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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Frost you hould join th rp from before the page is up now.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
big smile
just did :P
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
I wonder what Whiteflame is up to? Haven't seen him in a while.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Not much, to be frank. I'm still around (I try to keep track of new blades and revised blades when I can), I realize I haven't yet hit your most recent blade, should be able to do that over the course of the day. I've just started trying to revive my own RP. Unfortunately, the other RP I was in seems to have collapsed before it got started, and this one's slowed down incredibly due to the disappearance of a rather important poster, though we'll likely manage. I might actually be in the market for a new one (*wink**wink*), so I'll keep you apprised on that as well.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Woohoo we do need a new member though. You should check out our page XD.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Haha awesome. Good to see your still around, Whiteflame. Like Gaia said, if you do want to join another RP, I need someone to help me run Soul Society and someone to be Aizen and control his Espada and Arrancars. Don't worry too much about my latest Zanpakuto, only do it if you have spare time to, I'm not too worried about it.
over a year ago bleachwarriors said…
big smile
Name: Michiyo Kumora
Age: 246
Height: 5'0"
Weight: 94 lbs
Hair: Long, flowing blonde hair with bangs
Eyes: Big, bright blue eyes
Race: Shinigami
Birthday: August 6
Blood Type: AB

Clothing: Standered Shinigami attire

Name: Enekaji.

Sealed form: Standered looking katana, with a black and red diamond texture hilt and s jagged red-orange shape that kind of resembeles a fire as the guard.

Shikai: There are three parts to her shikai.
The first part is released by saying, "Attack the enemy, Enekaji!" and is similar to Zangetsus' power; it condenses Michiyo's reitsu and fires off a attack similar to Zangetsu and Benehime.
The second part is released by saying, "Burn them to the ground, Enekaji!", and is similar to Ryuujin Jakka, except not as powerful, respectively. It's the basic fire-type Zanpakuto, conjuring up fire then using it to the user's advantage.
The third part it released by saying, "Aim, Attack, Kill, Enekaji." and is both the first and second part combined, but each part is cut in half, power wise.
Only one of the three parts can be activated, you cannot just switch in the middle of battle.

Bankai: Eneokibi. It's basically the third part of the shikai, except instead of the power being cut in half it's multiplied anywhere from 5-10 times; depending on how strong Michiyo's will to fight is (kind of similar to Orihime's Shun Shun Rikka, since they only work as well as her intention to heal/protect/fight is). However, considering she didn't learn bankai too long ago it physically drains her (like Renji's did once he first used it) so she highly perfers Shikai and Kido to win her battles.

Abilities: Zanjutsu, Kido, Hoho and Hand-to-hand combat. (In order of her specialties.)
over a year ago Xshinigami27 said…
Name: Kogoshibito [God-like beat]
Release: Midasu [Disturb]
Sealed form: Two wakizashi, both with white hilt.
Released form: Two white wakizashi-size drumsticks.

Shikai Ability 1: Daichi ni bito – Hogo Rizumu [First beat – Protection Rhytm]
The shinigami must hit blankly at both side then gong-like sound will be produced and Danku-like barrier will form around the shinigami.

Shikai Ability 2: Ni bito – Kankaku Rizumu [Second beat - Sense Rhythm]
To use this, the shinigami must hit the target with the drumsticks 3 times then 5 circles would form and surround the shinigami. Each circle represents the 5 senses [Vision, Hearing, Taste, Touch, Smell] , if the shinigami hits a circle, the circle that represents a sense of the target will get destroyed. Ex. The shinigami hits the circle that represents the sense of vision, the target will lose its vision.

Shikai Ability 3: Saishu no bito – Tengoku no Rizumu [Final beat - Heaven’s Rhythm]
To use this, the shinigami must hit the target with the drumsticks 3 times, then a gong-like sound will be produced and a bright light will descend from above and will hit the target then the target will turn into spirit particles.

Bankai: Not yet achieved.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

That is an interesting idea for a Zanpakuto. I ahve a couple of questions about it, if you don't mind?

1) How large and powerful is this Danku-like barrier? Does it have similar abilities to the Bakudo spell? Give an idea of what it would block and anything it wouldn't block. For example, would it be able to block an Espada class Cero?

2) Is this temporary? If so, how long does this ability work on the opponent for? Can it be blocked or avoided in any way? And also, could it be disrupted by a Kido or Bakudo spell?

3) This attack is quite strong. Can it be avoided in any way? Would it work on any opponent, or is it dependant on the opponent's level of reiatsu?
over a year ago Xshinigami27 said…

hahaha. this is so cool. I thought of whiteflame55 would be questionong this but it turned out to be you. XD

1. Large as Santen Kesshun of Orihime. It can only block up to 80 level Hadou, normal cero and Physical attacks.

2. The shinigami can only destroy up to 3 senses only. To repel this, the only way is to attack the user with any Kido or attacks.

