cut through steel, I meant along the lines of what Gin did in the Fake Karakura Town arc. They can cut through regular steel easily, but even a sealed zanpakuto would be able to block them. I never put an exact number on the blades... lets make it an even 100.

2)If he wants the Ceros to be at full power then yes, they expend as much energy as a normal Cero each. He can use as many or as few of his hundred blades to perform the attack as he pleases. If he were to fire fully powered Ceros that would expend around half of his Reiryoku. So he can do it twice at most,though sustaining a hundred blades in the first place is also rather draining. As such, it's saved for a finishing move.

3)While a skillful swordsman, Roland is only moderately strong compared to other Espada. He'd be somewhere around Syzellaporro and Zommari's level. Upon initiating Infinity Body he'd be substantial faster and stronger, up there with the ressurecions of the strongest espada. His entire body would be as lethal as a Zanpakuto, and he'd be able to cleave through anything not reinforced by Reiryoku like butter, as well as generate large shockwaves with each strike (like Kenpachi).

Thank you for your critique, I'll think I'll make a couple changes.
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over a year ago cycodaltn85 said…
name: Daichinoyoroi=earth armor (simple right)

normal katana in sealed form

Shikai: once released sword becomes more western, the blade is a rectangle (5 inches wide) it is 1 meter long, and there is no guard, just a handle.

ability: once released sword hardens weilders skin to that of steel
(no longer able to use flash step) can catch almost any enemys blade with bare hands.

Bankai: tengoku no chikyu yoroi=heavenly earth armor

Abilitys: sword and weilder become one, wielders punches,and kicks become like blades them selves. (can perform flashstep and is considerable faster)

(my ideal weapon against byakuya & kenpachi)

please review
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over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Reply to whiteflame review:


1)Yeah, basically it creates constant water around the blade. 5 inches away from the sword’s swing, water forms. It can only turn gaseous hydrogen and oxygen into water in it shikai, yes.

2) It manipulates the flow of water; if a wave is coming towards the user he can push it back in the opposite direction or stop it or bring it faster towards him. In other words the blade controls the water like the moon controls the tides of the ocean but with amplify effect.


1) CI molecules are required to be near the lungs or trachea in order to affect breathing. If it cuts a finger the CI molecules take longer to take effect because of the distance of the cut from the organs above. Yes, the water condensation can cause harm to other parts of the body (say diluting the bloodstream, messing with the liver or other organs, etc.). (I did not want to explain all of that whiteflame)

2) The 30% decrease in speed of the opponent is an increase to the user. As you know people consist of a large percent of water so the second ability allows this technique. Any increases or decreases in the water in the body influence this technique’s power, whether positively or negatively.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki (Sleeves of white snow) Bankai

Bankai Name: Shiruku Shiro Sode no Yuki (Silk White Sleeves of snow)

Appearance and Description: Rukia wears a right side white clove that reaches her shoulder covering her shoulder blade. A medium size pale lavender bow is attached to the back. The two pieces of cloth that come out the bow is as long as the shikai handle’s cloth. The weapon is now a 6 feet long and has no hilt, handle or blade. It is mostly a cylinder form pole. At the tip of the pole shapes a ball with a 5 inch long spear. 1 and half feet below the ball on the pole forms an almost full circular orb like structure that curve to reach the ball. (It is hard to explain what the weapon look like so I drew a sketch of it to show the details. It’s at the end of the post)

The clove is able to use shikai’s Tsugi no mai Hakuren

Technique 1: Sanban no mai Shiroito (Third dance White Threads)

20 40 feet long threads of ice are released from the Zanpakuto. These threads break or burst into several piece and move through the air like a feather. If the thread touches the target, for example his arm, it will freeze that part only. The threads have the freezing power of the shikai move Tsukishiro. Mid level fire element kido can destroy the threads completely. These threads can be released every 4 minutes and last for 6 minutes. Also, the thread cannot be seen in the dark or regular light only in moonlight can it be seen. Moreover when seen it sparkles like diamonds in light.

