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posted by Lspel
As a woman I of course enjoy pampering myself. There are a few things in which I can't see myself living without. I'm going to give 당신 a detailed rundown of the things I use on a daily basis, and the things I couldn't live without! Also, 당신 don't have to be rich to be able to pamper yourself. I actually use a lot of my earnings with Mechanical Turk to purchase the products that I love. I'll post a link at the bottom as to how 당신 too can make some extra cash

Must Have Cheap Beauty Products

1. A Good Fake Tanner

Who wants to look like a wrinkled old woman? Not this girl. Of course I've dabbled...
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posted by maritina12345
When it comes to wearing make-up and beauty, there's a lot to learn!

Cover Up. Young skin doesn't need it, though it can be useful to cover up zits!

Eye Shadow and lip stick? These are both fun to begin with. Practice with both, using light shades of eye shadow and lip gloss 또는 light lip stick.

Skin problems? It's tough, but the best way to get rid of acne is 의해 washing your face often!

Hydrate and care for your hair. If 당신 blow dry, curl, 또는 iron your hair, 당신 will need to take extra care to hydrate it. Get a good shampoo and conditioner right for your hair type.
posted by b_cripps
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Outspoken by Fergie
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 Hot hit brow liner
Hot hit brow liner
posted by breebree446
Finding the perfect eye shadow color can be a daunting task. In today's 일 and age, cosmetic companies are competing against each other to see who can come out with 더 많이 shades than the other. Add to the mix the subject of hues and contrasts, and eye shadow choices can be downright confusing. The choice of eye shadow that 당신 choose depends entirely on the goal 당신 have in mind. Are 당신 going for some glitz for a night on the town? Do 당신 want your eyes to appear bigger? Do 당신 want your eye color to pop out at everyone? Regardless of your main objective, each shade of eye can be complemented...
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