1. Just avoid the light. If you avoided it, you'll live. this attack is not that perfect and powerful. :)
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Haha fair enough, I'm just keeping things rolling on here. Whiteflame is having a bit of a break from reviewing I think, and he's been concentrating on making new characters for my RP.

Thanks for answering my questions, its a really interesting Zanpakuto. Btw if you wana join an RP, by any chance, post something on Bleach: The Clan War. We need someone to be Aizen and his Espada and Arrancars.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
New Zanpakuto!!!!!!!!!! I will get the translations later an repost this idea but for now.

Name: Ruler of the seas.

Shikai: Flow

Release Command: Liquefy

Description: The zanpakuto becomes a red trident. From the base of the blade hangs numerous strings with silver charms.

Shikai Abilities:
Phase change: Any solid substance (except for objects possessing reiatsu ie. Zanpakuto nd humans) touching the zanpakuto can be liquified. This process takes 5 seconds for every 10 ft. around were the trident is touching. The user can remove there zanpakuto to return the substance to it's solid form almost instantly.

Diver: This ability allows the user to breathe and see while submerged in any liquid substance for a total of twelve seconds. This ability can be used again after the users head surfaces for at least 6 seconds.

Liquid Control: The user can control any liquid substance by pointing his trident in the general direction that he wants the liquid to flow. The liquid moves at kido speed.

Bankai Name: Meltdown

Description: The charms on the Trident become flowing veils.

Abilities are the same but enhanced. Phase change can be used on any substance (save restrictions posted before) within 25 ft. of the user. Diver now allows the user to stay submerged for 30 seconds, and now the wielder can move at speeds of 50 mph. The liquid control ability moves a bit faster than previously.
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over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Bleachwarriors (Enekaji) –


1) You say the attack is similar to Zangetsu and Benehime. I get that those are similar energy-based abilities, but they have quite a bit that’s not common between them. The red energy of Benehime is an extension of the blade itself, and can function in an attack like that or in a variety of other ways. Zangetsu is much more focused, and it’s no extension of the blade, but rather just a blast of energy coming off of it. It seems like this is similar to the latter, more so at least than the former. What are the differences here? Is it the same color? The same speed? The same power? The same size? What makes this ability unique?

2) Again, comparisons are pretty weak here. I understand what you mean by referring to Ryuujin Jakka, but I don’t know how it compares just by saying it’s “not as powerful.” How much fire does it release? How much control over it do they have? Is it released directly from the blade? Can the fire be extinguished using normal means?

3) Knowing more about the previous two will help here. It’s hard to say what effect cutting their power in half has without knowing their power.

Bankai: Measuring “will to fight” seems kind of odd to me. Again, I understand the comparison, but a stronger desire to protect is somewhat more understandable. What goes into a will to protect? A desire to see that someone is safe, and a willingness to risk oneself. What goes into a will to fight? A desire for revenge, anger, fear, sadness…pretty much every emotion can have some effect. Most of these don’t play a part in protection, but they all play a strong role in whether someone’s got the will to fight. Would you balance all of these in here, and if so, what plays the greatest role?
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gaiaking235 (Flow) –


1) So the moment it leaves your trident, it becomes solid. Does it maintain the same momentum as the liquid initially had?

2) Makes sense.

3) Here’s where we may run into problems. Does the amount of liquid matter? Can the wielder, essentially, move an ocean at that speed? Essentially, I’m wondering if the wielder could choose locations with large bodies of water and simply own the field in a matter of seconds. Also, is this complete liquid control, or is it just liquid conveyance? What I mean is, can he form the liquid into sharp or blunt objects and do more damage that way? Can he make air bubbled underwater?

Bankai: Does the phase change automatically occur to anything within 10 feet of you, or does it occur in the same way as before, with the trident touching something, and anything within 25 feet of that point being changed? How much more quickly does the liquid control move?

It’s an interesting blade, and I feel there’s a lot that could be done with it that’s not readily apparent, though it seems pretty balanced.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Hehe so close thought I'd be able to sneak passed you XP.

1.)Yes any momentum caused by outside forces( gravity, kinetic etc.) are still in effect as soon as the trident leaves the object.

2.) Awesommmmme!!!!!!!

3.) Okay so yes he does have complete water control but to simplify this problem as long as the water is one ft. Wide from it's center point it can be controlled in a 30 ft. Radius around the user. The water can be shaped into anything as long as it is in the substances original volume.( however the water will act normally if it hits an obstruction flowing around or splashing against it.)

