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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Some more explanation for Sono Benda Me Kingu (The Eye Bender King)

When the eyes are open hado 30 to 60 can blind it for 5 seconds and hado over 61 can blind it for 30 seconds. Blind in this case means to stop it from using light type moves.

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
wagakagami, post them on my wall if you could. Kevy gave me an idea earlier (thanks!), should have a shikai only blade posted for that later today.
over a year ago Kgirllovespasta said…
(Is this an RP spot?)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
We do RPs on here, just not in this particular forum. This is more a place where RPs take root.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
This is a Bankai for Izuru Kira's Zanpakutō Wabisuke

Inspired by Wabisuke spirit form and dress

Bankai name: Batsu Wabisuke (Punish the penitent one)

Bankai Appearance and Description: He is completely dress like the spirit of the blade. (See picture below). The only that changes is the sword it becomes shaped like a question make with all side being straight and the corners are pointy.

There are two weapons and a shield.

Ball with Chain
The ball weighs 50 pounds and the chain connected to it is 10 feet in length. Kido over 60 can stop a ball attack. Ball takes 5 seconds to throw and it moves as fast as Gigetsuburi and has double the power. The ball has the same ability as shikai but it has doubled. Also it does not matter if the ball is attacked or the user attack with the ball as long as the ball connects with steel its ability takes effect. Also the Chain is stronger than the ball so it cannot be cut by physical or hado attack. When ball is held the user s speed is cut in half and when it is drop regular speed will return an user can attack in that speed as far as the length of the chain.

This is on the users back and it cannot be removed or shifted. To use this, the user turns his back toward the attack and sits down. The shield is the little over length of the users back. This has the same strength as the chain.

The ability of the sword is to double the weight of body tissue and bone. For example if the leg is slashed it would become twice as heavy. Also if it touches the skin without bruising it, the entire skin on the body will become 1/8 the entire skin weight heavier. Another thing, if the blade reaches bone the bone weight is doubled. If skin is touch alone the entire skin become heavier, if skin and flesh is cut only the area of the cut become heavier and if skin, flesh and bone are cut that area become heavier and the bone that is cut become heavier.

Anyone can give their view it will be appreciated.
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 This is a Bankai for Izuru Kira's Zanpakutō Wabisuke Inspired 의해 Wabisuke spirit form and dress
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Shikai Name: Tanraku… (Short circuit…)
Release Command: Ōbāraido (Override)

Shikai Appearance: In its unreleased form, the blade is no different from a normal katana with a black handle. Upon release, not much changes, except that the blade and handle appear to age dramatically. The black becomes grayed with time, spots of dirt and cuts marring its length. The blade is full of nicks and scratches, with small chunks of metal missing at various points, and coming to an abrupt stop 2 inches from the end as though it has been cut off. The metal is even rusted, with not a gleam of shine coming off of it, though it cuts as though it’s been honed every day.

Shiaki Abilities: Both abilities one and two apply to all enemies engaged in battle with the wielder to any extent.

1. Nervous Confusion – This ability reverses nervous impulses of opponents. The most important example is that opponents feel pleasure instead of pain from injuries. However, this also applies to other impulses. Their response to heat and cold would be reversed. If they bleed profusely, their body would push them to use energy faster instead of slowing down. Pupils will dilate in the light. This applies only to impulses, meaning things the body automatically does in response to stimuli.

2. Phantom Injury – Any and all injuries, current and former (former only if they left a scar), activate at regular intervals. Whenever they activate, the initial pain of the injury is brought back in full. All injuries activate at the same time, every 10 seconds. This does not take away from the normal pain already extent in any wound. In combination with the first ability, this produces waves of pleasure with each activation, increasing an opponent’s desire to be injured further.

3. Hyper Tension – The wielder can, at any point, increase their sensation to its absolute maximum and reduce it down to its minimum. At its minimum, the wielder would be totally numb to all feeling. At its maximum, every feeling they have will hit them harder. That means that they can feel each thread in the grip of their katana, each small pebble underneath their feet (even in sandals), their injuries will hit them harder, and any source of light will practically become blinding. However, this also means that he will feel the wind from a blade as it rushes towards them, allowing time to dodge. This means that, if he is on the verge of collapsing from fatigue, he can keep himself upright by the sheer magnitude of his pain washing over him. This means that even the darkest of environments seem lit up to him.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Reivew for Whiteflame55's Tanraku

Shikai. My only question for your shikai is does the rust effect anyone cut by it. Anyway it has a really nice look to it.

1. Nervous Confusion - This is an instrasting ability that can be vary effective but is there any way to stop it? I mean could you just shine a bright light to stop an opponent from seeing or fight someone at night and they won't be able to see? When is leave my bathroom at night i can't see any thing if no lights are on and my eyes dilate in about 2 miniutes so everything is in plain sight so if that was reversed i couldn't see anything after 2 minutes then that would effectivly be like blinding them until you stoped shikai. Also it would effect everyone in combat with them making this like invisability along with other effects. For a shikai ability with no form of cooldown reshi cost or defence against it this might be a bit much.

2. Phantom Injury - How long does the pain last after each 10 second interval? Also is the desire to be injured come from the effect or just the pleasure?

3. Hyper Tension - Well with this ability how fast can the user change between the two? Also does this apply to any of the senses or just touch. Also does the user have the ability to stop the body from flooding the brain with endorphins and serotonin to cloud it's transmitters and knock them out or whould the user have to be vary careful about how much pain they put them selfs in?

Overall this blade is vary nice you did a good job it's just that most abilities that effect the opponets body with automatic activation no reshi cost and defence against them tend to be op. Ether way this is a cool shikai and i look forward to any possable bankai for it.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
wagakagami that was a good review. I did not thing of non of those stuff.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
I waited to post this one for a week or two becuase describing the shikai form was hard and it might not be clear but this is the best i can do so i hope it doesn't confuse anyone. Also i'd like a review for it if no one minds.