Technique 2: Saigo no mai Souken Tsukishiro (Last dance Creation: White Moon)

Rukia releases 12 rings with a 1 foot diameter that has a snowflake shape patterns inside of it. These are spread out in a 20 feet radius. These rings have the ability to release shikia move Tsukishiro. When each of the rings releases this move, the ice pillars created collide to the center of the diameter. Then a 20 feet radius ice sphere is created that look like the moon. It does the same thing as shikia move Tsukishiro to the target as long he is in the radius. Mid level kido with incantation can destroy the rings. These rings can be use singularly. Time and other explanations: It takes 2 seconds to release a ring. These rings can be maintained for 10 minutes. Rings only activates by Rukia’s command. When the sphere is completed it effects are 4 times stronger than the single ring power. The ring’s Tsukishiro is twice stronger than the shikai’s Tsukishiro. The pillars created shatters after 10 minutes but Rukia can shatter it before that time and when the pillars collided at the center, the sphere form instantly by the command of Rukia and shatters after 20 seconds.

Technique 3: Hitoshirenu no mai Shirayuki Yari (Hidden Dance White Snow spear)

Please note: When Rukia uses this move no other techniques can be used in Bankai again. Also Rukia loses her clove gained in Bankai.

All the fighting power of the Bankai is condensed into the weapon. This changes its form into a spear. The pole is still 6 feet long and the spear is 1 and a half feet into the pole and is 5 times the width of Rukia shikai’s blade and reaches the length of 2 feet. Also at the bottom of the spear is a tie piece of lavender cloth that reaches 3 feet. The spear can cut through mostly anything because before it even touches an object it turns it into ice instantly, weakening it before the spear hits. The spear temperature is way below zero and once a target stands within 10 feet range of it, they will slowly turn into ice within 3 minutes. This spear can withstand the heat of Captain Yamamoto Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka, so kido cannot destroy it.

Tell me what you think everyone, does this suit Rukai? Or is it just too awesome for her
 Rukia’s Sode no Shirayuki (Sleeves of white snow) Bankai Bankai Name: Shiruku Shiro Sode no Yuki (
over a year ago Kira01 said…
those whom have read my zanpakuto pls tell me wad page it is in
(i cant find it)
over a year ago cycodaltn85 said…
page 219 kira01
over a year ago wantadog said…
Sealed state: A normal katana with a 29 inch blade and a 10 inch hilt. The guard is 8 thin squares.

Name(shikai): Niju-sei(duality)

Release command: Execute Nijū-sei!

Description: Nothing changes for shikai except that the blade is now glowing black.

Bankai name: Ju Genjitsu Bunkatsu(dual reality split)

Description: A mimic of the user is created that does everything the user does except in reverse.

Shikai abilities:

1. Kai Osowa(Twice Stricken)(Passive)
Any strike that the user makes is doubled, but in reverse.
For example: If the user slashes the opponent across the chest, then another slash mark would appear coming from the opposite direction, like a mirror image.

2. Jikko(Execution)(passive)
The force and strength of all of the soul reapers strikes are X2

3. Oshitsubusu(Crush)
This attack can copy the the attack of the enemies weapon that was used most recently. The attack is just as powerful as when it was used by the enemy. If the user does not have enough spirit energy to match, then the attack cannot be used.
For example: If ichigo uses getsuga tensho and then fights this blade. the user can use a getsuga tensho until it collides with another blade/hollow/quincy etc etc.(this does not affect people like bounts and fullbringers)

Bankai abilities:

1. Jikko(Execution)(passive)
The force and strength of all of the soul reapers strikes are X3

2. Oshitsubusu(crush)
This is the same as shikai 3 except that both the user and the copy fire a blast, and that the blasts are twice as powerful as when it was last used by the enemy. If the user does not have enough energy to match when it was last used by the enemy, then the attack cannot be used.

3. Can't think of name
The user can use this ability to control where the copy moves.

Notes: If i copied anyone, i am sorry.
over a year ago heroicofa said…
Let me try

name: taiyo-Honoo (Solar Flame)

Shekai Form: a curved long sword with glowing Neon red cracks in the blade.

ability 1: can shoot bolts of a magma plasma like substance.

Ability 2: Glows a neon Green and then explodes in a white flame that leaves the user completely un harmed.

