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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Berry-chan (write pen) -

The ability is overpowered, sorry to say. The Death Note universe functions under the reality where you can kill anyone by writing a name in a notebook, which is fine there, since it's a universe filled only with normal humans and it's really meant to be a murder mystery/intrigue type of anime (and very well done, might I add). When you apply that same idea to the Bleach universe, all hell breaks loose. An ability like this dismisses the level of your opponent, allowing you to kill anyone and anything. Not only that, but it's not a zanpakuto you need to use in combat. A character like this could easily just hide away somewhere and kill off every threat to them with a few sentences. This is actually far more powerful than the Death Note, since there's no apparent lag time and no limit as to what you can do. If you want to use the Death Note idea, I'd suggest dramatically limiting the capacity of your writing (as in, you can't kill someone directly using this, and you cannot create impossible to escape situations).
over a year ago Jakcavar said…
zanpakuto/shikai: Kumori hane "Shadow wing"
release command: kumori "steal the light"

description: when first drawn it looks like a broken zanpakuto, but it will only respone to its true master. Upon the release command is given it takes the form of a daikatana that has a ruby blade with a crimson edge and a black grove that run the entire length of the blade that is in the center area of the blade. The hand guard is in the shape of a ten point star.

bankai name: Shouten Kumori "Death’s Shadow"

description: 1 It shortens to the length of a regular katana. 2 The blade color changes so that the entire blade is so dark that it seems to absorb all light but the grove starts glowing crimson red in color pulsating like a heartbeat.

shikai abilities:

>burakkuauto "Blackout" - The blade absorbs all light in a 600meter radius the only one not affected is the blades true master. For those caught in the darkness it is so absolute that most are driven into crazed hallucinations so vivid that they usually end up killing themselves.

>jinsei-isou "Life transfer" – The blade has the ability to heal the wielder by the same amount of life force it extracts from those it cuts.

bankai abilities:

>inbijiburu-ken "the invisible blade" - since wind is invisible the user gains the ability to be invisible while in motion. But he can only be invisible only while moving non-aggressively, thus making it almost impossible to see or hit him.

>shinzui sutoraiki "Spiritual strike" –by using this ability the wielder literaly cuts the spiritual pressure his opponent has in half at the cost of ¾ of his own spiritual pressure.

I have had my blade as far as I can remember but no one not even me truly knows my past. I talk to my blade as though its alive. The blade has a secret ability called Reishi Risutoa which restores the reishi to the world around it witch inturn repares the blade and heals me
over a year ago Konstantinos702 said…
Thanks for the reply on my Zanpakuto whiteflame and sorry for the delay on writing back.
For the first form I was thinking of just dropping the slight attack increase because it keeps is more in line with its name and if its so slight there is not much need for it. I was just under the impression the going shikai gave you a strength increase.
I was thinking for the shield having it be a defence against physical and kido or kido like attacks but not a reflecting like Ashido Kanō in the Menos forest.
I am thinking of having it improve defence against knockback from attacks.
If I am honest I am not to sure how to gauge the increases I am guessing have it compared to a zanpakuto of someone else.
About the 2nd form for the increase in raw power I mean cutting power for going up against the likes of arrancars.
I was thinking for its kido ability, if shakkaho was used it would be a fire edge, sokatsui a electric edge and so one but it seems too complex and not all kido is known.
For the use of bakudo I really like your idea having it increase the defence of it. I was thinking maybe defence so it does not crack or shatter, the higher the the bakudo the better defence.

I am sorry if it comes out with bad grammer. I am doing it on a phone.
over a year ago lewhow said…
[zanpakuto's name]
Tamashī no satsujin-sha (Soul killer).

[shikai name]
Shi no katto (Death cut).

[release command]
Sorera o subete korosu (Kill them all).

[bankai name]
Shi kattofurasshu (Death cut flash).

[shikai abilities]
Shi no katto (Death cut) – whatever the blade cuts dies instantly.

(in its shikai form this sword looks like a bolt of lighting but not moving and it will kill whatever it cuts even if it just cuts yore finger as well as killing things it can also kill attacks (stopping them instantly)) the only problem with this zanpakuto is if you cut yore self you die.

[bankai abilities]
Shi kattofurasshu (Death cut flash) – a flash of light comes off the zanpakuto and whoever is hit by that light will die if the soul reaper that wields this weapon wants them to.

Nobody can say what the bankai looks like because if it is not going to kill you then it looks like a flash and only those who are about to be hit by it can see its true form. (It is unavoidable unless you can move quicker than light (Flash step is nowhere near the speed of this bankai)).

This zanpakuto can put up a shield of light that will kill any attacks that touches it.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

1) So the blade kills with one hit and kills anything? Does it matter if the opponent has much higher reiatsu? How does this work anyway, how does the blade kill in one hit? Poison? toxins? blood loss? This isn't very clear, as all you have put down is: 'whatever the blade cuts dies.' What do you mean by 'kills the attack'? An attack is not alive, so technically it can't really be killed. This Shikai is much too powerful, plus, even if it was a Bankai, it would still be a bit too powerful. This needs some clarification and rewording, i.e. still stay with the same general idea, but dull it down a bit, so it isn't overpowered.

2) This hasn't changed much. You say that a flash of light comes off the Zanpakuto and will kill the opponent if the wielder wants it to. This is exactly the same as Shikai, except rewording it. In the first place the Shikai kills the opponent anyway, so all Bankai does is give the wielder the option of not killing them, which seems rather pointless, as, in a battle, this would actually give the opponent an advantage. Plus, there's no point in having the choice, as you wouldn't be fighting if you weren't intending to kill the opponent. This needs a clearly defined ability that is different from Shikai, or least an expansion on the Shikai.

3) This also is pointless, as the same applies here to what I said in question 2.

4) This should be listed as an ability, plus the same applies, as for question 1.

I can see where you are going with this, but this needs a bit more work and rewording of the Shikai (less overpowering) and a clearly defined Bankai ability. Overall, I find that it could be an interesting Zanpakuto given a little more work.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
So this is my first arrancar zanpakuto+bio
arrancar: Jyvan Celtalciox
eye color: Red
Hair: past his ears (think of ten year later belphegor from KHR) hair is black but in one spot on top there is a red hourglass design.
Mask remnant: he has a shoulder guard on his right shoulder on his chin he has a guard that goes up his jaw.
Appearance: Black variation of espada uniform
Rank: 10/0 was banished so is now rouge.
Bio: After Aizens escape from the soul society using his awakened Hogyoku he created a new set of espada, Jyvan was tenth but in his released state he became 0. However, Aizen had created a replacement for him, Dragoneye, Jyvan knew he could have easily killed him but felt he was not strong enough to win so he refused the fight. He was then banished from Las Noches due to Aizens anger, he now just wanders Hueco Mundo and the world of the living trying to find a worthy opponent.
Personality: He is ultimately lazy, and he becomes literally blood thirsty and energetic when faced with a strong opponent. If you are weak he won't bother recognizing that you are near him.

zanpakuto: unreleased) resembles a large saber with holes randomly set in it. he wears like soi-fon and hannibel. The handle has web designs with a red hour glass in the center.
name: Arana saltarina(jumping spider)

1st resureccion: Jyvan will stab Arana saltarina into his right eye it will then phase into his body. He grows 4 more arms two revealed two hidden. His weapon is now 4 chakrams all designed to look like webs branching out with a hole in the middle where he holds. He now has big elongated fangs to resemble spider fangs. His legs have become stronger increasing his speed by 200% and allowing him to jump quickly and very high (60 feet is the highest.)