Zanpakuto Name: Ku Ainokessho_ Ryu ( Nine Children of the Dragon )

Release Command: Danpen ( Shread )

Shikai: When released the zanpakuto's handle grows to 2.5 feet long and the blade grows to 5 feet long. There are 8 zanpakuto with 1 foot long handles and 2 foot long blades connected to the main zanpakutos guard, or where the guard would go. They all go through the main blade at the guard as if they are skewering it at 35 degree angles but it is still one piece of metal. The bladed side of the swords face out from the main blade. Sorry this was hard for me to describe :(

Ability 1: Kochikochi Sonki Ainokessho_ ( Frightened Noble Children ) One minute after shikai is used one of the small swords dissappers and reforms in 9 seconds into a 2 foot long 5 inch thick golden chinese style dragon. This dragon looks ghostly and glowing. The dragon is about as fast and strong as the users punch and can bite as hard as the user can bite. The teeth of the dragon are as hard and sharp as the zanpakuto and are backwards serated. This dragon can't move more then 3 feet away from the user or the zanpakuto, exp. the user has a dragon floating off the tip of the zanpakuto and then throws it the dragon can stay around the zanpakuto, and if it is pulled away from that then it turns to gas and reforms at the same speed it takes to form. When the user is moving the dragon is uneffected by it, like someone walking in a moving bus. The dragon follows the users mental commands and if grabbed by the user it turns back into the sword, it stays seperate from the main blade but counts as part of the zanpakuto, and when let go it turns back into the dragon if the user wants, if it is farther then 3 feet then it reforms around the user. This dragons body is gas like and when hit simply reforms but the head is as strong as bone and when destroyed the dragon has to reform, at normal speed. Every minute after the first one forms another one forms from another one of the swords and this continues until 8 of them are formed. One minute after the 8th dragon is formed the last blade forms turns into black gas and forms into a black dragon with red eyes like the others around the user arm but it is solid. It is about 1 foot thick and the head is about a foot long. This dragons body is as strong as bone and it's as flexable as a snake. This dragon can bite as hard as a great white shark and the user can shoot kido out of it like it was there hand. The user controls this like a limb of there and can see, feel, hear, smell, and taste, through it. When they want they can make it strech at kido speed to a length of 100 feet and it's increased length doesn't effect the weight. If this is destroyed then it reforms in 90 seconds. Due to this being part of the users body the small dragons can move three feet off of it as well. These timed changes can't be stoped but if the user lets a dragon drink a mouthfull of there blood, same amount as the users mouthfull, then it counts as one and a half minutes wents by.

Bankai Name: Ku Ko_Ryu_ ( Nine Ascended Dragons ) When bankai is used the zanpakuto forms into nine dragons just like the small dragon from shikai but they are about as fast, strong, and large as Hyorinmaro in shikai form. They are like shikai mainly gas like with bone strengthed heads and teeth as strong and sharp as zanpakutos. They can move farther away then 3 feet but they must be verbaly commanded and if they are destroyed then they can be reformed in 90 seconds with 10% of the users reshi.

Ability 1: Setainushi ( Head of the Famliy ) When this is used the dragons all fly into the users body and they are absorbed into them. The user then forms into a large red dragon, slifer the sky dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh see pic, this is about 2 times the size as renji's bankai and can move about as fast as it, it's wings are not needed for flight. It's scales are about as strongs as turtle shells and 3 feet thick.It's bite is strong enough to bite through Komamura's bankai's arm in about 6 seconds and if wraped around it could crush it in about 30 seconds, if left to crush it undisterbed. The hands have about 1/4 the bite force.

Ability 2: Ryu Buresu ( Dragons Breath ) The top head on the dragon can shoot out a stream of fire at kido speed that is as hot as a wildfire, 800 degrees C. This uses .5% of the users reshi a second.
 I waited to post this one for a week 또는 two becuase describing the shikai form was hard and it might
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami –

Shikai: The rust effect is purely visual. It looks that way, but doesn’t have any physical effect.

1) This is, essentially, undodgeable. Normally, I don’t like that kind of ability, but I wouldn’t say this is all that hard to deal with. It’s not like someone wouldn’t be able to see in the dark, it’s that they’re system would respond in the opposite way to what their surroundings would normally dictate. Utilizing the surroundings would be a must in order to even see these take any effect at all, and most of them wouldn’t affect their ability to fight. The visual effect is the only one that has any effect, and every other sensation would be working just fine. In normal lighting, this would have absolutely no effect. I get that it lacks a cost, but considering that this also provides what could be considered an advantage to the opponent (feeling pleasure instead of pain), I think it balances rather well. Still, I could add a small reishi cost of 1% every 30 seconds.

2) The maximum pain lasts only an instant, though much like the cut itself, it would taper off over those 10 seconds instead of immediately disappearing. The desire to be injured comes from the pleasure (i.e. the opponent would want more injuries because more injuries = more pleasure). The whole idea behind this ability is to acclimate them to a certain level of pleasure that will make them seek more. Now that I think about this one, it will have a reishi cost. Each 10 seconds this is used, 1% of his reishi will also be used.

3) The change is instantaneous, like turning on and off a lightbulb. All of the senses are effected, touch is just the most profound. Sounds would be intensely louder, lights brighter, smells and tastes stronger. There would have to be a lot of care taken here. On the one hand, if the user is exhausted, this will prop them back up. Their injuries will suddenly feel so painful that they’re forced back to consciousness. On the other, if they take a really bad injury while their senses are strengthened, they may simply pass out from the pain since it’s so much more intense. It’s a delicate balance.

Thanks for the review man, always appreciate these responses. I believe this one will be a standalone shikai, hardly ever do those. I've got another standalone that I'm thinking on as well involving pistons, though right now it's a little too basic, so I'm still thinking on it.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Regarding the reviews of the new blades today, I'm taking a break (did a lot yesterday) so I'll hit these up tomorrow. All too happy to do it, especially for you two, just always good to slow down for a bit.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you for answer my question and i understand taking a break. But in regardes to the shikai ability 1 taking 1% every 30 seconds is a bit much and really takes down the effectivence of it due it the fact that you don't turn it off and being a % means both the captain commander and any red shirt shinigami could use it for only 50 minutes if they go to zero from 100 without using any other abilities.In general a blade with a percent reshi cost leaves no room for scaling up or down which is why i rarely like to use them. For this ability i think it's a really good fit but ether way 1% isn't a small one in my opinon.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
big smile
This is a short review

Ku Ainokessho_ Ryu (wagakagami)

Shikai form is quite interesting. I wonder how it will fear in a physical battle.

Ability 1. When the dragon turns to gas is it flamable, is it affect by the elements for example wind? Does it scatter an take longer to reform if so how long? Are all the dragons'bellies their weakness if so what sort of level of attack can damage it? Also the black Dragon you say user can feel pain through it, how much pain? If the black dragon head is cut off does the user fall in agony. You say the black dragon can smell, is a fart lethal? lol Also you say the dragons can drink the user's blood, after this blood is taken how is the user state affected? Last thing for this move, can the dragon be capture by bakudo?

Bankai looks good to me

Ability 1: How long does the dragon takes to be aborded by the user? Can this process bee stopped? If so by what can stop it? Can the user come out of this mode? If so how long does it take? Does it leave him weak? also is the drago belly its weak spots? Also you say the wing is not need to fly, if so what is its purpose? Can wings be used as defence?

Ability 2: How long can the kido fire be released? How far can this reach?