Ability 3: Can reform in shekai or Bonkai form (can also be used in bankai)

Bankai name: taiyo-Fatamo nu-Gekido (Solar Phantom's wrath)

Bankai: A flash of random colors engulfs the opponent and the user. then the sword melts and reforms the same but is made of plasma Also the user is then covered with a plasma like substance that could repel most attacks. ( arrmor can't block ice bassed attacks. the plasma cools down and hardens so it b ecomes usless.)

Bankai ability 1: Can cut anything even other zampato

Ability 2: Can use the Shekai abilities.

Note: sorry if I took other idea's i didn't read all of the forums, but you have to admit mine is cool.
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over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
big smile
It's been awhile since I posted. So heres something for y'all to mull over.

Shikai Name: Ryū no suimin (Sleeping dragon)
Realease command : Mezame (Awaken)
Bankai Name: Ryū, sensō daimyō no suimin (Sleeping Dragon, Lord of War)

Appearance: Ryu no Suimin whilst sealed is a deep emerald green in color, whilst the handle and
scabbard are both a more grass green. The the hilt is a dragon sleeping whilst coiled around the
base of the sword.

Shikai Appearance: Upon release the eyes of the dragon around the hilt open revealing emerald eyes.
The entire sword then changes into a Zanbato, with the tail of the dragon coiling around the top portion of
the handle and the head resting on the back of the sword.

Passive Ability: Ryūgan (Dragons Eye). Basically hightens my perception, I become able to see through most
everything, cannot see through extremely dense reiatsu, for short bursts at a time, roughly 10 - 20 seconds. It
also changes my eyes to become completely green, save for the slited black pupil in the centre. I'm immune to
all techniques that distort vision.

Shikai Abilities;

Ability 1: Ryū kōgō (Dragons Bite). I thrust my blade foreward, and a blast of reiatsu shots from the mouth of
the dragon along the sword and at whatever I thrust at. Im limited to 4 - 5 shots in shikai, once in bankai the limit resets.

Ability 2: Ryū kibo (Dragon Scale). A dense green field, which in appearance is similar to scales, sourounds me making
me all but impervious. A heavy attack of concentrated force, eg getsuga tensho, would break just break it.

Bankai Appearance: The dragon upon the sword fully awakens, the head and top half of the body now rest lengthwise
down the back of the blade, whilst the lower half has fully extended to the pommell. The wings have now flared out to
be the handgaurd. In addition my shinigami robes are now a deap, almost black, green.

Bankai Abilities;

Ability 1: Taisen ryū-nan (War Dragons Flame). A gout of emerald green flame leaps from the mouth of the dragon, this
lasts a full 10 seconds, wherever I point the blade the flames go. If anything is touched by the flame only highlevel water
based kido will put it out.

Ability2: Sensōsenryaku no ryōshu (Lord Of War's Strategy). This creates a bunch of doubles that each have half my
power and skill, then creates faceless units that follow them that have not even 1/10th of my power or skill. These
each move in some famous strategys of the ancient world. Many similiar to those used by Zhuge Liang, this small
\army lasts for as long as I can keep them up. Currently in a fully rested state this is 10 mins.
over a year ago Takeshi_Tsurugi said…
This is what I mean by Zanbato. Not a Cloud sword but this lol.
 This is what I mean 의해 Zanbato. Not a 구름, 클라우드 sword but this lol.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Waraitake ('Poisonous mushroom')

Type: Poison/illusion

Release Command: Intoxicate the air (Tousui sonoshi tenkuu)

Bankai: Dokushii Zenhansha ('Total venomous reflection')

Shikai Abilities:

Genkakuzai Houshikumo ('Hallucinogenic Spore Cloud') This ability releases a large cloud of spores. When the spores reach the target (the opponent), they disperse and land on the target, allowing the spores to grow and form hyphae. When the hyphae are fully formed they inject a poison into the opponent's blood-stream and the opponent will begin to hallucinate. This ability can be used once every minute, and forms approximately ten thosuand spores each time. It is fired at the target at the speed that Senbonzakura fires the 'cherry blossoms'. The cloud of spores is about the same size as a small cloud of dust, which would more accurately described as ten times the area of a normal-sized Shinigami (around 65 kgs). The hallucinations can vary, depending on the amount of spores that reached the target. If at least two thousand of the spores reach the target, they will hallucinate... Over five thousand and the opponent will experience light-headedness, nausea, and the hallucinations will begin to cause them more serious effects, where they will fully believe what they see. If all ten thousand reach the opponent, then they will experience minor long-term effects. Up to five thousand spores and the effects last for about two minutes. Over five thousand and the effects of the spores last for four minutes. At ten thousand, they still last for four minutes, but for monthes after the fight, the opponent will have minor hallucinations at randomised times.