2nd Resurrecion: La Viuda de negro (black widow) Jyvan throws the chakrams spinning them around with spider threads around himself creating a cocoon about 15 ft around himself in diameter. the web cannot be cut or burned except by someone who's reaitsu is stronger than his. after 15 minutes the cocoon will explode with a red and black colored reaitsu. Jyvan emerges now twelve feet tall with the lower half of his body now a large black widow spider. Also from the cocoon 300 2 ft tall hollow spiders. He can create more by laying eggs which hatch within seconds. He no longer has a weapon. He now can make weapons out web he weaves and lets out from his mouth. Each is soaked in venom that if gets inside someone kills them in ten minutes.

SPIDER HOLLOWS: Each can be easily be killed. They are jumping spider black widow hybrids, they jump around weaving web as they go. They can bite the enemy which leaves a red scar on them. If bitten by five different spiders the scars glow and move to where there heart is and form a black widow hourglass killing them instantly. This can be stopped if the spiders that bit them are killed. The spiders that bite them will have black hour glasses on their abdomens. he calls when this happens cinco veneno de reloj de arena (five venom hourglass)

Mask after resureccion: the jaw guard is gone and he now has two spiked shoulder guards.

over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Sounds like an interesting Espada/Arrancar, Frost. Shall he be the next Cero Espada, when Shinjuku dies (which he no doubt will).
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
lol yay :D
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Haha XD. You can fight him with Kenshi when you get to Hueco Mundo, if you want. That would actually make an interesting battle I think.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
challenge accepted
over a year ago EndlessStrategy said…
YO, I was just wondering, have any of you seen any good Crystal based Zanpakutou around here? I've been trying to conceptualize it, but it keeps coming out lackluster or way overpowered.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
pg 206 mine, it is hitaka
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
2nd arrancar zanpakuto + bio
Name: Devak Vintes
Age:(appears to be 13)
Eye color:Emerald Green
Hair color: Blonde shaggy.
Mask Remnant: He has a triple layered trail that goes down his forehead and splits at the top of his nose trailing across his cheeks and ending by his ears.
Hollow hole: in the middle of his throat.
Tattoo: back of neck
Personality: He is carefree and energenic, he formed a close bond with Jyvan because he feels that Jyvan is the only one weaker than him (Jyvan is ranked 10) Devak is accepted by Jyvan because Jyvan couldn't kill him with his poison due to his own poison able to counteract it.After Jyvan was banished Devak left Las Noches in order to find him but he still roams the desert trying to find him.

Zanpakuto unreleased: Is a small saber like Jyvans, he wears it like him because he likes to copy him so can annoy him.
Zanpakuto:sonajero serpiente(rattle snake)
1st resurrecion: He waves his zanpakuto in the air making a rattle sound, it then shatters and envelops him in a green light then explodes after a few seconds. His mask remnant now covers his eyes, he has scales all over his body, and a tail with a rattle at the end. he know has three small knives, two that hook to his teeth like snake fangs and one in his hand.
ability1:tectonicas agitador (tectonic shaker) shaking his tail violently he creates a shockwave within a 20 meter circle.
ability2:veneno de tiro (venom shot) Allows him to spit balls of venom at a speed of 45 mph.

2nd resurrecion:el infierno hidra (hell hydra) an explosion of green reaitsu occurs and he now has no arms, rather he now has eleven snake heads plus his own, and his legs have now became a serpents tail, his fangs are real now. His tectonic shaker is now three times as strong but he moves very slow. His strongest attack is when his snake heads all cluster together and fire from each mouth his special cero, the SERPIENTES HUELGA which has each mouth fire a cero that combine together to form one 12 times as strong.

over a year ago wagakagami said…
With this one I made a charecter to go along with the zanpakuto and I made him a hollow shinigami hybrid thats not really a visord but i included a back story to explan it :) I'd like a review for it and any other feed back as well plz.

Shinigami Name: Stelio Kontos

Shinigami Backround: Dr. Stelio Kontos was a lead scientist at the Shinigami Research and Development Institute. He was searching for a way to tap into the hidden strengths that all hollows have to form a new hollow capable of purifying other hollows. Then an accidental button push released the hollow and before it was killed it scrathed him and altered his body chemistry. And now when Stelio grows hungry or severely injured, a startling metamorphosis occurs turning him into a cannibalistic hollow. The creature is driven by hunger and pursued by an investigative shinigami from the Onmitsukido. Stelio Kontos is believed to be dead, and he must let the world think that he is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him!

Hollow Form: His hollow form looks like a dragon with it's hollow hole on the base of it's neck. The scales on top are white but it's underside is black. He is about 20 feet with out his tail and has a 20 foot wingspan. His tail is thin vary flexable and about 30 feet long with a 2 foot long spear head like blade on the end of it. In this form he is about 5 times as strong as normal and 2 times as fast but he loses all of his soul reaper abilities and mainly uses instincts. The top of his body is about as hard as iron but his underside is as strong as leather. When in this form he loses control of himself until what ever caused his transformation stops and he remembers what happened.

Zanpakuto Name: Shugorei ( Guardian Spirit )

Release Command: Kabau ( Protect Someone )

Shikai: When shikai is released the zanpakuto forms into a spirit that looks like a person in a suit of plate armor with a oni mask and golden guantlets and greaves. This Spirit is 2 times as fast and strong as the user but has the same amount of reshi. This follows the users command by voice but before shikai is released the user can give it commands mentaly. This is about as smart as the user but has double the reaction time. It can talk normaly but only the user can hear it. It can use flash steps but no other shinigami abilitiesand it can use it's abilities when ever it wants.

Ability 1: Dokasu Dano Aratameru ( Remove and Reform ) The spirit can detach it's arms to reform them in about 3 seconds into weapons. The weapon they form into is based on which is used, more then one can be used at a time, they can de used by the spirit or the user, and be reatached.

___ The left arm forms into a 3 foot long black machete with two vents on the back of it and a button on it's handle. When pushed the vents shoot out air to add the users strength to the swing for about 3 second for 3 times per shikai.

___ The right arm forms into a 2 foot in diameter shield that can block like a zanpakuto and has a button on the back of it that when pushed creates a 6 foot tall 6 foot wide dome shaped barrier thats as strong as kido 81 Danku ( Severing Void ) that lasts 5 seconds and can only be used 1 per shikai.