Beside, its a scary and interesting zanpakuto

I hope this helps.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Heh, alright, I can associate it will a certain level kido spell instead.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
big smile
Thanks kevy1 for the review no matter how small I enjoy the feedback. With the dragon turning to gas it's not really a gas that's just a visual thing also with the elements and the dragon belly issues the only part of the dragon that can be effected are the head and teeth of it. The head is as strong as bone and for any effect it,s head can be thought of as bone and the body non existent . Also I guess saying reforming is misleading when it dies and comes back it's a new one so if it was away from the user no additional time is added. With the black dragon the user feels like it was there arm so if it was beheaded it would feel like getting a hand cut off. With the fart thing no it would not be lethal lol but could be overwhelming I guess if it was really bad. With the blood the user would be effected by the blood loss nothing else. With bakudo it could but if it got more then 3 feet from the user it would just respawn but if it was some how sealed I guess that could work.

With the first ability I can't remember what I put in the first post, using my iPhone right now, but I think it was around 3 seconds and this can't be stopped. For changing back it would take the same time and if the users fatigue and reshu loss carry over so if they were hurt badly, like a big stab or there raishi was drained then they would change back and be knock out from the reshu loss.. With the belly being weaker the the top I guess it should be but I didn't think of that lol. The wings are more for show but I guess they could be used to block an attack.

For ability 2 I guess it could go about 100 yards at max and it could be used until Reshi runs out.

Thank you for the review all feed back helps me lol if it wasn't for whiteflame reviewing mine and ichigosuke and other letting me review there's I would be a lot worse at completing my ideas and conveying them.

Also I to thought this blades was a little scary when I thought of it. Most dragons I see are ether magical beings or simply apex predators so I tryed to combine them by making this. So to make them mystical I made there body's ghostly and there like animals because there only way to attack is to repeatedly bite and rip off chunks of the enemy's flesh.
over a year ago Tom_hud94 said…
To Whiteflame55

After reading your comments I thinks its fair to say My flare strike is over powered. So I making the Huge explosion of light only reach about 1-2 metres away from me, and every slash has to be inflicted onto a limb so they are non-fatal. The speeds are only in the lights radius and it will make the enemies blind for the amount of time they are in the light. The light will only last about 3 seconds.

My Raiben will start off at 2 metres in length and with every strike will shrink 15 cm. In terms of power they will inflict damage like any other whip, the lightning is just the material it is made out of. Yes, I can revert it back at any point, and there will be a lag time of 2 hours.

The shock waves will be 1 metre in radius, since they are lightning shock waves they are fast so will reach their range in 0.5 seconds. They will cause an electric shock only to the top of the limb they strike, so hand to shoulder, foot to thigh. And they wont stun enemies.

Yes, the store of energy will be there to start with. The time I will be at 4 times power will now only be 20 minutes, and after the 4 times power there will be no other power boosts. Also as a drawback, To refill the box, I will have to use my own spiritual pressure to fill it up again. It will take 20 minutes to fully charge at maximum input with full concentration, so in a fight I will not likely be able to use it again.

The closest I can be able to describe each blast in terms everyone will know, will be an electrical version of a Cero. Which can only be fired 4 times in total, cause 7 is overpowered. I will not be able to use Bankai 2, but if I have used bankai 2 and not refilled the box with energy I will not be able to use this ability. And I will be able to choose when to fire them.

Thanks for your input, they are very helpful. I will always accept constructive comments.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Tentoukogeki ('Counter Attack')

Release Command: Fight back (Tatakai youritsu)

Bankai: Choujouhou Tentoukageki ('Ultra Intelligence Counter Attack')

Shikai Abilities:

The Zanpakuto responds to ANY attack, that hits the wielder. For different types of the attacks, the effect is different:

Kido-based Zanpakuto and Kido Spells: If the wielder is hit by Kido spells (Hado and Bakudo) or Kido-based Zanpakuto, then the Zanpakuto will fire off a reiatsu-based attack, that breaks any lasting effects of the Kido and uses 70 percent of the same amount of reiatsu, for the attack by the opponent, back to the opponent.

Elemental: The Zanpakuto automatically responds to any elemental attack that hits the wielder. The opposite element is used in an attack on the opponent (usually one that has the similar effects of Bakudo spells, but does damage too).

Reiatsu-based: These are countered the same time they are fired, so the wielder receives no damage. The counter-ability responds with a reiatsu attack, that has 70 percent of the power of the opponent's attack.

Other types: The Zanpakuto responds with a reishi trap, which goes off if it comes close enough (2 meters) in contact with reiatsu.

Bankai abilities:

Tentoukageki: Kotaeru ('To Respond') When this ability is used, the Zanpakuto automatically responds to any attack. This can respond to attacks stronger than those of the wielder. When the attack is released by the opponent, Tentoukageki detects the signature of reiatsu release and automatically counters the attack, stopping it and then dealing the same amount of damage, invested in the attack, back to the opponent.

Tentoukageki: Kaunta Benkai ('Counter Defence') When this is used, any attack can be stopped and then this goes to create further defense for the wielder, by a ginjotan wrapping around the wielder's chest and shoulders, then the Zanpakuto emits a spiritual defense barrier, which can only be broken by highly-powered reiatsu based attacks.

Sealed Form: The katana has a dark green tsuba, with brown underneath the green wrapping. The guard is shaped like a missile, and is gold. The blade is silver and resembles that of any ordinary katana.

Shikai Form: The guard changes to black, while the blade also changes to black, but has a slight green resonance or aura coming off it faintly. The blade is much bigger, though the length is still the same, at 1.15 - 1.2 meters long, and is approximately six inches high, making it almost twice the size of a katana blade.

Bankai Form: The Zanpakuto is the as in Shikai, except that it has a green tassel hanging out of the tsuba and it has twin-blades, instead of just one blade. Blades are same length and height as in Shikai.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
This is a tiny review for blackpanther Tentoukogeki ('Counter Attack')

This goes for all the counter response attack by shikai accept the last one for other types and bankai. Is their lag time before response? If so how much? You say when the user is attack the blade response with an attack. Does this apply to the users body or only the sword. Also, if two enemies use bakudo 63 can this be deflected,what is the limit? Also can blade be shatter when overwhelmed by power, if so can it recover and at what rate? Next thing, can the reflect attacks be controlled? For example, if attack in front can the user use the reflect attack in another direction?

Well thats all I can think of so I hope it was useful.

over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Name: Yahiko Shuukai

Gender: Male

Age: 12

Rank: none

Appearance and Description: White hair that glisten like sparkling crystal when pure reshi is in the air. This reaches beyond his back but he does not show it, he hides it in snow hat. He has big light grey eyes and has a tan like Yoruichi. He wear a long sleeve, circle neck, button up, blue and black stripe pattern T-Shirt that is 100% cotton, it also cover his pants a little. Pants are knee high.Moreover he possess the purest soul in both the world of the living and Soul Society.

Height: 4 feet

Weight: 95 pounds

Mannerisms: He is a quiet boy that is shy but he wishes to play with his peers. He has a good sense for justice; he hates to see bullying and would intervene even if the situation looks rough. He is caring; his heart is distilled if someone is in pain even if it is the enemy. Although he is timid he is courageous and brave and will fight for his beliefs.