Soshaku No Tousui ('Bite of Intoxication') The wielder's reiatsu and venom are combined into the blade of the Zanpakuto and radiate like an aura of green. When this cuts the opponent, for thirty seconds, the opponent feels a sense of intoxication and, as a result, their general speed is halved and their reactions become sluggish and slow. This ability has a ten second cooldown.

Chijou ('Blind love') The Zanpakuto radiates a huge burst of bright light, which blinds the opponent for five seconds. When they open their eyes, they will feel an overwhelming sense of love for the wielder and will refuse to raise their sword to them. This ability lasts for twenty seconds after they open their eyes. This ability only works because of the love the Zanpakuto's spirit feels for the wielder; this emotion is reflected and manipulated in the flash of bright light, injecting that same loyalty and love into the opponent, making it impossible for them to attack.

Bankai Abilities:

Koijini ('Dying of Love') This ability is an expansion on Chijou, releasing a bright light; however blindness lasts for fifteen seconds and, when they open their eyes, the sense of undying love remains for forty seconds. The main difference is that the bright light is released on contact of the opponent, i.e. the wielder cuts the opponent, releasing the bright light and then the blindness sets in.

Special Abilities: Soshaku No Tousui lasts for a minute. The wielder of Waraitake has immunity to all KNOWN poisons, but none for any unknown, or newly created poisons.
Genkakuzai Houshikumo can still be used in Bankai.

Sealed Form: The Zanpakuto is about 1.2 meters long and has a green tsuba with black wrappings in between. The guard is in the shape of a golden mushroom.

Shikai form: The blade shrinks to the size of a wakizake, but still retains the guard and color of the tsuba. The blade has a circular-shape instead of a tip and is slightly wider and thicker than the average katana, or wakizake.

Bankai Form: The Zanpakuto retains many of the characteristics of Shikai, but forms a blade that looks similar to Renji's Zabimaru in Shikai form, except the blade cannot extend like Zabimaru. The blade is now larger, in size, than Zabimaru and still retains a larger version of the guard, which has become black and has a green ring attached. The blade is about 1.4 meters long and thicker and wider than Zabimaru, plus a green aura surrounds it.
over a year ago pandaman96 said…
jigoku no banken=hellhound

in sealed form the hilt is a redish black, the guard is a dog chasing its own tail

the blade melts away, and in its place is a narrow black fang like short sword, engolfed in flames.

akuto nakama=5 pure black hounds with ruby red eyes appear around user (are simply larger than normal with razor sharp fangs and claws no special abilitys)

deteiku=the 5 hounds attack all enemys in any fashion (part 2 of akuto nakama)

okami no iki=user blows on on the blade, and a thick mist engolfs the battlefield

okami no sakkaku=creates multiple illusions of wolves that look exactly like 'akuto nakam"
(all 3 shikai abilitys may be used in any combinations but not all together, caust to much spirit energy)


tundemoni jigoku no banken=unholy hellhound
sword disappears, and in its place a large hellhound(about 6 feet at its back) the hellhounds colors are reversed pure red, with black eyes

ruiji=turns users hair red and there eyes black(makes user 3 times as fast)

tsume=the user grows claws sharp as daggers.(only form of offense in bankai)

(can use "okami no sakkaku' in bankai)

please review and comment
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over a year ago wantadog said…
Retsu Unohana's bankai!

Name: Hisai no niku o joka(Purify the flesh of the victims)(very hard to come up with name for this ****)

Description: Unohana is now garbed in a green hooded robe (like minazuki was in the zanpakuto rebellion arc) and her hands now pulsate with green reiatsu. Her sealed state sword is slung across her back.

