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I woke up early this morning, dreading what was to come. I looked out my window to see the light peaking through the horizon, barely peaking through the horizon, trying to let it's light through, but the large 언덕, 힐 and trees stood in it's way. After a moment of watching this the light burst through the tree's flooding warmth all over my face and through out the land. After watching this it lead my mind to think, “huh, that light is just like us. Trying to let it's 사랑 and warmth spread throughout the kingdom, and letting the people, the trees and the hills know that it's there, real as anything.”
    I sighed,shifting my gaze to Guinevere who was snuggled up against me at my side. She looked so peaceful, and at ease considering what happened yesterday. Luckily my mother was there to save her from the horrible sentence my father declared upon her. I don't know what I would have done if I lose her.
    “Ummm, Arthur?”mumbled Guinevere, braking my concentration. I looked at her face meeting her 초콜릿 brown eyes.
    “Good morning love, how did 당신 sleep?”
    “Mmm, well considering I was laying 다음 to 당신 all night” she said, snuggling closer into my chest, “that was one of the best nights sleep I have had in days. Thank 당신 Arthur.”
    I felt a grin come across my face, “mhm, I'm so glad love, although I had a hard time sleeping when 당신 are 다음 to me in my red tunic with no pants. . .” I trailed off slowly leaning in, capturing her lips. “Oh god, she smelled so sweet in the morning”. I then found my arms curling around her waist as I pulled her close. Her hands found their way around my neck again and up into my hair as well.
    Then it came. Knock. . .knock. . .knock. I groaned, pushing my lips to hers one last time before standing up to 옮기기 the curtains around the bed.
    Guinevere gave me a puzzled look and then looked down to see her attire. She met my eyes, smiling at my thoughtfulness. I smiled back, “whoever was at the door could not see her like this in my tunic. Her body was for my eyes only.”
    Once she was enclosed, I slowly walked toward the door, opening it up. It revealed Merlin holding a beautiful, yet simple pale 담홍색, 핑크 and white 겉옷, 가운 that was close to Guinevere's size. I smiled, she always looked beautiful in light 담홍색, 핑크 또는 lavender.
    “Good morning Sire. The 퀸 sent this 겉옷, 가운 for Guinevere to wear for this morning. The 퀸 and king both expect 당신 to be there within the hour. And If I were 당신 I would try and stay on the kings good side Arthur, because he did not look in a happy mood. In fact if I were 당신 I would go alone and not bring Guinevere because he was mumbling to himself all morning and I quote “must find a way to ki-”
    “MERLIN, shut up and lower your voice Guinevere could hear you. And now if you'll excuse me I have a beautiful girl waiting for me in my room so good 일 Merlin.”
    “Sorry I forgot she was in your room. My bad Sire, and now if you'll allow me I need to return to the kitchens to make breakfast.” I nodded watching him go before returning to my chambers.
    After draping the dress over my changing screen, I crawled back into 침대 다음 to Guinevere. I sat up against her, wrapping my arms around her waist. When she didn't say anything I started nibbling at her ear. She sighed heavily making me pause. I slowly turned her to face me, and that's when I saw them, the soft wet tears running down her cheeks.
    “Guinevere love, whats wrong?” I asked pulling her into my strong embrace. She started to sob, snuggling into my chest. After sitting there for several moments listening to her soft cries I tried again, “What's wrong love? What can I do to make it better?”
    “A-a-arthur. P-pl-lease d-d-d-don't l-l-let m-me d-die.” My 심장 broke at her words, never had I seen her this distressed.
    “What are 당신 talking about love? 당신 know I would never let anything happen to you. What brought this on sweetheart?” I was trying to think of what could have happened between her relaxed mood earlier to right now. All that happened was Merlin bringing her dress up to my cham- Oh crap. A sudden realization came over me.
    “Guinevere. . .” I softly said to her, “just relax. Calm down, your all right. I promise that I will not allow anything to harm you. We will get through this and besides my mother is already on our side so we don't need to worry about her approval.”
    “J-j-just don't l-l-let m-me go, A-a-arthur.”
    “Oh 사랑 never, never again. Don't fear my father. I promise he will do nothing to 당신 ok. Not while I'm around he won't. It will not be like last time because I'm going prepared, I am going to have my trusty sward that 당신 made my for my birthday and I will kill anyone who dare lays a finger on you. Even my father.”
    I felt her sigh in relief leaning into me, and relaxing as I assured her while stroked her back murmuring comforting words. After a while I sighed knowing that we had to get up sooner 또는 later. I sat up pulling her up 다음 to me on the bed. I felt her stiffen and I rubbed her back again.
    “Easy love, just one step at a time.”
    She nodded, and I slowly eased her off the bed. “Let's start 의해 getting 당신 dressed in this lovely 담홍색, 핑크 and white dress my mother dropped off for 당신 ok?”
    She nodded again, as I took her hand and lead her across the room to the changing screen. “You go first.” I told her as she moved around the screen, still holding my hand.
    I chuckled. “Guinevere 사랑 당신 can let go, I'm right here not going anywhere.”
    When her hand stayed locked with mine I sighed, moving behind the screen with her as I helped her put on her dress. Once she was dressed I looked her over from head to toe. Her hair was brushed showing her perfect curls nice and soft, the dress fit her nicely fitting her figure just right. I grinned, she was so perfect. “You look so perfect” I told her wrapping my arms around her, pulling her into a hug.