Bankai: yes it occurs in the same way as before however the trident need not touch it. So it can change from liquid to solid when the wielder wishes.(also the rate of the change is still the same here.

I have a feeling this zanpakuto could be extremely overpowered. If you think about it. Oh and if you could put this in the rp as a shinigami of your choice since I pretty much dedicated this zanpakuto to your brain since your known to make super versatile zanpakuto that could easily rule any battle. XD so yea.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Yo Gaia, where did you come up with this idea? Btw its turn on the RP I think, or Frost's turn.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
I think it's white flames turn
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Idk I was just thinking about swimming lol then this popped into my head. Um it should be frosts turn I think I went just before you then whites I think idek lol.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Nah, cause I had the last turn, so it must be one of you, then Whiteflame, then one of you again.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
big smile
It be frost then X3
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Btw Gaia that was meant for Frost, but yeah I think you are right, Gaia. Haha swimming, interesting way to think of a Zanpakuto idea. Btw I'm going to put an idea on the forum in a sec, so check it out and tell me what you think and you too, Frost.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Okie dokie BP
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Cool. Its for Hinamori's Bankai, just trying to figure out the translations and small details.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Its done, check the forum now.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
I can't finish the one i was working on so i did this one to take my mind off it. If you don't mind i'd like a review for it but i did this on my iphone so if it's a little oddly typed sorry :(

Zanpakuto Name: Seidan (Star Cluster)

Release Command: Moesakaru ( Burn Brightly )

Shikai Description. In shikai the sword is a long sword 4 foot long and 2 inches wide. About five inches down the blade it gets wider for about a foot, reaching 10 inches wide at the bottom, then it goes back to 4 inches wide forming a triangle shape.

Ability 1: Minemine ( Peaks ) When ever the sword is swung and dose not hit anything , if the user wants, a 1 foot in diameter fire ball, about the same tempature as a bonfire, shoots out from the middle of the swing - so if the user swung the sword in a 180 degree ark the fire would come from the 90 degree point-. This fire ball shoots out .5 seconds after the swing but hit user can countinue to swing. Also if the user wants they can hold the sword still at the end of the swing and shoot out a 50 feet long an 3 feet wide stream of fire. This ability has not cooldown or reshi cost but grows 5 degrees hotter every time a fire ball is used and every 3 seconds the stream is in use. When not using any abilities the sword loses 1 degree a second until it gets to it's normal tempature. The blade can't be heated or cooled by outside forces.

Ability 2: Irapushon ( Eruption ) The user can stab the ground and a pillar of fire 1 meter in diameter and 8 meters high bursts from the ground 1 foot in front of the sword after 2 seconds. This takes about 1.5 seconds to reach it's full hight then it stays for one second before going back down at the same speed. This is as hot as the first ability. After it hits it's peak , before it starts to go back down, the user can make a new pillar come up 1 inch away from the edge of the first one but this one only takes .5 seconds to start to rise. As long as the user keeps the sword in the ground they can make another off the edge of the last one but each one increases the swords tempature by 8 degrees, only 5 for the first one, and they have to be in the users sight range with out anything, other then the other pillar which the user can't see through, in between the user and the spot for the next pillar.

Ability 3: Saku ( Sever ) When this is used a 1 inch in diameter ball of fire forms on the tip of the sword and if the sword remains still for 3 seconds it shoots out at 10 feet per second up to 100 feet. This beam of fire is as hot and works like a blow torch. This ability uses no reshi but gets 10 degrees hoter every second it's expanding and 2 degrees a second while still.

Bankai Suta_Shisutemu ( Star System )

Bankai Description. In bankai the sword has the same triangle shape but an inch below the top one is another the same length but only 6 inches wide at the bottom and another one below that one that is 4 inches wide at the bottom.

Ability 1: Purominensu ( Prominence ) When the sword is swung, if the user wants, a wave of fire shoots out from the sword up to 5 meters out. This is 2 times as hot as the first abilities of shikai and increases the tempature of the sword by 10 degrees a swing. During bankai the sword cools 2 times faster then in shikai and can't be heated up or cooled down by outside forces.

Ability 2: Korona ( Corona ) During bankai the user is surounded by a aura of heat 4 feet out that is 50 degrees hotter then the zanpakuto. This aura dosen't effect the user or the zanpakuto but can be turned off by the users will.

