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5. Opal

To be honest I'm not a huge Opal 팬 however I don think she's a pretty girl. She's only at 5 though because I think she's 더 많이 cute than pretty. I think her eyes are really pretty, a nice shade of green. And I 사랑 her hair, I like short hair.

4. Eska

Much like I said in my 상단, 맨 위로 5 prettiest 아바타 girls; I have a thing for the darker 더 많이 고딕 look. I 사랑 Eska's eyes, they are a very pretty shade of blue. I also 사랑 her blue makeup, blue is a great color. :3 Believe it 또는 not I actually do really like how her makeup is styled in the above image, even though it's the product...
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Ok before I say my reason to why I hate Asami. This is my own opinion. This way be hurtful to Asami 팬 but I'm not saying it to attack Asami fans. I'm typing this because I read a 코멘트 that pumpkinqueen said I only hate Asami for her looks. And that is not true. I have many reasons why I don't like her.

When Asami had first came on in ep 4. When she was riding on her motor thing. I thought she was one of the evil characters. But than she wasn't. But when she started to talk to Mako and 날짜 him. I was all angry. I always been a 팬 of Korra and Mako together. But that's not the only reason...
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Don't get me wrong, I did like the finale however there was one thing that annoyed me 더 많이 than anything; that they didn't redeem Kuvira. Again, don't get me wrong her actions were not 의해 any means in the right but I do think there was a lot of room for her to be redeemed. Sorry if this 기사 is poorly written, I'm kind of watching Divergent as I type. :P

First and foremost, Kuvira, started out as a really good person. She, in the beginning was one of the people to help save Korra when the Red Lotus attacked Zhao Fu. She also saved Korra's father's life. My point is, she was good once, she...
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Well, why do people hate Korra I just don't understand it. This is a site about Avatar: Legend of Korra fans, not some people that say bad words about her. I 사랑 Korra and there are a lot of 팬 that 사랑 her too. Why do people say bad words about her here.Don't say bad words about it just stop watching it.If 당신 don't like it don't watch it.And some say that the characters aren't developed good.If I don't like something I would say that the characters aren't developed. Just give me a reason to hate her.
Republic city

Mako and Bolin saw Korra giving people their bending back from a distance.

"I can't believe so many people got their bending taken away from Amon",Mako said to Bolin while looking at his girlfriend as people bowed and thanked her.

"yeah, what I can't believe is that korra is giving all their bending back",Bolin said."

"Finally she's done",Mako said as he and Bolin walked to her.

"Ready to go?",Korra said happy that its all over.

"Yes",Mako and Bolin said at the same time ready to go to air temple island.

"Did 당신 almost forget about me,avatar",a person behind them said.

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So in my last 기사 I mentioned that I wanted to compare two of my 가장 좋아하는 characters; Azula and Kuvira. And that's just what Imma do.

First and foremost they are both cunning and manipulative. The two of them share that crazy ability to just twist their words to make their will appeal to their opposers. In the way Azula got Ty-Lee to 가입하기 her side, Kuvira was able to get that one small Earth village on her side.

Likewise both seem to have this large interest with politics and military. They both have very meticulous strategies as to how to take the 다음 place. They both want dominance. The...
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It is well known that the show's creators based each bending style on an existing martial art. Waterbending was based off link, Earthbenders off link, for the most part, Firebenders off link and Airbenders link.

While ATLA focused on mastering these fighting styles in a physical sense that is only on single facet of the training that goes into becoming a master of the martial arts. Body is the easiest. Mind was covered though the opening of the link, a real concept featured in tantric and yogic traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism. If we assume that the writers put as much study and research...
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posted by stellamusa101
 당신 are "amonster"
You are "amonster"
Amon oh Amon
We have a lot in common
I want to eat this salmon
My 가장 좋아하는 type of 물고기 is salmon
Why are 당신 such a jerk?!

Chorus :
Oh Amon
The moment when 당신 die
당신 said we are one of a kind
I realize 당신 are a bender
Amon oh Amon
당신 are "amonster"
Get it?
Amon and monster
OH Amon!

Amon your name is weird
Is it mexican?
Well 당신 better tell me bro
If I am your bro!

*repeat chorus

Oh Amon
Why are 당신 such a jerk?
Jerky jerky Amon
The moment 당신 found me
I hate 당신 so bad
But I also like your bloodbending style

*repeat chorus

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As we all know in the most resent episode Asami pulled a Korra and kissed Mako on an impulse. There will inevitable be a lot of comparison between this 키스 and the infamies 키스 between Korra and Mako in "THE SPIRIT OF COMPETITION". I'm gonna get ahead of the game and do an official compare and contrast.


Here are the to kisses side 의해 side. On first glance they look very much alike the obvious difference is of course the situation.

Situation #1: KorraxMako

Mako is in a relationship with Asami. Korra confesses her feeling for him and he tells her that it isn't going to happen. However he later...
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Kuvira’s feet sounded rhythmically along the floor. One crossing over the other and then again and again.

The echoes of footfall a reminiscent of things passed…

Of a synchronized dance.

Her dance was lonely now.

She assumed it’d remain that way for quite some time. Her soldiers weren’t exactly fond of dancing, and the ones that were…well they weren’t graceful to say the least.

Kuvira remembered all too clearly dancing with a group. She considered them to be 프렌즈 of some sort. They were a close group and their dance never out of sync. And in a way she missed them. But she had to...
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posted by Magicalgirl12
They both stop kissing. They both let go of their lips.

