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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago Gamehot2 said…
Shikai XD
last edited over a year ago
 Shikai XD
over a year ago Gamehot2 said…
over a year ago wantadog said…
Did you draw that yourself because it looks awesome?
over a year ago Gamehot2 said…
Na found it somewhere XD
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey if anyone Wants to review this that would be great. I've wanted to do this one sence i got darksiders but couldn't cram it down to 3 abilities, might no count now, but i think i've got it.

Zanpakuto Name- Za Yon Kishu ( The Four Horseman )

Release Command- Motarasu Za Keiji ( Bring The Apocalypse )

In Shikai the blade forms into a 5 foot long 1.5 foot wide greatsword with 1 inch long spikes going around it.

Shikai Ability 1: Hanga_ ( Hunger ) This ability , 2 and 3 as well, takes 5 second to form and can be used again to revert it. When this ability is in effect the zanpakuto takes the form of a pair of metal gloves that only go up to the wrists. The user has the ability to shoot a bala like blast of yellow reshi that moves at kido speed that uses a level 50 kido worth of reshi. When this hits someone it damages them like a bala with about half the power but it also causes anything they do to use 50% more reshi and stamina then normal but what ever there doing is 40% more powerful, for physical things the force from there muscles is increased. This last for 1 minute and additonal hits refreash the time but this stops when the fall unconscious.

Shikai Ability 2: Byo_Kan ( Disease ) When this abiliy is in effect the zanpakuto take the form of a pair of 1.5 foot long black daggers. When the blades touch any germs those germs stay on the blade and replicate until they cover the blade of the dagger. At this point the blade is covered in a green reshi 1 miliameter high. When someone is cut by this the reshi stays in the wound and the germs keep replicating and entering the wound for 10 seconds. This reshi can be removed by applinig reshi to it and it stops bleeding while on the wound. If there are more then 1 type of germ they are an even mix. This takes about 30 to take effect.

Shikai Ability 3: Ho_Gyo ( Demise ) When this abiliy is in effect the zanpakuto take the form of a 5 foot long scythe with a 3 foot long blade. For about a level 30 kido worth of reshi and has a 10 second cooldown. The user forms a black ball in there hand in 2 seconds. When this ball hits someone, it has to be thrown, it forms a guillotine around them that forms in 2 seconds horizontaly where they were hit, if the ball hit them in the neck then it would be around there neck and if it hit them would cut there head off. This guillotine is rectangle in shape and it's sides are 3 feet from the persons sides, it's length is 2 times the width, and the bottom is 6 feet in front of them and the blade is 3 feet behind them, the blade is 3 feet behind them and 3 feet long. The blade moves at kido speed after a 2 second delay. This blade is as hard as a zanpakuto and it closes with as much strength as the user could push it down. After 4 seconds it dissappers, so if you block it with a sword then you should be fine.

Bankai Name- Endo Maebure ( End's Harbinger ) This is like shikai but has half the width and only has spikes on one side of it, it's shaped like a large katana.

Bankai Ability 1: Futtei ( Famine ) This ability allows the user to eat any reshi that is a projectile. This works like Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck's, nel, cero eating ability but they absorb the reshi and can't spit it out. This is always active.

Bankai Ability 2: Ekirei ( Pestilence ) This takes about a level 90 kido worth of reshi. This ability blows out a black and purple gas. This comes out at the speed and size of a level 58 kido tenran but only goes 100 feet before it fades. Anyone in this gas has there white blood cells killed at a rate of 2% every 5 seconds but if they inhale it the speed is 5% every breath. If the user stops shooting it out it fades after 3 seconds. This has a 10 seconds cooldown and lasts 8 seconds and doesn't effect the user.

Bankai Ability 3: Desu ( Death ) This stops and stops at the users will and costs no reshi. When this ability is used the users body stops healing it self but while this ability is active the user gets a 100% boost to speed and strength and for every percent of there body injured they have that percent increased by 2%. For every 1% loss of reshi they get they another 1%.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gamehot2 (Nekuro Tenshi) –


1) I’ll admit, I have concerns about this ability, even with the drawbacks. What prevents the wielder from cutting someone and running? 10 minutes is quite a while, so in combat, I could see the idea that, not having access to any of his other abilities and having to hang onto his zanpakuto, trying to deal with that amount of time would be difficult. But what prevents them from using shunpo and just running away for all they’re worth? Their opponent will be dead for certain in 10 minutes, and with captain-level abilities, it’s going to be tough for anyone to keep up. If you could include something that precludes that as an option, that would improve the ability massively. Otherwise, it’s well explained.

2) This is a bit more of a problem. It’s true that if your opponent’s prepared for this, they could effectively counter it, somewhat. Without knowing exactly how much of a lag time there is between the wailing sound and the actual movement, I can’t say for sure that they’d have enough time to counter the movement, but that’s easy enough to specify. Also, I’m uncertain from looking at this whether they can change their direction up until the last moment before they start moving, since if they can, they would see the response their opponent would make (since it has to happen before you start moving, otherwise it won’t be in place fast enough) and just change direction to avoid it. The problem, as I see it, is that an opponent won’t know what’s coming. They really can’t unless they’ve seen it before, and as you admit, this could easily kill the opponent in one strike. No one in the Bleach world is fast enough to outrun something this quick, so death is basically a given for someone on whom this is used the first time, unless they have an amazing defense. A one-hit kill move like this is concerning, especially in shikai.

3) Again, we run into issues here. Just to start on the basic questions end, how long does the heat increase last? It matters if you activate it, release it, and then reuse it down the line. The big concern here is the “any.” “Any” means this can pass through any armor, shield, barrier, or zanpakuto. I’d be less concerned if you had to activate them for long periods of time, but a slash rarely lasts more than a few seconds, and one is all you need. Especially combined with the second ability, even if the opponent is guarding themselves perfectly, this would get through it, and you’d be moving so fast that there’s no way to dodge it. Even if you don’t use it with the second ability, any melee zanpakuto user is basically going to be disarmed immediately, and opponents who aren’t focused on high speed, instead putting their efforts into defense, would be screwed.

Just as an underview, I am saying that, as I see these right now, these are overpowered to varying extents. But all of them are an easy shift away from being made reasonable. I’ve already spoken on this for the first ability. For the second, if you add some weaknesses that would allow opponents to more easily respond, it could become reasonable. For the third, if you place reasonable limitations on what it can burn through, it could work out. I’d have less concerns about these if they were bankai abilities, but even then, it seems to leave too few outs.


1) This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this kind of ability, and there are problems here as well. It would be one thing if, say, you could only remove an ability. But what about if you remove the time they learned their zanpakuto’s name? If they don’t know it’s name, they can’t activate it at all. How about if you remove the day they learned shunpo or sonido? How about if you simply remove their memories of that day, making it seem as though they just suddenly arrived and are now facing some opponent they don’t know in bankai? In all these cases, the fight could end instantaneously as soon as that memory is removed, so the 4 minute time limit isn’t necessarily a problem. So that leaves two possible limitations, one of which you placed in there partially already, which is that an opponent with stronger…something. I guess it could have been a stronger will, more mental fortitude, or intelligence, but in all these cases, I’m not really certain how to measure any of them. These are pretty fluid, so if you have something a little more concrete, that might work. The second thing you could include here is a lack of control. If you cannot select the memory you remove, that makes this pretty reasonable, and you could increase the duration and number of uses slightly.

2) I can see that you basically can’t feel pain or stressors on your body, but what you seem to be insinuating is that you can basically destroy muscle tissue and keep going in this form. Does that mean that you could be suffering from massive blood loss and keep going? I mean, these are things that are basically integral to your body’s function, can it just keep going even if its run completely dry? That’s not necessarily a problem, just worth defining specifically. Also, there’s obviously a strength boost resultant from this, but how about speed or energy usage? Can you continue to use reishi even when you’ve run out? Is your speed faster?

It's a long review, but believe me when I say that the ideas have some merit and are interesting. The problem for me is that I've seen an awful lot of blades, and therefore gotten used to noticing specific areas that can be problematic. Of course, if you disagree, feel free to explain the reasonable aspects of any of your abilities I have addressed.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Za Yon Kishu) –

Shikai: So, just checking, but only one of these forms of the blade, and therefore only one of the abilities, can be active at a time, correct?

1) Does this affect shunpo and sonido at all on the positive end? I get that it would use up more energy per use and more stamina, just wondering if there’s a benefit.

2) Alright, time to bring my knowledge of microbiology to bear! (I knew I entered this PhD program for a reason, Bleach forum knowledge!) So do only bacteria gather on the blade like this, or could it be viruses? Do only dangerous germs stick to it, or can any germ do so? Does the time to take effect remain independent of the type of germ that is inserted into the wound? Is the effect of the germ the same every time, or does it change depending upon the one you had on the blade? Also, you say this “takes about 30 to take effect,” so is it thirty minutes or thirty seconds? Overall, this effect may be too slow unless you enhance the germs to be able to cause disease much more quickly than normal.

3) What happens if the ball hits an opponent without being thrown? Does the ball last longer than 2 seconds as long as it’s not directly in his hand? You mention the blade’s strength, but what’s the strength of the structure that holds it? When an opponent is hit by it, are they bound in any way, or does it merely form around the body part that was hit? Also, can you attack with the scythe while they’re in the guillotine?


1) So this only works specifically on offensive, reishi-based attacks? Would it work on something spread across a very wide area? Would it work against binding spells that are fired at the wielder? Does eating the reishi provide any benefit, or does it merely act as a highly effective defense? Is there a limit to how much he can absorb, or what power level he’s capable of absorbing in this way?

2) To what height does this gas extend? Is the gas opaque or transparent? Much like with ability 2 in shikai, this alone would have a great effect, but only in the long term, unless of course that ability is still active in their bodies. If you’re just depending on the white blood cell deprivation to harm them, it’s going to take at least a couple of hours, even if they’re completely gone, and then not much. This is the kind of thing that does terrible damage in the long term, and is associated with a lot of disease, but it’s not tremendously acute. So you might want to include some facet of this that makes it a more immediate problem.

3) Before I get started, this ability is probably supposed to start with “This starts and stops,” though that’s not how it’s written. The limitation here, that healing stops, is a relatively limited problem in the short term, so I’m not sure it’s such a big drawback here. The ability’s fine even without that as a problem, just saying it’s not hugely important. It’s well explained, though.

Looks good as always dude, just trying to make sure I do an in-depth review with your blade in particular.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Juujiro Sakuseisha ('Implementor of Crossroads')

Release Command: Witness the cues (Shounin sonoshi kyu-se)

Bankai: Kaigojin Misumasu ('Together We Observe Carefully')

Shikai Abilities:

Instead of several (two or three) abilities this Shikai works on the movements of the opponent and only has two defined abilities for Bankai, but Shikai abilities are still able to be used in Bankai.

Special Ability: Every movement the opponent makes is noted by the spirit of the Zanpakuto. At any given time, the spirit can manipulate the Zanpakuto into a response to anything that can be considered a 'cue'. A cue can be any given movement by the opponent, whether it is an attack, defense, shunpo, arm movement, leg movement (these are individual movements, as opposed to the previous ones which are congregations of all of the given limbs). A response to a cue is as follows:

-When the opponent attacks, the spirit of the Zanpakuto gives inside information about the analytical status of the attack and how to defend against it, or block it. This also notes the speed of the attack, so the wielder can get enough time to dodge. This is not always one hundred percent accurate, and doesn't always necessarily work, but it is relatively reliable (for clarification, the stats won't always be right and sometimes the attack won't be able to be dodged).

-Defenses are analysed by the spirit of the Zanpakuto, showing weaknesses, against Kido (Bakudo and Hado), elements and how susceptible they are to attacks utilising large amounts of reiatsu. Plus, it'll show any weakness where they have already been struck.

-If the opponent moves any limb of his body, the Zanpakuto considers this an attack and drives the Shinigami wielder to counter the attack, either with his own Kido, or the Zanpakuto itself.

Bankai Abilities:

Jubaku-soutei Enkei ('Spell-binding Circle') Spell-binding Circle is set around a rune in the ground below the opponent (this takes approximately thirty seconds and is achieved by stabbing the ground with the Zanpakuto). After a minute, Jubaku-soutei Enkei becomes active, forming strong reishi bonds around the opponent, which are drawn from the energy source within the matter around them. Once the circle is complete, the opponent is bound permanently, until the wielder's reiatsu runs out from maintaining the ability. If the opponent struggles, the circle becomes tighter. If this happens to a great extent, the opponent can run out of energy, or be crushed by the bonds themselves, as a consequence.

Maruichi ('Bisected-circle seal') This begins the same as Jubaku-soutei Enkei, where the rune of the ability appears underneath the opponent and then the Zanpakuto is stabbed into the ground. A circle forms around the opponent, made from reishi, but is solid, unlike the former ability. This is bisected in the middle, by a line, then 30 percent of the opponent's AVAILABLE reiatsu is extracted by the Zanpakuto, through the bisect and is scattered into nothing. This acts as a seal, but can only hold those with weaker reiatsu than the wielder. If the opponent has almost completely run out of reiatsu, then this ability will hold them for years.