Ability 2: Bekuta Suto ( Vector Strike ) The Spirit charges a body part of it's, arm, leg ect. with blue reshi that increases the next attack with that parts strengh by 250%, this does not include weapons. When somthing is hit by this attack hits something it is thrust in the opposite directon at the same speed as the body part was moving when the object or person was hit. The hit hurts what was hit but not the movement. This takes about as much reshi as a level 40 kido, lasts until somthing is hit and can be used on each body part only once at a time but has no cooldown.

Ability 3: Shiso_( Shadow of Death ) If the Spirit looks into someones eyes for ten unbroken seconds or they look into it's eye for 3 seconds then it can instantly form a shade of itself, the shade looks just like it but is a translucent ghostly looking blue, 2 feet behind the enemies back for 3 seconds that can make one attack before disappering. If this is hit the attack just goes through it and it dissappers instantly. This can be used on any number of people at once but has a 5 second cooldown before it can be used one the same person again. This takes a level 50 kido worth of reshi per shade, one shade forms behind each person. This can use the second ability and forms with any weapon the spirit has, the weapons from ability 1 can't use there abilities, with the user paying the reshi cost.

Hollow Form Shikai: If shikai is active while he transforms being connected to him transforms as well. In it's hollow form it becomes white and scaled, it's legs become a snake like tail about 13 feet long, and it's mask becomes white like a hollows. Out from the sides of it's forearms are tofa like golden blades that are 6 inches infront of it's hands an 2 feet below it's elbows. In this for it becomes 100% stronger but 50% slower. It can no longer use abilities one or two and if ability one is active the weapon disappers and the limb reappers. Ability 3 takes the same reshi and reqiurements but it appers behind one person instead of a shade.

Bankai Name: Hankotsunoseishin ( Spirit of Defiance ) In Bankai the spirit fuses with the user to form a black suit of armor, as strong as steel, on them that looks like nightmares armor and soul edge from Soul calibur 2, see pic, but he has two glowing white butterfly like wing out of it's back that are as strong as bone but still flexable. In bankai The user is 250% faster and stronger, the right arm is 350% stronger, then normal and has 200% reshi.

Ability 1: Tsukiwonagameru ( Gaze At The Moon ) The eye of the sword shoots out a 6 foot in diameter beam of purple reshi that travels twice as fast as a cero but only does concussive damage as much as a puch from the user every 2 squae feet. This take as much reshi as a cero but has a 4 second cooldown.

Ability 2: Kage Za A_Mi ( Shadow of the Army ) If the eye in the sword can stare at a persons eyes for 10 stright seconds it can form a shade behind them like the shade from shikai but it lasts until it gets hit back and it's as strong and fast as the spirit from shikai. This takes 10% of the users reshi but the reshi returns to the user when it is destroyed. This can be used once per person but it can be reused on someone if it is destroyed. If the Shade has it's reshi remove by an ability then it does not return to the user and the shades fights and take commands like the spirit in shikai.

Ability 3: Hakaiteki Haro_ ( Destructive Waves ) The user Puts both hands on the sword then thrusts it into the air and a explosion of purple reshi radiates out from them as fast as the second ability with as much force but any theing hit by it catches on fire with purple flames that drain reshi from the target at a speed of 1% a second for every square foot of fire. These flames can be put out like normal ones. This costs a level 50 kido worth of reshi every second in use and has no cooldown.

Hollow Form Bankai: If the user was in bankai when he changed into a hollow then his whole body is covered in the armor which ins now 50% stronger. In this form he can user ability 1 from his mouth with the fire from ability 3. He can also use the Third bankai ability but in this form he can shoot a 1 foot in diameter ball purple ball out of his mouth at kido speed that he can uses as the center of the explosion instead of his body but if used this way it needs a 20 second cooldown.

P.S The backround is from the incredible hulk T.V show opening lol.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Name of Zanpakuto: Sono Benda Me (The Eye Bender)

Release command: Blink

Type: Light

Katana form: Regular katana with a circular hilt that is 3 inches in radius and 1 inch thick and has 6 curved connections to the sword that is 1 inch in width, 1 inch thick and the sword is 3 feet long. The handle is lace with a blue cloth that is 2 inch in width and has a black cloth that shows between it.
Shikai Appearance and Description: It doesn’t change much from the katana form the only thing that changes is the handle. It becomes a black metal handle with 2 eyes shape crescent s on it. The handle become 1 foot long, each eye one over the other. The eyes are close to the hilt and are 1 inch apart. Also the eyes are closed. Another thing the first eye name is far and the other name is near.
Ability: It is able to control the lens of the eyes completely that is, it is able to control the distance in which the target sees, making a person see an object closer or further than it is or would be seen in their regular eye sight.

Technique 1: Heki Enkin Tooi (False distance far)
The first eye opens and the sword releases a blinding light that lasts for 2 seconds. If this light reaches the target’s eyes the target will see all things 1 foot further than they really are and the light reaches as far as the sunlight hitting a glass. If a next target is to be caught in this technique the name of the eye is repeated. This can only be done 10 times because if done after this stipulated number the eye would blink and the technique would be released and all eyes of targets become normal. This technique lasts as long shikai is in play and the distance of the target does not matter once caught in technique the target sight will not go back to normal because of distance.

Technique2: Heki Enkin Chikaku (False distance near)
This technique is the opposite of the first one; all the same rules apply accept the target sees all things one foot closer.

Technique 3: Benda Katawa (Eye distortion)
Both eyes names are said along with the technique’s name. Both eyes become open and the sword releases a light which cause the target to see near and far, far and near causing them to become confused. The technique lasts as long as the eyes are open which 15 seconds. Same reach as the first two techniques. Also targets may remain confuse for a while according to their strength. For example captains will recover faster than the lower level shinigami.
In addition all technique is effect against all level shinigami and hollows.

I can’t think of a Bankai
And hey, what do you think Whiteflame and Blackpanther do you like it.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
This is an interesting idea, its similar to the style of Sakanade (Shinji's Zanpakuto) and Kyoka Suigetsu (Aizen's), but it seems less over-powered, like Aizen's, but it is still quite effective, I think.

I do have a question, though, for ability three, you say the light causes the target to see near and far, far and near causing them to become confused. I'm not sure I quite understand. Do you mean that if you use the light in general, they can see near and far and become confused? Or 'near and far, far and near' refers to something else, before the opponent then becomes confused?

Other than that, I think it is quite good and very interesting. XD
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I managed to, quite idiotically I might add, leave my laptop in a friend's car yesterday, so I'll have to go pick that up before I start doing reviews (going to be a long drive...). So reviews should be forthcoming tomorrow or Saturday.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Some of these words are whiteflame55's

During the 15 seconds their sight oscillates and disorients them by removing the perception of distance.

BP thanks for the reveiw and also do you think it can be used in a RP.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
It sure could. He would make a good Vice-Captain, or Third Seat. You can submit him into our RP, if you want to. We need Third Seats, or there may even be an empty Vice-Captain spot. In fact, I believe Renji doesn't have a Vice-Captain yet.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Zanpakuto name:Chikyū no haka no gōremu (golem of the earth grave)
Appearance: Short sword worn on left side. Blade is foggy grey, guard is brown and designed to look like a rock.