Ability 3: Katto ( Flare Up ) This ability costs about 50% of the users normal amount of reshi to use. When used a blue ball of fire forms in the users hand about the size of a baseball. This can be held in the users hand or if let go it floats in place for ten seconds before dissappering. When the user wants this ball creates a fiery explosion with enough force to create a 50 feet wide and 36 feet deep crater if detonated on the ground. The tempature of the fire is about 1,500 degrees but nether the tempature of force effect the user. For every 20 degrees of heat the sword is above room tempature the reshi cost of this ability goes down by 5%. After this ability is used the sword becomes -20 degrees and gains 1 degree every 3 seconds. No abilities can be used until the sword becomes room tempature again.
over a year ago blEachstar1 said…
over a year ago blEachstar1 said…
Ill have mine tomorrow!
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Wagakagami (Seidan) –


1) This is well-explained, just wondering if the fireball shoots straight out of the point of exit, or aims towards the current position of the fireball. Also, what’s the range on the fireball?

2) All good.

3) So as soon as the sword moves, this is disrupted? Is there any harm in the wielder keeping that ball of fire on the tip of the sword while fighting normally? Does the beam of fire only come out at the same angle as the sword is held, or can it be changed through other means while held still? Can this be formed on the tip of the blade and used while the blade is plunged underground for the second ability?


1) Makes sense.

2) Interesting ability. Honestly, simple as it is, I could see this having a lot of uses depending upon the opponent.

3) Let’s say you throw or hit this ball of fire. Will it move forward under that momentum, or will it float in place, as you say it does when it leaves your hand? Will it automatically detonate if it hits something, or does it fizzle?

Always a pleasure dude, blade looks great.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

That is an awesome blade, I agree totally with what Whiteflame is saying. Your Zanpakuto seems to have an excellent balance between abilities that can be used for defensive and offensive purposes, and the cooldown of the blade is quite well done as well.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Kagamigazou ('Mirror's Image')

Release command: Replicate (Ripurike-to)

Bankai: Tokisetsubi Kagamigazou ('Time device, mirror's image')

Shikai abilities:

Sarumane ('Indiscriminate imitation') This ability is the basic and only ability of Kagamigazou. Whenever an enemy attacks, the move they use is instantly copied and then can be used against the opponent as many times as their reiatsu will permit. This ability can copy ANY (no matter how strong it is) ability and abilities can be changed at will whenever the opponent chooses to use another attack or defense. This ability will also copy abilities of non-Shinigami, including Arrancars, as they use Zanpakuto; can also copy abilities of Visoreds. As long as the ability is used in plain sight, Kagamigazou can copy it, whether it hits its target or not. Because of its nature this ability is essentially manipulating space in order for it to copy the attack.

Bankai abilities:

Jikokuana ('Time hole') The wielder points the Zanpakuto at a spot in the ground in their immediate vicinity, then emits the strange reiatsu of the Zanpakuto, which creates a time-hole. For every ten seconds the wielder waits, one second elapses in this time hole, which is in the exact same spot in the same time, but one minute prior to the time outside of the time hole. When the wielder has waited long enough, they jump into the time-hole and fall into the same place, but before the opponent has released an attack. This allows the wielder to jump through time, in order to replicate the abilities of the opponent and use them. Only one time-hole can be active at a time, but there is no restriction placed on the quantities of time-holes, as long as no more than one is active at a time. If the wielder tries to activate more than one at a time, the time-hole will suck them in and cause a paradox, usually resulting in serious injury at best, and death or becoming lost in time at worst.

Special ability: Time-changer's Shihakusho. This special robe, looks similar to the cliche magician or wizard's robe with a hood, and white circles all over it. This Shihakusho allows the wielder to pass through the time-hole, without causing a paradox or injury. This also gives enhanced speed (by as much as two times more).
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

In its sealed form, Kagamigazou has a white hilt, with blue triangles inside the white wrappings. The blade is silver, with a round guard, that has engravings that resemble a mirror.

In Shikai the tsuba and guard are the same, but the blade has a prominent, circular bulge in the middle, that is clear in appearance, and the end is curved more than normal katanas.

In Bankai, the tsuba is the same, but the guard is black, with white clock hands engraved. The blade is also black, with two grey circles, one smaller than the other. The blade is much longer and slightly thicker and wider. The end of the Zanpakuto has a short chain, with clock hands hagning off the end.
over a year ago Xshinigami27 said…

What could you say about my zanpakuto at page 208 the zanpakuto name is Kogoshibito. I wanna hear some points from you. :)
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Zanpakuto: Hihime (Ice princess)

Release command: Rule over everything (Keisen yo isshiki)
Shikai: Dancing Ice Princess (Butou Hihime)
Bankai: Dancing Ice Goddess (Butou Hi Megami)

Description: A blue hilt with white diamonds going down the sides, connected to a snowflake shaped guard. The blade is 4 feet and has a deep aquamarine color offset by a white trim.

Shikai: Butou Hihime

Description: Butou Hihime is covered in a light blue aura and the air within this aura is 50 degrees below zero. The user and zanpakuto are unnafected by this aura.