Sealed Form: Nothing special about this katana, the tsuba is red with black triangles between the wrapping. The guard is square, with three golden rings bolted to the guard (these three rings represent the three observations the Zanpakuto makes in Shikai).

Shikai Form: The Zanpakuto is the same from the end of the tsuba to the guard. The shape of the blade resembles Zangetsu, but not as wide or heavy, and is completely black. The end of the blade extends to a sharp, triangular point, rather than a sleek curve. It resembles Benihime somewhat in that way. Two spikes extend from the bottom of the blade near the tip and are approx. 15-20 centimeters long, that curve back toward the guard, like teeth or claws. The length of the blade is 1.2 meters long.

Bankai Form: The blade stays the same, but becomes somewhat larger. The length stays the same, the size of the Zanpakuto becomes roughly larger than Zangetsu and retains the two spikes at the end of the blade, but also grows one more. The tsuba changes and is wrapped in a fine, black cloth, which gives the opponent the opportunity to use the weapon long-range.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Name of Zanpakuto: Kaosusakashima (Chaos Reverser)

Release command: Revert the world into chaos

Type: Gravitational

Katana Form: The hilt is like a cut in half circular ball, the sword is 2 feet long and the handle is curved at both side and forms a shape like the hilt. The whole zanpakuto is made out of steel and also it is a double edge sword.

Shikai Appearance and Description: The sword now has two complete circular balls; in between them is cylinder shape steel connecting them and the sword is now 1 foot long. In the cylinder possess chains that connect to each ball. Each chain can extend up to 10 feet in length.

Ability 1: Yuekaosu (Cause Chaos)

The ball increases gravity 5 times the regular level on earth in a 5 feet radius. The user can send the chain and ball in the air that uses this technique to slam it in to the target, speed is 5 times the falling speed of a falling apple. Also once the target is in the radius the target becomes 5 times his weight and may become immobile. Kido cannot hit the areas where the radius covers and the gravitational increase last as long 60 seconds and can be used 5 seconds later; uses can turn off ability when he wants. Next thing the user can stand in the radius and as long as he holds Kaosusakashima he is unaffected. Both balls can use this technique at the same time.

Ability 2: Teiryuukaosu (Halt Chaos)

The ball removes gravity and causes 5 feet radius to have no gravity like space. Kido cannot hit the areas where the radius covers and the no gravitational area last as long 60 seconds and can be used 5 seconds later; uses can turn off ability when he wants. Next thing the user can stand in the radius and as long as he holds Kaosusakashima he is unaffected. Both balls can use this technique at the same time.

Bankai Name: Tsuyoikusarikaosu (Mighty Chain of Chaos)

Bankai Appearance and Description: It is a 30 feet long chain that is 1 foot in width and around the chain there are thousands of 1 foot long spikes. Chain can be move 10 times the speed of the user regular movements.

Ability 1: Yuekaosu (Cause Chaos)

10 feet piece of the chain increases gravity 5 times the regular level on earth in a 10 feet radius. The user can control the movement of the entire chain with his hands and can activate this ability to ten feet of the chain at a time but he can decrease it to only 5 feet. All other attribute and drawbacks that apply to this ability in shikai remain in bankai.

Ability 2: Teiryuukaosu (Halt Chaos)

The chain removes gravity and causes 10 feet radius to have no gravity like space. All other attribute and drawbacks that apply to this ability in shikai remain in bankai. This ability can be activated in the entire chain and can be used in conjunction with ability 1.

Ability 3: Kasou Kigen Ken Kunrin (Chaos Rise and Reign)

The user uses the chain to go 20 feet in the air and then the chain circle around the user creating a complete circle made of chain. The chain uses gravitational pull ability and all things in 25 feet radius is pull in to the chain. This lasts as long as 2 minutes and the spikes on the chains extend 10 feet after this time has past. Then the chain activates a gravitational push ability that pitches everything in the 20 feet radius the same speed as the ball in shikai ability 1. After this move the user cannot use all abilities for 60 second but is still able to move the chain the speed of body movements.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Kaosusakashima) –

Shikai: Since so much of this is dependent on the balls, how heavy are they initially?

1) Does the application of the gravity increase last only as long they’re within the 5 foot radius of the ball, or does it remain active on the target afterward?

2) Does the lack of gravity also become applied to the opponent if they’re in the space at all, like with the first ability? If so, same question as above. Also, can the balls separately use the first and second ability?


1) Can he quickly change which 10 feet of the chain this is applied to, or does it have the same 5 second delay between uses? Can the wielder command the chain to make complex movements of the chain with their hands, or can they just direct it generally, and if it’s the former, how can that be managed?

2) Same questions.

3) Is it a 25 foot radius from the wielder or from the chain? Does this also pitch the chain, or does it throw everything back beyond the chain?

It looks good, not much to say on this one.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Juujiro Sakuseisha) –

Shikai: It seems like the two main components of the ability are that it provides beneficial information and that it drives the wielder to respond more quickly and aptly (in most cases) than they would normally? The central question I have here is, how much control does the sword’s spirit have over the wielder’s decisions and actions? Can it pressure them to make more dangerous moves? What happens if the move that is necessary is currently impossible, will it still try to push him to accomplish it? For situations it does not see a way through, will it simply allow the wielder to do as they will, or will it pressure him to take some action anyway?


1) So the wielder has to stab the ground, wait 30 seconds, and then the rune will form beneath the opponent. Does this happen if the opponent is in the air during or after the 30 seconds? If the opponent moves over the course of those 30 seconds, will the rune still form beneath them, or beneath where they were standing when the sword was planted in the ground? Does the rune follow them after those 30 seconds for the next 30? Can it be directly destroyed or interrupted during this time? If the wielder removes the sword from the ground, is the technique interrupted? After the full minute required to activate it, can it only affect someone standing directly on top of it? Can you delay the effect and keep the rune where it is, functioning as a mine for later in the fight? Can you finish and form another rune while keeping the first one active? Do the effects of the binding have any bearing on objects outside the wielder that the wielder controls mentally (i.e. Senbonzakura)?

2) Is it possible to dodge or outrange this? Is it possible to block or prevent the loss of reishi effect? How long does it take the circle to form? Does the circle create a dome-like barrier around the wielder, preventing any ability to leave, or does it create tall walls that allow freedom of movement in the upward direction?

It’s an interesting idea, just the bankai needs work.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Ty for the review as always whiteflame :)

Shikai: Yes only one ability can be activated at a time.

1) For those no it doesn't effect speed at all.

2) With this i said germs just to group them all together so yes viruses to. Yes any germs can be effected and it is independent of the type of germ. It's effects will change if there are different germs on it becuase they are spimpley mutiplied and put into the opponent to do there own thing and i'm sorry it takes 30 seconds. I'll get to this with the next one :)

3) If it hits the opponent before it's thrown then the user cloud get hurt by it as well i guess and the ball take 2 seconds to form not it lasts 2 seconds. The structure that holds it is made of wood oak i guess. This does not hold them in any way so you would need to use it with strategy and they can still attck with the scythe.

Bankai :

1) This can also work on defensive abilities as well and if the attack is to big it gets drawn in. Binding spells like bakudo 4 crawling rope could be effected if it got into the users mouth but things like bakudo 61 six-staff light prison no, unless it hit someone else then the user tried to eat if off them. The user gain half this reshi added to there own but 50% of there reshi worth of reshi will make them feel full and they can't eat anymore until they are hungrey again lol.

2) This gas is about as dense as air so it dosen't go up it will just diffuse if it loses it's momentum and it' vary opaque. The idea for the pestilence abilities was how in people used to fling dead diseased bodies over castle walls to get the people inside sick and slow beat them with attrition. So when I made these abilities there main point was symbolize how disase can slowly kill of even an army so thats why i wanted then to be slow.

3) lol that is how it should have started. For this one i mainly put it in to keep the users power from the attack from going down for example some of my abilties in the past, and one hopefully soon, have been able to heal people and this would stop that.

Thank you for the review and i might have some new ones some i have 8 i'm trying to finish and i'm trying to remake my most overpowered blade lol.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Alright, this is a partially new blade. I say that because it looks almost identical in shikai appearance to the bankai appearance of a previous blade of mine, named "Allure," and the shikai ability is a modified bankai ability. The remainder of this, however, is quite different, so I'm interested to hear what you guys think.

Release command: Anākī womotarasu… (Bring anarchy..)

Shikai name: Koiru Jouno Fukyou Wa (‘Coiled Dissonance’)

Bankai name: Karisutei (‘To the Fairest’) [For anyone's reference, those are the words inscribed on the Golden Apple of Discord Eris made a gift of in Greek mythology]

Shikai Appearance: When it’s not released, the blade exists as 3 hilts. Two of those hilts are attached to earrings, and both look to be a normal size for daggers, both relatively plain and back. The earrings themselves, including the iron loops they’re attached to, are part of the blade. The pierced area of her ears is actually a full inch in diameter, and the hole is surrounded by an iron ring. The third hilt is attached to the necklace she wears. The necklace itself is a continuous steel cord, and the hilt hangs off of it on a ring similar to those she uses for the earrings. This hilt is slightly longer, covered with metal scales, and has no guard on it. The necklace is just long enough that this piece tends to reside in her cleavage.

Upon release, all three form individual weapons. The necklace disperses, and the hilt forms into a 3/4 meter long cylinder of hollowed out, solid metal. The metal itself is only a few centimeters thick surrounding the empty space. The two hilts at her earrings form into full fledged daggers. The one in her left ear forms a double, parallel blade about 4 inches in length that curves upward, creating two separate points along the blade before ending in a single unified point. The hilt is a rusty red color, though it appears to be made of a thick and old wood. The one in her right ear is a single blade about a centimeter thick at the middle. This is in order to support 3 3-centimeter diameter ruby-like orbs that are evenly spread along the 15 cm. slightly curved blade. The loops of the earrings disappear, and the hilts of the two daggers are instead attached to a long (20 meters) and very durable and flexible cord that runs through the holes in her ears. The cord itself starts out wrapped around her neck in tight loops before falling down to her waist where it wraps around several more times.

Shikai Ability 1: Superu Hizumi (Spell Distortion) – This basically becomes a double-edged staff of kido energy when a spell is channeled through it. Each of these is active for 30 seconds without additional energy input (double the energy included afterward = double the time).

#4: Byakurai – The energy gathers in one end of the staff, turning the last 15 centimeters of the cylinder into an intensely glowing white. If this strikes a target, it spreads the force of the spell over a circle 5 centimeters around the site of impact. While the energy in this form creates no hole, it goes through the body, causing internal and external burns. It will pass through most any small to medium-sized object, though the damage is severely reduced after it does so.

#58: Tenran – Upon activation, two small tornadoes, each about double the length of the cylinder itself, extend out from opposite ends. At their max width, these tornadoes are about 10 inches across. This has tremendous blunt force as a result of added wind power, quintupling the strength of any strike.

#63: Sajō Sabaku – Two 10 meter long yellow, glowing chains extend from the ends of the cylinder. Upon touching the opponent, either of these will detach, surrounding that opponent and binding them. The binding this causes is two times as strong as normal since it places high gravitational forces around the chains.

#73: Sōren Sōkatsui – Upon activation, two extremely long beams of blue light extend out from opposite ends of the cylinder. Their length can go as far as 20 meters in each direction. Beyond the extreme length, this has the ability to cut like a normal blade, and the wielder can collapse the energy down upon any site that she cuts into (as in, she can release it as the normal spell upon cutting into the opponent or even clashing with them, but with none of the lag time created by distance).

#81: Danku – Upon activation, the cylinder will spin in the wielder’s hands, creating panels of this defensive ability that form a box around the wielder. The box will move with the wielder, preventing any kido spells that Danku is capable of stopping from hitting her.

#87: Kamibuki (this is from the list I added) – Upon activation, though energy extends from both ends of the blade, no other perceivable change is made. In reality, two 1 meter long projections are made off of it. If the left hand side passes through anything, it will decrease the gravity acting upon it by half. If the right hand side passes through anything, it will double the gravity acting upon it.

#88: Hiryugekizokushintenraiho – Upon activation, two large buzz saw-type blades will form on the ends of the cylinder. Each of these has a 1 foot radius, and is angled so that they nearly come together at the front, with less than a centimeter between. Each of these blades is solid, yet appears to be constructed entirely with blue lightning. Any cuts with a single blade will shut down nervous response to 3 inch spheres around the deepest points reached. Any cuts with both will shut down the same response to a 6 inch area around the deepest center points between the two cuts. In case you’re wondering, no, this will not stop heart function (it functions separately from the nervous system), but this will shut down muscle tissue, temporarily stop some organ function, and, if the cut hits near the spinal cord or brain, can have tremendous effect. The effect lasts for 10 seconds.

