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jadzter18 posted on Jan 01, 2009 at 06:06PM
enhance your imagination!
If you were a shinigami what will your zanpakuto's name and abilities be?

share your thoughts and ideas of your ideal zanpakuto!!!

(note:please follow this format so that there will be a uniform ideas, and so that people would read this topic more interesting and more easy to read, thank you)


[zanpakuto's name/shikai name]
[release command]
[bankai name] - optional
=description - optional

[shikai abilities] - limited only (3)

[bankai abilities] - limited only (3)
=desciption - optional

=(then comments on your zanpakuto)

that's all we want to know!
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over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Okay I'm new at this but be brutal. Also my battery is low so I haven't had a chance to look for translations so here goes. Zanpakuto name/living death. Description/unreleased normal katana with guard fashioned like a Sakura petal. Shikai: die. Description: zanpakuto blade completely dissapears, and a Sakura petal attached to the hilt by a string appears. Shikai ability: when the wielder plucks the petal from the string they appear to die from rapid aging. In reality this is just an illusion that can only be seen through when your facing the wielders back. Once the illusion ends it explodes while the wielder makes their quick getaway. Bankai: Bloom and die. Bankai description: the bankai can take practically any form but the blade chooses the form of a Sakura tree the size of a house. The tree ages from it's moment of blooming to it's moment of death in exactly an hour, the petals turning black when it dies. The wielders blade grows from it's guard. The blade is riddled with spikes and seeps with a poison that instantly kills when it reaches the brain. Bankai abilities/ Nourishment: the tree is constantly sapping reiatsu from those who lie under it's branches( approximately 50 ft.) Sanctuary: those who enter the the area under the tree seeking combat lose 10 times the amount more reiatsu than normal. Sanctuary's end: when the tree's petals turn black all those left under the tree die instantly.( again as far as the branches reach) Under normal circumstances those under the tree lose reiatsu equal to that needed of a level 3 kido this ability also effects the wielder. As the loss of reiatsu continues on the weight of any weapon becomes three times as heavy. When the anyone reaches 1/4 their normal reiatsu level they instantaneously faint for however long the wielder wants. But if the wielder faints the zanpakuto decides on whether to continue with it's process or not. As for the wither only those completely under the tree die ( not affecting those with say a finger or a BODY part outside of it's range). And yes the wither ability does kill the wielder if they are under the tree. Finally to clarify the fact if the wielder attempts to approach someone with the intent to kill with his poisoned blade he will also suffer exhaustion. I hope this foolproof but remember you still have to be brutal. I plan on making a character for this blade but only until this zanpakuto is foolproof so plz throw any suggestions my way. Thx.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
My zanpkuto: my zanpakuto that has two names varying whether it is day or night.
Night shikai: Getsumen no karasu (lunar raven)
release command: Hiko o toru (take flight)
shikai appearance: getsumen no karasu turns into gauntlets resembling raven talons which are jet black.
shikai ability1:kage piasu (shadow pierce) this allows the user to manipulate shadows to shoot out and stab his enemies however he has to be in direct contact with the shadow.
shikai ability2: Hane shuraudo (feather shroud) this makes feathers formed from spirit energy form around the user temporarily protecting him and healing him.

Night bankai: Eien no yami karasu (eternally dark raven)
bankai appearance: eien no yami karasu turns into a long scythe black and silver scythe, the user sprouts two black angel/raven wings and spirit energy within a one mile radius turns into a black mist.

night bankai ability1: Daten-shi (fallen angel) the user gains two more wings formed from the black mist doubling there speed and defensive capabilites. and feathers float around the user acting as shields.
night bankai ability2/strongest night attack:Daten-shi fukushu(fallen angels revenge) the user holds hand in the air as he sucks in the black mist into his being then points hand at the enemy shooting the collected energy that forms the shape of a raven as it flies at the enemy.

Daytime shikai: Hitaka (sun hawk)
release command: Negura ni tsuku (roost)
shikai appearence: Hitaka remains in sword form but the guard is now a prism stone.

daytime shikai ability1: hane no mira (feather mirror) feathers made from spirit energy shoot into the sky and reflect light into the prism of Hitaka boosting the power of hitaka by the color it is.

SHikai ability2: ten wa mira (heavens mirror)the feathers float down facing the enemy capturing their image hen turn into clones of them.

daytime Bankai: hikari no ten no taka (heavenly hawk of light)
bankai appearance: hikari no ten no taka now turns into a full prism sword and splits into two swords. as with his other bankai he sprouts instead white wings that radiate light.

day bankai ability1:taiyo bakuhatsu (solar explosion) the user throws his prism sword into the ground in two different spots then prism stones sprout and circle the enemy then light shoots throughout the prisms shooting upward in an explosion of energy.

bankai ability2: taiyo-sen (sun ray) the mirror feathers in the air focus all the stored leight to the prism swords as the user says kore wa(this is), then the swords are pointed at the enemy like guns and shoots a highly concentrated beams of rainbow colored light when the user says watashi no...handan. (my...judgement)

zanpakuto appearance when sealed: is worn on back like toshiro has his. the guard is a circle half looking like the sun the other the moon. hilt is black and white.

weakness:sword is useless during dawn or twilight. during night bankai user goes temporarily into insane state.

over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
i will have a character description up hopefully soon. NO HOLLOW POWERS for him. cuz their are to many vizoreds
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

If you are looking for a good site to translate from English to Japanese, then give eudict.com a go. That's where I get all my translations from. Your Zanpakuto sounds pretty cool by the way, it's an interesting style. I have a couple of questions...

1) Is there a time limit to this illusion, as you say 'when it ends?'? Does this illusion have any other innate abilities to it, or is it just useful for the wielder making his getaway? You might want to add a bit to the Shikai, just for clarification, as it seems like it wouldn't do much damage in a one on one confrontation.