Zanpakuto: Katanayin (Good Blade)

Release command: Purify all things that are unholy or Let your present be know to the righteous

Type: Holy and Light

It is never sealed it only sleeps until the user activates it.

Description and Appearance of Shikai: It has a foot long handle with one piece of white cloth rapped around it. It is made from white steel same as the sword. The hilt is shaped like the yin symbol and the sword is shape like a cross. The sword is 2 feet long and the blade that makes the cross is one feet in length and is 4 inches away from the hilt.

Note that the blade will not work if the user has too much yang (evil) in his soul. The yin must be much more than the yang. Also the blade must never be used for physical (direct) attack because it will go back to sleep but the blade can be use the block physical attacks.

Shikai abilities
Note that kido type attacks are useless against this blade.

Ability 1: Shinkouteki Kiyome (Spiritual Purification)
The Yin symbol appears 6 feet in length and width, it glows white spiritual pressure and take 5 seconds to appear. It releases a blast of holy spiritual pressure that reaches up to 10 feet. Symbol can be placed any where, the ground, in the air etc. This is controlled by the point of the sword and the mind of the user and the symbol can be place up ten 10 feet in distance. Also symbol can be placed in any position left, right, upside down, downside up etc. by the user mind. This move is only useful against hollows and the hybrids of hollows; it can destroy a menos grande if attack lands its face.

Abilities 2: Kiyome Gokuin Sebun Dankai Fuse Tentou (Purification Seal: Seven Stages of Heaven)
This is controlled by the mind and blade like the first ability. Seven white circles of light trap the target, each one larger and the other. This takes 20 seconds dance to initiate it and once trapped the target is purified and sent to the soul society. This move is only useful against hollows and the hybrids of hollows also. Arrancar level hollows can be vanquished with this move and it does matter the size of the target, the circles are created individually for each target.

Ability 3: Tentou Benso Atakku(Heaven Defense Attack)
A different dance is done for 10 seconds and a yin symbol appears under the user’s feet, it is 6 feet in length and width, it glows white spiritual pressure and is surrounded by 7 circles of light, the last one reaching 14 feet and each are 2 feet apart. Each one creates a light sphere. The first circle close to the symbol releases the sphere after the dance and the other s are releases in 2 seconds one after the other. The first sphere is 6 feet tall and the others are 2 feet taller than the previous one. The first sphere 10 seconds to shutdown and the other take 2 second less than the previous. Once target is trapped in this move, he is purified and sent to the soul society.

Bankai Name: The Yin Dragon of the White Dragon Dynasty

Description and Appearance of Bankai: A white hole appear by the user’s heart and the blade is push though it. In this time no one can go 10 feet near him because the spiritual pressure will destroy their soul, not instantly though, with 10 seconds. When blade is totally in the hole closes and huge blast of white spiritual pressure is released. In 20 seconds the bankai appears, a white Chinese dragon appear around the user, it is twice the size of Renji bankai and can move independently. The dragon is control by the users will but if evil is sense it instinctive go toward it. The user’s shinigami clothing is now white and he where a crown that is used to control the dragon better. If the crown is taken the user lose half of command power over the dragon.

Note that user is now a transcendent being and can not be killed by human, shinigami nor hollow and their hybrids only another transcendant being can kill him. Also, when bankai comes to a close the user vanishes to be born again and the blade returns to shikai sleep.

The Shinigami’s abilities
The user has the same abilities as shikai but the initiation time is cut in half.

The Dragon’s abilities
The dragon has the same abilities as shikai but everything is doubled the power, distance and initiation time.

Note that if dragon is destroying the user dies too. Also they can see through each others eyes.

Ability 1: Yin Dragon Seal: Seven Stages of Heaven
The dragon circles the target, wrapping around tightly. The user then performs a dance for 30 seconds and the dragon turn to the appearance of shikai ability 2 and target is seal away. And user vanishes after 30 seconds.

This Character is the star the Bleach movie that is written below:

Title: Bleach: The Lost Prince of the Soul Society

Plot Summary: Yahiko is a descendant of the ancestors of Yoruichi. He was reborn into the world of the living. In his past life 2000 years ago he stopped Yuisuke from destroying the Soul Society and the world of the living. Now 2000 later this great evil is back, threatening the existence of shinigami and human. But in the midst of this stands Yahiko with the Yin blade and the help of Ichigo and the gang at his side, he will Vanquish Yuisuke and the Yang blade, restoring peace back to the world of shinigami and humans.

Extra info: The yang blade possesses the ability to change human and shinigami to hollows that can be control by the user. In bankai a black Chinese dragon appears. Also Orihime Inoue blossoms in the effort to help Yahiko. Next thing, hollows can sniff him out because of his holy spiritual pressure.

Anyone tell me if you like it.

This here below is Katanayin shikai in sketch.
 Name: Yahiko Shuukai Gender: Male Age: 12 Rank: none Appearance and Description: White ha
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Here is a piture of a Chinese dragon to demostrate how the Katanayin's bankai looks. Piture it all white.
 Here is a piture of a Chinese dragon to demostrate how the Katanayin's bankai looks. Piture it all wh
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

For Shikai, there is lag time for Kido-based attacks (including spells and Zanpakuto abilities), which is till the Kido spell or ability has taken effect, then Tentoukogeki responds. Elemental attacks are immediate, i.e. as soon as the opponent gets hit by the attack, this responds with a counter attack of the opposite element.
It is limited to Zanpakuto attacks and Kido. If two opponents both use Bakudo 63, then the counter attack will attempt to break through both and may or may not succeed (kinda depends on the power of the opponent). It would hard for the blade to be overcome by power, as it can counter any attack even if it is stronger than the wielder, though if the blade itself took a direct attack stronger than it, then it could probably shatter. If this occurs, the blade will revert back to its Sealed Form for thirty seconds. Though they effectively stop the attack, they are not reflect attacks. These counter abilities don't refelct attacks, they counter and cut through the attack with the user's reiatsu and the Zanpakuto's reiatsu.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Sono Benda Me) – As you pointed out, it is two too many abilities, though it is still worth shortening it if you can.

1) Do the lashes last as long as the user holds position? Does it also take 5 seconds to go down so the user can get out? How much physical pressure can each of these take? Are the blades razor sharp, and therefore able to cause damage to someone who touches them?

2) Does the amount of time spent under this light increase the effect, or does any amount of time spent in the light result in the same effect?

3) Makes sense.

4) Do these fire out linearly from the cube, or do they fire in a curved pattern? How many eyelashes exist in total on each eye, or is this the same number as the 12 in ability one?