Bankai abilities:

1. Iyashino supa(Healing Spa)
This ability creates a sphere of healing reiatsu. The sphere is 50 feet in each direction. This ability heals everyone who is inside the sphere. This attack takes 25 seconds to heal somebody with the same injuries as kenpachi did after his fight with ichigo. It takes about 3 seconds to heal somebody with a broken arm. There is no more reiatsu lost after the initial loss of reiatsu when the attack is used. This attack can be used again 1 minute after it was used. Unohana Can also use this attack to heal somebody by pouring the healing reiatsu directly into the person's body. Unohana has to place her hand/hands on one of the wounds and the rest will also heal. This method can only heal one person at a time, but it heals twice as fast and costs only a third of the reiatsu. This method can be used immediately between uses.

2. Ikikaera Seru(Reinvigorate)
Unohana raises one her hands straight up and a sphere of green reiatsu is created. This sphere then floats about 35 feet into the air. After that, several hundred manta ray's made out of the green reiatsu fly out from it in all directions. These manta rays look exactly like Minazuki did in shikai, except much smaller. The manta rays start out as 1 foot in length, but they lengthen after swallowing somebody. The manta rays fly out in different directions and swallow up any injured and once they are healed, they take them to squad 4, and spit them out. This attack's range is large enough so that the manta rays can go anywhere in seireitei. It takes about 2 minutes to heal somebody who had kenpachi's injuries after his battle with ichigo. Somebody with a broken arm would take about 10 seconds. There is no lag time for this attack, but the more manta rays she releases, the more energy she loses.

3. Doku Hiringu(Venomous Healing)
When Unohana causes damage to her opponent, a poison is spread throughout the enemy's body. The poison causes the opponent's reiatsu to work against it's user. The opponent's reiatsu inhibits the opponent's movements, causes makes them sick, and eventually, depending on strength of the opponent, either causes Extreme fatigue, unconciousness, or death. It also negates the opponents ability to use reiatsu based attacks. How long this poison takes to activate depends on the opponent's reiatsu. A captain level opponent will take 5 minutes for symptoms to start. A lieutenant level opponent will take 3 minutes for symptoms to start. Below a lieutenant will take anywhere within 10 seconds to a minute.

Notes: Took longer for the names than the attacks and look....

More notes: If i have copied anyone's ideas accidently i am sorry...According to my microsoft spellcheck... accidently and microsoft are not words...

Even more notes: This is what Unohana wears in bankai for those who have not seen zanpakuto rebellion arc.↓↓↓↓

What do you think??
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 Retsu Unohana's bankai! Name: Hisai no niku o joka(Purify the flesh of the victims)(very hard to com
over a year ago Arisawa157 said…
zanpakuto- suisho tori "crystal bird"
bankai- suisho no washi " crystal eagle"
description: made from light blue crystal with the sword transparent but bluish. has a length of ribbon (like the sode no shirayuki) are bright blue. the guard is like sode no shirayuki, even the hilt too. in bankai, the owner (me) have a wings at the back( like hitsugaya)even suisho tori is broken in shikai mode, the owner still can use bankai and use the bankai abilities
shikai abilities:
kessho no hashira "crystal pillar"
the ground will form a triangle around the enemies, then came the crystal pillar from the triangle

aonami "blue wave"
sword directed to the enemy, then a big wave come out from suisho tori and then quickly became crystal

bankai abilities:
suisho no ame"crystal rain"
suisho tori directed upwards, and then will drop shards of sharp crystals around the enemy for 30 seconds

aoi hane "blue blade"
the crystal shards will gathered around the owner(me) and then the shards will remake the broken blade and become bluish transparent

my appearance: a fairly tall girl with long, pink hair(like the real sherlotta FFCC EOT) with blue eyes. letnan in 13 squads. she always around soul society. she is still high school. anyone in soul society do not know she was a vizard. her best friend is Rukia Kichiki. and their zanpakuto spirit are alike.