2) I'm not sure I understand why the Bankai can take any form, but choose the Sakura tree. I mean, I get that it wouldn't work without it, but if you don't use the shape-shifting abilities of the Zanpakuto, then there isn't really much point in having them.

3) From here on, you have accurately described the Bankai and even offered statistics to match. I have no problem with any of the rest.

This is an interesting Zanpakuto. I think it is really good for a first-timer. I do think that you should maybe add a couple of abilities to the Shikai and give it a little more power (this isn't a problem for Bankai, but in Shikai, this could cause problems and make you rely on Bankai a little too much, Bankai is a secret weapon, after all)
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

Sorry, I forgot to answer your questions for Tate Tenrai.

The Zanpakuto will respond with the same type of defense as the opponent's offense. This is like a counter ability, so the wielder has no say in how the shield defends against an attack. This defense, in Shikai, is flawed compared to Kyuukyoku Shouheki. The shield is restricted to exactly how I worded it in the bios of my Zanpakuto. It will defend any attack using the strict set of rules, involving elements, Kido and reiatsu, and will not respond any differently. For example, if the elemental attack was fire-based, the elemental shield would be water-based. The shield for Kido and Bakudo is also very strict and when I say reject all all Kido and Bakudo, I mean that any Kido, or Bakudo based spell is used against it, it will reject their existance and destroy them. It doesn't necessarily mean that it will tear down a barrier, and it wouldn't be used for that anyway, but it is entirely conceivable. It repels any reiatsu-based attacks, within reason, using the user's reiatsu (and same in Bankai, but less restricted). If the opponent was a Captain, then it would only work if the wielder's reiatsu was at least as strong.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
would appreciate a review on whats confusing and what can be improved. PLEASE BE BRUTAL i need all the help i can get
over a year ago Deathclaw98 said…
hey blackpanther666 thx for not setting your sites on me i will explain why my character is a visored and so powerful just for added bonus. you see he was experimited on kinda like aizen did to the other visoreds except that it was much more brutal. as to how i got my freashily overpowered well powers the only thing i can say is that i trained really hard as to not have to where my masks atleast not infront of people. sorry im still comin up with a story for this so i hope this suffices.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Samuelsan (Ryōbi) –


1) I get that the punch is coming from the gauntlet, but that’s all I’ve got here. Does it just throw punches randomly without moving? Does it launch an invisible punch off of any normal punch the wielder performs? What’s the range on that? Is the physical power of an invisible punch the same as a normal punch?

2) Does this mean that, no matter where the opponent is or how far away they are, the gauntlet will punch their vital point? That’s how it’s written right now. You might be saying that the gauntlet causes the wielder to attempt to punch the vital point as often as possible, but that’s not how it’s written. If this is how you mean it, doesn’t that automatically mean that any punch launched will head to the same point, essentially making you extremely easy to foresee, or can the wielder decide on the specific vital point? Does this apply to the invisible punches? What suffices as a “vital point”? Does that mean that there’s a point that you can punch that would kill them on the first hit, or does that mean this is a more dangerous point to hit in general?

3) I’m lost here. Are you saying that you can throw the gauntlet, attached to the chain, and punch people with it at range? If so, doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of a gauntlet, which is supposed to continuously cover the hand and be used in punches? I get that you can launch ranged attacks this way, but an opponent could easily exploit the opportunity that it’s off your hand and only attached to you by a chain. A gauntlet is one of the few manifestations of a blade that’s really hard to disarm because it’s attached to you, seems like this only causes more problems for you.

Bankai: So I’m generally confused by the dragon tail. How large is it? Is it a physical manifestation that everyone can see, and if so, can it be destroyed or stopped? If it is destroyed, how long does it take to return to normal? If it’s stopped, can you still perform attacks like normal, just without its aid? If either of these aren’t true (if it’s essentially invincible and unstoppable), then it’s an ability, and can’t just be put in the description here.

1) How do you “combine” the nunchaku? Do they just meld together, or do you hold them together? Can the nunchaku cause more damage in this state? You say the tail is 2x larger, but does that mean it causes more harm as well?

2) I’m lost here as well. You throw the nunchaku at your opponent? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of a nunchuck? You’re essentially disarming yourself. I don’t get how the dragon tail does more damage either. What, does the dragon tail suddenly follow the nunchuck in its path and somehow cause “bigger distruction”? What does that even mean?

3) Again, I’m confused. You don’t “slash” with nunchaku, first and foremost. Second, does the dragon tail “slash” now too? How does it do that? Does it just follow up the strikes, or does it hit some other way? I don’t understand how this ability is special. The normal effect of the blade is that the dragon tail follows a strike you make, increasing damage and basically doubling up your damage. What makes this different?

4) Just to start, this is a fourth bankai ability, you should really try and limit this to 3. Second, none of this makes the slightest bit of sense. I don’t know what the “ultimate combo dance” looks like. I don’t know how long you can keep this active. I don’t know what the combo of taijutsu and zanpakuto wielding looks like. I don’t know why it has to be activated in shikai, and, for that matter, if it can be activated in shikai, that’s its own problem. An ultimate ability you can activate in shikai? Can it only be used in bankai? What prevents you from activating it in shikai?
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Ok I understand my flaws now. 1. The illusion should last approximately 2-4 seconds, and it is solely a getaway ability meaning that the explosion itself is part of the illusion. And as for other shikai abilities I will make a revision of my blade with at least one more. 2. As for the shape shifting part it can of course be edited out, since you pointed the problem out I notice my error lol. 3. Thx for the compliments on my bankai XD.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Deathclaw98 (Saraundo Okeru) –

Shikai: This is really just a general issue, but a blade should really hold to a given theme. If, say, you were going to start out with a blade that is black and white for yin and yang (it’s a bit overdone, but alright), you should stick with that theme. If, on the other hand, you decide to go with the lightning theme, try and take a step away from the yin and yang aspect. Also, do try to stick to a format of separating out your abilities so that they’re a little easier to review – I have to try to find the separations myself in this case.