5) I’m mainly wondering why this seems so much stronger than the other light techniques, and yet contains no issues that I can see. Since this changes vision by a tremendous amount, and is active continuously after first use, you might want to include something that limits it. That is, unless I’m reading it wrong.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Batsu Wabisuke) –

1) The main confusion I’m having here is the strength of the chain versus the ball. If the ball is only half the strength of the chain, can it be shattered, and if so, how easily? Also, regarding the effect, is it that it causes the weight gain to be 3x or 4x? I imagine it’s the latter, I just want to be clear.

2) You say this has the same strength as the chain (which I’m pretty much imagining as impossible to destroy with physical strikes), however, I’m wondering whether kido has any effect. Since the ball can be affected by kido over 60, can the shield also be affected by high level kido? Does the shield have no effect except when he’s sitting?

3) Does this have any effect on kido spells it hits?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Ku Ainokessho Ryu) – So I know Kevy1 reviewed this already, but I figured I’d add whatever I could.

Shikai: Yeah, it’s got a complex look, though I think I understand it.

1) Woah, long one. You talk about the dragons being close to the zanpakuto and the wielder, does that mean that if the wielder drops the zanpakuto, they reform into blades? Or does that mean you can separate yourself from your zanpakuto, and use it as a point further away from yourself around which the dragons can congregate? Can the dragons be destroyed by kido? When all 8 of the blades do form in this way, do you still hold the handle, or does that disappear into the dragon as well?

Bankai: So I would regard the forming of 9 dragons like this to be an ability. It’s not so much that dragons form that’s the defining issue, it’s the fact that they can be used, reformed, and have separate strength, speed, and defensive capabilities from yourself. The dragons themselves are the form of your bankai, but what they can do is an ability. That’s not a problem because you only have 2 bankai abilities, though they should be regarded as such.

1) How do injuries translate between this form and your normal form? It’s easy enough to simply state that the size of an injury is reduced to the proportional size on his body, though with such a dramatic change, there are differences. For example, if an injury is inflicted on one jaw and not the other, how does that translate? How do injuries to the spikes on its back translate? How about to the wings? How long can this form be kept active?

2) How wide is the stream of fire it creates? Can the fire from this jaw, if redirected, cause injury to the wielder? Can this be blocked by a certain level of kido spell?

All in all, he covered quite a bit of it, these are mostly more complex issues.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Tentoukogeki) – In this case, Kevy1 seems to have covered just about everything. What suffices as a “hit”? If the wielder is partially struck with an ability, will they be able to reflect the full force of that hit, or will they be able to reflect only as much as what they were hit with? Also, you talk about a reishi trap, though I’m uncertain what that is. How does the trap function? Since this responds to reiatsu, can it be activated from a distance? Are the traps easily seen? When you place them down, do you have to make an obvious motion? I've got nothing else specific on the abilities.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you whiteflame for this review :)

Shikai thank you

1) with this they can be close to the zanpakuto or the user. Yes they can throw the zanpakuto or leave it to keep them some where. Yes the dragons can be killed by kido and the handle also disappears.

Bankai: I guess you are right all though now I feel I need to change one I'm currently making lol :)

1) it's in relation to the sizes but parts that the user doesn't have don't hurt them when they change back. And this form can be kept you as long as the user can handle it. Due to the fact that it's a living thing it will get hungry and it would take a lot of food to feed it lol

2) this is as wide as the mouth and it can't be hurt by its own fire. Lastly and I guess any kido that can block a level 80 plus kido would work.

Thank you as well for this.

over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Respones to (Sono Benda Me)review – whiteflame thanks for the review.

1) The user keep the lashes up with his mind so if he is confuse it will go down in 5 second and go back up when regains composure. The lashes quite strong they can protect the user for and attack from Renji' bankia but individual they can protect against Renji's shikai. They are as sharp as the blade use be hisagi's captain against Zaraki.

2) The amount of time spent under this light does not increase the effect.

3) Great.

4) Yes the lashes fire out linearly from the cube. As stated before the eye protection and eye bullet is the one in same or the same. It is merely one technique used differently.

5) Okay this was explain before but I will repeat it again with detail. The user cannot use eye bullet when using false distance, eye protection can use with false distance and eye protect cannot be used with with eye bullet since their one in the same. Also I think I'll limit false distance use to 30 then sight is return back to normal.

Lastly Light Levitation and Light Levitation push are the same ability use two places accept one has an effect, eye protection and eye bullet are one in the same and false distance make three abilities.

I hope this answers all your questions.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
This the respones for (Batsu Wabisuke) – whiteflame thanks again for the review.

1) The ball is only half the strength of the chain and it can be shatteredby kido over 70. As stse before it has the same attributes as shikai.

2) This chain is a weakness because it shorten thereach of the user. It is a chain of torment that why I made it impossible to be destroed. Kido over 80 can destroy the the shield. The shield has add effect when he’s sitting that is only kido over 90 can distroy it.

3) No, it has no effect on kido and spells.

I hope I have answered all your question.

And yes I cannot wait for the review of the yin blade even though I know its overpowered but its was created specifically for the storline that I created.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey Kevy1 I read over your blade and i just had some questions for it. This won't be a review per say i'm currently redoing my must op blade today so i'll be doing that. For one do you think yoruichi is tan i though she had a natrualy dark complexion due to being a black cat. I always pictured her famliy haveing differnt complexions due to having different fur color although i guess there is no way to know if cat transformations are a famliy trait or just a unquie thing to her. Anyway my biggest question for this is what is considered pure? I watched a show on animal planet where a mother whale and her calf attacked by a pod of killer whales. They tried to jump on the whales back to keep it under water and drowned it and the mother kept tring to get under it and push it up for air. The whale calf got so tierd it couldn't keep swiming and they ate it alive and the mother just had to swim away. This whole thing was sad but it's not good or evil it's just survival. With some hollows they are just animalistic and they are only tring to survive gillian menos grande for example seem this way. It purety based on just being free from outside influences and just doing what you want acting purely on your disires? Also if it is a good evil thing what determines the difference. You could go about getting an evil goal in a nice way. For example if you wanted to go to war to just kill people for there stuff but to get support you help people? If you do nice things and you end up in the long run hurting everyone like giving anyone in your hospital free care but then run out of money and no one can be saved? Or could purety be based on awareness of your actions? If your actions are impure but your dumb and don't realise it could that be considered impure? The main point of my asking is because you say in some abilities that you purify someone and if you can't purify something thats already pure.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Hi wagakagami, thanks for Your view it was put so beautifully and heart rendering.

Here are some answers to what you asked.

The hollows have the intinct of a beast or wild animal you say, okay I agree but when a human changes to a hollow their heart is blinded and the dark part of the soul that was surpressed by the heart has now taken over. For example Orihime's brother his heart was pure towards his sister but don't you that he was angry that he had to lose some his childhood to be a good brother, these thoughts are surpress by the heart but when he became a hollow his heart is block by complete surpress rage. This is why I think hollows are aggressive, human hold evil in their heart with noticig it. But the yin blade allows their heart to see the light and raises out of the darkness and soul is sent to the soul society.

