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posted by doraaaayeah
Episode 2.01 - Summer, Kind of Wonderful

Chuck: You're lying.
Blair: I am not!
Chuck: Your eyes are doing that thing where they don't match your mouth.
Blair: I wasn't aware that robots got jealous. Did they update your software while I was away?
Blair: Damn that Motherchucker!
Blair: Chuck! Aren't 당신 done trying to destroy my night?
Chuck: Look I should never have abandoned you. I know I made the wrong decision as soon as your plane took off. Distracted myself all summer...hoping I wouldn't feel it, but I still do.
Blair: And?
Chuck: I was scared...I was scared that if we spent the whole summer together,...
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For anyone who is just tuning into Gossip Girl, allow us to briefly summarize the fifth season. For the first 21 episodes, Nate ran his big boy job, Serena sucked at life, and Chuck was sad. Blair planned a wedding to a royal drip that everyone and their mother knew wouldn’t last–we just didn’t think it would take THAT long. Blair was pregnant and then…wasn’t. Blair went straight from being married to the Prince of Monaco to having the most boring relationship ever with the King of Douche, Dan Humphrey.

Suddenly, in 5.22 and 5.23, the plot starts to move. Bart 베이스 is alive. We find...
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posted by laurik2007
Author: MegamiTenchi at

Oh lord, the world is ending! I wrote a fic with a baby 베이스 in it. Exploration of one of the millions of ways the end of Season 4 could go. Rated K, though it's really weepy.

Chuck followed the butler through the halls of palace. Every 우주 was full of light and he found comfort in this, thinking yes, she belongs in a place like this. It was a long walk, but at last, he was led into a room. He had no illusions that his visit could possibly be anything good, but he was disturbed not only to see Blair and Louis, but several advisors, and Princess Sophie....
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 Not a Happy Blair...
Not a Happy Blair...
The Chuck and Blair Cronicles

(I HATE this ep, But I'm not gonna re write it-cba. This one isn't really a C/B ep it's 더 많이 of a Blair episode, But they do have C/B scenes but the 다음 episode is defo about them! So hope 당신 enjoy it anyway.)

Episode 6: We Aren't Family

GG: Ohh parents, Everyone's gotta 사랑 their parents, Sweet parents. Right Blair? -No. Mom dating V'd Dad, Not the step family 당신 had in mind B. Could V be working her way onto the A-list?

At the Waldorf Appartment.
Ross and Eleanor are sitting on the 침상, 소파 cuddling and laughing.
Vanessa and Blair are standing behind them looking...
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Leighton Marissa Claire Meester (born April 9, 1986) is an American actress and aspiring Singer-Songwriter, best known for her role as Blair Waldorf in the TV show Gossip Girl.[1] Her first 연기 role on a 텔레비전 program was on NBC's legal drama Law & Order in 1999.[2] Other series in which Meester has appeared include Surface, Entourage, CSI: Miami,[3] 8 Simple Rules, 24,[4] 7th Heaven,[5] and House.[6]

Blair Cornelia Waldorf is the main character of the Gossip Girl franchise,[1] introduced in the original book series and appearing in the 텔레비전 adaptation of the same name. She...
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A.N.(Please Read This A.N)

I initially 게시됨 this on my fanfiction(dot)net 프로필 and I had two alternate endings.
The first possible ending was very smutty, i.e. it had a lot of explicit adult content in it and I didnt get many reviews so I assumed that people didn't really like to read explicit sexual content (I dont like to write it either but I assumed that the readers who reviewed Part 1 wanted some Ed/Leight sex so I wrote it)....of course I was gutted that Part 2 didn't get any reviews so I went back to the drawing board and wrote another chapter as an alternate ending...(with less...
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This post is going to be somewhat of a challenge, but the Blairstans in us are compelled to write it anyway. Watching Blair this season has been similar to watching a train wreck 또는 the movie “Sybil” but we 사랑 her regardless. We understand why some 팬 are mourning her and others don’t want anything to do with her, but we don’t think Blair should be written off. We think she has some good reasons for 연기 the way she is, and we refuse to believe she is 로스트 to us.