1) This first ability could be dozens of abilities. It’s basically “lightning manipulation,” but it’s quite a bit more confusing than that. I know who Sasuke is, and that’s perhaps making this harder. Drawing lightning through one’s body is hardly the only manifestation he uses. Does this allow the wielder to use chidori? Does it allow them to create a net of electricity that spreads across the ground? Does it allow them to make an extended lightning blade that they can shoot out of their hands? These are just the major usages Sasuke has thrown out there, and there are several more that come to mind. It’s all too much for one ability. The reason why is that Naruto and Bleach are rather different worlds. In Naruto, the person learns new ways to use their specific type of chakra, and they can utilize a wide variety of techniques following that line of thought. In Bleach, they’re more specific. He can either control lightning generated in the area (which is different from generating internal lightning), control his internal lightning in a certain way, or something along those same lines. Your character could simply be similar to Sasuke, but you would have to use all three abilities to make him so similar.

2) The lightning shield requires quite a bit of explanation. This situation isn’t exactly similar to Byakuya’s (that’s how you spell it). You’re generating the lightning yourself, at least if I’m interpreting correctly. It doesn’t stay in the air around you, it dissipates. You would have to generate the shield brand new each time as opposed to simply having the manifestation of your blade form into a shield to protect you. You should also describe the defensive potential off this ability. How much physical damage can it take? How much kido damage? Also, can the electricity of the shield be used offensively to cause harm?

Bankai: Does the pitch black lightning cause any harm at all, or is it just for show? I’m lost on this “2,000 layers of pure cutting power” as well. Does this somehow cut better than a normal blade, and if so, how much better? Is it more difficult to break as a result? In general, how does this function? Is it heavier? In general, you’re complicating this form too much. The hollow-like appearance is one thing, but the 10 wolf-like tails? The angel wings? It just seems like too much. Simpler is better.

1) The speed boost needs to be better defined. How fast are you? You say the lightning increases your speed still further. Why? How? I don’t draw that conclusion automatically myself, you’ll have to explain it.

2) Not nearly enough explanation on the cero/bala derivatives. How much more powerful are these? How do they look? Are they faster? Where’s the boost here?

3) Once again, we’re back to the Sasuke-like abilities. All that I said on shikai 1 applies here, and possibly with shikai 2 (since you say that defensive maneuvers apply here as well.

Just to end off, there’s your appearance and such here. You say your soul reaper’s below captain level, yet you say that he has a tremendous amount of energy and that you are a captain…that’s confusing. You have a mask, but somehow no one knows about it (even though it’s become relatively obvious through the show that there’s not really an effective way to conceal that you have one until you’re done conquering your internal hollow, which takes quite a while).

Given that blackpanther’s already discussed this, I think I’ll put my two cents in on hollow masks. I get that they’re cool guys, it’s one of the reasons most people love Ichigo. Here’s the problem: if we’re talking about the Bleach universe, there’s only one way a Visored is ever created, and that’s through the Hougyoku. Aizen merely created the impetus by which people started turning into hollows, not into Visoreds. Therefore, it really doesn’t matter how traumatic the experience of becoming a hollow is, it matters how powerful the hollow is, and there are limitations there as well. If the hollow is more powerful than the soul reaper, the hollow will win and take them over. The Hougyoku only allows for the possibility, it doesn’t create Visoreds directly. Hence, we run into trouble with so many people making Visoreds as their characters. Unless you’re adding on to the initial group, in which case they shouldn’t be any stronger than, say, Shinji, there’s no way you should have a Visored. In case anyone’s thinking of pointing out Ichigo as an outlier, he was an extremely special case whereby the Hougyoku was specifically watching him most of the time. So much as I’m sure there will still be plenty of Visoreds, even though it really doesn’t make tremendous sense even to expand the initial group, the story simply doesn’t allow for the creation of many more, if any at all.
over a year ago NitroStorm99 said…
Name- Nitorarashi "Nitro Storm"
Release Command- Makaze "True Wind"
Bankai- Saishu-teki kaze "Final Wind"
Description -
Hilt - A black shaft with blue-green details
Guard - A silver guard with infinity symbols on each side
Blade - A normal straight blade with a curved tip

Shikai abilities - 1- User simply gains enhanced speed.
2- User is covered in a strong wind aura.

Shikai Form - Same with a small spike on the back of the blade near the end.

Bankai Abilities - 1 - User is granted even further enhanced speed.
2 - User can slow the world around him in short bursts.
3 - Saiju Kazarashi "Final Windstorm" User is able to move at light speed in a short burst to cause damage to his opponent

Bankai Form - Blade turns black and a white edge, and the spike on the end lengthens, and it gains a black and blue-green lightning aura.
over a year ago Deathclaw98 said…
whiteflame55 thanks for pointing out my faults it makes it more realistic. i do admit i got carried away with the abilitys and apperance but what can i say i have a huge imangination but i realize where your coming from. its like im trying to make myself look god but in doing that its not realistic id like you to help me on what i should change or do about my appearance and powers. and thanks for the spell check.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Gaiaking235 (Living Death) –

Shikai: Blackpanther’s already addressed all of this.

Bankai: Got a few more issues here.