I hope this clear it up.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you kevy but I got that with hollows but I was just using that as an example for others hit by the ability 3 of shikao that doesn't say only hollows. Also thanks it didn't really seem beautiful when I wrote it :)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile

I hadn't thought of some of these things, to be perfectly honest.

1) A hit is when an attack comes into contact with the wielder of Tentoukogeki and it will reflect half strength if the wielder gets hit by half of the attack in Shikai. Obviously that won't happen in Bankai, as the attack is cut through anyway.

2) The reishi trap is basically a relatively large amount of reishi being set up around the opponent. This occurs while the opponent is the middle of attacking, so that, by the time the attack hits the wielder, the reishi trap has already been set up. This covers an area of about ten-fifteen meters squared around the opponent. When the opponent touches this ground, they automatically become trapped withon strands of reishi and take small amounts of the opponent's life-force and reiatsu. This is very limited, unless the opponent stays in the reishi trap for at least five minutes, it won't do any serious damage. This is only available in Shikai. The motion that is required for this counter ability is a downward slash, followed by the blade being pointed at each four points where he/she wishes to place the trap.

Thanks for the review, Whiteflame.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Sankemuri ('Acid fumes')

Release Command: Consume (Taberu)

Bankai: Kyojin Supare-Gan ('Acid spray-gun')

Shikai Abilities:

Special ability, Chloric Acid: The cloud of acidic fumes/gas can be manipulated by the wielder's Zanpakuto, which appears as a short dagger. This acidic cloud can be made to move anywhere, so long as it is within 100 meters of the wielder.

Ekisei Taira ('pH Level') This releases a cloud of basic or more strongly acidic gas, which mixes with the conconction, either making it more basic (pH: 7.5 - 13) or more acidic (pH: 6.5 - 1). This increases its capability to melt and distort objects.

Kururuhorumu ('Chloroform') This can be released in small portions to cause the opponent to fall asleep, or black out for a moment. This can only happen for ten seconds.

Bankai Abilities:

Sanchuudoku ('Acid poisoning') This is a passive ability, which causes the opponent gradual sickening. The symptoms include: Skin irritation, coughing up blood, melted or distorted skin, hair to gradually fall out and general pains.

Kai Keshiki: Merutodaun ('Death Scene: Meltdown') The gun fires balls of acid fumes all around the opponent, then the wielder uses his hands to guide them all at the opponent. Only Captains will survive this attack, however, it can only be used once per day, as it consumes huge amounts of reiatsu.

Saigo Keshiki: Sansei ('Last Scene: Acidity') If this attack is used, the wielder will faint from too much reiatsu being used. This is drawn around the opponent, with the wielder's hands, then it closes in, like a trap and tendrils of acid fumes continuously 'lick' the opponent's skin off, unless their shunpo is proficient enough escape it. Only Captains have enough reiatsu to escape an attack like this.

Sealed Form: Lime-green tsuba, with black in between. Blade is black. Guard shaped similar to a test-tube, and is gold.

Shikai: Takes the form of a wakizake. Tsuba, and guard are both the same and the blade is still black.

Bankai: Instead of a sword, the Zanpakuto is now a small gun, which resembles a pistol, but has a chamber which has all the properties of a highly contained fumigatory chamber and this guns is approximately 30 centimeters long, while the chamber is approx. twenty. The gun is gun-metal grey and looks very similar to a normal Glock 17.

 Sankemuri ('Acid fumes') Release Command: Consume (Taberu) Bankai: Kyojin Supare-Gan ('Acid spray-g
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
The picture I put is not preferable, I have decided, so I'll post a better one. The acid tank is attached by a hollowed out cable, which is strapped onto the wielder's back. Wielder also has an extra tank, much smaller, which also appears when Bankai is released, which can be strapped onto the Shinigami's belt.

 The picture I put is not preferable, I have decided, so I'll post a better one. The acid tank is atta
over a year ago wantadog said…
Here goes... if i copied anyones idea then i apologize=)

Zanpakuto sealed state:A wooden blade that is sharpened using the soul reapers spiritual pressure. Unlike most zanpakuto, this one can imitate other attacks while sealed.

Zanpakuto/shikai:Ookami(wolf)(too vague?)
release command:shred to pieces Ookami

description: Ookami is a dual-bladed weapon. The two swords look like scimitars with four medium sized holes in each. The guard and hilt are standard but with a wolf crest on each side as well as on the base of the blade.

Bankai name: Ao Ookami(blue wolf)(still too vague?)

description: Ao Ookami is different as the soul reaper starts out with no sword, but he can materialize one that has the jagged edge of Zaraki(but not a battle-worn look) and two pointed edges at the end with the point closer to the soul reaper being longer.

shikai abilities:

>Burakkuhoru Wa Hikari No Kyushu: black hole absorbtion.
The cancellation or absorbtion of any attack regardless of power.(up to 8 times)(to match the holes)(that turn blue as he uses it)

>Wakusei No Tate: planetary shield
This attack forms a healing shield around a person...(enough said)

>Kiba Hanten: Fanged reversal
Takes the combined power of the attacks that were absorbed and blasts it at the opponent at incredible speeds.(can only be used as shikai wears off)(that happens when he uses att number 1 eight times)

Bankai abilities:

>Uchu No Choshinsei: Cosmic supernova
This attack takes all the light in the area and forms eight powerful blasts that each move at the speed of shunpo(each is as powerful as getsuga tenshou)

>Arufa No Ken:sword of the alpha
This attack starts like the above but the power is concentrated into a blade.

>Pakku No Ikari: fury of the pack
This attack gives the user incredible speed which is about 10x as fast as shunpo.

additional info: This is a light style sword as I haven't seen many light element zanpakuto. the bankai gives the user complete control over light so even though the attacks I gave are more powerful he can do pretty much anything with light as long as it is for making a weapon or augments himself(no killing your opponent instantly). I gave the sealed state a power because no one said it's impossible and I made it a wooden sword because that is more effective(just as sharp, not as heavy).

notes:i used google translate so might not be right.
over a year ago wantadog said…
If anyone has suggestions to make better please share.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

I have questions...

Shikai abilities:

1) That attack is pretty overpowered. It can stop any attack you say. Does this include Kido, or physical attacks? I'm guessing it stops blasts of reiatsu, what about elemental attacks and Kido-based attacks? And lastly, this attack sounds quite simiar to Nozomi's Zanpakuto, which it was even suggested during the anime, that it was a brutal power, by Reigai Jushiro and Shunsui.

2) This is much too vague. How much damage can it heal? Does this heal attacks if they are coming at the wielder, or block the attacks while the healing shield is active? What about lag-time? Is there any lag the next time the shield is used? How many times can it be used? Overall, the ability needs to be more specific about what it does?