#90: Kurohitsugi – Upon activation, 2 black boxes, 4 feet long and about 6 inches in diameter, extend out from the ends. It looks much the same as the spell itself, just on a smaller scale. A purple haze surrounds them, and cross shaped spears coat the outside. Strikes with the boxes themselves do little beyond regular blunt force damage. However, the spears will automatically target and pursue the opponent once they’re within 5 feet of the wielder. The spears move at kido speed, and explode upon piercing the opponent, though the explosion drains the box it’s attached to of all its energy.

Bankai Appearance: The length of the staff reverts to 2 meters, retaining its metallic structure, but becoming riddled with depressed holes. Upon release, the staff releases a tremendous amount of balls of color, which splatter the space around her for 100 meters. These leave splashes of color similar to a splattered painting, going through anything and everything they touch. When these splashes land, they do so in entirely random areas, on completely different planes, as though huge panes of nonexistent glass exist on the battlefield. This is basically a distortion of space, changing adding a 2D aspect to 3D space. This means it’s impossible to see from some perspectives, since the paint is entirely two dimensional, while our perspective is three dimensional.

Bankai Ability 1: Jigen no Sakeme (Dimensional Rift) – Within the space, the dimensional barriers that once held the blade to three dimensional standards no longer stand. The wielder has little control over this activity, but various portions of the blade will occasionally break into out of the third dimension. This means that it can take on capabilities of the second dimension, requiring that the only method to block it is to block along the plane upon which the blade is traveling, though the blade will hit anything it touches while in this form. This also means that it can enter into the fourth dimension, making the blade appear to be in a tremendous number of locations at once. While some of these blades only truly exist in the future, many of the others are present at the same time. There’s no way to directly tell the difference without interacting with them.

Bankai Ability 2: Koware ta Onpu (Broken Musical Note) – All kido-based abilities that touch the paint within the space instantly take on two dimensional properties. It travels along the same plane as the paint. The power is not reduced, but the mobility of the energy can only function along that plane. This only applies the first time the energy hits something, meaning that if the energy goes along that plane and strikes another, it will not change direction. Only energies that spread can move outside the plane.

Bankai Ability 3: Genso Dorobou (Elemental Thief) – All elemental powers behave abnormally within the space. In each case, the chaotic nature of the change also makes the energy capable of harming the wielder, even if they are otherwise immune to it.

Fire: It doesn’t spread normally. Instead, it spreads chaotically about the area, often leading to fire appearing at random points and spreading across the space as through from numerous locations at once. Flames can appear in the air and hang, or spread to any object. The colors of the flames shift dramatically, often to shades that are impossible for any flame.

Ice: This follows much the same pattern as fire, excepting that this can only spread on solid objects and on the planes.

Water: Any reishi-infused water behaves like earth. All this water, therefore, behaves as a solid, though it still has the look of a liquid.

Earth: Any reishi-infused earth behaves like water. All this earth, therefore, behaves as a liquid, though it still has the look of a solid.

Lightning/Electricity: This also follows much the same pattern as fire, spreading and moving along surfaces and through the air in patterns that make little sense. The direction of the strike can be completely changed, even reversed, or it could split into multiple streams of current.

Metal: All metal objects external to the wielder’s zanpakuto lose control of their basic qualities. For example, the metals that compose a zanpakuto could suddenly change. This includes the possibility of turning to gold, the softest metal, or adamantine metals, the hardest. This will also dull and sharpen edges at random intervals, making it difficult to predict damage on strike.

Dark and Light: Regularly reversible, meaning that within the space of control, light and darkness can change in an instant. This goes so far as to modify what would be constants in the dark and light spheres. Shadows will be composed of light instead of shade. Sources of light will produce more darkness.
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over a year ago AosakiYoichi said…
Thanks for the review whiteflame!
1) The rings I create are as wide as I swing the kusarigama, which at most is about 20 feet diameter. The rings form randomly but the center is always the upper torso. They can be disrupted if not being used, but they are moving fast enough it’s hard to disrupt them, but in reality any attack can. The constriction/expanding can’t be stopped, but it can be blocked by any normal means. When constricting, they also slice, but the closer to the center they get they constrict the body.

2) I have resistance to the mist but not greatly, more of an adaptation than an ability. The mist has about 5 feet visibility at most, depending on the concentration. At the thinnest concentration, I can make approx. enough to cover a football field with 6 feet of mist, but it takes time so isn’t as useful as concentrated places. It does cost more reishi to increase the abrasiveness of the mist as the mist gets greater in size.

3) The shield is as wide as my kusarigama, which at most is 20 feet in diameter, but when standing on the ground this will be reduced as it will hit the ground. It can only be enlarged if I swing longer strokes. It can stand up to about the force of a very strong sword stroke from a very strong person. It holds up to about hado #12, fuishibi. It can be reformed, as the blade stores water in it. This water is not to scale as it won’t take away from other abilities if I use more in another one.

Bankai: The sphere of water isn’t the blade, so it functions as an ability, especially since it can dampen reiatsu, and dilute and reflect kido-based strikes. That’s not a problem, because you only have 2 bankai abilities, you just have to place this in as an ability. Keep only the blade description to the bankai description here. But with regards to those pieces of the ability, I’ve got a few questions. I can gather more water in the form of a water arm submerged even the tiniest bit in water; the arm will pump new water into the sphere. This will never exceed the original amount I can move it at about the speed of an average jog, so 5-8 mph. I can influence the water currents in the sphere to make it move, so I am more of a guide then a driver. This can hold back most reiatsu paralysis effects, and dampens elemental reiatsu attacks, but is weak to ice attacks. The way it dampens kido attacks is like normal water does light. It constantly bends and reflects it, even though microscopic. It refracts it and makes it lose power just keeping on track, while dealing with this defense. The closer it gets to the center the weaker it gets, just like light gets dimmer the deeper you go.

1) The arms are 40 feet long. There strength depends on the skill of the user, so for me it can be quite strong. The speed also reflects the user’s skill, and can reach speeds of 35 mph if used well. They are as easy to cut through as water moving at high speeds, but can reform quickly if the water stays in the general area. The arms freeze almost instantly, probably in 3 seconds. It surrounds the target and freezes the tip of the arm, letting the rest be used later on, but this is taking away from the water supply. Also, if an arm loses water I can put more into it by releasing water from the sphere.

2) When I freeze this, it retracts all the arms before freezing, unless I specifically want it not to, then it freezes the arms out there. The elemental reiatsu I put into the shell gives it the defense to stand up to most physical attacks. The water remains where it is when the ice is punctured. The ice can’t be restored after it is destroyed unless I make a whole new layer of ice.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Whiteflames Anaki Womotarasu

Shikai- This makes sense almost like i've seen it before :0 speaking of witch i have a blade inspired by your allure that i haven't finished yet.

1) Superu Hizumi- This makes sense.

#4 Byakurai- Ok with this one how bad can these burns get and how small are small and medium sized object. With this you say after it goes through them it's power is reduced so how far can it go? Also is this power decreased by the size of the object or just passing through one for example could someone hold up a peice of papper in front of the attack then it's power is lower?

#58 Tenran- Is the increased impact from the tornados or just the weapon's hits?

#63 Sajo Sabku- Ok makes sense but do the chain seek out the opponent or is it like having two chains on it that you need to swing around.

#73 SorenSokatsui- This makes sense but how strong are the blades of energy.

#81 Danku- Ok no questions here.

#87 Kamibuki- Ok so with this one do the changes to gravity stay after the 30 seconds if she dosen't refresh the time? Also can the effects of this stack like kira's?

#88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho- Ok this one is long but well explained.

#90 Kurohitsugi- Ok this is good but how many spears are there and how strong is the explosions, or how strong is the explosion from them all hitting if thats easier. Also how far can they chase after the opponent?

Bankai OOOOK this is vary confusing or i'm just slow today. So with this what do you mean by perspectives? do you mean that if someone were to look at a splash of color then it would look normal if you looked at the front of it, like the parts of a peice of papper you write on, but you couldn't see them from the side like looking at somthing really thin? So with the colors that end up in the air and such can you walk through them or see throught them? If they are solid then how strong are they? Also if you were to hit one of the splashes of color on the thin part while running really fast would you get cut in half or are those sides so thin that you would harmlessly go through them or maby those sides just don't really exist at all? This one is pretty good but rough on the imagination.

1) Jigen no sakeme- This one also hurts my brain lol. Does this effect the opponents blade as well and what do you mean by the plane it's on, the part of the papper you write on or what? Ok for this one, i'm thinking of making a time based blade :), can they future blades hurt the opponent if they move to the location of it when the blade will be thare or not? Also are past blades made and if so can they hurt someone by hitting where they were?

2) Koware ta Onpu- Oddly enough i understand this one lol i guess i'm not as slow today as i thought :)

3) Genso Dorobou- Ok for all of these i have no questions but all of these seem way overpowerd with this just about all elemental abilities are completly nulified not only whould anyone with a element type ability have the chance to hurt them self but they would have to relearn how to use there abilities whilie you are actively fighting them. This ability could render the zanpakuto's of Genryusai Yamamoto, Love Aikawa, Momo Hinamori, Toshiro Hitsugaya, and Rukia Kuchiki harmful to every one around them at the same time.

Overall this is really good and unique and has inspired me to make one so vary good job. Also I guess this proves we are in a 3d universe not just a 2d one looping around and intersecting infinitely lol I'm so happy :)
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
This one was inspired by one of whiteflame55's zanpakuto's and if you don't mind i would like a review.

Zanpakuto Name: Kachu_ - Vortex -

Release Command: Anteishita - Calm -

During Shikai the zanpakuto form into three objects. The first is a a spear 4 feet long with a 2 foot 6 inch thick blade. The second is a 5 inch wide 2 inch thick metal belt with a 2 inch in diameter ruby looking gem in it's center. The last is a pair of guantlets that go up to the users wrists from these up to the users shoulders is a layer of 2 inch thick black clouds.

Ability 1: Senpu_ - Whirlwind - The user holds out there hand and a kido number 58 Tenran comes out of there hand. With this the user does not have to say the incantation but has to wait 3 seconds after the attack to use it again.

Ability 2: Harike_n - Hurricane - The user stabs the spear into the ground and puts as much reshi into it as 2 level 90 kidos. Once it is in the ground wind spins around it in a circle 8 meters out from it. These winds go up to 5 meters high at a speed of 10 miles an hour and 2 meters thick. When a reshi based attack hits this it is caught in the wind and spreds out in it. If any more attacks are caught up in this it they mix with the reshi already in it. The damage this reshi dose when somthing hits is based on the majority. For example if the larges portion of the hurricanes reshi is a getsuga tensho then all the reshi does damage like that. This keeps going until the spear is removed or it has been in effect for 5 minutes this can only be used once every 5 minutes. After the attack stops the rehsi disappers. During this the user has the ability to see through it no matter how thick the reshi is.

Ability 3: Raiu - Thunderstorm - The user grabs the gem out of the belt and smashes it. After that black clouds pour out of it to 15 meters above the spot forming a 10 meter in diameter and 5 meter tall cloud. That keeps the belt at its center and moves as fast as the user. Once every minute this cloud sends out a lightning bolt that hits who ever has the belt increasing there speed by 50% for 30 seconds for a level 60 kido worth of reshi. This cloud can send out a max of 50 of these before runing out of power and dissappers the user can however stop it from sending out lightning bolts.

If Ability 1: Senpu_ is used while the cloud is out then it looks like a black storm cloud and has an electrical charge as strong as the level 11 Tsuzuri Raiden.

If Ability 2: Harike_n is in use during this then it has a 15% chance over 45 seconds to form a tornado that is 1 meter thick and as tall as the hurricane. This has the same reshi as the hurricane but the user can control the tornados movements with there hand. This tornado moves at 75% of the users running speed and lasts for 45 seconds and after that the reshi fades.

Bankai Name: Ooarashi

During Bankai all of the weapons but the spear dissapper and the users skin and the spear have an azure glow and the users hair turns white. During bankai the user has the ability to fly as fast as they can run and they can use flash steps while flying.

Ability 1: Haizen Afureru - Torrential flood - This ability takes as much reshi as a creo. This shoots out 1 meter in diameter 100 foot long beam of water superheated to 500 degrees at kido speed form there hand. This can only be used once every 10 seconds.

Ability 2: Honomeku Ankoku- Glimmering Darkness- This ability takes the same amount of reshi as the first bankai ability. When used a random shadow shoots a lightning bolt out at kido speed with about as much power as the level 88 kido. This how ever will only go for 100 feet and it's acuracy is not perfect so at 50 feet it will hit within 3 meters of the target getting worse as it goes further hitting within 10 meters at 100 feet. This has a 20 second cooldown.