1) The hour-long duration of the tree and subsequent creation of a blade is essentially worthless in most fights. An hour might as well be an eternity in the Bleach universe – I don’t think we’ve even seen a fight last for more than a few minutes, save a couple of special instances. To an extent, I can understand including that. The weapon it creates is able to kill as long as it inflicts any damage whatsoever, which would be incredibly overpowered if not for the fact that it takes an incredibly long time to activate. Still, it just seems like an ability that will never activate, which makes me question whether it’s worth having at all. I’d suggest both reducing the time dramatically and reducing the poison’s effectiveness just as much. A couple of other things on this. Can the tree be cut down, and if so, what happens when it is?

2) Nourishment: Does it sap from both allies and enemies? Does it sap the wielder? You say that it saps reiatsu equal to a level 3 kido, is that total during the whole time they’re under it, or the amount it takes per unit time? I’d include the weight increase of the weapon directly as part of the ability, but how quickly does it increase to 3 times the weight? The ¼ reiatsu fainting aspect might or might not be overpowered, depending upon the answers to the rate of reiatsu depletion.

3) Sanctuary: “Seeking combat” is a bit broad, I’m not entirely certain what you mean. I understand that if someone is actively trying to attack, that would count, but what if they’re simply looking forward to combat? What if they’re looking forward to defending? Does the blade interpret these by looking into the minds of those underneath it, or does it interpret their actions?

4) Sanctuary’s end: What causes the petals to turn black? I get that you said the death of the tree (and the blackening of the petals) happen in that hour period, but is there a set time in which the petals will always blacken, or is it sped up by reiatsu being drained?
It’s an interesting blade with a lot of unique facets I haven’t seen before, and you addressed most of the uncertainties in your main post, but as you asked, I’m trying to be brutal.
over a year ago whiteflame55 said…
Frosttakahashi (Getsumen no Karasu) – After it is released at a certain time, will it automatically transition to the other as time progresses?

Night shikai:

1) This ability is all about limitations. Can the wielder control any size of shadow? Can the shadow’s shape be changed any way the wielder wants? Can they increase or decrease the size of the shadow? Can the shadow lift off the ground? If so or if not, how does it stab the enemy? Can it be blocked by kido?

2) Do these form all around the user in a bubble, or how does it look? Does the wielder need to be completely covered in feathers to get the healing effect? How much protection do they provide against physical attacks/kido/etc.? How much healing does this provide him?

Night bankai: To some extent, the mist might be an ability, though it depends on the effect. Can ti be easily seen through? Can it adversely affect the spirit energy of an opponent, or does it just change the appearance? Does the black mist follow the wielder around after it’s made, or does it remain stationary in a 1 mile radius around the wielder’s initial site of release? Do the wings provide any new capabilities? Can they be cut off, and if so, can they be reformed? Also, you say the user is in a temporarily insane state, what does that imply? How are their mannerisms likely to change? How about their fighting style?

1) Can these wings be cut off, and can they be reformed? You say the defensive capabilities are increased, is that just by the feathers? Do they float around him with large spaces in between, or do they form a more cohesive shield? Do these feathers have the same defensive potential as the ones in shikai, or more?

2) Does this reduce the amount of mist around the wielder? Can he suck in more or less depending upon the size of the raven he wants to create? How fast does the raven fly? What kind of damage does it cause upon collision? If it explodes, can you explode it without it touching anything?

Daytime shikai:

1) This one’s somewhat confusing. How many feathers does it shoot up like this? Does it just boost the power of the blade? Can you create multiple prisms like this across the battlefield? Can this benefit the opponent as well? What kinds of benefits are we talking about? What does, say, red provide, or blue? You should list the specific boosts they provide here, since it is dependent upon the color. How large would the area of light these provide be?

2) Are these the same feathers? How many of these can you create? How powerful are the clones by comparison to the person their cloning (or, as the case may be, by comparison to you)? Do the clones have any powers? Are the clones easily killed? What happens if they are killed? Is the feather used to create them spent, or can it be reused?

Daytime bankai: Much the same questions about the wings.

1) Sort of confused by this one. So you throw the swords into the ground at two spots. I’m guessing the light shoots out between the two swords, yet you say it circles the enemy. Does it matter whether the enemy is anywhere near the swords? Does the positioning of the swords matter? Can it circle them if they’re in the air as easily as if they’re on the ground? How powerful is the energy explosion? Is it related to that distance? Can this only be done once every time they’re put into the ground like this? How quickly does this all happen, from the time they’re put in the ground to the time they cause the explosion?

2) Does this do more damage if they’ve had longer charge times? How powerful are these beams of light? How many can you have at once? These feathers are the same ones from shikai, does that mean that at least the first shikai is still active in bankai? If so, it needs to be among these abilities, since it still counts.

Overall, it’s an interesting blade of contrasts, but it lacks quite a bit of the specificity it needs.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Had an interesting idea last night, now I'm going to develop it into a Zanpakuto.

Shikai: Kagetsu ('Bright moon')

Release Command: Wane and flail (Wei sorede furimidasu)

Bankai: Shikameru Getsurei ('Age of the scowling Moon')

Shikai abilities:

Gesshoku ('Lunar eclipse'), in the presence of the moon (during the day the moon is still there, it just can't be seen) the wielder can absorb spirit energy, when it becomes low, through the blade of Kagetsu. When the moon is out during night-time, this ability can absorb large amounts of spirit energy and this spirit energy can also be redirected from the blade to the opponent, causing varing amounts of damage, depending on the enrgy absorbed. During the day, the energy absorbed from the moon, is much less than during night-time and can only be used to replenish the wielder's spirit energy. Also, during the day, Gesshoku can manipulate the lunar energy into a large ball of light and cover the sun, causing a lunar eclipse above the opponent, who is then swallowed up by the 'bright moon' causing the eclipse and trapped for about a minute, while the eclipse breaks down their reiatsu, causing it to become unstable and hard to use in battle.