Blame the writers.

Although the writers are unaware of the fact that we’re fighting 또는 maybe they’re not, we...
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 serena's present
serena's present
GG: wow who would have thought 4 months would have passed so soon. 당신 upper east siders havent give me any gossip for them past 4 months. when did 당신 all get so boring, but today is graduation and i plan to have my cake and eat it 또는 gossip and post it. come on i know you're hiding something.

St. judes and constance high school:
(Chuck, blair, nate and serena all sitting in the courtyard and ready for graduation)

B: can 당신 belive it finally high school is over and i get to find some new people to terrorise.
S:(laughs) B 당신 never change. although i dont think im going to go to brown.
B: what?...
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All credit goes to cosmiclovecb!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we tuned in this week for yet another episode of “Inside” meets “The Chuck Bass/Maury Povitch Crossover Show.” The episode had it’s ups–Nate appearing to give not just one, but two fucks about his best friend again– and lows–anytime Claire and Dylan conversed pretentiously on our screens. Which was a lot.

Basically, Dan and Blair threw a boring party and were boring hosts with their boring relationship, continuing to bring out the boring worst in each other with their boring breakup looming. There has to be a reason...
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April 13 at 06:35PM EDT 의해 Melinda Taub @

Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester). Blair and Chuck. They are, perhaps, the most beloved romance in all of Gossip Girl history. With Season 6 possibly wrapping up their love/hate 사랑 story (whether it'll be with a pretty bow is yet to be determined), we take a look back over every fate-driven moment of Chair’s complex 사랑 story.

Season 1

The limo
Where it all began. For two such classy people, gettin’ it on in the backseat is pretty out of character — even if it is the backseat of a limo. But Chuck always brings out Blair’s...
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 Not the start 당신 wanted B?
Not the start you wanted B?
The Chuck and Blair Chronicles

Episode 19: Where they may take you

GG: 저기요 Upper East Siders, Latest story, Blair Waldorf returns home, so it's back to basics huh Blair, 또는 is that back to Bass-ics? Whatever happens I want all my loyal gossipers at Constance for B's return, Is it dethroning time?

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Harold, Eleanor, Dorota and Roman have just brought Blair back 집 from the hospital.

E: Right 당신 go upstairs to 침대 to rest and...
B: Oh enough with the rest, I've been in 침대 for 5 days, I'm fine. I just want to catch up on my missed assignments, see Serena and see...(stops...
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 Something on your Mind B?
Something on your Mind B?
Episode 8: Just Missing

GG: 저기요 Upper East Siders, So things have been a little quiet here over the last few weeks, and Gossip Girl is not happy, What happened to scandal? I can't believe I'm saying this but it looks like Gossip Girl is...Bored!

In Class at Constance.
The teacher is giving a leacture.
Blair is sitting 의해 Serena and is looking bored and is not paying attention, because her mind is on other things. (Chuck)

T: (Teacher) And so If 당신 all open your text 책 to page 19, Which will focus on our creative 글쓰기 techniques. So your work for this course will be to write a paper titled...
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posted by luvrgirl101
“I just can’t believe he never showed, S” Blair exclaimed into her phone, “I thought, well, I thought he really cared about me, maybe even loved me. At very least he owed me an explanation for that awful text from Gossip Girl about that interior designer.”

“I know B, I thought he really cared too. But he is Chuck 베이스 and 당신 had to know there was always a chance of this with him. Plus, 당신 weren’t exactly willing to accept an explanation. Just forget about Chuck, forget about him and come stay in the Hamptons with me.” Serena was really worried about Blair. It seemed as though...
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 Blair just keeps going from bad to WORSE!
Blair just keeps going from bad to WORSE!
Episode 13- The Curious Case of Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl: # I don't know about 당신 but this has to be the hottest gossip we've had all year!
According to our reliable sources, we hear Blair Waldorf's 사랑 loss isn't her only problem!
I'm talking food, fingers, throat and puke! 당신 Know 당신 사랑 Me xoxo #

It has been a few days since Blair and Chucks limo ride from Victrola.
Jenny an Serena are talking at the Humphrey House.