Release command: rise and reclaim the earth as your kingdom.
Shikai appearance: Zanpakuto has become over-sized hammer, it is designed to look like a fist punching whatever it is brought down upon.
Ability1: Chikyū funsai-ki (earth smasher) The user hits the ground at full force causing it to split and send rocks into the air, they then hit the rocks smashing them into small pieces and propel them towards the target as fast and as strong as bullets.
ABILITY2:Gōremu no ken(fist of the golem) When about to strike something vents open in the back and release pressurized air held inside to double the damage/power.

Name:Chikyū no ō (king of the earth)
Appearance: His hammer is now gone, a giant golem erupts from the ground standing at 90 ft tall. The user now jumps to its head and hides inside.

Ability1:Chikyū no ishi (stones of the earth) This allows the golem to turn any part of its body or whole body into any mineral.

Ability2: Adamantine cannon: The entire golem turns into adamantine and begins to fire shards in all directions, it however has a mouth open 15 ft wide where the user can be found, the user has no weapon.

Last resort Ability:Saigo ni sutando no ō (kings last stand) The golem stabs its hands into the ground and rips the earth open 40 feet wide where lava will begin to flow out, the golem will fall apart and turn into a platform (20 feet in diameter) the user will be there with a sword of adamantine and crown of Polished diamond, if defeated the hole in the earth will shut and the lava will cool instantly.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Name of Zanpakuto: Kumo (Cloud)

Release command: Dive into the hurricane

Type: Water

Katana form: It has a 1 foot handle and is lace with a sky blue cloth. Above the handle there is a cylinder shape hilt that is 3 inches in length and is made form dark blue steel. It is also the same radius and thickness of the handle. On the hilt there are two circular Frisbee shaped objects that are located at both ends and they are 3 inches in radius and 1cm thick. The space on the hilt is use in battle purposes and blade is 3 feet long.

Shikai Appearance and Description: The handle becomes 1 1/3 inch long and 1 inch thick, it is made of grey steel, it has no hilt and stands in the middle of the blade. The blade is 1 foot in width, stands 6 feet tall and is the same colour as the handle. It has a chisel grind edged like kitchen knife and cuts on the side that is curved. The blade has a 4 feet long space in the middle of it that is located 2 inches away from the handle, it 4 inches in width and is gated with 3 cylinder form bars that are 2m thick and are 2 inches apart. Also they are located in the middle of the blade. Next thing, on the bars are cylinder shape objects that are made with the same steel of the blade. Each cylinder 2 inches long, touches each other, located in the middle of the bars and is filled with water.

Ability: Oshi Uguki (Pressure Movement)
The water in the Cylinder must be made steaming hot. To do this the blade must be swung a number of times. When heated the energy gain is released into the movements of the blade making it faster than usual. Also the cylinder spins when water is heated, it makes a pressure pot sound and steam is released. This ability has 3 stages.

Oshi Uguki Stage 1
The blade is swung 3 times and first cylinder with water is heated. The blade then becomes twice as strong, moves twice as fast and can make a 3cm deep dent into the strongest steel. Also hado under 30 can be slashed away. Next thing, after 10 seconds the water in the cylinder dries up and the speed and strength gain is lost. Also the water in the cylinder takes 5 seconds to be filled. Note while stage 1 is activated the other two cylinders cannot be used.

Oshi Uguki Stage 2
The blade is swung 6 times and first two cylinders with water are heated. The blade then becomes three times as strong, moves three times as fast and can make a 6cm deep dent into the strongest steel. Also hado under 60 can be slashed away. Next thing, after 8 seconds the water in the cylinder dries up and the speed and strength gain is lost. Also the water in the cylinder takes 6 seconds to be filled. Note while stage 2 is activated the other one cylinder cannot be used.

Oshi Uguki Stage 3
The blade is swung 9 times and all three cylinders with water are heated. The blade then becomes four times as strong, moves four times as fast and can make a 9cm deep dent into the strongest steel. Also hado under 90 can be slashed away. Next thing, after 6 seconds the water in the cylinder dries up and the speed and strength gain is lost. Also the water in the cylinder takes 8 seconds to be filled.

Name of Bankai: Oshi Kumo (Pressure Cloud)

Bankai Appearance and Description: It remain with the same handle from shikai but the blade becomes a double edged sword that takes a blue crystal from that is twice as lighter than in shikai. Shingami speed is increased as well to twice his normal level.

Ability: Mugendai Oshi Uguki (Infinity Pressure Movement)
Oshi Uguki Stage 3 attributes remain in play as long as Banki is activated.

Technique 1: Amatus Oshi Uyoku Dageki (Heavenly Pressure Wings Strikes)
Note once activated user is immobile.
The user stretches the sword behind him and pours his spiritual pressure into the sword for 10 seconds. Then six wings made of spiritual pressure extend from out of the tip of blade. The user can then release six attacks that are in the shape of Getsuga Tenshō only it is sky blue in colour and it moves at the same speed and distance and as the same power. After each attack one wing disappers. Also wings can be use later; it does not have to be use the instant that the technique is initiated. Moreover, 1, 2, 3,4,5,6 wings can be release at the same thing to increase damage power but the technique speed would decrease. For example if 2 wings are used technique power is double and speed is decrease by half and so on. Also distance of attack remains the same though.

Anyone please give your view it will be appreciated.
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over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
big smile
Reviews are welcomed to my zanpakutos
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Hey, also Technique 1: Amatus Oshi Uyoku Dageki does not change the sword's ability to attack directly.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
That's a really cool blade kevy :D
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Jakcavar (Kumori Hane) –


1) Much as the radius on this is well-defined, little else is. Absorbing light can mean quite a bit. Does that mean you remove light from objects as well, or do you remove light from the air in that radius? Based on that response, you could be removing access to opponent’s abilities, such as color-based abilities, reflective abilities, and light-based abilities, not to mention fueling others, such as darkness-based abilities and shadow-based abilities. The crazed hallucinations have to be better defined. If this is influencing them to hallucinate, can these be resisted, and if so, for how long? Does it depend on the integrity of the opponent’s mind? Their emotional state? Their fear of darkness? How powerful are the hallucinations? Are they just visual, or can they affect other senses? Can they inflict damage? How long does it take before a person would kill themselves after seeing these hallucinations? How strong is that desire? Can it be resisted, and if so, for how long? What changes a person’s capacity to resist that desire?

2) This needs some definition as well. How much healing capacity would the wielder receive from a small cut versus a large one? Is it dependant on the person they’re cutting? Does the amount of life force withdrawn even have anything to do with the size or depth of the cut? Can a person contain more life force than another, and therefore have more to withdraw? How do you determine which person has more life force? How quickly do wounds heal using this? Can you utilize this to, say, heal portions of a wound to reseal a vital organ, or will it just randomly heal you for a certain amount?