Ability 3: Hebun Katasutorofi_ - Heavens Catastrophe -This ability is always active. During bankai the user has the ability to control the wind around them. They can make them move up to hurricane speed. They can't use any air infuzed with reshi like what's from an attack and this only works within 100 meters. Using this costs no reshi but the user has to focus when doing this
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Anaki Womotarasu response – Thanks again man, always a huge help!

1) Byakurai – The burns are about as minimal as possible, since they cover such a large space. This is more about the feeling of being scorched from the inside out rather than actual damage, so the person would feel horrible pain, but the damage would be minimal. It still goes the distance of a normal Byakurai after it passes through something, it just becomes ridiculously easy to stop. Yes, the power is decreased depending on the object. Paper would have an extremely limited effect, whereas a solid metal wall would allow only an ethereal projection of the energy to pass through.
Tenran – Just from the tornadoes.
Sajo Abku – It’s like having 2 chains that you have to swing about, it doesn’t seek the opponent. If it hits, it will wrap around them as with the actual kido, but that’s it.
Soren Sokatsui – The blades themselves are as strong as her normal zanpakuto, though as I say, they can be reverted to their normal form in an instant and exploded like the kido.
Kamibuki – Yes and yes.
Kurohitsugi – It’s similar to the actual spell, except a bit smaller, so we’re looking at 8. The explosions are as strong as Soren Sokatsui. Let’s say they’ll follow them for 20 meters.

Bankai: The fact that this is hard to understand is not surprising, it’s also difficult to explain. Imagine the space around the wielder is filled with glass canvases. Those canvases interpose one another all around him, and each ball of paint can hit one or the other, and spread across the surface. Since this is all spreading across a plane, you can’t see it if you’re looking at it from the edge. So yes, it’s like your paper analogy. These are all visual, they have no effect beyond what’s used in the abilities themselves. As I say, the color passes through everything else it touches, so no one gets hit by it.

1) This only affects the wielder’s blade. Basically, if the blade touches any of these planes along which the paint has splashed, it can turn to the second dimension, flattening it out. There are no past blades, only future ones, and several can exist at once physically, though all are visible at the same time, making it difficult to tell. Since many future blades can exist in the present, as time moves forward, none of the blades will exist for certain periods of time, to balance the whole thing out. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised you didn’t think this one is overpowered, though the confusion could be part of the reason. The 2 dimensional aspect especially makes it very difficult to block.

2) Cool!

3) Yay! You noticed! This blade is MEANT to be overpowered, right along with the blade I made a while ago to enhance the friction blade. The fact that it can screw with so many blades like this is part of the reason.

I enjoyed making this one a lot, so I’m glad it inspired you as well, I should have time to review your blade either later today or sometime tomorrow.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Zanpakuto: Kabarie No Mori ('Lance of the Cavalier')

Release Command: Charge wildly (Denka mikon)

Bankai: Kiritsu Kishi ('Order Knight')

Shikai abilities:

Ketatamashii Mori ('Piercing Lance') The Zanpakuto hardens with order, and adds a certain amount, of this order, to the cut, when he cuts the opponent. This upsets the balance of chaos and order within the opponent's body, which reacts badly with the reishi around and can cause their reiatsu to become greatly unstable. The extra order also thickens their blood slightly, making it somewhat harder to move around, without losing breath quicker. Other side effects are a splitting headache, nausea and lapsed concentration.

Tsuchi Kamei ('Earth Affiliation') The wielder has the upper hand while moving about freely on anything counted as earth (i.e. rock, dirt, soil, land, plants/trees/grass). While fighting on earth, the wielder is much stronger than the opponent in terms of brute strength. While this is beneficial, it can slow him down at times. (Tsuchi Kamei is passive)

Bankai abilities:

Youmei Sokai ('Order Dispersal') When the opponent is cut, order begins to flow slowly out of the cut, until the blood flow clots up and begins to stop bleeding. The maximum amount of order that can be lost through this ability is five percent of any given cut. The body of the opponent, however, will slowly regain order. The lag-time for this ability is a minute. The opponent gains order back for approximately five minutes.

Special ability: The wielder's Shihakusho is covered by a thick armour, which can deflect Kido up to Hado 33, Sokatsui. To counter the weight of the armour, the wielder is given a speed bonus by three times as much. Shikai abilities can be used in Bankai.

Sealed Form: Zanpakuto is the same as a normal katana in this form. The guard is a four-sided cross, which is silver. The tsuba is steel grey with black underneath.

Shikai: The weapon changes into a short lance, with a pike head on the end.

Bankai: The lance becomes much longer and the head of the lance becomes a Zanpakuto-like blade, similar to the Shikai of Zangetsu, but in the recent form, from the latest Bleach episode 361. The blade is black, with a white aura around it. The lance-pole is approximately 1.5 meters long, while the blade is approximately 1.25 meters long.
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over a year ago ventustwin said…
Death of wisdom
ukeireru daimon no shi chie no shi
translation,embrace the seventh sin,the death of wisdom
Death of wisdom mantains a normal blade when sealed and is only given to the next head of the tao family,the fourth noble family,the tao's have a alliance with the shihoin clan,and the new head,Torao Tao,he thinks of the shihoin as the gears that keepthe clock,soul society working,the shikai,when it hits an enemies shikai or bankai,to rapidly grow blades,if the opponent tries to destroy the blade whatever damage done on the blades will be transferred to the attackers mental state,this is effective because the more they try to attack the blade the more damae is done,the owner of death of wisdom,can either decide damage is taken to their friends their mentality or this bodies
shikai abilty1million of blades attacking at once
shikai abilty two copying of the enemies blade to attack
shikai abilty3 sprouting of blades on enemy then using damge takenby those blades and transmitting it to the enemy
bankai abily 1with every stroke of my blade a million swordsfollow my every movement and attack my oppenets with their own will
bankai abilty two wings made out of blades
bamkai abilty two final dance,dance of the bladed dragon,I form allmy blades together in the shape of a dragon and can never be killed,the spirtual energy I use for the technigue and the blades are made using the souls of the people around me,when their is no souls I used my opponets own spiritual energy
my zanpukto takes theform of two large gauntlets that have chain connecting them to my back
I obviously am taorao tao,If any of you know about d-gray man think of me as a little bit kinder general cross,I am still mean like forcing other people to pay my debt,namely shunsui kyoraku,I am also captain of squad 4
over a year ago ventustwin said…
it is in constant shikai
sting the gods,stinger
the bankai me to either becoma a hybrid human/hornet,a big hornet,pr a small be,whenever Isting aperson,the nervous system the enemy can feel up to 900,000 hornet stibngs coursing through there body,
shikai ablity one many bee stings to my opponets
shikai abilty two although my blade is as short as my knee to my feet it gives me the abilty to create bee wings,since their is a never ending way to constantl survie from even a blow that would have killed the headcaptain,i need honeyto use this abilty
shikai three instant regeneration,even if the is only a trace of spiritual pressure,even if no one feels it,I can reform my body on the enemy and then use their spirt energy to restore my body
bakai 1 the abilty to conrtol everything inthe nervous system,i prefer to use this,as to why,simp[ly because I like playing with people lives
bankai3 on mty arm are two stinger that are excruciatingly painful
bankaai three i can ecen withstand the firr fromrujjin jaka and make it my own,I call it the hornets fire cannon
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Kachu) –


1) Got it.

2) Is there any limit to the level of reishi in an attack that can be absorbed into the winds in this manner? If multiple kido-based strikes hit this, will someone hitting into this be hit as though by the force of multiple attacks at once? What happens if an opponent attacks physically through the winds before they absorb any kido-based strikes, and do the winds themselves add to the damage of the strike contained within?

3) Can the increase in speed be stacked on the wielder? Is there any adverse effect that results from the lightning strike? If the lightning is interrupted by someone else being in the way, do they gain the speed boost?

a. In this case, does the increased electrical charge increase the speed it provides, or does it add an offensive capability?

b. The 15% chance is sort of odd here, especially since the energy cost is so high already. I’d take away the percent chance here and just say that the tornado forms, but other than that, this looks good.

Bankai: The flight is a borderline ability, though I’m honestly uncertain to that extent, since we’re not really sure of their capability for flight in general. Not saying it has to be an ability, just mentioning it.

1) Just missing basic speed on this one, otherwise good.

2) How large, fast, and powerful is the lightning bolt this fires off? Does it depend on the size of the shadow? Does it matter where the shadow is, or can you do this to pretty much any shadow in the area? When the shadow shoots it out, does the shadow itself move, or does the lightning just fire out of it?

3) With such a wide area of control, and the force of the wind, this might be a bit overpowered, though beyond that it looks good.

Good stuff, as always. Glad I could provide the impetus for portions of it.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Kabarie No Mori) –

1) What level of instability are we talking about, and is it just around the site of the cut, or does it expand out to a more generalized area? Same with the physical problems. Also, do cuts on different parts of the body produce different results (say, a cut to the forehead creates headaches, while one to the chest does more to breathing)?

2) Does it matter what the difference in strength is between the wielder and the opponent before he starts fighting on earth? How much does this modify the difference between them overall? Does it give him a boost that’s always a certain percentage over the opponent’s, or does it give a static boost to his brute strength? In what ways does this slow him down?


1) This is a bit overly general with regards to the effect. How does order leaking out of their body cause harm? I get that it can be thought of as opposite in effect to shikai #1 in some ways, but this would essentially increase the amount of chaos in the body, causing other possible effects, so you might want to describe those in more detail.

Special Ability) Got it.
over a year ago Jyjy_binx said…
[zanpakuto's name]: Yoru Kage( nights shadow)
[release command] : kuraku hikari( darken the light
[bankai name] - hikari sutoraiku( 1000 shadows strike)
one thousand shadow clone appear simultainiestly around the opponent striking him/her one after the other the disintagrate when defeated.
[shikai] kage kuron (shadow clone)
a clone of the wielder is created by shadows with a shadow clone zanpukuto.
all shiki abilities can be used by the clone
1:kurai konrai(dark confusion)
the wielder manipulates the shadows and light which causes hilusenations and confuses the opponent. this ability rapidly drains the user of his spiritual energy so it can not be sustained for long usually just long enough for one attack.

2:dakuboruto (dark bolt)
raijin taps into to his quincy powers and converts reishi into riestu and fires his spiritual pressure at the opponent in the form of an arrow.
3: kage terepoteshon (shadow teleportation)
can teleport through shadows. the shadow has to be big enough for him to pass straight thruogh it raijin can not stay in the shadows for long because the longer he stays in there the more likely it is that he will lose control and Kurai tamashī will take over. the shadows must be of ediquit size for him to teleport through them.
[bankai abilitie 1]
(Shi no kage)shadow of death: raijin disconnects the opponents shadow from him and makes them fight their own shadow and what ever damage their shadow takes they suffer as well.
[bankai abilitie 2]
(Kurai nenshō) dark combustion: raijin can move shadows and manipulate them to get them closer to the opponent and when close enough with in 1 meter they explode.

heres my story re-done:
my characters name is rajin and no it does not have anything to do with being the god of thunder, rajins mother was a quincey and his father was a soul reaper when he was born his parents were killed by hollows also he was born with an identical twin but an evil one at that so as time went on they both developed their skills as soul reapers but as they grew older raijins brother got more and more increasingly evil. after both of them became captains not long after he snaped he attacked the civilians of the soul society killing many aventualy raijin steped realizing the only way he could stop this was to defeat his brother in combat, but he couldnt he tried but he could not bring himself to do it. Raijin always had a plan B so he used it his plan b was to use forbiden kido to seal his brother away inside him. his brother will only remain sealed away as long as raijin stays alive, raijin was stripped of his rank and marked to recognise the curse he carries and then banished from the soul society he was not angry for this because he new it had to be done. raijin became a mercenary for anyone who would pay the right number. Because he is half quincy and half soul reaper he can absorb reishi into Reiatsu therefor greatly increasing his spiritual presure,he cannot use a Quincy cross or any quincy weapon as of yet but who nows theres always hope for the future he is not a vissard but his brother Kurai tamashī (meaning dark soul)is one and when raijin taps into to kurai tamashis spiritual presure to build up his own sometimes he will lose control of the curse and Kurai tamashī will be released taking over raijins body. Kurai tamashī is stronger then raijin.
over a year ago Jyjy_binx said…
and also i drew my character took for ever so i hope you's like it
 and also i drew my character took for ever so i hope you's like it
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

1) The reishi around the cut is unstable enough that normal healing will be somewhat prolonged and when it begins to heal, the cut will heal much more slowly than normal. I'm not sure how you want to me to answer this part, but the physical problems occur from too much order within the body, especially the headache. The blood thickens enough to slow breathing rate by fifteen percent. The nausea is unimportant, as with the headache. Different cuts to different parts of the body make no difference. The symptoms are from the body reacting to the extra order within, no matter where in the body the order is absorbed.

2) Yes, if the opponent was originally stronger, the wielder won't have as much of an advantage over the opponent. This ability is all about the wielder having an advantage over the opponent while fighting on earth. This gives him a static advantage in brute strength against the opponent. His legs become a part of the earth, allowing only limited mobility, and is part of reason for the increase in brute strength, while using the lance.