J: i swear, i didn't tell anyone, i've got no reason to!
S: so how does it end up on Gossip Girl?! If i didn't tell anyone and 당신 didn't then who did?!
J: I don't know ok!...
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So, a while 이전 I had the idea of putting together a collection of the best CB fics I've read. And I guess now would be the perfect time to actually do that, since we're all in need of good CB storylines and we won't get that from the show for a while. I should warn you, though, that most fics I like are full of drama and angst. Also, I don't really care for CB getting married and having a bazillion children.

This is a work in progress, as I'm trying to find some good stories I read a while 이전 and didn't bookmark. I'll also keep adding the 링그 to good stories I read in the future. And if...
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This is a fic about Blair losing her virginity to chuck rather than her boyfriend Nate, who she had always dreamt and planned on losing it to. This is a post-Victor-Victrola story. Unlike other fics about this storyline it focuses on Blair's feelings about herself, Nate and Chuck too. It is still a Chuck/Blair story. Its mainly Blair feeling confident and proud that she gets to have a happy moment without her cheating, never-there boyfriend and how someone else (chuck) was there for her and made her feel worthy and it has made her realise that she is worth it and doesn't need to...
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Hi everyone. Just so 당신 know, this is my first fanfic, the first that I post here at least, so, I don't know… review, tell me if 당신 like it 또는 not. Here it goes what it is about:

Blair is happily –yeah, right- shopping in Paris when she receives a message. Chuck is back, in Paris, and with a new girl. Will they jump into each other? Will they talk? It seems like we've missed a lot.

I wrote this because I was so upset when the Gossip Girl Season 3 ended, Blair & Chuck belong together but the scriptwriters ripped them apart. FYI, this may contain some Season 4 spoilers.

& Sorry if...
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posted by Jovii

I mean, obviously. Chuck/Blair has been a near-constant battle. Games were part of the foundation of their relationship ("You and I bonded over a mutual 사랑 of scheming"), games were part of their undoing. Season 2 is inundated with dialogue about games and stakes, winning and losing. Games + Chuck and Blair's king and 퀸 pretensions = every chess and war cliche reference in the history of ever.

Also obviously, games aren't the point. S2's sabotage, schemes, wagers, and ~seductions are just a way for Chuck and Blair to channel their feelings for each other into a safer type of...
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 babysitting anyone
babysitting anyone
enjoy me newest update hope 당신 like it

archibald apartment:

serena and nate are watching tv. nathan is playing with victoria who was left over this morning because blair had a big 일 for her work. someone knock's the door.

S: i'll get it.
N(nate): are 당신 sure? let me.
S: no i need something to do even if it is just getting the door.
(Gets the door)
S: omg chuck.
C: omg huge version of my step sister.
S:(laughs) its great to see 당신 come in.
N: 저기요 man.
C: shouldnt 당신 be working.
N: im taking a bit of time of because serena is so near the end of her...
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 what do 당신 know C?!
what do you know C?!
enjoy my latest entry i know that the last one had hardly any chuck and blair but i like to throw in other charecters too.
GG: in the city that never sleeps alot can happen.
spotted leaving the 봉고차, 반 der 베이스 apartment Nate at 9am. what happened last night nate we're just dying to know.

waldorf apartment:

(serena and blair were in the living room watching audrey hepburn and eating popcorn)

B: something 당신 want to tell me S?
S: no why?
B: i seen gossip girl this morning what was nate doing leaving your house at 9 o'clock.
S: nothing. me and nate are friends...
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