Icicle slice (Tsurara Kire)

Whenever the blade of the zanpakuto cuts through something a trail of ice materializes on the cut. The ice seeps 1 foot further into the cut instantly. The ice from this ability can be destroyed by releasing reiatsu equal to a level 10 kido.

Homing icicle(Homingu Tsurara)

All the icicles formed from the previous ability shatter and fly in whatever direction the wielder chooses. The shards move at average kido speed.

Ice coffin (Hi Nyuukan)

When the blade pierces the chest of the opponent ice forms within their body expanding at an inch a minute. This ability can only be used when at least 6 inches within the body and has to stay in for at least 10 seconds.

Planning on the bankai because i dont have too much more time on the computer.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Thank you whiteflame for the review and thank you everyone for the complements... i guess my next one is goning to be down hill from here :( lol.

Shikai 1) With this one it shoot stright out and the fire ball hass a 50 meter range.

2) Thank you

3) I guess this wasn't not explaned sorry. This is not disrupted if the beam it already out but if it's still just the ball then the ability has to be statred again and the beam is in a straigh line. I don't see much point in this other then surprise but yes it could.


1) Thank you

2) Thanks alot honestly this was just a throw in ability lol.

3) With this it can't be thrown if it leaves the hand it stops. If something hits it it will detonate but if the user wants it can be made to just fade away instead.

Thank you for the review and if you need any of yours reviewd just let me know :)
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
I'm a bit short on time at the moment, though I should be able to get to your blades sometime today or tomorrow. If I come up with a new blade, I'll make sure you take a look at it. Been out of new ideas for a while now.
over a year ago wagakagami said…
Well if you want new ideas you can always watch tv or play video games. My last one was inspired by a t.v show on animal planet when an asian giant hornet is killed by Japanese honey bees climbing on it then moving a lot to heat up and burn the hornet to death and another clip in that show was of 30 asian giant hornets killing 30,000 european honey bees, that are imported due to there high honey production, in 3 hours and I was making one based on that but I got stuck on it. So you can always BEE on the look out for inspiration lol
over a year ago blEachstar1 said…
Name: Kokuei (dark shadow)
Release Command:Houshutsu (release)

Shikai Description: In the shikai its a long sword 6 feet and 3 inches wide. A ninjas star blade holder with a silver
handle and a black blade.

ABILITY 1:Nijuushin (doppleganger)
The ability of a 100 yard stretch of 200 dopplegangers.A 180 degree downward turn of the shikai will release
a hundred yard radius. The Nijuushin will vanish and appear 20 yards away and then to attack 5 yards away,it
takes up 25% of riatsu but recharges 13% every 10 seconds. Two groups of 100 in 10 seconds for the nijuushin to be summoned.

ABILITY 2: Buraindo Kansei (blind trap)
Releases a 12 yard shadow cage around the target at 82 inches wide, 72 meters high. As a result the target is
trapped and cannot see the outside, but on the outside the beholder of the zanpakuto gains 18% of the enemy's
energy and 35% of their life force. Fact: The Buraindo Kansei has 82 inch wide walls that absorb 20% of riatsu.The
Buraindo Kensei can be released at least 5x at one and goes up to 113 yards apart. The cages have a space limit because
if spaced to far the cages will shatter and will return the riatsu, life force, and energy, but still the shikai absorbs
the darkness that the aura's around it possesses. With just a forward thrust of the shikai,death streams flow to form
the kansei (trap). Its streams reach up to 2,000 yards away. It also connects to a spell to restrain the enemy
known as shigai seishi (body restraint). Any type of struggle the seishi gets tighter 2 inches. Four shadow pillars
of 17 meters high to lock it in place. Gaining 30% more riatsu with the pillars. The
enemy can escape by using most of him/her energy or power to break the spell.

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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

I have a couple of questions and comments, so questions first.

1) This ability is quite specific, but there are a couple of things I want to know. This is released by giving the Shikai a 180 degree downward turn, so can this be done while actually attacking the enemy, or do you have to be in a certian position? A one hundred yard radius of 200 doppelgangers, so are they all released at once, or in groups? And if so, how long does this process take? I don't quite understand what you are meaning when you say 'take up 70 percent of reishi', as reishi is essentially what all matter in the Soul Society is made up of. Does this mean that the wielder is weakening themselves to use thsi ability? Or do you mean that this ability uses up 70 percent of reiatsu? If it recharges every ten seconds, how much does it recharge?

2) Is there any way for the opponent to break out of the cage, i.e. Kido, or using their Zanpakuto's abilities? You say it can be released up to five times, so five times at one time, or five times overall? What makes the cages shatter when they have too much space between them? What are the streams? PLease explain.