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago Dusk23 said…
Zanpakuto's name: Shadomunfurawa Shikai release command: "Bloom in the shadows.(her name here)
Bankai name: Shadomunfurawa Shurado
Description:In her sealed form her hilt is black with red diamond shapes in it.Her guard is the shape of four black flower pedals that point off into four directions.(Ill put a drawing of her sealed form and shikai the bankai is diffcult but ill describe her the best i can)To release her shikai you grasp her hilt behind her guard and push forward and saying her release command.From her guard six black flower pedals bloom and from the inside of those six another six bloom and so on until half her blade is hidden by layered black blooms of pedals.
First shikai ability: You can still cut with the remaining part of her blade that sticks out of the blooms.
Second: You make your spirit energy flow into her and she absorbs it into her blooms.They will start to glow red and you point her at the enemy and using the side of her blade the flat side as a guide the four inch pedals fire at the enemy rapidly two at a time using both sides of her blade at high speeds.If you at close range you'll get four inch blade pedals that are sharpened by my spirit energy stabbed into you and they cut deep.
Third shikai ability: if you are at long range or are hiding behind an obstacle the fired pedal blade seperate into ten straight pices in the time it takes to get to you.Those pieces then become inch long blade pedals that fly at different angles but fly faster and are sharper than their four inch form.And with the high speed firing the target will get shredded and ripped apart like getting shot by shotgun pellets.Though these tiny blades are faster and sharper than the shotgun pellets.Plus with the rapid firing and when the pedals become separate into ten smaller ones it allows you to cover a large area in a short amount of time.
Bankai description: to activate her bankai you sink her hilt into anywhere it can penetrate ( dirt, grass, wall or floor if you sink her in hard enough) then her blade that sticks out of her blooms will slide into the blooms and vanish.The bloom will begin to spin and then it will expand outward and go from solid to being made of shadows. the expanding wont stop until the enemy and you are trapped inside of her.when that happenes shell solidify again and her bloom will close and become a bud with an opening in the top.
Bankai ability one: inside the bud is a whle new space the bud could be ten yards big for example inside you can run any direction you want left right back forward the shadows made from the small amount of light comming through the top of the bud stretch on for eternity so you can run but you cant hide (its hollow inside of the bud)
Bankai ability two: shadomunfurawa shurado's ability inside of the bud when you say " Bloom in the shadows.( here name here)a new black flower bloom opens up around you and your in the middle.The bloom begins to spin rapidly and then it fire out the same pedal blades of her shikai in every direction and they have the same splitting apart ability where they go from being four inches to one inch and from being one huge pedal to ten small ones.
Bankai ability two: in adition to her trapping ability and her pedal firing ability she has one third abilty . Dimension distortion.For example im fireing pedals in every direction and some go flying to the back of me not even flying at the enemy. when they vanish into the shadows they dont just fly on forever into the endless abyss they somehow end up comming out of nowhere aimed at the enemy.(Example i fire a pedal blade to the back of me it ends up coming from the back of the enemy aimed at them)

tell me what you think about my zanpakuto. it took alot of thought and imagination to create her.

here are her pictures her sealed form
 Zanpakuto's name: Shadomunfurawa Shikai release command: "Bl
over a year ago Dusk23 said…
and her shikai
 and her shikai
over a year ago hugebleachfan1 said…
mines is really cool ill type it when i get a chance
over a year ago denden135 said…
Comment on mine~

Release & Zanbakutou: 深さから上昇,白鯨 [Fuka-sa kara jōshō,Hakugei. Rise from the Deapths, Moby Dick]


Before release: a normal length katana. The blade is pale white with a lot of scratches much like the scars that whales get from fishing equipment. The hilt is blue. It is decorated with golden ornaments that look worn out.

After release: the katana morphs into a rod-mace with a burst of blue reiatsu. There is a visible hollowed area at the center where there is a weighted ball that bangs onto the inner sides of the zanbaktou when swung with strength.


Active: 海の重量 [Umi no jūryō. Ocean's Weight]

Increases the weight and size of the zanbaktou. However, the wielder of the zanbaktou is still able to swing it as if it was still its original weight.

水力発電身構え, 地平線息 [Suiryoku hatsuden migamae, Chiheisen wa iku. Hydro Stance: Horizon Breath]

The wielder enters stance. In the stance, the wielder inhales a lungful of air. while doing so, the wielder also absorbs surrounding reiatsu. This stance optimizes reiatsu efficiently. The wielder can then use this large pool of dense reiatsu to launch an attack.