1) I understand this one, but the devil’s in the details. “Non-aggressively” can be interpreted in a lot of ways. There are aggressive defenses and non-aggressive offenses. Do you mean that any time the wielder is on the offensive, this ability does not affect, or are you talking about aggressive intentions, which are a little more uncertain? Does the blade also turn invisible while this is active? Does the change to invisibility happen instantly and automatically, or does the wielder have to activate it or wait for it to activate?

2) …I’m not certain I see the point of this ability. There are some unspecified aspects here (like range, method of effect, how often this can be used, whether it’s blockable or dodgeable, etc.), but those are secondary to the general issue of what it does. If you’re reducing your opponent’s reishi by half and yours by 3/4, you’re always at a loss, excepting one situation. I’m wondering whether it’s ½ and ¾ of the current reishi they have, or their total reishi. That’s an important distinction. If you’re at half you’re reishi and you reduce that by ¾ from there, then you’re down to 1/8th of your total reishi. If you’re at half and you try to reduce it by ¾ from your total, you won’t be able to do it. In the latter case, you’re never benefitted by using it. In the former, it’s possible, but you’d have to have a pretty good grasp of how much reishi you and they have left. Even in that case, it seems like you lose far more often than you win. Just seems like, since this is a bankai ability, you should try to improve it.

Secret Ability) This one’s extremely undefined. Does this release your remaining reishi to the world around it, or the reishi in your blade, or the reishi from something else? Do you take reishi from something as a result of one of your abilities, and this allows you to release it? How much repair and healing does a certain amount of reishi provide? How fast do the repair and healing happen? How quickly do you release the energy? Can the energy you release be utilized by either you or your opponent?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Lewhow - Looks like blackpanther covered a lot of what I was going to say. I can cover the remainder if you want, just let me know.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Frosttakahahi (Arana Saltarina) – Not often I review arrancar, but I’ll jump into this.

1st resurreccion) Pretty basic, but explained well enough.

2nd resurreccion) You specify on cut or burned, though can it be affected in other ways, such as freezing or electrifying by people of lower level? If it is opened during those 15 minutes, does the arrancar gain anything as a result of the time spent within? Do any of the spiders form? Regarding the eggs, does it take a portion of his energy to make them, and how easy/difficult are they to break? For the weapons he can make out of webbing, are these essentially as sharp as any blade? Are they made of silk? How quickly can he form larger vs. smaller weapons? Does the venom have any detrimental effects with time? Is there any way to resist or remove the poison after it gets into their system?

Spider Hollows: You say they can be easily killed, what level of opponent would be able to kill them? Are they easily killed by reishi-based attacks, or physical attacks, or both? How fast do they move? How high do they jump? Do the bites themselves cause excessive pain or any bleeding? What is the lag time between the glowing of the scars and the death of the opponent? Does it depend at all on the size of the opponent? After the glow has started, can the process be interrupted by killing one of the spiders that bit the opponent? If the opponent is bitten by more than 5 spiders (the result of multiple bites at once), do more than 5 have the hourglass on them, or is it still limited to 5? If it’s the former, do they still have to bring it below 5 spiders with the hourglass, or does killing one still prevent the process leading to death?

It’s an interesting idea, mainly just trying to make sure that the death factors are very well defined.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Frosttakahashi (Sonajero Serpiente) – In general, you should probably aim to keep most arrancar to one resurreccion and multiple abilities under that. Ulquiorra has been, to date, the only arrancar to achieve two, so it’s understandable if some of the absolute strongest arrancar achieve it, though if they’re the 8th Espada (you wrote 9th, but I believe this is slated to go in the 8th spot), having access to a second resurreccion is pretty unlikely.

1st resurreccion) – How powerful are the scales? Are they as strong as the metal of the zanpakuto? Mainly, I’m just wondering how much armor they function as. How long are the knives that are created? Do the knives that look like snake fangs curve backward into the jaw like snake fangs, or are they straight? Does damage with the dagger in hand cause different damage than the ones at his teeth? How long is the tail? Does he have full control over it as though it was a limb?

Ability 1) How much power does the shockwave have? How far would someone hit by it be launched? Can it repel kido-based attacks? Does every shake produce a shockwave, or is it a series of shakes? Does the continued shaking of his tail produce more shockwaves back to back?

Ability 2) How large is the ball? What effect does the venom have when it strikes flesh? How about clothing? How about an opponent’s blade? How about the ground?

1st resurreccion) If any of the heads are cut off, does it inflict similar pain and injury to if he had the main head cut off? Does any particular one have full control over the body, or can any of them take control, or is control shared between the heads? For the tectonic shaker being stronger, does that mean that it pushes opponents back 3 times as far, or does that mean that the range of this ability increases by 3 times? You say he moves very slow, is it just when he uses this ability, or is this reduction in movement rate continuous? How slow does he move in this form? Does the size of this serpientes huelga have an increased size as well? Does it move at the same rate as a normal cero? Can this be fired as quickly as a normal cero, or does it take more time?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Frosttakahashi (Sonajero Serpiente) – In general, you should probably aim to keep most arrancar to one resurreccion and multiple abilities under that. Ulquiorra has been, to date, the only arrancar to achieve two, so it’s understandable if some of the absolute strongest arrancar achieve it, though if they’re the 8th Espada (you wrote 9th, but I believe this is slated to go in the 8th spot), having access to a second resurreccion is pretty unlikely.

1st resurreccion) – How powerful are the scales? Are they as strong as the metal of the zanpakuto? Mainly, I’m just wondering how much armor they function as. How long are the knives that are created? Do the knives that look like snake fangs curve backward into the jaw like snake fangs, or are they straight? Does damage with the dagger in hand cause different damage than the ones at his teeth? How long is the tail? Does he have full control over it as though it was a limb?

Ability 1) How much power does the shockwave have? How far would someone hit by it be launched? Can it repel kido-based attacks? Does every shake produce a shockwave, or is it a series of shakes? Does the continued shaking of his tail produce more shockwaves back to back?

Ability 2) How large is the ball? What effect does the venom have when it strikes flesh? How about clothing? How about an opponent’s blade? How about the ground?

1st resurreccion) If any of the heads are cut off, does it inflict similar pain and injury to if he had the main head cut off? Does any particular one have full control over the body, or can any of them take control, or is control shared between the heads? For the tectonic shaker being stronger, does that mean that it pushes opponents back 3 times as far, or does that mean that the range of this ability increases by 3 times? You say he moves very slow, is it just when he uses this ability, or is this reduction in movement rate continuous? How slow does he move in this form? Does the size of this serpientes huelga have an increased size as well? Does it move at the same rate as a normal cero? Can this be fired as quickly as a normal cero, or does it take more time?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Shugorei) –

Shikai: So I get that this replaces the weapon itself, but it is an ablity to have a spirit running around with you, especially when he’s two times as fast and strong. How strong is the armor that this form wears? Can it feel pain? Can it be killed? When it uses abilities, is that energy taken from some store you give to it ahead of time, or is it taken directly from the wielder?