1) This ability is fine, but 70 percent of either reishi or reiatsu is far too much, so you might want to change that slightly to compensate. Otherwise, this is quite an interesting ability.

2) 90 percent of the enemy's energy and 75 percent of the life-force is far too much for a Shikai, this should be dulled down a bit. Maybe 50 percent of energy and 35 percent of life-force would be more realistic. Otherwise these abilities are quite well-done and very interesting. Good work!
over a year ago blEachstar1 said…
big smile
SPECIAL ABILITY: Akunochimata Sakini (Underworld Beyond)
RELEASE COMMAND: Shinigami Rein Kurayami (God of Death Rain Darkness)

By the shikai being inserted in the ground releases the shinigami (God of Death) into the battlefield.
The Shinigami a howl that releases streams that take most of the opponents energy and most reshi. Also it releases
a cannon up to 4,395 mi. Shadow blades is a specialty. It releases cracks in the surface and 2,078 meters high
and attacks from any direction.The Death Attack is the final blow.The shinigami picks itself up out the ground and
moves on the user's command. Basically it attacks the opponent directly. While the Death God is summoned darkness
in the atmosphere has a reason to it to. It absorbs at least 78% of the reshi in the area and adds that energy to the
user's zanpakuto. It doesn't just absorb reshi it also absorbs all the living organisms life energy and adds it to the
holder of the shikai. As a result, Kokuei Houshutsu is a success!
over a year ago blEachstar1 said…
I was thinking riatsu but I wrote down reishi!!!OOOOPPPSS!!¡!
over a year ago hman817 said…
Someone needs to make a website for this kind of thing, so u can make one and see it too
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

That is a good idea, but what kind of program would you have to use in order to be able to literally make the Zanpakuto?
over a year ago bleachfan12 said…
blackpanther666- about your zanpakuto beating mine (sorry about the lateness of the post but school and death in famly inhibited my time) are you like me and make over the top zanpakuto?

-i asked these qustions but never recieved any answers so ill ask again.

qustion 1: (deals with the hell chapter) if you had a character in hell, what would the persons name be, their appearance, abilities, reasion for condemed to hell, alegence (with or agenst ichigo) and what is that persons thoughts about their comdemnation?

qustion 2: (deals with the new ark in bleach) if you had a fullbringer what would that persons name be, what are their ability/ideam used to chanal soul, appearance, alegence (with or agenst ichigo) and any general information?

it would be assume to get some replys on this for id like to see peoples feelins about the direction bleach is taking,
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Xshinigami27 (Kogoshibito) –

Shikai: So in general, how do the drumsticks do damage? Do they have an effectiveness that goes beyond the basic ability to pock and/or smack an opponent with them?

1) Does the Danku-like barrier form all around them? How wide is the barrier? How long does it last? Does it move with you?

2) Are these circles two dimensional? Can they be hit from either side? Where exactly do they form? How large are they? Can they be differentiated by looking at them? Can the opponent see these circles and defend them? Does the effect of this occur only if one of the drumsticks hits one of these circles? Can an opponent with these on them accidentally cause the loss of their own sensation? Can an ally of the wielder’s hit these circles? How long does the loss of sensation last? Obviously, some of these sensations are more important than others, but not all of them are simple. If you remove touch, would the only sensation they feel be numbness? Could they not feel pain as long as this sensation is lost to them

3) There’s a lot here. To start, what makes this ability activate and not shikai #2? Both have the same requirement, that the target must be hit three times (and, speaking on that, what does it mean to “hit” them with the drumstick? Does that mean that you can hit them with either drumstick, or you must hit them with 1 3 times? Can you just touch the opponent with the drumstick and count that as a hit, or is there a certain force you have to hit them with in order to be counted?). Why would one activate and not the other? What is the lag time between the gong sound and the bright light descending from the sky? How fast does the light descend? The effect here, at least as written, is incredibly problematic. Words like “will hit” and “will turn into spirit particles” are a big problem. That makes it sound like not only is this unavoidable, but it’s also instant death to anyone hit by it. I get that it is avoidable from your response to blackpanther, but that’s not how it’s written.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Sorry about the late response on that one. As blackpanther said, I've been busy with his new forum. As for the rest of the new zanpakuto I have yet to review, I should be able to get to those today. I don't have much in the way of internet access, but I can keep the pages open and review even while I'm offline.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gaiaking235 (Hihime) –

Shikai: The description here includes an ability. It wouldn’t matter so much if it was a small change of temperature, but we’re talking -50 degrees Fahrenheit (I’m guessing on the metric you’re using here). That could flash freeze water, basically negate any heating effect, and would make it hard for anyone to fight you within it. I can’t tell from this how far the aura extends off the blade, but no matter what the situation, it’s still an ability, and therefore cannot be just in the description.