1) This ability is designed to allow him manipulation between the two parts (order and chaos). Removing order from the body removes stability from the body, as order is essentially what holds things together within. Allowing chaos control will allow the body to become more destructive within, meaning that chemical reactions will become more violent, chemicals will work too well, enzymes will be out of balance and, in general, the body will begin to self-destruct, slowly but surely.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Cheers for the review XD
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you for the review whiteflame :)


1) ty

2) The limit is a level anything above 89 kido strengh attack. Yes they will get hit with the force of all the attacks. If nothing is absorbed into the winds then they don't really do anything when touched and the winds don't add anything.

3) The speed can't stack and the lightning strikes don't hurt them. If someone gets in the way they get hurt by the strike about 1/2 the power of a lightning strike but anyone waering the belt gets the speed boost.

Bankai The reason i didn't put flight as an ability is cuase they can seemingly already fly lol.

1) It goes at kido speed

2) The lightning bolt is about as big as a normal one it goes at kido speed and it is as strong as kido #88 Hiryugekizokushintenraiho. The shadows size and location don't matter but the shadow it's shot from is randomly selected. When the bolt is shot out the shadow lights up from the lightning bolt's light.

3) Thank you

Thanks for the review as always it was good :)
over a year ago morenzoboss said…
Okay... let's try...

Zanpakuto - Haku ryū (White dragon)
Release command - Jiyū ni tobu (Fly freely)
Bankai - Kyūkyoku no haku ryū (Ultimate white dragon)

It looks like a fairly standard katana. I keep it behind my back with a strap on my chest similar to Toshirou's. In it's sealed form it has a rectangular shaped extremely pale blue guard and hilt, with green straps running along the hilt in an x shaped fashion. At the end is a hook with a chain on the end, which I keep wrapped around my hand for easier access to my zanpakuto. I don't really use the chain for fighting much.

Shikai -

In shikai it undergoes a drastic transformation, in which I throw the sword and chain up into the clouds, and catch a 2.5 meter long, 0.5 metre wide, claymore type sword which I catch with one hand and put over my shoulders. It looks extremely heavy, but in truth, the sword is made up of my pure white reishi, and is weightless. I can make the reishi move around or through at will, and also stabilize so that it can cut through enemies. The hilt turns into a rounder shape, but remains the same colour and appearance. The guard widens to match the sword.

Shikai ability 1 - Shiro no kyōka (White enhancement) I put a white energy on a part of my body, to greatly enhance its properties. I most often use it on my hands, to increase my strength, my feet, to increase my speed, my torso, to increase my endurance and durability, or my head, to increase my thinking power and kido. I can only flow the reishi on one body part at a time.

Shikai ability 2 - Shiro hi(White fire) - I focus my reishi into my sword, which I swing at enemies to unleash a deadly white ball/cone/slice of reishi to burst into them. It is as hot as lava, symbolizing a dragons breath, burning anything it touches.

Shikai ability 3 - I unleash a giant white reishi dragon to come towards and envelop my enemies, cutting them down with its fire and claws.

Bankai - For my bankai, I envelop all of the reishi in my sword onto me, surrounding me in a ball, and disregard my hilt. When I emerge, to fully grown, pure white dragon wings have emerged from my back, and reveal my new form. My hair is completely white, my uniform has changed to a set of pure white dragon scales, showing off my arms and chest, The only part that hasn't changed is my skin, symbolizing my humanoidness. What has happened, is I have temporarily joined with the white dragon, to gain power, and become a hybrid of the two. I no longer have a sword.

Bankai ability 1 - same as my shikai's Shiro no kyōka, except I no longer need to focus reishi. All of it is covering my body, increasing my speed, strength, endurance and brainpower 20fold from my shikai.

Bankai ability 2 - same as my shikai's Shiro hi, but now I tend to also form it into various weapons which I use myself. I can still turn it into an energy ball, and can even put so much in I can make a ball as big as the seireitei. I also no longer say the attack.

Bankai ability 3 - Kyūkyoku no shiro no hōi (Ultimate white envelopment). My ultimate attack, and my last resort. I focus all my energy into trapping my opponent into a white vortex. It sucks up the opponent into a completely white, empty dimension. It is possible to escape, but you need a lot of reishi to break free. Someone with twice my reishi would only be able to break free in a year or so. I don't need to channel this, it just envelops the opponent and sucks all my remaining reishi.

My appearance - I have light brown, messy hair, that I prefer not to comb. I wear a fully sleeved(to hide my dragon tattoos), standard uniform, with a pair of white gloves, and black tinted sunglasses, which I use to hide my completely white eyes, which is the only clue as to my bankai. I am generally quiet, but am prone to greeting people when I see them, and giving someone a nickname on first sight. I look about 17, and I am the 3rd seat of squad 5, but I am new, only joining, and passing, the soul reaper academy 1 year ago. I actually have a reishi level close to that of Head captain Yamamoto's, because I was one of the original captains, trapped in a vortex, never aging, chasing an extremely powerful hollow, eventually vanquishing it, but being trapped in the world for 1000 years, only recently escaping because of a rift caused by Ichigo's battle with Aizen. I keep quiet about my powers, and have taken to disguising myself slightly (the sunglasses, for example) to avoid anyone (namely Yamamoto) recognising me for my true identity. I only reveal myself when I isolate myself with an enemy, and unleash my true power.

Previously, as captain of squad 5 over 1000 years ago, I wore a sleeveless white haori over my sleeveless uniform, and did not hide my tattoos or eyes at all. I still carried my zanpakuto over my left shoulder.

I edited this slightly, because I wanted to add some things. I actually came up with a whole storyline including this character (with Aizen as the main antagonist again). I would very much appreciate someone taking the time to draw some of the things I mentioned, like my shikai sword, my bankai, my current and former appearance, and some of my attacks. Thanks :) Oh, and if someone were to review this, I'd love some feedback.
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over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Morenzoboss's Haku Ryu

Shikai: With this i have some questions. One if it is made of reshi then is it effected like reshi for example if someone could absorb reshi could they absorb it? Also you said you could move it then does that mean you control it's movements at will if so how far and fast can you make it move? Or do you mean you can control it's shape if so them what shaps can you make it and what size can it get. With this you said you can stabilize it so it can cut people does this mean it can't like it's not sharp or it can't cuase it's intangable for example can you slash at an enemy let it go through there blade then make it solid so it can hit them? If so this should be it's own ability if not i think it's ok.

Shikai Ability 1: All of this is good but you should put an amount of increase. It's can be hard sometimes especaly if it is based on how much reshi used for it if so them you can do what i do and say it cost the same amount of reshi as somthing in bleach already for example it uses as much reshi as a level 32 kido. As it is this could increase your stats by 10 times for as much reshi as a flash step.

Shikai 2: Ok for this is there a cooldown, reshi cost, or charge time? Also how big are each of these how far and fast do they go and if they catch something on fire is it the same fire or normal fire. This attack is vary hot but due to the fact this is for a forum and the shinigami is vary powerful i'll just consider it being scaled way up.

Shikai Ability 3: Ok so with this how big is it how fast can it go can you command it how long does it last. Can this dragon be hurt or killed and if it does can you make a new one and what is it's fire the same as ability 2? Lastly can you make more then one of these and does this cost reshi?

Bankai: cool but how strong are the scales and wings?

Bankai Ability 1: Ok this is way overpowered due to the amount 20 times? Thats way to much for starters then you say from shikai so for all i know if shikai was 10 times then it's 30 times.

Bankai Ability 2: Ok for the weapons are they solid or what? The ball as big as the seireitei is no big deal becuase you say you can put enogh reshi into it to do that it's not just that big automaticaly.

Bankai 3: Ok this is vary powerful how does it hit someone can they avoid it how fast does it form and close? Also can you be stop from using it? Also what's it like in there if someone was traped in it like a person would they starve to death? Lastly can you put more then one person in it? I'm not really saying this is overpowered due to it being for a rp but this seems more like a plot device then an abilitiy.

Overall it's good op at times but it's fro a rp so i guess thats whatever my only question is that you said aizen is the main bad guy in this but this shinigami seems waaaaaaay stronger them aizen could handle.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
This is the Third verson of this blade i made lol this time i'm makin it for the purpose of a new type of ability to add to my shinigami to spice it up some. Witch i will explain with my next blade that will include this. So if someone could i'd really like a review for this.

Shikai so_ru dorobo (soul thief) release kuiarasu (devour)

Shikai The shikai looks like a guantlet with an eye on the wrist. When ever the user fights a hollow the eye on the guantlet opens and watches the hollow, arrancars included, If the user fights the hollow for 3 minutes or kills the hollow using the guantlet then it copies the hollows form and remembers it. This can only have 30 at a time and it watches whatever one the user wants.

1) This is always active. The user can user the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While not in shikai or bankai abilities cost 3x the normal reshi and have 1/2 the effect.

2) This uses about a level 50 kido worth of reshi to use and takes 3 seconds with no cooldown. The eye opens and one of the hollows the guantlet has comes out in the form of any weapon the user wants up to the mass of a 2 meter square, all it's sides are the same size, but each of these hollow copies can only be 1 weapon, it can be multipule weapons like dual swords, so after the user dicides what is will be anytime it is called out it will be that same weapon. These weapons at the time the user makes them can be given one special effect but like the form this is permanate and only one weapon can have an effect at a time however if the user has the zanpakuto forget a weapon that has an ability then it can be used for another one. Only one of these weapons can be out at once and if one is destroyed the user has to summon again if they want to use it again. This has a 2 minute cooldown for any weapon to be summoned again starting after it is destroyed and has a 30 second cooldown for summoning a weapon if it is not the same as the last one.

Fire This uses about a level 40 kido worth of reshi to start. The weapon shoots out a 1 foot in diameter fire ball that travels at kido speed. This fire is 200 degrees this has no cooldown but after 3 times the weapon catches one fire same tempature as the fire balls and it is about 2 inches off the weapon. After being on fire for 3 minutes the weapon is destroyed.

Water This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. This forms a 5 meter in diameter cube of water from the tip of the weapon for 1 minute this can't move and takes 5 seconds to form. This can only be used once per weapon summon.

Wind This uses a level 40 worth of reshi. This Creates a swirling wind around the user thats only effect is that it lessens the effect of gravity on the user by 50% this lasts 1 minute and can only be used 2 times per weapon summon but both can be used at once to remove gravitys effect by 100% for the time.

Earth This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. The user stabs the weapon into the ground and the weapon breaks apart instantly and causes a magnitude 5 earth quake in a 50 meter radius around them for 15 seconds.

Lightning This uses a level 40 kido worth of reshi. The weapon has a bout 3 times the electricity of a taser flow through it for a total of 30 seconds, the user can start and stop this but they don't need to pay the price again. This doesn't hurt the user.

Phoenix This is always active when the weapon is out. This calls out 3 basketball sized phoenix that float around the user at kido speed about 3 feet off off them. When the user is attacked one of the phoenix, for a level 20 kido worth of reshi, intercepts the attack letting it self get hit. The only effect of this is the physical damage the fire could do to what ever is being used to attack. This can be used as much as the user wants and has no cooldown.

3) The zanpaukto pours out reshi that takes form of one of the hollows that was copied, at the choice of the user, this hollow is physically exactally like the original hollow execpt it has no hollow hole and it's size that is determined by the amount of reshi used to make it. The hollow has all the abilities of the hollow it was copied from. This ability needs 20% of the users reshi for an Vasto lorde sized hollow, 35% reshi for a Adjuchas sized hollow, and 60% of reshi for a gillian sized hollow. The hollow forms out of the blade in about 3 seconds regardless of size. In addition the user most give some of there reshi to the hollow so it has reshi this determins how strong it is the more reshi the stronger it gets. Once one runs out of reshi it falls unconsus until it is givin more by the user, through touch, If the hollow dies then it's body is destroyed and most be remade by the user. The hollows follow the users orders that are given vocally they can talkmentally to the user but when they do they only give short direct answers. The % costs for reshi in this are based on what a normal lieutenant would have.

Bankai This looks and acts just like shikai but the guantlet forms on both arms. In bankai the user retains any weapon from ability 2 of shikai but it has no effect it's just the weapon.

1) This is always active. The user can use the abilities of all the hollows that are copied into the zanpakuto. While in bankai all of the abilites have half the reshi cost and have 2x the power or effect when this applies, for example a cero would half 2 times the power and a sonido will 2 times it's effect making it faster by 2 times but a garganta would not be effected by this.

2) The user activates this ability and can call out hollows, they can have as many as they want but only one of each, in the same way as ability 3 of shikai but each hollow forms in 3 seconds.

