Can anyone name these episodes (all Bangel related) in the video after 6.28? Because I don't think I can watch anymore BtVS without Bangel after S3 Graduation, but would 사랑 to watch any Bangel related episodes.

Am new to the Buffyverse and have just finished watching S3 but don't really want to watch without angel, so any help naming these episodes would be great.
 melanieacbaer posted over a year ago
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Bangel 답변

thetrueslayer said:
6:28-7:45 are all clips from 앤젤 season 1 "I Will Remember You." GOOD EPISODE!
The 다음 키스 moment is from Buffy season 5 "Forever." The final clip is from the buffy finale, season 7 "Chosen."

though in Buffy season 4, "Pangs" and "The Yoko Factor" have 앤젤 in it (as a series crossover) and they're both fun
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posted over a year ago 
melanieacbaer posted over a year ago
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