Eiki ('Phases of the Moon') The wielder will absorb more spirit energy from the moonlight, depending on what phase the moon is going through. For example, if the moon is full, then that will give the wielder the most power. During a cresent moon, or smaller (new moon, for instance) the wielder will be able to absorb less spirit energy. This ability is passive and depends only on the phase of the moon. It also 'brightens' the reiatsu of the wielder, making it slightly stronger and resilient to attacks.

Juugoya ('Night of the full moon') During full moon, the wielder's reiatsu, attack speed, evasion, and sharpness of blade (reiatsu is sharpened, causing the blade to become sharper) is multiplied by two.

Just to define, as I know Whiteflame will probably touch on this, but when I say these abilities absorb spirit energy, this does not mean that the wielder's reiatsu gets stronger, it means that if the wielder has used a lot of reiatsu, then absorbing spirit energy will replenish this. When Eiki 'brightens' reiatsu, it means that the reiatsu becomes somewhat stronger, depending on the phase of the moon.

Bankai abilities:

Tsukishikon ('Moon fang') Energy is absorbed from the moon and then is fired in an arching wave, that looks like two fangs biting the opponent. This attack causes large amounts of damage during full moon and small amounts during new moon and cresent moon. Gesshoku cannot be used to in Bankai, so Tsukishikon has a similar effect on reiatsu, breaking it down somewhat and causing it to become very unstable.

In Bankai, both Eiki and Juugoya can be used in conjunction with one another and Tsukishikon. The same rules apply for these abilities, though Juugoya multiplies the following by three:
Reiatsu, attack speed, evasive tactics, sharpness of Zanpakuto, as well as regenerative abilities (these are miniscule at best, even during full moon)

All of the abilities of Kagetsu depend on Eiki, and to a lesser degree, Juugoya. In other words, any ability's strength depends on the phase of the moon, or whether it is full moon.

Sealed form: Kagetsu has a black/white tsuba, while the guard is circular, with four evenly spaced, symmetrical holes in it. The blade is half-silver, half-black. Instead of a regular katana, the Zanpakuto is a nodachi.

Shikai: Shikai and Bankai look the same. The Zanpakuto is slightly longer than in its sealed form. The guard is the same, as well as the tsuba, but the end of the tsuba has a long, white chain, with a large ring attached.

over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Lol thx white ok first off The hour long duration was only added for reasons of escape, and partly for mass murder. I mean the giant tree itself attracts people (unless your in a forest of course.) I doubt this explains much but the amount of time the ability is active can be changed without question. As for the poison dipped weapon It can seem op'd but you must remember that anyone under the tree with an intent to kill or harm is severely weakened this was an intention as the area under the tree is pretty much supposed to be a non-aggression zone so the use of the poison would probably only be for suicide missions of the highest caliber.(for instance killing Yamamoto before help can come) As for the trees killing ability it would be extremely easy to escape unless your already low on reiatsu or if you've tried to kill someone while under the tree. Oh and on cutting don the tree I've been arguing on whether cutting down the tree would increase the reiatsu absorption or if the time of the death is decreased.I've however settled on increased reishi absorption which the user could easily utilize even though he would still suffer from increased exhaustion. For the sake of the tree though the tree canning be completely cut down but any attacks ( including reiatsu, kido, physical, and spiritual) would result in a 1 ft. Cut across the width of the tree. 2. The nourishment ability affects EVERYBODY I don't know if I've stated this before or not but this ability is the only reason that I included the poison blade. Oh and sorry I should've cleared this part up but the reiatsu drain, and blade weight increase occur in units be activated at 5 sec. Intervals. The whole point of the 1/4 reiatsu rule ties in with the sanctuary ability as long as those under the tree avoid trying to fight. Sorry I only picked the words seeking combat because quite frankly my brain didn't feel like putting together the proper vocabulary. Those defending(blocking) will not be affected. But the tree will indeed look into the hearts of those around it, BUT it won't act until an act of aggression is committed. The petals turning black is only a symbol of death but I suppose it could act as a warning having the petals on individual main branches turn black individually after the first 45 mins. Have passed. (there would be 6 main branches by the way.) I hope this helps I like the questions you've posted here because they help visualize my blade more XD.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

I have a few questions about your Zanpakuto.

1) Shikai ability one, define the speed enhancement, how much speed enhancement do you get? And how does this work, or rather how do you get the speed enhancement in the first place?

2) What abilities does this wind aura have? Does this influence your shikai ability 1? How powerful would it be if it did? Does it have the capability to do any damage to the opponent? and is it a passive-type ability?


1) The same questions as Shikai ability 1.

2) How does this work? How much can the 'world around him' be slowed down? How short (or long) are the bursts? Is everything affected by this ability? If so, how does that work?

3) How does the wielder control his body at such a high-speed? How is he able to aim himself and the Zanpakuto at the opponent and still hit them? How much damage? Does this cause any damage to the wielder? How short is the burst?

Bankai form: What does the blue-green lightning aura do? If it can do damage, or manipulate lightning, then it should be classed as an ability.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…

If you are interested, you could join my RP.
I need some people to join and I will invite anyone.