1) How long does an arm take to remove and form into a weapon, and to reform into an arm? Can it reform into the arm at any distance?
a. How much power do the shots of air add to the blade?
b. Does the strength of the shield depend on the type of attack launched at it? How fast is the dome created? Can the dome be easily penetrated by physical attacks, or is it as strong as the normal shield when it comes to physical attacks as well?

2) This one took a couple of reads. You say that it launches something it hits in the opposite direction at the same speed as the spirit’s body part was moving. Is that just a part of how the 250% strength increase works, or is this in addition?

3) I’m confused by the beginning of this. If it is looking into someone’s eyes, doesn’t that require that the other person is returning the gaze? You could mean that this 10 second duration occurs just by looking at the opponent’s eyes, though that’s not what’s generally referred to as looking into someone’s eyes. The three seconds of an opponent looking into his, therefore, has a similar problem. Is it 10 seconds or 3? Can it attack instantly upon creation? Is it created instantly following the eye contact? These are easy enough to destroy, but if they immediately appear and, from what I’m seeing, can kill an opponent themselves, it’s basically like teleportation while keeping the original form in place, which I can see being a problem. He could just create one of these (10 seconds can take a while, but eye contact is pretty regularly a part of Bleach), have it appear behind the opponent and stab them with the blade in an instant.

The hollow form shikai makes sense, basically just some basic changes to what’s already there.

Bankai: With the fusion, the spirit is not an ability in bankai. However, the increase to speed and strength, as well as the additional strength to the right arm and the 200% reishi, are all abilities. With regards to the remainder, how much strength does the armor have? How capable is it of blocking against kido-based abilities and physical strikes? Can the butterfly wings be cut through? Can they be reformed? Do they provide abilities to the wielder in terms of flying and such?

1) What’s the range on this? You say it basically hits like a punch that covers 2 square feet, essentially making it possible to hit with as much as three punches depending on how much of the blast lands. What if the area it hits is under 2 square feet? Does that reduce the force below a hit, or does it feel like a glancing blow?

2) Regarding eye contact, once again, does the opponent have to be looking into the eye of the blade for this to work, or does the eye of the blade merely need to be looking into their eyes for the duration? The reishi cost is sort of unimportant here. If the entire cost returns to you when it’s destroyed, and the only way it will go away is if it’s destroyed, then you’re basically never losing that 10% unless it stays alive, which seems like a lopsided trade to me. I get that it won’t return if the reishi it has is removed by some opponent’s ability, but that’s a pretty unlikely scenario, since it must come from a blade or resurreccion ability. Much the same issues from shikai 3 beyond that.

3) What’s the range on this? Since you say that it costs per unit time, can you increase the radius by increasing how much energy you put into it? Also, how easy/difficult is the fire to put out? Does the strength of the opponent reduce or increase the rate of energy burn?

The hollow form bankai, how fast does the purple ball move? Can the ball be disrupted before it explodes? Will it explode immediately in response to the wielder’s command?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Frosttakahashi (Chikyū no haka no gōremu) –


1) How much of the area is cracked under the force of this blow? How fast do the rocks fly upon being hit?

2) So this only works when being used offensively, or can this be activated on any strike with the blade?

Bankai: The golem itself is definitely an ability here, since it’s essentially capable of activities without having any of the abilities used. How strong is it? How fast is it? How strong is it’s skin? Is it easily capable of taking both physical and kido-based strikes? How much of each can it take? Can it restore any body part that’s cut off? Can it feel pain?

1) Does this allow it to turn itself entirely to diamond? If so, it seems like the choice is rather moot. If the whole thing can turn to diamond, no other mineral would rank even close in defensive strength, and frankly, any mineral is about the same on offense. I just can’t see much reason to use a different mineral, excepting very few specific cases.

2) This is part of the problem. Adamantium is essentially diamond in metal form, and can’t be cut by anything except itself. So basically, the sole reason to use this ability is to fire these shards, which may or may not be reason enough to put the wielder at such risk. How large are the shards? How fast do they fire? Are they all extremely sharp? What’s the radius that these fire out to? Is it a continuous rate of quick fire, or do these shoot out in waves? Can the wielder start and stop this phase in an instant, or does it take time to transition?

Last Resort) I’m not entirely certain how this is a last resort. As I see it, it makes you tremendously vulnerable to damage, and only provides you with a blade and crown that are essentially unbreakable. Especially if the golem is stronger than you, this just seems like a waste. Unless the lava flows out extremely fast and covers a wide area (40 feet not being that wide), and even in that case, I’d be uncertain about whether that’s beneficial enough.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
thnx whiteflame, i was nearly asleep when i wrote the golem XD,
Arana Saltarina:
2nd resurrecion) Ice won't affect, lightning has a slight chance of striking but only if they hit directly where the sphere is weakest, the weak spot changes each time, 1 minute-8 minute in the cocoon no added bonus yet, 9-14 minutes he gains the black widow body, longer on decides how big, 20 spiders form every minute, he has 50 spider eggs inside a pouch, afterwards it'll take .5% of his energy for each egg created. A sixth seat or higher can easily break them, the weapons aren't sharp, they are blunt but they are reinforced with his reaitsu, for a typical sword it'll take 10%, after being strengthened the web can't be broken, no not silk, venom only paralyzes them completely six minutes after entering them even if its only a drop,after five hours it wears off.

Fifth seat and above can kill the spiders with a sealed sword,however it takes Hado #'s 20 and above to kill them, they can go as fast as 10 mph, can jump 20 feet away/high. The wounds from the bites close instantly as the scar appears to prevent the venom from being removed,no excessive pain, it takes four seconds for the scars to glow and form the hourglass, two seconds to die. size does not matter, yes if a spider that bit them is killed no matter when before they die it is stopped. If there are already five bites the spiders lose interest and leave them alone, they know they will die soon and look for their next target.

Hopefully that explains it well enough.

over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Kevy1 (Kumo) –


1) Does it matter how hard the blade is swung or how large the swipe radius is?

a. The main thing I’m wondering is whether this has to be activated in order for it to occur. You say that, basically, if you have one activated, you cannot activate the other two. How do you select at which point you activate an ability?

b. Same basic questions.

c. I’m guessing you meant more than 4 times, likely 9 or above, since 4 is less than the other two. Same basic questions.

Bankai: The speed increase is technically an ability, which isn’t a problem since you only have two abilities in bankai presently, just make it an actual ability instead of putting it as part of the description.

1) Makes sense.

2) Can the wings be destroyed or removed before usage? If it is interrupted over those 10 seconds, does the duration of the charge afterward reduce by the amount it had already charged, or does it restart at 10 seconds?
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Sonajero Sepriente:

Devak can't use his second resurrecion until after he goes through rigorous training with Jyvan after they are reunited, Devak is no longer an espada but he ends up becoming Jyvan's fraccion when they rejoin the espada after killing the current 0 espada. Scales are twice as strong as regular Hiero, the knife blade is 6 inches, the fang blades 3 inches, they retract to the roof of his mouth when not in use, the one in his hand isn't stronger but the fangs are soaked in his poison. Tail is 2.5 feet long. Yes he has full control of his tail, he commonly when not in direct combat or shaking it he'll sit on it in a coil like fashion.