3) This ability takes no reshi and has no cooldown. It lets me summon Arturo Plateado , Bleach: Shattered Blade vesion, to fight with me. I also get all the powers of Marvel's Death, The Embodiment not the horseman.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Morenzoboss (Haku ryū) –

Shikai: The description of the blade is an ability in and of itself. If you’re able to destabilize and restabilize the blade at will, then it’s essentially unblockable, since it can pass through an opponent’s blade on any given strike. Hence, this portion of it shouldn’t be in the description, but rather take the place of an ability.

1) Some of these are a bit undefined. What do you mean by endurance and durability? Does that mean that the stamina of the wielder increases, or that they can take a strike and keep on fighting, or that an attack will hit them with less damage, or what? With regards to thinking power and kido, what do those two mean? Does that mean you’re able to process information faster? When you “increase kido,” does that improve your capability of using them, reduce the cost of kido, increase power, etc.? Also, you talk about applying this to one body part at a time, but you’re talking about body parts of dramatically different sizes here. A foot is much smaller than a torso, does it still apply to the entire torso, or only a portion as large in area?

2) Do you decide which of the three you fire off? Is it dependent on the way you swing the sword? What’s the size of the white ball? What’s the size and range of the cone? What’s the size of the slice? How fast does each of these move?

3) How large is the dragon? How fast is it? You make it sound like this is an actual, physical dragon (otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to cut anything), just covered in white reishi. Can it be destroyed, injured, or otherwise incapacitated as though it were real? Can you summon multiple dragons? Do they act independently of you?

Bankai: Do the scales act as armor, and if so, to what extent? Can the wings be cut into? If so, does cutting into them cause pain to you? Can they be regenerated? Also, if you gain power as a result of activating bankai, that should be an ability, not part of the description.

1) Much of the same questions here as with the shikai ability associated with it. The 20-fold extent might be a bit much, though.

2) When you say you can make these into weapons, are these physical weapons, and not just weapons composed of flame? That adds a new dynamic to the ability, so you should make that clear. Also, in terms of size, it might be a bit much to say you can create a ball that large, especially since it seems you could do so instantly. You should probably reduce that.

3) This one’s definitely overpowered. Your character is a captain on par with Yamamoto, how could anyone possibly have double the reishi? And even if they did, they’re still stuck in there for a year?! Seems like a lot. You’re basically guaranteed to trap any opponent for that amount of time or longer, and even if I assume that somehow they’re just caught in a time rift and not able to die of hunger or thirst, that is extremely problematic. Not to mention that this forms around the opponent, and from what I’m reading is basically unable to be dodged, blocked, or prevented. If the only result is that you lose your remaining reishi in the short term, that’s not nearly enough. This is an ability that’s guaranteed to hit and guaranteed to give you more than enough time to recover while your opponent is trapped. Seems like a lot to me.

Edit: I just realized wagakagami did a review that covered a lot of the same issues, so I apologize for any overlap in our points.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (so_ru dorobo) –


1) Does this encompass all resurreccion abilities that an arrancar might use? Also, is there any limit in terms of time on what abilities it can hold?

2) Does any given weapon that you create have the same ability to take hits as the user’s zanpakuto, or does it depend on the weapon you’re creating?

Fire – Does it matter what the time between uses of the fireball is?

Water – How does the water function? Does it easily remain in cubic form, or does it take on liquid properties as soon as it hits something?

Wind – What effects do you see this having on the wielder and on the opponent’s attacks? A complete lack of gravity, or even a 50% reduction, can have tremendous consequences, though there’s quite a bit of nuance there.

Earth – This seems relatively weak, I’d increase the magnitude.

Lightning – After the 30 seconds are up, can it be reactivated?

Phoenix – What are the limitations on the effectiveness of this defense? I can imagine it only slowing down the more powerful attacks, though I’m uncertain to what extent.

3) Are the bodies at all limited with regards to the amount of reishi you can give them? Say you choose a very large gillian, is the amount of reishi you provide them spread throughout their body, or would any amount you give to them basically be equal to the amount you would give to a Vasto Lorde-sized hollow?

1) Is it just the strength of an ability that’s increased? You say a cero receives a 2x boost to strength, but it still has the same speed, correct? And how would a bala be affected, since it’s a speed-based ability?

2) Is there any difference between this and the third shikai? I’m not certain from looking at it, though it’s obviously not a problem if it is.

3) I do understand the Arturo Plateado aspect, though I’m uncertain on Marvel’s Death. What abilities does he have?

Looks very interesting overall, well done.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Thanks for the review whiteflame I'll answer your questions now

Shikai: 1) it doesn't take resrecsion abilities and there is no time limit for the abilities.

2) it's damage threshold is like a zanpakuto for any metal parts but wood, any wood made by this would be bone instead, would be weaker.

Fire: the time between fireballs doesn't matter

Water: this stays a cube and stays floating in place

Wind: this only effects the users body this would mainly help with movement and I guess fall damage reduction if used before they picked up speed falling.

Earth: this is preety weak I guess I only put it there because I couldn't think of anything else for earth

Lightning: no after it's run out of charge it is just a weapon

Pheonix: they would have the strength of the users blocking strength

3) with this the user can put as much reshi in as they want but if it was in a vasto lordo or arrancar it would be more consentrated.

Bankai:1) didn't really think about that but it would just be a strength increase for any abilities .

2) the only diffence in them is that this one can summon more then one hollow at a time.

3) well death in marvel for one has no real gender but it normally takes female forms it is the personification of the death all life will face. It's like galactic in power but it doesnt get weaker with hunger. It has more abilities then I want to name but it can Automatically take the soul and kill anything that's soul doesn't belong to Someone and all the demonds like mephesto get there power from it. This is one of the most powerful things in all the marvel universe and Arturo was so powerful that the captin commander had to run from him 1000 years ago and trick him. Both of these were a joke because I can't think of a there ability lol :D.

Thank you for the review and I hope to get the new shinigami with special powers from this out soon.

P.S does anyone else think Arutro would make an awesome filler arch???
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over a year ago morenzoboss said…
In response to whiteflame - first off, thanks for the review xD after reading that it seems I was a little unspecific and unclear on some abilities, and some may be slightly overpowered. I generally made it to go with a story in my head (One where I've been trapped, and training for 1000 years) but I guess it's a bit unfair for this thread.

Let me redefine this a bit:
The moving about reishi at will: That just means I can do something like twirl it around my fingers, and is mainly just to show that it's weightless. I meant that when I swing it as an actual weapon, I stabilize, turning it into a solid form, and I can't just change this at will, I have to focus it x)

1) What I mean by White enhancement is to enhance the properties commonly associated with these body parts. As in, when people think of a hands, they think of strength. For the torso, I made it so that I'd be harder to cut. As for the brainpower thing, I meant that it would be easier for me to think of strategies and use kido. Also, I meant that the aura would surround a general area of the body, not in any particular size.

2) I meant that I can just fire something of my choice, with the same kind of power from my sword. I don't really know how to simplify that :P

3) With the dragon, this does seem a little overboard now that you mention it xD What I meant was to focus all my reishi into this one attack and create a physical, pure white dragon, that can cut people or breath fire... again, it sounded better in my head x)

Bankai: The scales and wings are meant to act as an armor, but I suppose it is more for show than anything... I imagine that they can't but cut into, maybe symbolising the increased endurance I recieved, but it really is just to inspire my fusion with the dragon. Also, it should let me to fly xD Incase that wasn't clear.

1)Okay, in this case, it's less focused, more just a permanent white aura surrounding me. 20fold may be a bit much, I just wanted a rough estimation... not to mention it works a lot better with my story xD Maybe instead 10 fold or 15fold... it's basically just the massive bursts I got from channeling it, just permanent and in all areas.

2)With the weapons - I should have been more defined, I know x) I meant just pure white energy weapons, much like the ones Ulqiorra used in his final battle with Ichigo. I hope that clears it up a bit :P They're just solid objects. With the giant ball, yes, I realized how much I overdid the minute I submitted this xD I realize no bleach character would have that much power x) I just meant that my most powerful form of these energy attacks was just a giant ball, much like the ones many anime characters (Frieza from DBZ for example) use x)

3)I may have overdone this a bit x) The 1 year thing was just meant to be a part of my story, where I trap Aizen in order to train Ichigo, because noone at the moment is powerful to stop the new, improved, Aizen (Would anyone enjoy that as an arc?). Anyway, maybe we should tone it down a bit. Let's say, I unleash a powerful white wall, that I send forward, and if the opponent is trapped within this, they are sealed into a little world, which can only be broken by an extremely powerful, focused attack (Final Getsuga Tensho Ichigo's Metsuga, for example). That better? :)

Oh crap, I only read wagakagami's review after I wrote this :P Ahh if you find anything I haven't mentioned in here just pm me or something xD I'm new to fanpop, so, something xD... Thanks for reading...

P.S. I'm really keen with this whole story thing in my head, so if anyone wants to hear it, let me know... XD
over a year ago PhantomGir said…
here's mine hope it's okay!
Zanpakuto-Chikagami(Blood Mirror)
Release command-takemasu(dissolve)
Bankai-Zenlokchikagami(Shattered Blood Mirror)
Shikai description-when released, chikagami becomes a nagamaki, but the blade is twice as long.
Shikai abilities-ChiFukuseiShimasu(Blood Duplicate)
when user(me) witnesses a technique, chikagami duplicates it, and varies the power and range.
ChiShinkiroo(Blood Mirage)
The user cuts their own wrist and the blood is changed into reiatsu. It then forms eight to nine duplicates.
Machibuse ChiShinikroo(Ambush of Blood Mirages)
Reiatsu forms around user and duplicates. They then surround the target(s) by using flash step. You can either use kido or strike them with your blade.
Bankai abilities-ChiKesshoo(Blood Plasma)
User slices wrist(s) and lets out 2 quarts of blood each which turns the plasma into intense plasma-like reiatsu, which surrounds the user.
ChiKusari(Blood Chain)
(To be used after ChiShinkiroo or ChiKessho) Chains begin to form over the slashed wrist(s) and can extend over 100 meters.
KubomiMachibuseChiKesshoShinkiroo(Hollow Ambush of Blood Plasma Mirages)User first uses MachibuseChiShinkiroo and ChiKessho). Then they hollowfy(you can use ChiKusari or bakudo at this point) After a few minutes, a sphere made of the same material as hollow masks with spikes surround users and target(s). Sphere begins to spin and discharge green lightning reiatsu. Sphere can teleport to avoid collateral damage at this stage. After this, you can fire kido, cero, gran rey cero, or ChiFukuseiShimasu. (ChiFukuseiShimasu at this point has 100% chance of enhancing copied attack) Sphere discharges a green shockwave 300 meters out, and sphere disappears.
i know its overkill but i had to get this out of my skull
over a year ago viktoriya773 said…
big smile
Akai hiryū - akay hiriyu - fly red fire dragon - Shikai 
Yōgan buresu- yoniha buresu - lava breath - bankai 
regular form: long blade and short handle. Red handle. Silver color 
Shikai- has a long dragon on the blade 
Bankai- fully turns gold. Dragon is red and glows. When pierce the ground a tunnel of lava underground and attacks where ever the enemy is standing from the ground (50mph) 
Can't use bankai in the air. 
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

You should post abilities and give a run-down on how these abilities work. Otherwise we can't really give you a proper review and all. It does sound good so far, but when you list your Bankai and Shikai like that it allows for too much generalisation and unspecificity.

All-in-all, i think it could be great once you have worked on it a little bit. XD
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

1) The first Shikai ability, Blood Duplicate, needs some strict guidelines and limitations. What is the range on the duplication? When you say that the power and range varies, you need to give examples. How powerful can this make the original attack? How much better (or varied) can the range become? Does this have a cooldown time? Does it require reishi in order to activate and, lastly, specify 'witness', do you only have to see the attack to duplicate it? Or do you have to take a hit from it, or have some kind of contact with the Zanpakuto and opponent's ability?

2) Blood Mirage. This needs specification. How powerful are these duplicates? How long do they take to form? Is there a cooldown, and can the ability be used multiple times?

3) Ambush of Blood Mirages. The same general questions as with Shikai ability two apply. Also, how fast do they move? And how much damage can they do by themselves?

Bankai abilities

1) Blood Plasma. What can this do? Damage? Defense? What? This ability needs to specify what effect it has and what benefits it gives the wielder.

2) What can these chains do? Specify. If they are used to chain up the opponent from 100 meters away, then, how long does it take for the chains to extend? Is there any lag-time? Do they do damage? Can they be broken?

3) All I can say is that this ability, as you said, is well-overpowered. I'd dumb it down a bit and probably not have the Hollowfication in there, and maybe not the Gran Rey Cero, otherwise I think this ability is pretty good.

This is a great Zanpakuto, can use a little work, but its pretty good considering. Good luck with that, dude. XD
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
Omg, this is so interesting. I made 3 of my own too:

Shikai Initial release: Shinri Sozo
Release Command: Desire

Ability #1 Ken wa shinka: The shape of its blade and hilt can transform to any size and shape. This gives the wielder an advantage in melee combat. Despite it's ability to shift-shape, it's weight remains the same. It can change shape at anytime as long as the wielder is making contact with Shinri Sozo. The speed it changes depends on the wielder's will.