The same goes for Nitrostorm, deathclaw and frosttakahashi
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…

the current description is just the basic descriptions of my zanpakutos abilities. i'll be posting a more detailed list soon.and to answer about the transition, no it doesn't change. if it is night and then dawn begins as if the sun begins rising Getsumen no karasu will revert back to its sealed state. same with hitaka, if it is day time and the sun goes down and it is twilight, hitaka will revert to its sealed state.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Sure I would love to see my zanpakuto in action in a real story! lol sounds like a whole lotta fun so how do I join tho lmao XD
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…

what RP is it?
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Gaiaking and frosttakahashi. Go back to page 205 and have a look at what I've put so far. I'll give a quick outline. My RP is set 500 years after Ichigo and Aizen fight. This follows Aizen's imminent escape from Soul society dungeons not long after he was imprisoned, however, he leaves all the Soul reapers to think that he hasn't escaped, by leaving a hypnosis clone. I have also changed Head-Captains, from Yamamoto to Hitsugaya and added a few captains from the current bleach Vice-Captains.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Oooooooh sounds fun! Can I picks a side???
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
If you want to control the actions of an ancient clan, that I was just doing research on last night. They are called Preliators (Latin for 'Warrior') and Scholas ('Elite Warriors'). And they are part of a clan called Quiris Lux Gens ('Spear of Light Clan'). They hold ancient iron-swords, called Ferrum, that hold a certain level of manipulation of pure light (any colour or wavelength), that depends on their reiatsu.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
I also have decided on the elite warriors. There are five Schola, each of their titles is latin 1-5 Schola. These five have especially high reiatsu, probably higher than even some of the Captains.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
I'll add a bit to this RP later on tonight, Gaiaking, and then you can add your piece to it. You can either add a bit for the Preliators, or you can join my side and add in your Shinigami character.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
can i be a schola since half my zanpakuto is light based?
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Um I guess I'd like to be an elite warrior I don't want my powers limited to light but I still want the zanpakuto I mentioned b4 is that ok?
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…

night shikai1: the shadow the user manipulates shoots out and solidifeis only in the forms spikes, and the shadow it came from gradually decreases in size the farther the spike goes, so when the shadows size decreases enough the spike stops. the only kido that can stop it is kido that creates light.

shikai2:there are 15 black feathers in all floating around the user loosely all roughly 3 feet from the user. the feathers will attach themselves to a wound and fully heal it within twenty minutes. (size of wound decides how many feathers are used)
when faced by a non-direct attack the feathers cluster together then harden as a shield and can block attacks weaker than ceros. when in direct combat they fashion as armor on spots that are about to be struck moving at a rate of 3 feet a sec. each feather disappears after five strikes by a sword.

night bankai: the mist is mainly for show and to cloud the opponents vision. the mist is very difficult to see through only the user can see clearly through. the wings cannot be cut off because of the increased spiritual energy, they can be used as shields that can completely cover the user. yes mist does follow user. the insanity state is basically how ichigo gets when his hollow takes over when he fought byakura. when the mist is absorbed it has to all be absorbed or else it won't fire, the raven is shot and travels at 96 mph, and has the destructive capabilities of a gran rey cero.

day shikai 1: the same amount of feathers as night except these are glass like and reflective like mirrors, they stay high up and don't directly protect the user. prisms can only be made on the battlefield in bankai, light enhancements:orange increases speed by how bright it is, red is kido enhancement, green enhances blade sharpness(ability to cut through other zanpakutos), yellow just allows to fire energy beams, blue enhances IQ (ability to see through enemies attacks and predict what they'll do next), purple enhances physical strength (muscularity) indigo turns hitaka into a spirit energy absorber that absorbs the enemies spirit energy everytime it cuts them.

shikai2:yes, the feathers descend and turn into the enemy, they are as strong in physical characteristics but don't possess the same abilities as their zanpakutos, hey can be destroyed by one strike directly to them, not their swords. if they are defeated they revert back to feather form and the feather flies back up to recharge before it can do anything again (aprox. 20 min)

day bankai 1: the prism swords are thrown at opposite sides of the enemy(ies) and dig into the ground, then prism crystals sprout in a circle surrounding the enemy, then the light explosion happens, it is as powerful as uryu's giant energy thing he used on syzallapporo grantz. it takes six seconds to complete the circle and the explosion takes two seconds to charge then fire. circle is is nine feet in twelve feet in diameter.

bankai 2: i decided to change the name of this to Handan no tenshi ya (angels arrow of judgement) yes the feathers remain during bankai, the amount of energy stored in the feathers how strong the shot is, the floating feathers at this point only store energy though. all wings allow user to fly.