Ability1) Shockwave can repel Kido #'s 65 and below, if hit someone would be launched twenty feet away. The shockwave is used a defense while the venom balls are the offense, he can use both at the same time, though he has stops the shockwave for a second to allow the venom ball to be shot. He is vulnerable then, its every four shakes that creates a shock wave at a rate of 20 shakes a second.

Ability2) the venom only affects flesh burning the flesh, if entered into the body they become physically weak, this wears off after five minutes,they can still move just not as quickly and strength is cut in half. venom ball can be anywhere to an inch to three inches big.

2nd resurrecion) no, only the main head has full control of the body, if a head (excluding the main one) is cut off another grows in its place (like a hydra grows another). For the tectonic shaker both are increased, the enemy now flies 60 feet away, now kido of 90 or lower can be repelled. Overall his speed has decreased by half due to his having to slither because he no longer has legs. For the serpientes huelga, they all fire 1.5 times faster than a normal cero, each head fires at the same time and as they fly they combine together and end with glowing eyes and the form of an open mouthed serpent, each individual cero fired is half as strong as a regular cero, but they can be controlled in mid flight by the main head to move in a curvy fashion(like a snake slithers) if needed to hit the target. Each cero is 75% the size of a normal cero, but when combined they are 9 times bigger, the amount of heads that fire it decides how big and how strong it is.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you for the review Whiteflame i'll get to responding :)

Shikai I didn't put it as an ability because it is the blades new form but i guess having a another person is kinda op with not being an ability. The armor is mainly decrative, so it's not naked, so i guess banboo strength. It can feel pain and be killed as a person would but it has it's own reshi i guess another reson for it being an ability... lol

1) It forms both ways in 3 seconds and it is removed by pulling it off. It can reform into an arm at any distance but it can't move on it's own.

a. It adds the user swing strength to the blade.
b. With this the strength of the shield as equal to a zanpakuto's strength, which depends on how much reshi the user puts into it at least I think, and the dome forms in 1 second and is basicaly just kido 81 danku in dome form.

2) The speed it launches the hit object or person at is in addton to the damage.

3) With the activation of this I worded it bad I guess it's looking at someones eyes for the 10 second timer and if both the spirit and the person are looking into each others eyes it is three seconds. With this it forms in 3 seconds and can attack after that and it is instantly started after the eye contact, unless the ability is not used. With how i pictured this in my mine durning the three seconds it is forming i imagined a static noise like having a t.v on a channel that is just the white and black squares that started soft then got to a yelling volume after it fully forms. But like how to kill it i didn't put this in sorry but i guess even with that it's still a little op maby.

Hollow form shikai: ty

Bankai: I guess the stats are abilities as well when thinking about it sorry. The armor is about as strong as steel and kido hit it normally. The butterfly wings can be cut, can't reform and have no purpose other then display.

1) This is a beam so i guess about as far as a cero and if next to none of it hits then the power would drop.

2) With this both the eye and the person have to be looking at each other but eye always appers to be looking at you like some pictures and it knows if someone is looking at it. With the reshi issue it's in there to pervent the user from using that reshi and if like you said it might be a small chance but if someone has an ability to drain reshi it can be taken from these. Also the same things I said about the 3 ability apply here to if that helps :(

3) The range on this is determined by how much reshi is put in this, the fire is put out like normal fire, and the rate is fixed.

Hollow Bankai Form. The ball moves at kido speed and if it is hit before it starts to explode it will stop and it explodes instanlty.

Thank you again for the review I apreciate it.
over a year ago EndlessStrategy said…
Hwy, has anyone around here noticed any Zanpakutos that focus on Crystals/diamonds or random effects? Please tell me if you know of any.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
206 Hitaka
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
So I'm thinking of working on a new blade, and this time I'm taking requests for out there ideas. I've got one that I'm going to put in the works soon enough, but truth be told, the well's mostly run dry on new and interesting ideas. So if anyone has a blade theme they've never been quite able to work out, or just an off-the-wall theme that comes to mind, I'd appreciate hearing it as a starting point. Thanks!
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Hey EndlessStrategy I have created zanpakutos base one crystals and water and one base on diamonds. The are on page 203 Mizu Kesshou and page 204 Kongouseki Sakurabana. Tell me if they suit your purpose.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Thanks Frost, for your comment it was appreciated and hey,your zanpakuto is quite interesting, I wonder how it would hold up against Kumo.
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over a year ago Kevy1 said…

1) The blade must be swung at a 180 degree radius three times but one 360 degree swing and one 180 degree will also do the trick.

The first three swings will activate the first one and once energy is released into the sword the others cannot be activated but if not released three more swings will activate the next one and if not released the third one can be activated. If they are not use in 30 seconds, pressure will be released and the process will have to be repeated. Also water will return according to the stage that it is released. And yes I meant 9 times, that a silly mistake.

Bankai: Speed is double because the sword is lighter as explained. Not really an ability but just a logical effect. Also I remove the speed added to the shinigami foot movement because speed is only added to his swing because of the sword's weight.

2) Wings can only be destroyed by Hado over 70 and kido type attacks of zanpakutos and hollows of the same strength, physical attacks cannot destroy the wings.If it is interrupted over those 10 seconds the process most be repeated, duration is not reduce.

Also I'm adding a next Technique.

Technique: Oshi Atakku Zen Kagen(Pressure Attack, Complete Degree)

After name of attack is said, pieces of the blade shatters on each side and the blade is now half its size. The shattered pieces of the blade become blue reshi that enters the users body giving them 4 times their flash step speed, this lasts for 10 seconds. Sword swinging movement is increased also because it has decrease in size and weight. With this the user can strike 360 times in the time period of 10 seconds but the power of the blade now as been down graded to the attack power of shikai ability of Oshi Uguki stage 1 and blade can be destroy by hado over 60. Also blade can regenerate to its normal size after technnique is completed within 60 seconds but if blade is destroy regeneration time is doubled. Next thing, the blade regenerate on its own by devouring reshi, it cannot devour reshi once it has return back to its normal size and regeneration can occur even if the blade is not in the users hand.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
big smile
Also thanks for the review Whiteflame55, I hope my response answers your all questions and I hope you like my new move.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Its me again:)

After Technique: Oshi Atakku Zen Kagen is used, user is left fatigued as if he had ran a marathon. Also if used again without resting for 5 minutes user become unconscious but bankai remaains for 10 minutes and if user does not regain consciousness within that time, bankai return to shikai. Another thing, bankai cannot be activated again for at least 5 minutes.
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Here is a Sketch of all Kumo forms, katana, shikai, bankai and shattered bankai form. This just to give a visual.
 Here is a Sketch of all Kumo forms, katana, shikai, bankai and shattered bankai form. This just to gi
over a year ago EndlessStrategy said…
Thank you the both of you that was helpful.
over a year ago Tom_hud94 said…
Zanpaku-to/Shikai: Tenmado (Skylight)

Release Command: Kurasshu to sutoraiku (Crash And Strike)

Description: The blade will look like a normal katana while the guard will be shaped like a cloud, the hilt will have lightning strike patterns down the side in pale blue. After it has been released, the hilt and guard will look the same but there is two blade coming out the guard and criss-cross over each other, with small bubbles of electricity in each of the gaps.