Ability #2: Shinri Sozo neutralizes the abilities (temporarily, time varies; depends on the opponents spiritual pressure. Higher=longer, weaker=shorter) of anything it cuts.

Bankai: Shinjitsu Dorobo

Retains all abilities mentioned.

Ability #1 Fuyo Jisatsu: Reverses the directions of anything it touches (Physical and Projectile). The range of the reflected attack remains the same as when originally fired or swung/slashed/etc.
If an object is touched by this (excluding user), he, she, etc will be flipped from the inside out meaning that their organs will be on the outside, skin in the inside.
If a physical melee-type weapon's attack is affected by this ability (if it hits the blade), the spot on the wielder's body that would have been damaged/cut/broken will be sent to the enemy but in a random area. The damage of the reflected attack will be the same.

Zanpaktou #2 (Dual Bladed): Dansu no Shindo
Release Command: Shatter and Vibrate

Ability #1 Setsudan Kikoeru: The user waves Dansu no Shindo from the left to the right or right to left and creates ultrasonic sound wave vibrations for offensive purposes in the form a "(" or ")" shaped wave. The longer the distance, the wider it gets. When first fired, it's size starts off at the exact same length as the blade itself. In Bankai mode it takes the form of a tsunami made of sonic waves. One hit of this (Bankai mode) will wipe out any protruding thing into a perfectly flat surface.

Ability #2 Shirudo no Shokyo: Dansu no Shindo focuses sound waves with reishi (or my spiritual pressure)together to form a vibrating shield that disintegrates any attack (both projectile and physical). It can also be used offensively, having the shield surround its target and gradually getting smaller and smaller, trapping the target(s) and eventually eviscerating it/him/her/them. Beings with captain level or above spiritual pressure and energy will cause evisceration to occur a bit more slowly. It can take the form of any shape and size and can be even used inward or outward. When focused outward on the blades of my Zanpaktou, it prevents the opponent's weapon from getting a clean hit on the blade or cause the blade to vibrate in the opponents wound or cut, damaging them even more. When used offensively, teleportation (or the teleportation Kidou spell) can be used to evade it. While it is IMPOSSIBLE to break from the inside when used inward, it will be easily broken (with a single shot/swing) from the outside. If used outward, it can only be broken from the inside. Being invisible (Bakudo #26 Kyakko; Bent Light) will also prevent the target from being trapped with this technique. When used to trap something/one, the user must first point at them with the sword. If you are pointed at even once, I will be able to trap my target even when it is out of sight unless in a different dimension.
If used inward on the OPPONENTS weapon, it will cause it to vibrate at tremendous speed, forcing the opponent to grip it harder. When this happens, the friction will create heat, causing the opponent to drop it. If they do not grip it tighter, they will most likely drop it.

Ability #3 Jigoku handan no himei: A beam of extremely compacted sound waves of both high and low frequency are forced together and shoots out continuously forward from the hilt. Most opponents will think it is a whip, but it is not. The vibrations from the waves will deteriorate anything it comes in contact, including other shields, weapons, and attacks. It can be used as a sweeping beam to take out multiple opponents. Only a single beam can be formed per blade (once again this Zanpaktou is dual bladed). It takes 3 whole seconds to generate this attack. Anything that is hit (besides a dimension/etc) will instantly be broken off due to the vibrations. The power of this attack is equal to an Espada Level Granz Rey Cero and Cero Oscuras combined.
In Bankai mode, an immense amount of spiritual pressure is released and the wielder stabs the Zanpaktou downwards into the fabric of space and turns it 90 degrees (right or left), then sonic waves begins to rush towards the sky in a large circular beam. Sonic waves (similar to Shirudo no Shokyo) will be emitted in every direction, gradually eroding and disintegrating anything (even air, reishi, reiatsu, attacks, zanpaktou, etc) outside the beam. Anything and everything caught in the ripples of the super sonic waves will be unable to move as the waves will hold them in place. The beam itself also has defensive purposes as it acts like armor, deflecting any and every attack upwards. This attack requires distance from the opponent (@ least 3 ft away). Those inside the beam will not be affected for it is a personal dimension that is shut off from the rest of the universe. This means even the Garganta, Senkaimon, and even teleportation cannot be used to enter this divine domain. The more obstacles that in the surroundings, the more powerful the attack. This occurs because the sound waves will bounce back and forth, left and right, up and down, in different directions simultaneously, making it unavoidable. It's power effects anything within 35 miles. If anything is caught in between at least two sonic waves, they will die with no trace of the corpse.

Ability #4 Nemuri no Kanakirigoe: The wielder holds Dansu no Shindo together in the form of a cross and then scratches the sharp end of the blades together which releases a high pitched noise. All those who can hear this noise will be affect by this technique. The noise this technique creates is similar to the noise a cat makes when scratching a chalk board.
By changing the frequency of the emitting sound waves, Dansu no Shindo can dispel or disable one's abilities for a period of time, hypnotize them (their mind will be conscious, but will have no sovereignty over their body) , or cause them to fall asleep(temporarily).

Ability #5 Hijō ni Memai: Focuses super sonic waves into the opponents ear, causing extreme dizziness or even unconciousness. This leaves the opponent wide open and vulnerable to all attacks and/or seals.

Since its abilities are based on sound waves, all its abilities hits (not counting cooldown/charging time of attack) the opponent at the speed of sound.

Bankai: Funka Shindo (Transforms back to a single, but a much wider bladed Zanpaktou)

Since its wider, it can be used as a shield, to swung like a bat to slap opponents, or hammer opponents and other objects.

Retains all abilities listed above but with 2x more power but with the same speed.

Ability Bakuhatsu Shini: The wielder cuts the target normally, but if the same spot is cut/jabbed/stabbed/even touched again from any direction in anyway, it will cause the target to explode with extreme heat caused by the vibrations of the blade at 400,000,000,000,000 degrees Celsius with the power of a supernova. If the target is a living thing, it will cause every cell in their body to explode in the same manner spoken above. The bigger the target, the bigger the explosion.

In both Bankai and Shikai, the colors of it's abilities vary by frequency (Highest frequency=White, Lowest frequency=black).

Zanpaktou 3: Koumaken Caliburn
It looks like a regular katana

Ability #1 Nensho: This ability allows Koumaken Caliburn to melt anything it cuts by heating itself up, besides liquids and gases. There is no limit to how hot it can get.

Bankai: Nobla Flamme
A regular double edged sword with a slight "S" shaped curve in the middle.

Retains the same ability

Ability #1: This sword controls the gates of Hell. At the command of "Open", this Zanpaktou opens up a forceful resurrection of the gates of Hell. Chains of eternally consuming flames and ember will emerge from the shadows of the gate and bind the target(s). The target will then be dragged into Hell. The only way to escape is by teleportation. Even Negaccion cannot stop it.

Ability #2: The user stabs the floor or ground and the exact spot where the opponent is standing on will be replaced with a portion of Hell's burning grounds.

kk toned it wayyyyyyyyyy down.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Bleach0123 (Shinri Sozo) –


1) How quickly can it change shape and size? Can it change weight as well? Can the shape of the blade change after it’s stabbed the opponent? Is there any limitation with regards to size? Can impossible shapes be achieved?

2) This is…incredibly overpowered. You even provide the most overpowered example: if you think your opponent dead, they will be. There’s no way to block it, no way to stop it, no way to deal with it. There are plenty of other overpowered possibilities with this too. You could imagine that you have the ability to stop time. You could imagine that your opponent is a weakling. You could imagine that you are infinitely powerful. This is basically every insane ability put together, and I have to wonder why you have a first ability if this can perform that as well. Even the bankai seems commensurate with this. Why can’t you just imagine that you’ve stolen their spirit energy and abilities…while you’re fighting them? You should dramatically tone this down.

Bankai: This is actually the most reasonable ability of all that you’ve provided for this blade, though you should define what “defeated” is. Does that mean unable to fight, or does that mean that the blade can determine when an opponent is beaten with some other method?

(Dansu no Shindo) –

1) I have some idea of how this looks, but it’s kind of confusing. How do sound waves form a tsunami, which is made of water? Are you creating a sonic vibration that forms a blast that looks like a tsunami made of sound? How powerful are these waves? I’ll get to an underview on speed, considering that’s where you mention it.

2) This one’s overpowered as well. For starters, it’s an all-inclusive shield, meaning it can block anything. There’s no defined size for it, so I’m guessing it can be extremely large, perhaps even surround you. If it can block anything at that point, then that’s an ultimate defense, with no way to get rid of it, excepting possibly an ability like the first blade. If it can disintegrate anything, that also means that opponents’ zanpakuto would be destroyed by clashing with it, which seems a bit much. The offensive usage, while undefined, seems just as problematic. If the shield disintegrates everything that touches it, and constantly gets smaller, then how does one escape from it? I don’t see anything here about a range, or how quickly the shield surrounds them, both of which could provide some ways to avoid it, but even if the creation time is long and the range is short, this is a sure kill ability with no way out, which is too much.

3) Again, we’ve got a problem. This is, essentially, an unblockable attack. Even without knowing the size of the blast (which should be in here), this will automatically destroy any defense. I’m not sure if it passes through defenses, but this would destroy any zanpakuto as well. Now you can either wait for them to hit your shield, or you can throw a beam at them that they’re forced to block. The only way around this is to dodge, which isn’t easy because of the speed (again, I’ll get to that). The fact that this can also destroy any attack, essentially acting as another layer of defense, seems a bit much too, considering that has no limits.

4) What’s the range on this? Are the sound waves you emit visible in this case? How long can you disable an ability for? Can you only disable an ability if you know of the ability, or will it automatically disable a random ability, or will it disable all abilities? What do you mean by
“hypnotize”? What level of control would you have over your opponent? To varying extents, this is very problematic as well. If you can disable abilities for even a reasonable stretch of time, you’re basically giving yourself a tremendous power boost. If you’re able to hypnotize them heavily, what’s to stop you from using that to end the fight immediately? And if you can render them unconscious, that’s basically an immediate win, since they become incapable of defending themselves. The first two can be toned down without eliminating anything, but the third is too powerful in any case.

So, as promised, an underview. The speed of sound is pretty much the maximal speed for everyone in the Bleach universe, faster than kido speed and able to keep up with sonido and shunpo. What that means is that they’re hard to avoid – not impossible, but difficult. The reason I’m mentioning this is that, since your abilities have effects that will always cause harm to any opponent, if they are this difficult to dodge, then you take away the only way in which this blade could be reasonable. It wouldn’t be such a huge problem if this was the speed in bankai, but in shikai, this essentially makes your blade far stronger than Aizen’s and Yamamoto’s.


1) Too much. Way too much. The 10x power increase is, honestly, kind of confusing (your abilities work on anything and everything already, excepting ability #1), but the speed boost is just insane. Your abilities already move at the speed of sound. Multiplying that by 50 basically makes your abilities undodgeable by anyone. It’s extremely excessive.

2) This one just seems like the even more overpowered icing on the cake. With your other abilities, at the very least, if someone gets close enough and keeps you occupied, they might be able to stop you from using them. With this, even touching your blade ends them. If their blade clashes with yours, it explodes with the force of a supernova, killing them. If your blade cuts into their clothing, it explodes with the force of a supernova, killing them. If you cut them a tiny bit on the finger, every cell in their body explodes with the force of a supernova, killing them.

Listen, I realize that these are just ideas, and that you’re trying to provide what would be your ideal blades. However, we are dealing in the Bleach universe here, and that universe has some limitations. It seems like both of these blades are, at the very least, stretching them dramatically. I’d suggest you work to tone them both down, especially that second ability on the first blade.
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
kk i guess i over did it. i'll change it. thnx 4 advice xD
over a year ago wantadog said…
Zanpakuto name:Nekokaburi(feigned innocence)

Sealed state: A katana with a 10 ince hilt and a 28 inch blade. The guard looks like several X's overlaid on top of each other.

Shikai appearance: After realeasing his zanpakuto, Nekokaburi's hilt and blade lengthen. The hilt lengthens by about 1 foot, and the blade wraps around it creating a ring with the hilt in the middle. Then ten stands of blue lightning connect to the hilt and blade(5 on each side). In the end it looks more like a shield than a blade. There is a small hole in the middle of the hilt.

Shikai abilities:

1: Unmeinoitazura(twist of fate)
the soul reaper places his finger inside of the hole in his blades hilt and spins the blade. The blade will continue to build up speed as it absorbs its users reishi. After 30 seconds the sword will be going so fast that it's a blur to even a captain. When that happens the blade creates a flame tornado made out of the absorbed reishi. This tornado incinerates anything that is caught inside. The tornado can follow the opponent, but the user cannot move. This attack can be used again after a 1 minute cooldown.