1) So obviously, no one of even abnormal human size has an area you could cut into that would be a foot deep without cutting through it. I’m guessing that’s mainly for hollows, since they happen to be quite a bit larger in most cases. Does that mean that, for soul reapers and humans, this would essentially cover every wound it cut? How cold is the ice it creates?

2) How much lag time does there need to be between the creation of the ice with the first ability and its shattering with this one? Considering how deadly this ability is, that lag time should be substantial. Shattering into tiny fragments of ice that move at kido speed into the body basically means you could hit several vital organs in a matter of seconds, with no possibility for defense at that point. If they have time to remove the ice, I can understand it.

3) This one generally seems useless. There are two situations in which this activates. The first is where you stab an opponent, and then leave your blade in the wound. That disarms you, and depends upon their willingness to remove said blade, so it seems kind of uncertain. The second is that you hold it in place yourself, in which case I’d question why. During those 10 seconds, you likely could have done a lot more harm anyway, and now you have to wait for it travel through the body at that very slow rate, even after it’s active. Just seems like this could be replaced with something more useful.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Just a note to start: this is a LONG one, but the main reason is that I really didn't understand most of it. Several reads only made me more puzzled.

blEachstar1 (Kokuei) –


1) Much as this is highly specific, it’s hard to understand at first read, and confusing even beyond that. If I read this correctly, are you creating 200 dopplegangers within 100 yards? I don’t understand the third line at all. They vanish and appear 20 yards away… and then attack 5 yards away? How? Do these dopplegangers look just like you? Are they as strong as you? As fast? Do they have the same reiatsu? Can they act independently of you? Can they be injured, and if so, do you feel it? What happens if they are destroyed? How long do they last? When is the 25% of your reiatsu taken? Is it when you create these dopplegangers, or when they attack? You say that reiatsu regenerates at 13% every 10 seconds, does that mean that you regain 13% of 25%, or 13% of the total, and if it’s the latter, is there even any harm to utilizing this ability? If you’re going to regain all of the reiatsu you lost, even over 10 seconds, that might make this ability too good, especially for a shikai.

2) Again, I find myself lost in the language here, in a lot of places. You say that the walls are 82 inches wide, but I had thought the cage itself was 82 inches wide. To start, I don’t know who “the beholder of the zanpakuto” is. Did you mean the “holder,” or the “wielder,” or anyone who can see the zanpakuto (which is what “beholder” means)? What does it mean to gain someone’s “life force”? I get the term, but does that mean they’re suddenly livelier, or that they heal from some of their wounds, or what? What does it mean for the person you’re taking it away from? How about these walls? You say they absorb 20% of reiatsu. What does that mean? Does it mean that, whenever the opponent touches these from the inside, they lose 20% of their reiatsu? Does it mean that it requires 20% of the opponent to sacrifice 20% of their reiatsu to break it? I don’t know whether it’s either of these or neither. Then you say it can be released 5 times at once, which is all the more confusing. Do you mean you can make 5 separate cages? How does that work? Do you garner those percentiles of each person who is locked in these cages as well? I don’t understand the space limit either. Does that mean that you HAVE to summon multiple cages? If not, I’m just confused as to why this becomes important. You say that even if the cages shatter, the shikai absorbs the darkness in the aura around it. I don’t get that at all. What does that mean? What does absorbing that aura do for you or your blade?
From there, I just get more confused. Now you’re talking about restraining them even further with 2 other abilities, and I don’t get where they came in. I don’t even know why they’re necessary, unless the cage is easily breakable, and if so, why have a cage in the first place? Why not just have these restraints and have them be the ones sapping energy from the opponent?
Overall, this ability is just confusing. Even from what I’m certain of, I have questions. How strong is the cage? How fast does it form around them? Can the caging be avoided? Can the restraints be avoided? You say the enemy can escape by using most of his or her power to break the spell, but that cannot be the case for everyone, can it? Shouldn’t only people of a certain level be able to break it, or does a normal human have the same capacity to break out as the Captain Commander? When they do break out in this way, is that energy lost to them, or is that just meant to wear them down? Can’t you just create another cage around them if they break out? If not, why? If a cage is broken, does it reduce the number of cages you can make thereafter? How about these restraints?