last edited over a year ago
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Ok here are my zanpakuto revisions hope you like em!
Zanpakuto name: Seisoku Zetsumei
Description: a normal katana with the guard in the shape of a sakura petal.
Name of Shikai: Sokushi/Instant death
Release command: Saikoro Bujini/Die Peacefully
Description: The blade dissapears leaving only the hilt And the guard. From the bottom of the hilt is a sakura petal attached to a string.
Shikai abilities:
Gansaku Zetsumei/roughly translates Death illusion: A five second illusion is created in which the user appears to die. At the end of the 5 secs. The illusion explodes in a shower of sakura petals.( the explosion is not real but part of the illusion. Same with the petals.) Anyone behind the user at the time however can see through this skill. ( This ability is solely used for getaways.
Junshi/Martyr: The user of this ability sacrifices the use of a body part, of one of their five senses to create An area of non-aggression. (The body part has to be the size of the forearm.) This zone stays stationary no matter what. The zone only lasts a total of 6 minutes, at which point the the body part or sense can be used again. Of a body part is sacrificed a tattoo of a black sakura petal appears in that area. The zone is covered in pink sakura petals which float through the zone. The non-agresson area is not a force field. Those inside of it can be hit by say a getsuga tenshou And remain unscathed. Also those inside the zone cannot execute acts of force, or lift any weapons if they have any. Those with weapons in their hand that are outside of the zone cannot entr it. This skil can be used only after the wielder of seisoku zetsumei has been attacked at least 10 times while outside of shikai (of doesn't mater if the attacks conect of not as long s they are aimed at the wielder.). (Zone by the way has a 10 ft. radius)
Meshidasu Shinigami/Sumoning of the death god: the hilt completely dissapears and in its place a thousand black petals form a cloaked figure with red eyes standing at approximateley 5 and a half ft. Anyone within 20 ft. Of the user lose reiatsu equal to that of a level 30 kido every minute.(this effect is not gradual.). At the wil of the wielder the the petals can be shot all together at the opponent at the speed of the users flash step. The combined weight of the petals is equal to that of the wielder.
Bankai name: Ki no. Zetsumei/Tree of death(name not permanent)
Descripton: Any effects of the shikai dissapear and a sakura tree the size of a house (50 ft. Wide branch size) will instantly appear at the back of the wielder. There are six main branches with a random amount of secondary branches. Sakura petals float freely around the perimetr of the tree. Te sumoning of this tree requires half of the summoners reiatsu. And the sumoner recieves a blade soaked in poison. The poison rendrs whatevr part of the body it enters paralized for about a minute. Also for every dose the person struck loses 1/8 their reiatsu.
Bankai abilities:
Eiyou/Nourishment: Anyone within the the wall of petals surounding the tree has their reiatsu drained at the rate of a level 3 kido spell evry five seconds. This is not as taxing on the summoner as they lose the same amount at the rate of 30 seconds. When 1/4 of a persons reiatsu is drained they fall into a deep sleep for about 3 mins during which their
reishishi regenrates at 2 thirds its normal rate.
Seido/Sanctuary: Anyone within the wall of petals who commits An act of aggresion has 10 times the amount of reishi
drained. Also within the wall weapons weigh four times their original weight.
Seido ate/Sanctuary's end: After about 10 mins. The tree dies signaled by the leaves in each of the main branches turn black in a clockwise fashion. (This doesent happen all at once but gradually throughout the trees lifespan. Anyone asleep when the tree dies dies along with it.(this only counts for those under the trees spell and of they are directly under the trees branches. Those in the verge of waking up are also spared.) Of the wielder is asleep under the tree the bankai can act upon with own will.

I'm prety sure I made a few mistakes the is feel free to point them out and I will try to explain. XD
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
zanpakuto:Hitaka/Getsumen no karasu
 name:kenshi zanpakuto:Hitaka/Getsumen no karasu
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
You guys can be whoever you want - we'll work it out as we go. I do need to find someone that will contribute to the Soul Society side of things and someone for the Espada. So we need to recruit a couple more people.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
do u ever do RP's where its only 2 people??
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Lol find this guy he suits my zanpakuto looking all laid back XD.
Name: Aion Kasagumi
Zanpakuto:Seisoku Zetsumeui
 LOL find this guy he 슈츠 my zanpakuto looking all laid back XD. Name: Aion Kasagumi Zanpakuto:Sei
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
This is my first RP, so I guess not. Why's that?
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Gaiaking, where did you find that dude? He looks pretty cool, like a younger version of Kyoraku, or a Soul society version of Starrk.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
just askin :P when we gonna start?
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Lol google I just typed in awesome anime dudes XD. Lol is what traits should wielder include in our char.?
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
We can start whenever. I'll make the forum topic, and then write the start of it and then we can get down to it. Its going to be called Bleach: The Clan War. At least thats what I was thinking. Do you guys like that name for it?
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Sure sounds cool.
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
iz good
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
Its up now, shall we have a bit of a planning session and decide how we should start it. I have lots of ideas, what you guys should have a say too, since you were kind enough to join my RP. :)
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
In a question are the scola And the soul society enemies or zone the hve a common enemy in aizen.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Lmao sorry about mispelled words my tablet has stupid spell check
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
Tell me the page name.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
That's okay, I hate spell-checks lol, I usually just do my own spell check, since I'm useless at typing and always make typos. The Scola and Preliators are enemies of the Soul Society, as the Soul Society were the ones who used all their power to shut the Clan away and cause the Scolas and Preliators to become dormant. As of yet, they have no knowledge of Aizen.
over a year ago blackpanther666 said…
By the way, we should start this discussion properly in the forum. Its up and its called Bleach: The Clan War. Just above the heading of 'Make Your Own Zanpakuto' just click back to go to forum and then join mine.
over a year ago gaiaking235 said…
To thx
over a year ago frosttakahashi said…
Character : Kenshi Madarame
AGE: 212 (appears to be 17)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Soul Society/Scola 4 blackpanther666's RP
Squad: 2
Position: Third seat (later becomes Luitenant, then Captain)
Zanpakuto: During day it is Hitaka, during night it is Getsumen no Karasu.
Likes:Fighting, naps in the shade, racing, Lady Yoruichi and anyone affiliated with her, except Kisuke.
Dislikes: Kisuke Urahara, Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki, twilight(the time of day not the movie) and Dawn.
Personality: Kenshi is a fun loving boy in spite of his emo looks, in his free time if he isn't training or challenging people to races he can commonly be found asleep under a tree at the squad 2 barracks. He has no respect for people who are cowardly and won't ever bother helping them or raising his sword to them because he feels that they don' deserve his attention.
Heightt: 5"10
Weight: 100 lbs.
Tattoos: On his left shoulder he has the butterfly mark from Soi-fon's shikai because she used it on him once to save him from dying of a deadly poison.