3) What is the limit of the absorbed attacks? I.e. how much reiatsu can it absorb before the Zanpakuto cracks or the wielder's body collapses under the strain? If you absorb more reiatsu, can this ability be used again? Is there any amount of lag-time for this attack the next time it is used (if it can be used again)? Does this ability initiate immediately or does this take a certain period of time before the attack is released?

Bankai abilities:

1) Is there a motion that initiates this attack? What level do you mean for the strength of the attack? Ichigo Shikai, Bankai, or Hollowfied in Shikai or Bankai? Moving at the speed of Shunpo makes this pretty overpowered, even if its at the same level as Ichigo's Bankai and not Hollowfied.

2) How does this work? It is too vague. Explain more about what it actually does and what strength the blade is once it has materialised.

3) What level of Shunpo? Seated Officer? Vice-Captain? Captain? If this is ten times faster than a Captain's Shunpo, for instance, what Captain would you compare this level of Shunpo to? Even if it is ten times faster than a Vice-Captain's Shunpo is maybe a little too fast, maybe five times faster than a Vice-Captain, plus this ability is vague and straightforward. Make it a little less straightforward, and try and be more specific.

Overall, the abilities are relatively vague, but the idea is a good one, it just needs a little more work and then I think you'll find that it could be quite a well done Zanpakuto. Good work.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Blackpanther666 (Sankemuri) –


1) How large is the acid cloud you create? How fast does it move? Is it manipulated directly by the movements of the dagger, or by the thoughts or movements of the person holding it?

2) Is it more difficult/time consuming to increase or decrease the pH by more? Also, since that’s not always the basis for acidic or basic strength, is pH the only way in which this can be modified? You mention distorting objects. How does the gas distort? Is it just by visual illusion?

3) So does this function with a cloud of gas in the same way as the others? Is it harder to see? Can it move faster? Does this always have the same effect, independent of who its used on?


1) Is this independent of distance and number of opponents? Is there a way to block or mitigate this? How long does it take before these symptoms take hold?

2) How powerful is the acid in these fumes? Is there a limit to how many can be fired out in this fashion before he collapses them down on the opponent? How fast do the balls of fumes move when they’re fired? How fast do they move when guided? How large are they?

3) Where is this coming from? Do you have to spend time creating it before you can draw it around them? How fast is the act of drawing it around them? How large is the overall structure (whether gaseous or otherwise) it creates? Can it be blown away by kido?
over a year ago wantadog said…
Okay lets see here...

1.well maybe regardless of power wasn't the right term, more like it can block or absorb any attack that doesn't exceed the power of his shikai, which I would rank as about Vice-captain lvl. It can block melee attacks(kind of bounce the weapon away) and absorb kido or reiatsu(not sure how to explain absorb...bulbasaur? lol)

2.I really thought this was the one nobody would disagree with. It is sort of like Orihime's but it can only heal standard wounds, it takes longer the more serious it is, and it surrounds the person in a sphere.(it sort of levitates off the ground and the person being healed is sort of...konked out=)As for lag-time...not really, is it that overpowered that it needs it? It can be used as long as the user has reiatsu.

3.Okay this one is more of a explosion of the power it absorbs. There is no set limit to the amount absorbed but the wielder has to be conscious for it to work.(fail-safe so it doesn't kill the wielder)As the users shikai wears off the instant you are not using shikai anymore it blasts an attack in a straight line.(remember ichigo's first use of bankai, it released execc energy)lag-time is until you use shikai and it wears off again.(i think that answers it)


1.well more of a tame shunpo you're right about that hehe.As for movements I am not really sure, maybe if I could think of a cool one but that is unlikely. Also I was making the attacks fast because it is a light element zanpakuto and light moves pretty fast.A normal getsuga tenshou without augmented power(bankai,hollow,final getsuga).

2.This attack takes the light in the surrounding area and puts it all into a blade.(normal blade no special energy beams and whatnot) The blade is the combined power of the above attack, but it is only used to prevent the sword from breaking, this attack relies on the soul reapers skill with the blade.(refer to create your own shinigami page...I think it's still there)

3.It's a speed boost so I didn't think anything other than straightforward would work. but I would say the level of the shunpo is an average level.(idk stronger seated officer but slightly below vice-captain) Maybe you're right, 5x might be better,again i was just trying to go with the speedy yet powerful style to fit the element.

did that do it? if not what was wrong? Thanks for your input=)=)=)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Okay that sounds good. By the way, I wasn't exactly disagreeing with the healing shield, its just that abilities like that need to be clearly defined, otherwise you come in danger of being able to overpower the ability.

I think you have explained it well and it sounds interesting. By the way, I realise that its hard to create an ability that outshines shunpo, but it could possible given enough work. Like, for instance, a speed ability that works differently (say, that instead of getting a boost of speed towards an attack, or attack speed, you could say that the Shinigami's proficiency and motor control had increased to allow for constant enhanced speed, instead of advanced speed while using shunpo, but that is just an idea) otherwise I think it is quite good.

Random question, but is this one of the first blades you have done?
Oh and another suggestion, try Eudict.com for Japanese translating, it is the one I use and it is very good (between 5,000 - 10,000 words translated from English to Japanese).
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
No review for my yin blade.
over a year ago wantadog said…
big smile
Hmm good idea on the shunpo thing.

actually this is the first clomplete blade I've come up with. Ok i'll try the site=)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

I have read through it and find it quite interesting, though it is very powerful, it probably should be, as it is for your story that you created on your forum. I have only a couple of questions...

1) I have no questions for this one, as it is already clear enough.

2) When you say that the target is purified, what does it purify? You say that size does matter, so what is the size limit? And also, if the size is too big, can more than one circle be used? Othwerwise this ability is quite interesting.

3) This ability is quite similar to the second ability. You should define this ability a little more, so it is different from the second one.

Bankai: Can the Shikai abilities be used in Bankai?

Comments: Overall, I think it is really well done, and it was actually quite a struggle to find questions for most of those abilities. Good job!
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
big smile

Haha, that was kinda spur of the moment thing, but i guess it isn't such a bad idea. And awesome, its a really good site - you also translate many other languages as well.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Thanks blackpanther for the review

Here is the answers for the question.

1)Great :)

2) The target's corrupted heart is purified, meaning all the hurt and pain its feel in its heart has be released.
Menos Grande is the size limit.
No, if its too big the technique is rejected and shatters.

3) Instead of rings of light its spheres of light that the only differents and the time sequence is what make this move different and this technique comes around the user not the target, the target only becomes trap if caught in sphere near the user and is purified.

Bankai: Yes shikai move can be used, I think this was explained.