Special Ability) What do you mean by inserting the shikai into the ground? Do you mean the blade, or some manifestation of it, or what? How large is the shinigami? How fast is it? How strong is it? Is it capable of being injured or killed, and if so, how? The howl is incredibly overpowered. If a howl alone can essentially drain an opponent of almost all of their energy and reishi, it’s too much. There’s no way to avoid noise, and there’s no limit for the number of times it can use this. I don’t know what this cannon is. What cannon? Is it a cannon that’s 4,395 mi. long, or one that can shoot that far? What does the cannon shoot? Is it carried by the shinigami, or planted in the ground by it? How many of these can it create? Where do these shadow blades come from? Does it carry these? Does it shoot these? Does it shoot these from the cannon? What about these cracks? What surface are they released in? Does it create new mountains that are 2,078 meters high when it creates these cracks? Is that all the cracks do, or do they have some ulterior ability? How fast does the land rise when ti does this? You say it can attack from any direction. What does that mean? Does it mean that the cracks can rise in any direction it pleases, or that it can attack in front of itself and hit something in back of it?
The “final blow” requires its own section. First off, you never said the shinigami couldn’t move before, and yet you say here that it moves in this case. Does it not move throughout the rest of this ability? Second, hasn’t it been attacking the opponent directly this entire time? What’s changing here, that it can fight with him face to face? Are you saying that it wasn’t fighting that way with the shadow blades? Third, what is this darkness in the atmosphere stuff? What reason does it have to it? Does summoning the shinigami create darkness in the atmosphere? Did previous abilities put darkness in that atmosphere? Does it just like nighttime? Does it absorb darkness? Does it eat darkness? Fourth, what area does it absorb 78% of the reishi from? How large is the area from which it absorbs this? Can it absorb from other beings? If so, why would you need the scream in the beginning of this, since you’re basically draining them of all their energy right here? You say it adds this to the user’s zanpakuto. Does that matter? Isn’t that zanpakuto plunged into the ground, and forced to stay there while this shinigami is out? Fifth, it’s insanely overpowered. Many of my previous points are reasons for that, but this final point is too much. You absorb living organisms with the shinigami. What prevents you from just having it jump into the middle of a captain’s meeting, getting killed (if it even can be), and absorbing the lives of every captain in soul society with its dying breath? And that’s if the range is small. If the range is large, I’d wonder whether anyone in Soul Society is safe if this was activated.

Overall, I can see you have an idea here that you really like, and you put a lot of thought into it. Perhaps it’s just the way this is written that’s slipping me up, but I’m having a really hard time seeing your vision with these words. In some cases, these abilities just involve so much that I think you could take out half of what you said here and it would be 10 times clearer, but I’m not really sure what to think. Try to be clearer in future posts.
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over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

My original Zanpakuto (The first I made) is the Zanpakuto of the Thunder God, so I'd like to think its pretty damn powerful, plus my character has a special relationship with the spirit of his Zanpakuto, so he has a rapid growth rate and eventually can use a portion of the Thunder God's power itself. This makes him pretty powerful. I kinda designed him to be able to take down Aizen fused with the Hogyoku.

1) My character in Hell, would someone who died and had evil feelings, but got condemned to Hell for killing many people while he was a live, so his Hollowfication progress was halted till he was brought the Gates of Hell and now he has an evil, dense reiatsu, that is highly unstable. His name would be: Yokoshima Akujin ('Evil God'). Long, dark hair, with 666 tattooed onto his forearm (left). His Hollow mask takes up half of his face and is black and white, with a satanic symbol on the right cheek. The mask is on the right side of his face and the patterns are wavy lines, extending from both sides of the half-mask. He has no Zanpakuto, but his weapon is a black lance with three points on the end (resembles a dark trident).

2) Can't be bothered doing a Fullbring - I have no idea what I would make.

over a year ago Berry-chan said…
my command gonna be : write pen :P

bankai:akuma no nikki
my bankai gonna be a diary u can qrite anything in it and it will come true like i wish kon would go to hell. then yea can would go to hell.

and shikai hmm idk o.o
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Bleachfan12 -

1. When it comes to hell, truth be told, I really don't understand how powers work. I could come up with a character for it, but they never really explained how they utilize their powers. Is it a zanpakuto release? It's likely akin to one, but without knowing the limitations, it's hard for me to be certain. I think the jaunt into hell was interesting, but it was more about showcasing Ichigo's hollow powers again than anything else, so they didn't really explain much.

2) Fullbring is a little more defined, and though I don't like the way they did that arc (which, as far as I can tell, just ended), I do like the concept. Mine would be my glasses, since they're perhaps the most important item in my life, and the only one I have a strong attachment to. I made an outline for a fullbring for them a while back, but in general, it would provide the ability to enhance sight, allowing me to ignore illusions and impediments, and see 360 degrees around me. It would also provide me the ability to interpret that information as though it was normal sight. An enhanced version would include the ability to see the likeliest future of an opponent's actions. I would likely be a loner fullbring user, not with any particular group.