ZANPAKUTO: (During the day) Hitaka(sun hawk), (During night) Getsumen no Karasu.(lunar raven) This Zanpakuto has two spirits that inhabit it which changes its capabilities between day and night. The reason being is that while one is acctive the other is asleep. The Night spirit which is meant mainly for defense Getsumen no Karasu, and the offensive spirit which is awake during the day, Hitaka.
Appearance: Japanese katana with a half sun half crescent moon guard. the handle is black and white with star designs.
Daytime shikai release: Bathe them in your light. Hitaka!
Daytime shikai: hitaka doesn't change form except for a prism crystal where the guard was.
Shikai Ability 1: Hikari Kyushu (light absorption) This allows Hitaka to absorb sunlight and change the color of the prism giving him one of the following enhancements:orange increases speed by how bright it is, red is kido enhancement, green enhances blade sharpness(ability to cut through other zanpakutos), yellow just allows to fire energy beams, blue enhances IQ (ability to see through enemies attacks and predict what they'll do next), purple enhances physical strength (muscularity) indigo turns hitaka into a spirit energy absorber that absorbs the enemies spirit energy everytime it cuts them.
Shikai Ability 2: Hane no mira ( Feather mirror)15 White feathers made from spirit energy are made that float around and when facing the enemy with their reflective side they transform into the enemy and have all their physical traits but not their swords abilities. One strike will defeat each feather but in twenty minutes after recharging it can copy them again. They can also store solar energy which can be used for other purposes.
Release Command: Hikari no ten no taka (heavenly hawk of light)
Zanpakuto appearence: The sword splits into 2 and now are entirely prism crystals that can absorb light like in shikai.
Taiyo Bakuhatsu (solar explosion): the prism swords are thrown at opposite sides of the enemy(ies) and dig into the ground, then prism crystals sprout in a circle surrounding the enemy, then the light explosion happens, it is as powerful as uryu's giant energy thing he used on syzallapporo grantz. it takes six seconds to complete the circle and the explosion takes two seconds to charge then fire. circle is is nine feet in twelve feet in diameter.
Handan no Tenshi ya(angels arrow of judgement):the mirror feathers in the air focus all the stored light to the prism swords as the user says kore wa(this is), then the swords are pointed at the enemy like guns and shoots a highly concentrated beams of rainbow colored light when the user says watashi no...handan. (my...judgement)

Night Zanpakuto
appearance: getsumen no karasu splits into two and turns into gauntlets resembling raven talons which are jet black. The blade, a gauntlet with sharp fingers and spike. The guard and hilt into a gauntlet with a shield.
kage piasu (shadow pierce) this allows the user to manipulate shadows to shoot out and stab his enemies however he has to be in direct contact with the shadow. The shadow on the ground will decrease in size and when it gets to 4 inches in diameter the spike will stop and retract.
Hane shuraudo (feather shroud) this makes 15 feathers formed from spirit energy form that are floating around the user loosely all roughly 3 feet from the user. the feathers will attach themselves to a wound and fully heal it within twenty minutes. (size of wound decides how many feathers are used)
when faced by a non-direct attack the feathers cluster together then harden as a shield and can block attacks weaker than ceros. when in direct combat they fashion as armor on spots that are about to be struck moving at a rate of 3 feet a sec. each feather disappears after five strikes by a sword.
Release Command: Eien no Yami Karasu (eternally dark raven)
Zanpakuto appearance: Turns from gauntlets into a big scythe and user is clad in black armor.
User appearence: User sprouts black raven wings and feathers on various parts of the body.
Daten-shi (fallen angel): the user gains two more wings formed from the black mist doubling there speed and defensive capabilites while feathers float around the user acting as shields, the wings cannot be cut off because of their increased spiritual energy, they can be used as shields that can completely cover the user.
Kuroi Kiri (black mist): spirit energy within a one mile radius turns into a black mist which follows the user. the mist is very difficult to see through only the user can see clearly through, the mist is mainly for show and to cloud the opponents vision.
Daten-shi fukushu(fallen angels revenge): the user holds hand in the air as he sucks in the black mist into his being then points hand at the enemy shooting the collected energy that forms the shape of a raven as it flies at the enemy.when the mist is absorbed it has to all be absorbed or else it won't fire, the raven is shot and travels at 96 mph, and has the destructive capabilities of a gran rey cero.
Weakness: Being in Bankai sends Kenshi into an insane state of mind where in some instances he might attack his own comrades. This state is similar as to when Ichigo's hollow takees over his body during hollowification.
Zanpakuto Spirits:
Hitaka: This spirit is in the form of a black haired girl wearing punk style clothing with several pieces of jewelery all made of prism stones with a small pair of white wings. She tends to ignore Kenshi alot because she thinks his voice is too whiny.
Personality: She is carefree most of the time and is a total fangirl all of the time. She despises Getsumen no karasu mainly because she thinks he is wierd and perverted. Her favorite things are sunbathing and collecting jewerlery which she makes Kenshi put onto the sword like charms.
Getsumen no Karasu: This spirit is in the form of a teenage boy who is clad in feathers and has a pair of large black wings. He wears gloves because he fears his hands getting cold. He is very self centered and bossy and won't help Kenshi unless he gets his way (when he takes over Kenshi's body in Bankai) However he does have a soft spot for Yoruichi and Soi-fon because they're the only ones he respects.
In retrospect both spirits mistreat Kenshi until he conquers them to learn their strongest attacks (to be announced)

Parents: Alec and Akita Madarame.
Guardian: Soi-fon
Story: When Kenshi was born in the world of the living he had a substantial amount of spirit energy that attractedmany hollows of even menos class. The soul reapers stationed in the area tried to protect his family but were overwhelmed. He and his family were killed the night he was born. His parents' souls were devoured first because they protected him using their own bodies. As the hollows were about to eat his they were all killed in what seemed like an instance when the captain of squad 2 and her Luitenant (Yoruichi and Soi-Fon) had arrived and vanquished the hollows. Not wanting him Yoruichi tossed him to Soi-Fon as she shunpod away. Soi-Fon however kept the child and raised him to be an assassin trained to protect yoruichi and her allies. However due to Yoruichis leave Kenshi doesn't know what he's meant to protect anymore. He now in secret watches over his close friend Kaiya waiting for the moment to aid her and make his mothter proud. He holds a grudge against Kisuke Urahara because he believes that it is Kisukes fault that Yoruichi left.