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posted by LisaForde
 Hilary Duff as Sam who is a shy teen.
Hilary Duff as Sam who is a shy teen.
Another movie that I loved as a teenager here is a little 기사 on Austin & Sam.

Played 의해 Hilary Duff she is a shy, timid teenager who is an orphan living with her plastic obsessed stepmother who treats her like a servant than a daughter and her two dim-witted stepsisters who looks as dumb as the other. She meets a guy online who happens to be a quarter backer who is going out with Shelby Cummings who is a right pain in the behind.

Austin Ames

Played 의해 former One 나무, 트리 언덕, 힐 큰 덩어리, 한 조각 Chad Michael Murray he is the 사랑 interest to Sam Montgomery who goes as Nomad while she goes...
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A 신데렐라 story is a 2004 WB flick and tells the story of an orphan girl who lives with her plastic surgery obsession mum and her two stepsisters who are so clueless. She begins to have a secret admirer who happens to be Austin Ames the quarterbacker. Nice story with a twist of 신데렐라 mixed in here but what I like about this film is that Once upon a time can happen anytime and that having an obessive stepmother who was so downright average looking was tough but 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 it had a nice plot and the charcthers were great. Hilary Duff who is my fav actress & singer played Sam who was a girl who didn't fit in with the cool kids and has a nerdy friend named Carter, Chad Micheal Murray was cute as the quarterbacker and 사랑 interest of Sam via 의해 mail& text, Jennifer Coolige was hilarious as the annoying stepmother from hell.