I hope this covers everything.
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over a year ago lastdragon said…
big smile
Name= ??? (need help to give it a awesome name lol)
release command= ???
Bankai name= ???

shikai abilities

'rage'= as the user takes damage his strength multiplies (speed, defence and attack of the user increase as more damage is taken). in other words the more damage the user takes, the stronger he becomes.due to this technique on the verge of death the user become nearly invincible.When this technique is active a red aura is released around the user

Bankai abilities

'The demon's rage'= Have all the abilities of 'rage' plus when this technique is active all the emotions of the user is killed. therefore the user will not show any mercy to the opponent. Plus when this technique is active the user will not feel any pain.when the demon's rage is active the user becomes a super killing machine

'Copy & past X100'= When this technique is in use zanpakuto is consumed in black flames. When the opponent is hit by this technique, the damage taken by the user is copied to the opponents body and the damage is multiplied 100 times. This technique only work 1 time to each opponent.

'demon's rage' and 'copy & past X100' is a good combination. The longer the battle the tougher you become lol
this is my first zanpakuto.
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over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
@last dragon

a possible name you can give it is ikari no tsumi, (sin of rage) a release command:Anata no ikari no subete o hakai suru (destroy everything with your fury.

Bankai:Akuma no ikari (wrath of the demon)

Review of zanpakuto.

How much stronger does the wielder get with each strike afflicted upon them? If the wielder is healed does the power they gained go away? How long does the wielder have this multiplied power? I wouldn't use invincible because some people might associate it with god modding your zanpakuto, you could possibly say they gain power equal to a captain, beacuase that ability is overpowered, with that you're sayin that when you're near death you are invincible and are extremely powerful.


Again this is overpowered, you need to bring the power down because without pain you keep attacking without the need to defend yourself, so in that case your opponent has no chance no matter who they are.

Copy and paste X100: Do the flames burn the opponent? Do they burn you in any way? This also is overpowered, say you are near death and you use this on an opponent that hasn't taken damage, its basically a one hit kill. So you wouod only need to use it once anyway.

Overall its a good blade, just tone down the power a lil. :)
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over a year ago wantadog said…
@last dragon

I agree with frost that the attacks might be a little overpowered but it sounds like an awesome sword(kind of what Kenpachi's might be?). Anyway as for the name, nothing specific comes to mind, but maybe something that has to do with snakes or serpents as they are kind of what you think about when you think evil animal.(I am not a good namer lol)
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
This is my idealistic zanpakuto, so hope you like it.

Name of Zanpakuto: Sunpousouzousha (Dimension Creator)

Release command: Pierce their bodies or Dive through the abyss

Type: Dark

Katana form: It’s a regular katana with a black hilt that is circle and has an X inside of it.

Shikai Appearance and Description: The does not change much form its katana form only the hilt has change. The circle part is no longer their and the X stand there alone in a blood red color. Also, in shikai I am given a 20 feet long cloth that is 4 inches width, it is wrapped around my left wrist and at the end of the cloth is steal pendent that is shaped like a sharpen rain drop and is the size of an eye. On the cloth there are 40 black X signs on both sides on each 5 inch away from each other. Next thing, a red X appears on left palm.

The blade strength: It can pierce straight through a captain body.

The cloth and pendant weaknesses: It can be cut by a lieutenant and be destroyed by kido #33 and over and the pendent can be destroyed by kido #60 and over.

Pendent ability: Can absorb reishi like a bount and create new cloth when the cloth is destroyed within 10 seconds. If cloth is destroyed pendent returns to my palm through the red X.

Ability: X Sunpou (Dimension X)
The pendent is thrown at the target and 25% of the cloth is use to wrap around them. The pendent itself travels around the body part that was targeted and the cloth is wrapped around. The X on the cloth takes 5 seconds to glow red and then I push my sword into the red X in my palm and 10 swords come through the red X on both side of the cloth.

Same ability but increase:
The pendent is thrown at the target and 50% of the cloth is use to wrap around them. The pendent itself travels around the body part that was targeted and the cloth is wrapped around. The X on the cloth takes 10 seconds to glow red and then I push my sword into the red X in my palm and 20 swords come through the red X on both side of the cloth.

Same ability but increase:
The pendent is thrown at the target and 100% of the cloth is use to wrap around them. The pendent itself travels around the body part that was targeted and the cloth is wrapped around. The X on the cloth takes 20 seconds to glow red and then I push my sword into the red X in my palm and 40 swords come through the red X on both side of the cloth.

Note that the cloth does not have to be on user to be activated and after it is use the cloth fades away within 10 seconds and during that time user can be used again once. Also sword can not move from side to side in dimension.

Bankai Name: Sunpoukou (Dimension Lord)

Bankai Appearance and Description: The pendant goes into the red X on the palm and a burst of black and red pressure is release into the air. I appear in a long black jacket that looks close to Ichigo bankai clothing but there are 40 red Xs on it (one X can fit the size of a pupil). Two red transparent X appear in the back and front of me and they stands 6 feet in length and can open to a black dimension the same size. The sword’s blade is now 6 feet long with the same hilt of shikai. The red x on the palm is gone. My hair turns white like my zanpakuto spirit. Note that the red X moves with me and not change direction accept when I turn my body around, one must be in front or back of me.

Two red X strength: Can not be touch so kido and physical attack have no effect.

The blade strength: It can pierce straight through a captain body.

Clothing weakness: Can be destroyed by kido over 80 and physical attacks of lieutenant level.

Ability 1: Fe-taru X Dansu (Fatal X Dance)
All the 40 Xs on my clothing is release in to the air with a spin of my entire body and it circles a 20 feet radius and within 10 second they turn into small black ovals dimension the size an egg. I the push my sword through the front red X and in an instant each black dimension releases 10 swords the size of the zanpakuto blade in each direction. These are the same as the big red X when come to strength. Within 10 second the Xs return on my clothing and can use right after.

Ability 2: (Dimension X Defense)
The 2 red X within 5 seconds opens to two black dimensions that can receive all kido and physical attacks. If target uses a kido it will be suck in by the front dimension and be release by the back dimension and if the target runs into the front dimension he is released in the back dimension and is not harmed. Front X is only use for receiving attacks and vise visa.

Ablity 3: Fe-taru X (Fatal X)
He takes 10 second to compress the back X into the size of the clothing’s X. The X is now thrown at the target and X seeks for the target’s heart. If it reaches the chest it places itself there and within 30 seconds I can push the sword in the front X and it will pierce the target’s heart. The X can follow the target up to the distance of 30 feet and then it decompresses if it does not reach and returns back to me. To stop this ability the target will have to cut off the skin the X is on and X will be destroyed. The front X cannot be used for this ability.

I love dimensional abilities :)

Whiteflame and blackpanther what do you think of it?

And hey, anyone else can comment on it as well.
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awesome, although for the first bankai attack maybe the swords could be smaller so as not to be overkill? does that make sense?