内側の勢い [Uchigawa no ikioi. Inner Momentum]

The weighted ball in the zanbaktou acts as an additional force while the zanbaktou is swung. (e.g. When the zanbaktou hits something, the ball also impacts the inner wall of the zanbaktou. this create another delayed force while the zanbaktou remains in contact with a surface.)

Bankai: 海神の鎧刃 [Wadatsumi no yoroi ha. Wadatsumi’s Armor Blade]


The mace takes the shape of a double edge sword.* I don't know how to illustrate or explain this… so I’ll try my best… * The look of the zanbaktou will look something like a 8 sided star fruit (if anyone have seen one) but its wider at one end. At that end, there’s a hilt.

水力発電身構え: 降り[Suiryoku hatsuden migamae: Ori. Hydro Stance: Descend]

The wielder enters stance. In the stance, the wielder can use condensed to launch a dive attack. The wielder gets to a high altitude and then descends at incredible speeds to bludgeon his opponents with the force of the wielder’s strength, gravity, the weight of the zanbaktou and the weighted ball within the zanbaktou.


暴れる楽 [Abareru raku. Effortless Flailing]

This allows the wielder to carry the zanbaktou effortlessly as if it was weightless.

Sprite: the sprite is that of tan and buff merman with long black hair and crimson red eyes with a blood red glossy scaled tail that ends with a red to green gradient tail fin.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Denden135 (Hakugei)

Shikai abilities:

1. Ocean's weight: What allows the Zanpakuto to be as light as a normal katana? If you list an ability, you also have to explain how it works, especially something relatively vague like this ability.

2. Hydro Stance: Horizon Breath: Where does this reiatsu come from? How much does the wielder (of your Zanpakuto) absorb when they take a breath? How often can this be used, or does it only happen once when you first release Shikai? How is the reiatsu utilised into the form of an attack? How much damage can it potentially do?

3. Inner momentum: What do you mean the inner wall of the Zanpakuto (not zanbaktou)? If your Zanpakuto also has a weighted ball, is this included in the weight you supplied in the first ability, or is this somehow different from that? If so, how does that work and what impact does it have on the weight of the Zanpakuto? What do you mean by 'delayed force', what does this entail? What do you mean by 'another' delayed force, where is the first one?

Bankai abilities:

1. Hydro Stance: Descend. I gather you mean 'condensed' reiatsu. How you gather reiatsu for this attack? How quickly does the wielder get to a higher altitude? (The rest of the ability is subject to the same questions as Shikai ability 3)

2. (This is subject to the same questions as Shikai abilities 1 and 3).

Comments: While I like the general idea of this Zanpakuto, is needs a bit of work. You HAVE to be detailed when you describe abilities, plus you have to think about consistency.
over a year ago StupidDevil999 said…
Name: Chinoshukaku (Blood Harvest)
Release command: Gekido (Rage)
Bankai name: Yutakana Kuroi Chinoshukaku (Bountiful Black Blood Harvest)

Shikai abilities: Chinoshukaku transforms into a scythe when released. If it draws blood from the enemy, the user transforms it back into it's unreleased state and slices their hand. Afterwards, they are able to control the blood of the enemy, making it boil, explode, evaporate, harden, etc.
Other ability: Shoshu no kaze: (Early autumn winds): Chinoshukaku transforms into a kido replica of itself and grows up to 40 feet in length. If the enemy is hit with this ability, the blood can still be taken over in the same way.

Bankai: THe user stabs the blad einto themselves and fuses with it. Once the blade is absorbed, the hilt falls out of the body and scythe blades erupt out of the shoulders, elbows, and knees of the user. The hilt then transforms into two kama (mini scythes). The user's blood turns black and transforms into a poison. IF the user doesn't end the bankai in 5 minutes, they collapse and feel all the pain of the transformation. The user now moves incredibly fast (Able to keep up with Ichigo fast). And if they draw blood, they instantly take control of it.

Additionaly, Chinoshukaku feeds off of rage, the angrier you are, the stronger it becomes.