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posted by digimon_lover_
Dear readers,
This is an rp/fanfiction about attack on titan.
This is my first time 글쓰기 an fanfiction so please no flamesor bad comments.
But I would reallylove it if someone would help me with this 또는 at least give me some ideas.
But less about that and 더 많이 about how t he rp/fanfiction.
The regular characters will be in the fanfic.
And just for you, 당신 can make an oc character for the fanfic.
All 당신 have too put is
1-his 또는 her first and last name?
2-his 또는 her age?
3-his 또는 her appearance?
4-if 당신 want them in a relationship?
5-if 당신 do than with who?
So I've been following the 망가 quite religiously and have done some calculations. It 's a monthly 망가 so that means 12 chapters are published a year. From those 12 chapters the animators can adapt about 8 episodes. Since a season would at least need 24 episodes, and 24 divided 의해 8 is 3, it makes sense for the animators to have taken three years from 2009 to 2013 to adapt season one. Hence it's only expected that season 2 may take the amount of time. But that;s it. Its been 3 years. Let's count: 2013, 2014, 2015. Yup that's three years.In that time 더 많이 than 72 chapters have been written,...
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posted by kiritazu8
I can not believe what just happened. I woke up and I found a 차 bag in my attack on titan cup! I told my family to never drink out of my SAO 또는 attack on titan cups. I called my mom and asked her if she was the one who drunk out of my cup and she said, " yes, I didn't feel like washing my cup so I used yours since I haven't seen 당신 use it in a while; I though it would be ok with you." well its not ok wit me! I wanted my cups to stay pure from the touch of someone who doesn't like anime! now my cup is unpure! I know it may seem like I am taking this to far, but I just wanted my cups to not be touched 의해 people who dislike anime. 엘 am not surprised my mom did this! she always does stuff like this, but this time she was very close to stepping over the line.
NOTE: The reason the whole story refers to me is 'MimiBlue' instead of 'animegurl235' is because i copied and pasted this straight from my fanfiction account


and I was to lazy to 편집 anything :P. So yeah! ENjoy!

Hi guys! This is MimiBlue and it's my first fanfiction! YAY! I really want to be a writer when I grow up so I just wrote this small story based off of Episode 5 of Attack on Titan I 사랑 사랑 사랑 the pairing of Eren and Mikasa so I just HAD to write this! :D SO without further ado…. 'Promise Me'. (Told from Mikasa's POV) And the 제목 SUCKS I know
P.S: plz R&R

NOTE: At...
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So this topic is floating around community, thought I'd give my ramble opinion on it.

Colossal I'd say is the weakest.

Eren is kind of a one trick pony. "Rawr" *Charges*
Reiner was shown using similar straight 앞으로 tactics, I believe Eren remarks upon him using nothing but offense, could be wrong, been a while.

The agility the dancing gets from her size is significant. My only issue is if she could get through the armor of Reiner.
And Annie, I think she has the best 사무용 겉옷, 전반적인 stats with a well rounded fighting style, in the 아니메 Eren gets the better of her because he came out of nowhere with a...
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