Bankai Name: Tenmado No Ikari (Rage Of The Skylight)

Description: To release I point my shikai to the sky and a bolt of lightning hits my katana. After the explosion of light, I now hold a War hammer, the head centre is a glass box full of pure lightning energy and the faces are made of iron, lightning constantly flickering around them.

Shikai Abilities:

Number 1: Fureasutoraiku (Flare Strike) – A huge explosion of light appears from my sword, anyone caught in the light I can slash all of them with near impossible speeds, but as a drawback I lose sight in my left eye for 10 minutes, and if used again before I regain my sight I will become blind for 20 minutes.

Number 2: Raiben (Lightning whip) – As the name suggests, my blades turn into two whips of lightning. As I use them they will get smaller until I am unable to use them as whips anymore and then revert back to blades.

Bankai Abilities:
Number 1: Kōha (Lightwaves) – This is a passive ability so it is always active. Where ever my war hammer strikes, shockwaves of lightning surge from it, electrocuting anyone in its range, except me.

Number 2: Kyū seichō (Rapid Growth) – I borrow energy from the store of energy in my war hammer that’s in the glass box to increase my strength and speed by four times as much. After two hours I only increase by three times, then another hour after that, two times. Then I go back to normal and the glass box is full again.

Number 3: Raitoningurēzā (Lightning laser) – The glass box encasing the pure lightning energy shatters and a huge destructive beam of lightning gets fired from the top of the handle. I can then fire 6 more shots in this state, each with increasing power. After the seventh shot, I am forced back into shikai form for a minimum of 2 hours.

This is my idea for my Zanpaku-to. As you can probably tell my element is lightning.

Loving all the other Zanpaku-to ideas I have read.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Tom_hud94 (Tenmado) –


1) This seems… overpowered. I mean, there are a few things that need definition. What’s the size of the explosion of light? What speeds are “near impossible”? How long can you move at these speeds? Does that speed boost only occur within the space in which the explosion of light occurred, allowing the opponent an opportunity to get out? Does the explosion of light cause blinding in the opponent, or make it harder to see? Without knowing those answers, though, the idea of “impossible speeds” being used in the area of a large explosion just seems extreme. I’m assuming that impossible means faster than anyone is capable of being, which essentially allows you to kill your opponent within this time period without question. I mean, if no one can match your pace, you’re basically guaranteed a kill as long as they don’t have any abilities that are complete defenses.

2) How long are the whips to start? What kind of damage do they inflict on strike? How much smaller do they get after each strike? Can you revert them back to the blade at any point, or is it automatic? After it reverts, is there a lag time before you’re able to turn it back into whips?


1) How large is the shockwave it produces? How fast does the shockwave move? How powerful is the shock it provides? Does it stun the opponent?

2) So when the bankai is released, is this store of energy automatically there? Can you draw out that energy at any range? It seems like these power boosts last too long. 2 hours at 4 times strength might as well be an eternity in the Bleach universe. Also, I think you should include a lag time after the boost is completely gone before the glass box fills again, even if it’s a short one.

3) How powerful are these shots? How large are they? How fast do they move? While this is active, is it correct to assume that bankai 2 is not possible to use? Can the wielder choose when to fire off each blast?
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Hey whiteflame I have a number of ideas I can give you that I'm not using. I could put them on your wall, message them to you, or post them here. Just let me know what you want me to do and I can take care of it
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Sono Benda Me (The Eye bender) Bankai

Bankai Name: Sono Benda Me Kingu (The Eye Bender King)

Bankai Appearance and Description: The both eyes are dispatched, opened and begins to spin around the user, a light is released along with a huge explosion of spiritual pressure and the bankai appears. Bankai process takes 10 seconds to be completed, if the target try to interrupt it, he will be caught in technique 3 of shikai but kido over 60 can stop process before 5 seconds has past then nothing can stop it from happening. (Sketch below will show the structure of the Bankai) It has six eyes that are 4 feet in width, 6 feet in length and it is cubically shape with each side having an eye. The cubical shape itself is 8 feet side by side.
Note that kido over 60 can knock it down halting all its abilities for 10 seconds.

Ability 1: Eye Protection
The user is positioned on the top eye, in meditation position, protected by 12 8 feet tall steel blade eye lashes that surrounds him which are 4 inches in width at the based and sharpens down smaller and small till it reaches the point and creates a peak. Lashes can defend kido under 80. These lashes can appear in only on one eye at a time and takes 5 seconds to appear.

Note that if caught in the light technique 3 of shikai will take effect immediately. Also the light from the follow two abilities reaches 6 feet.

Ability 2: Light Levitation
The eye that is at the bottom is open and releases a continuous burst of light that allows it to float up to 20 feet high. The cubical can be rotated and the eye that faces the bottom will release the ability. Also it can rotate a complete 360 degree clockwise and anti-clockwise. Another thing, user must never face bottom because the cubical will fall if he does not return to face upward or side ways.

Ability 3: Light Levitation Push
A continuous burst of light is release through the left, right or back eye for movement. It can move as fast as flash step but if that speed is reached it would spin for 5 seconds when it stops and user may lose concentration, leaving him vulnerable to attacks until he recovers. If technique 1 is turn off speed will double but when it stops it will spin for 10 seconds and the user become confuse for 3 minutes.

Note that all technique can be used though all eyes but not at once. Also ability 1 cannot be used at the same time as the first technique one because they are one in the same.

Technique 1: Metama (Eye Bullet)
Lashes appear on the eye and are released as fast as a bullet but it cannot be control after it is released. Also, only one can be released at a time every 2 seconds. Another thing, it can pierce straight though the body and can make a 1 foot dent into the strongest steel. Kido over 80 is able to stop it. Next thing, it takes 5 second for another lash to pop up and replace it.

Technique 2: Heki Enkin (False Distance)
The eye opens and releases a blinding light that lasts for 5 seconds. If this light reaches the target’s eyes the target will see all things 1 foot further or 2 foot closer according to the command of the user and the light can reach as far as the sunlight hitting a glass. If a next target is to be caught in this technique the name of the eye is repeated. This can be done without stop. This technique lasts as long as bankai is in play and the distance of the target does not matter once caught in technique the target sight will not go back to normal because of distance.

I know there are too many abilities here but I couldn’t stop myself.

And hey, what do you think Whiteflame and Blackpanther do you like it.
 Sono Benda Me (The Eye bender) Bankai Bankai Name: Sono Benda Me Kingu (The Eye Bender King) B
over a year ago Kevy1 said…
Tom_hud94 I like your Zanpakuto and i would like to see others from you and I especially like the move Raiben (Lightning whip.