"Mako I haven't kissed 당신 since at the Pro Bending Match. I really miss 키싱 you. But 당신 were with Asami and I... but Mako cut her off.

"That's in the past. Asami is no longer the girl for me. I want 당신 to forget Asami. Forget that I even dated her. I no longer have feelings for her. The only girl I have feelings for are you. Because I'm yours and your mine. So please be my girlfriend" Mako said with a smile on his face. Korra gasp to what he just said. She was very happy. She wanted to be his boyfriend for just a long time and it's...
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posted by luvpeacetacos
I 사랑 the show Legend of Korra. I'd do anything to see it get another spin-off. But the thing is, Korra is very immature.

Now I know a lot of 당신 are going to get extremely angry while 읽기 this.

But Aang was so much 더 많이 what an ideal 아바타 should be in my opinion. Korra is very immature, stubborn, and hot-headed. Aang was the opposite, polar opposite to be exact.

Korra should be enforcing peace, not wanting to start a war, she shouldn't have even involved Iroh.

Another thing is, Korra knew Mako was dating Asami, but she then decides to go confess her feelings. I'm okay with that part,...
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posted by Magicalgirl12
Korra defeated Vaatu and Unalaq and saved the world. She decided to leave the spirit portals open so spirits can both go in the spirit and human worlds. Peace was brought back to the world once again.


As Mako saw where Korra was at. He thought to himself.

"I need to tell her the truth. But if I tell her. Would she hate me? I didn't mean to lie to her. I feel really awful about it. I wish our stupid break up never happened. Then we would still be together. But when I tell her. Would she want us to be back together again? I really hope so. I made a mistake. I shouldn't have kissed Asami...
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So I seem to have one of these for all of my 가장 좋아하는 characters, and yet I haven't made one for these two. So I decided to type one up.


As always I will clear out the shallow reason first. Like many others I can very well appreciate physical beauty. To be rather honest, usually I start to appreciate my 가장 좋아하는 character's physical appearance after they become my favorite. But with Kuvira, this was not the case. She just has such a beautiful and elegant face but all at once there is this sort of toughness to it. And she doesn't even really wear make up. I 사랑 her eye shape loads and...
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It was cold and rather dark. Her body still ached and pulsed all over. She tugged the blanket over her body. It was a thin flimsy thing. Kuvira shivered. She squeezed her eyes shut. She was alone, and completely so.


She felt another pulse of pain shoot over her stomach and over her sides. She turned to lay on her back, her thoughts shifting from the physical pain to tortured memories and agonized thoughts. She had ruined her engagement, her ties to Su, the rest of the ‘family’, and her future, among other things.

Perhaps she should have quit while she was ahead.

Perhaps she should...
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I know I sort of made a 투표 about my 가장 좋아하는 characters, but since I like typing unnecessarily long paragraphs, maybe artices are the best option for me. This is really one of my first 기사 ever, so please excuse my clunky writing.

5. Asami Sato
 "They're just normal people who want their rights back!"
"They're just normal people who want their rights back!"

Even though I wasn't entirely interested with her at first, I ended up loving her 의해 the end of the season. I admire her for her caring personality, as well as her independence. She treats people pretty fairly as well, not snapping at anyone unless she feels they deserve it....
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posted by Zutara4always
I'll admit I was skeptical of her when she first appeared. It wasn't that I didn't like but I felt like she had no character deveopment at all, we didn't really know anything about her and that made me not trust her.
In The Aftermath though when we find out it's her father who's an equalist and Asami stayed loyal to her friends, I really respected and admired her, since then she's been one of my 가장 좋아하는 characters. And after that she continues to show how great a person she is.
Though I 사랑 Asami I definitely don't ship Masami in any way shape 또는 form. I just thought that from the beginning...
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Air Temple Island

Everyone (except for Asami who is working on the sato mansion) was outside of korra's bedroom waiting to see if korra is okay.

"Daddy,is korra going to be okay?",Ikki asked tenzin while sitting 다음 to jinora."Of course",Tenzin said trying to reassure everyone, after he said that three healers came out.

"Avatar Korra will be fine",one of the healers said as everyone sat down relived.

"What happened to her,then?",Pema asked suspicious.

"Giving so many people the bending caused a lot of pain to herself.Good thing she stopped when she did 또는 else the consequences would have been...
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It smelled terribly of smoke. The eight 년 old didn’t quite know what was happening. She hated the smell of smoke.

She screamed out to her mother as the smoke twisted around her throat and filled her lungs. She was now coughing violently.

Her arms were numb, pinned beneath hot metal. It was funny and strange how it didn’t seem to hurt at all. Perhaps her mind was blocking the sensation?

She called out for her mother again and then her father. This time it was 더 많이 of a shriek.

Why wasn’t anyone helping her? Why wasn’t anyone answering?

Blood. So much of it. Pouring down her forehead...
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For one, if 당신 like Makorra, Mako, and Korra I would reccomend just clicking off this page unless 당신 can respectfully handle my opinion. I'm not forcing 당신 to read this, but if 당신 chose to and get offended to yell at me because I warned 당신 and 당신 didn't listen. Anyhow I'm not typing this to be mean but to get my opinon out there.

Part 1: Makorrak

First of all I don't like Makorra because it reminds me of Zutara. I always hated Zutara (but that's another story). The fact that Makorra resembled Zutara was enough for me to distaste it before it even happened. But at that point I was willing...
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