2. Akuma Bumu(fiendish craze)
This ability allows the soul reaper to change form. For example: Toku could use this ability to turn into a wolf or jaguar(my favorite animals). This ability has no time limit and there is no lag time between uses.

Bankai: Hatsuru Nekokaburi(cutting down little by little the feigned innocence)

Bankai description: After a massive burst of reiatsu, the soul reapers uniform is now made of a very thin, flexible, and strong metal. the soul reaper has sword-like rings wrapped around his wrists,neck, and waist.

Bankai attacks:

1:Kurutta Hitotsu No Emi(laughter of the crazy one).
dagger blades sprout out of The rings around the soul reaper's wrists and connect to form a drill. Then the drills start spinning. How fast they go is dependant on the amount of reishi they absorb from the user. These drills can fire cero-like blasts from the tips. These blasts are so powerful that they can take down even a espada(anywhere from 7-9)

2:Dokeshi Goroawase(the jesters pun).
The ring at the soul reaper's waist staightens into a sword. This sword has no special traits.

3: Akuma Bumu(Feindish craze)
Same as shikai
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over a year ago natsu21dragneel said…
argggggg so hard to make.....can you make me a zampaktou?
over a year ago morenzoboss said…
big smile
Alright, overpowered zanpakuto time!

Name - Shi no yubi (Finger of death)
Release command - Tsuku (Poke)

Shikai - The sword turns to black and surrounds the users right index finger, turning the tip completely black.

Ability 1 - Anything the finger touches disintegrates.

Bankai - Shi no te (Hands of death)

Same as shikai, except now it covers both hands.

Bankai - Same ability.

Am I doing it right?
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Parameta Yaiba ('Parameter blade')

Release Command: Synchronise (Shinkuronaizu)

Bankai: Kiritsu No Gunjin ('Rules of the Battlefield')

Shikai Special Ability:

-The Zanpakuto acts under basic parameters, determining use of the opponent's Zanpakuto and the use of Parameta Yaiba itself. This means that ANY Zanpakuto within a one kilometer square radius, has to follow the rules/parameters of Parameta Yaiba, including itself. This controls the wielder's use of the Zanpakuto too, the opponent and Parameta Yaiba's wielder.


-During an attack, the wielder of the Zanpakuto in question must have at least one of his hands on the tsuba at all times; if he/she drops or lets go the Zanpakuto, their opponent gains a 'bonus hit'. This 'bonus hit' does +50% damage to their opponent. The person who has to take the 'bonus hit' is required to stand still and receive their penalty, otherwise their Zanpakuto will ignore them and not work properly when used.

-When the opponent and wielder of Parameta Yaiba are engaged in air combat, they are required to have their feet remain in the air the whole time. If either touches the ground, the other is awarded a 'bnous hit'.

-'Bonus hit', when either the wielder or opponent breaks a rule, they are awarded a bonus hit, which allows them to cut the one being targeted once, without any interference from the one being targeted. If they interfere, then the bonus hit is reset and they have to take another cut.

Heihouka ('Tactician') This is a passive ability, which sharpens the senses of the wielder of Parameta Yaiba and allows them 'superpowered' battle senses, which greatly increases their battle tactics and kowledge of these tactics.

Bankai Abilities:

Kibaku Senjou ('Exploding Battleground') This ability is very powerful and can only be used three times per day. The ground underneath the opponent (for a radius of 500 square meters) is raised up into the air (this takes about five seconds, and goes up about 50 meters into the air), then drops at an incredible rate back towards the ground, crumbling and exploding on contact. The opponent's feet are sealed to the ground and they cannot move during the attack. The explosion is caused by a gel, which explodes after five seconds when it is touching anything that can be considered earth. The gel won't work if it is put on something that is less than fifty percent carbon. This is also applied to the ground, underneath the slab the opponent is fastened to, during the five seconds it is up in the air. The damage and extensiveness of the explosion are similar to that of a Gran Rey Cero of an Espada 0-4 and does incredible damage, even severely injuring a Vice-Captain, or normal Arrancar (Fraccion-level).

In Bankai, the abilities of Shikai still apply.

Sealed Form: The katana is longer than normal and somewhat wider than a normal one. The tsuba is coloured a light-turqoise colour, with ultramarine triangles in between. The guard is a circle, with another circle inside and space in between the two. The guard is gold- coloured.

Shikai Form: The tsuba is still the same, but much longer and thinner. The blade is black and much larger, becoming approximately five times as large as the Sealed Form and about twice as long (this makes about a eighty centimeter blade, which is about 2.5 meters long. It resembles a large cresent-shaped weapon, that is attached to the guard, which is the same, except black instead of gold.

Bankai Form: No change, except the blade gains five large holes, symmetrically placed along the end closer to the tip of the blade. A chain now hangs off the back and has a small mace and ball attached.
over a year ago Bleach0123 said…
Strongest Zanpaktou:
Shinri no Sozo (original idea)

Shikai: turns my imagination in to past, present, and even future events. So if I imagine someone died, they died.
Bankai: none
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over a year ago Zordaik said…
Zanpakuto Name: Richikin (Leeching Mould)
Sealed Appearance: The sealed form of the blade is a standard sized Katana. The blade is nothing special. In fact, the only thing unique about the sealed appearance of Richikin is the emerald hilt. It is decorated with carvings of various flora.

Release Command: Hirogaru, Richikin! (Spread, Leeching Mould!)

Shikai Description: When released, the blade of Richikin develops a hue of green matching the colour of it's hilt. When an opponent is cut by Richikin, hundreds of miniscule seeds are sent into the victim's body. These seeds will feed off the vitim's reiatsu and transfer it to the wielder via a spiritual link between both the wielder and the seed. After absorbing the energy, the seed will die. Each seed will consume about 1/100'000th of a Captain's reiatsu. In addition, Richikin becomes capable of using several abilities:

Bakuhoshi (Blast of Spores): The wielder thrusts Richiki's blade at the opponent, sending a large cloud of infinitesimal spores their way. The spores will not travel very far, at the most two feet from the tip of the blade. These spores will cling to the victim upon contact and begin to sap the victim's reiatsu. Each spore is capable of submitting 1/100'000th of a Captain's reiatsu to the wielder over the course of 5 seconds, and at the most each spore can do this twice before dying.

Hoshi Kurakaika (Blossoming of the Spores): This ability can only be used after Bakuhoshi. The spores created by Bakuhoshi do not submit the energy they have sapped to the wielder, but rather use it to grow themselves until they turn into large, orange bulbs which then fall off of the victim and explode one second after detaching. The explosion like that of a grenade, but lacking the shrapnel. It is comparable in power to a Shakkaho. The spores can be brushed off, and it would take about twenty seconds for them to gather the energy to use this technique.

Bankai: Furo wa Kaakei (Florascape)
Bankai Description: The wielder gently pushes the point of Richikin into the ground. A bright green reiatsu then begins to surge through the ground for about three seconds. When it ceases, the entire area in a 150 meter radius from where Bankai was initially released is changed into a lush, jungle-like and tropical setting. The wielder can manipulate each and every one of the plants in this area. The vegetation includes massive venus fly traps, vines hanging from palm trees, and a large other host of random vegetation. The wielder has no control over what kind of vegetation appears where. In addition, he retains the passive ability of his Shikai and gains some different abilities:

Ichijukihime (Strangling Ficus): The wielder thrusts the blade forward, firing a spiraling ficus-like plant at the opponent. It can travel at the speed of Shakkaho. Once it touches anything, it will snake around whatever if has connected with until it has wrapped fully around them before shooting it's roots into the victim. These roots will drain the water and reiatsu from the victim to assist in the plant's growth. Once the roots have set into a client that can sustain life, the plan will then become as solid as a normal tree, restricting the victim's movement. If it cannot set it's roots into something with a sufficient amount of water and reiatsu within five seconds, it will die.

Reishibudo (Reishi Vines): The blade splits into ten different thin vines. These vines can extend upon the wielder's wish, and can reach 50 meters long. When these vines wrap around a target, they will begin to absorb the reishi from the target. Though not difficult to break, they get stronger the more reishi they absorb. If not destroyed, they can actually absorb a target's entire being. The vines revert back into the regular sword if they are broken or if the ability is ended by the wielder's choice.

Hoshiarashi (Spore Storm): The ultimate technique of Richikin. Upon activating this ability, everything created by the wielder, even the entire area created by the Bankai, bursts into spores. These spores have the same effect as the spores from the Shikai ability, Bakuhoshi, but can be directed by the wielder like Senbonzakura. Because of the amount of energy needed to both break apart and control everything for this ability, it is used only as a last resort. After this ability has been used, the blade will revert back into it's sealed state. From there, Bankai cannot be used again for another two days.

I know it's not my best, but hey, I haven't posted a blade for quite a while. So cut me some slack.
over a year ago Fazoodle said…
My Zanpakuto would be this.

Zanpakuto: Joō jīru (Queen Zeal)
Realease Command: Tōchi (Reign)
Bankai: Joō jīru, keshin sakyubasu (Queen Zeal, succubus incarnate)

Zanpakuto Abillity I: If this Zanpakuto cuts my opponent, it takes a small portion of their reiatsu and uses that reiatsu to heal my body instantly. (If my body is not damaged, the Zanpakuto does not absorb reiatsu, also this Zanpakuto can only regenerate me until my body is back to it's normal state). (If the opponent is cut, the drain can't be blocked).
Zanpakuto Abillity II: When I scream the words "Akumu no yōna sakebi" (Nightmarish Scream) and swing the blade, a blueish black negative energy wave is realeased that can cause massive damage.
(This technique is just like the Black Getsugatensho and can be used frequently or be charged for at least 25 seconds for maximum damage).

Shikai Apearance: Looks like a blueish black bat wing with a long chain that comes off of the bottom of the sword that wraps around my arm.

Bankai Ability I: Wings of the demon are granted to me in this form and allow me to fly.
Bankai Ability II: A inhanced version of the drain ablillity, whenever my blade cuts ANYTHING, (Even the air or reiatsu) my body will regenerate equal to the ammount of reiatsu my sword has stored by it's abillity, making me really hard to kill. (This even works if the sword is still, because energy is constantly moving and being cut by my swords vibrations, also like the Shikai abillity, (If my body is not damaged, the Zanpakuto does not absorb reiatsu, also this Zanpakuto can only regenerate me until my body is back to it's normal state).

Bankai Apearance: The blade looks like it's breathing now and my apearance makes me look like a Bat Winged Boy.

Zanpakuto Weakness: If the long chain that is connected to my arm is broken, the draining abillity will no longer work. (This is true for both "Shikai & Bankai", though the chain is alot harder to break in Bankai form).

My Zanpakuto's Spirit Form: She looks like a kind succubus, she has bright red eyes and long glowing blue hair and she wears a white dress and has a set of small black wings on her head and black bat wings on her back, she also has a pointy black devils tail.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Hehe, nice blade Zordaik :)

I don't really have any questions, because this blade is pretty iron-clad. You've really made sure that each ability is as specific as it can be and it isn't over-powered. Though, since you obviously put a fair bit of effort into it, I'll generate some questions just to make sure of everything. XD

1) Blast of Spores. You said that they can only travel about two feet, so if I opponent is further away than that I gather they have no effect as they can't reach the opponent?

2) Blossoming of the Spores. If they are wiped off, are there any residual effects?

3) Strangling Ficus. How much reiatsu and water is this ability capable of consuming? If it successfully consumes reiatsu, is this also transferred via spiritual link to the wielder?

4) Reishi Vines. How much reishi are they capable of consuming? Can it also be absorbed?

Comments: All of your abilities are very well-balanced and your ultimate technique, Spore Storm is also a great ability, which can cause major damage, reiatsu absorption and is also well-balanced.

Don't kid yourself, this is a great blade and I know myself how hard it can be to create a new idea for a Zanpakuto, considering how many have been created on here. Excellent work, my friend!
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile
Wantadog (Nekokaburi)

1) You say it can incinerate anyone inside, which makes it extremely powerful. Could it, say, incinerate a Captain? How easily can it be avoided and how fast is it released and fired? How are the flames created?

2) What creatures can the wielder change into? Does this deal with mythological/mythical creatures too? How long does it take to change forms? Does using this form cost reishi, or use reiatsu? If it does, when the wielder takes damage/uses too much reiatsu, does this mean they can no longer maintain the form?

Bankai Abilities:

1) If the speed of this attack varies, then give a ranged estimate, just so you have that specificity. What's the range of this attack? Claiming they can kill Espada 7-9 is quite unspecific, I'm afraid. The Espada have different abilities and some are weak to different than the others. You need to classify that part slightly better, for instance, each blast is as powerful as a Cero from Espada 7-9.

2) What happens to the Zanpakuto? Does it manifest as the dagger-like rings on the arms of the wielder?

3) Same questions as Shikai Ability 2.

Overall, its a great blade, it just needs a little work on some of the finer details and then it will be an amazing Zanpakuto. Mainly just being specific and making sure you describe details clearly and use better-classfied examples.

Great job man! XD