    After another moment I pulled away again, “Now it's my turn to look good. Although I can't look as good as 당신 because I am not allowed to wear a dress.” She giggled, as I tried to humor her. I smiled, “There's my girl. That's how 당신 are suppose to be sweetheart beautiful, happy, always giggling and perfect.” She smiled at that. “And now my 사랑 I need to prepare as well” She nodded and turned her back. I quickly discarded my clothes, throwing on my red tunic, brown vest, brown trousers and my black boots. I then added my 벨트 and fit the sword Guinevere made for my birthday into it.
    I slowly walked to Guinevere who was behind the screen waiting for me. I offered her my elbow and she took it gratefully. We slowly walked to the door stopping just in front of it. I looked at her “Guinevere love, just breath.” I saw her release the breath she was unconsciously holding. I kissed her on the cheek, “there 당신 go just keep breathing, I'm right here with you, your fine and I 사랑 you. Just keep that in your mind, I 사랑 you. Ready?”
    She nodded, releasing another breath. I squeezed her hand before opening the doors, I felt her grip my arm tighter as we walked past the guards outside the door, I nodded to them as we continued on to the dining hall.
    As we got closer, Guinevere gripped my arm tighter and tighter with every step. I sighed, moving my other hand to hold hers. She slowly started to loosen her grip while still keeping a firm clutch on my arm.
    When we stood outside the door, she was starting to shake again. I turned to her and kissed her on the lips, giving her comfort. I then pulled her into an embrace and she immediately stopped shaking, melting into my arms.
    “Thanks Arthur.”
    “Anything for 당신 love. I 사랑 당신 and I promise that we will get through this. We always find a way. And I need 당신 to know that whatever my father says against 당신 means nothing to me because 당신 have my 심장 and it will always be yours because of how much I 사랑 you.”
    She smiled. “Thank 당신 Arthur. And whatever happens in that room, I want 당신 to know that 당신 have all of my 심장 and it is and will always be yours because it beats for only 당신 and 당신 alone.”
    I grinned back at her “Thanks love.” We then turned to the door, linking arms and taking each others hands again. I nodded to the guards standing at the door. I felt Guinevere release another breath before they opened the doors for us.
    We entered the room to see the 표, 테이블 filled with all of my 가장 좋아하는 foods; bacon, sausage, eggs, cheese, fruit, ham, 토스트 and biscuits. And beyond the 표, 테이블 sat my mother and father watching us slowly make our way to the head of the table.
    I made eye contact with my mother and she gave me an encouraging smile. I smiled back sighing with relief “At least I won't have trouble convincing my mom of our story because she has already done so much for us. Allowing us to be together, letting her stay in my chambers and arranging this breakfast. Yes there is nothing to fea-” and I couldn't let that thought finish because I let my eyes wander to my father, meeting his gaze.
    I felt a shiver go up my back as I saw it. It was frightening, stone cold, boring into me. I then realized he was not mad, no he was angry, angry at the situation and angry at how it's not going his way.
    Then, his ice cold gaze moved to Guinevere, meeting her eyes. She flinched leaning back into me. I immediately went into protective mode, tightening my grip and pushing her slightly back behind me and my other hand moved to my sword hilt. I made my gaze meet his, causing him to focus his ice cold stare back to me and away from Guinevere.
    I felt her sightly relax as she was released from his threatening stare. My father looked at my hand on my sword hilt and scowled even more. He finally spoke “Really Arthur, your sword?”
    I stared back, matching his cold tone. “Well, 당신 never know when 당신 need a sword father. It could be for a surprised attack, a magical beast 또는 to protect someone I care about. No not someone, Guinevere. Yes that's exactly what it's for to protect her from someone like 당신 and your wrath. Also 당신 almost succeeded yesterday and I can't take that chance again.”
    “Really Arthur, your being absurd. Needing a sword for a stupid serving girl, a worthless nobody who means nothing to anyone? Preposterous.”
    Oh now he has done it. “Guinevere is not stupid 또는 worthless. She means 더 많이 to me than 당신 could imagine. She is wise and strong and I trust her 더 많이 than anyone. And although 당신 may not like the situation. . .”
    “Arthur. . .” I herd my mother call my name but I was to angry to acknowledge her.
    “. . .I don't care what 당신 think. I could give a damn for what 당신 think. Because when have 당신 ever known feelings and real 사랑 anyway. I bet 당신 wouldn't feel it if it walked up to 당신 and slapped 당신 right across the face. I also bet that 당신 didn't 사랑 mother. . .”
    “Arthur” my mother called again, trying to calm me down but I just kept on spouting, my gaze never leaving my father.
    “. . .when 당신 were first married. I am sure it took 당신 a 년 before 당신 even considered her as someone 당신 love. Well that's not happening to me father, not now not ever. 당신 can not force me to marry anyone because my 심장 is already captured 의해 Guinevere and never will I ever give it to someone-”
    “ARTHUR!” I stopped short, hearing a different voice. The voice of a sweet 앤젤 calling my name. I turned around to see Guinevere pulling me, turning me away from my father to face her.
    “Arthur,” she said again a little softer this time as she captured my attention. “Just calm down ok? We did not come here to argue with your father if that's the case we should not be here. However we are here, to explain how much we 사랑 and care for each other to the two people who potentially hold our future in their hands. We need to do this gently because arguing is getting us nowhere.”
    I was still fuming, but then she looked into my eyes stroking my face, trying to calm me. When I saw her comforting distress, I lifted my arm taking her hand in-between my hand and cheek. I then pulled her into a hug and closed my eyes breathing in her sweet scent. My growing fumes slowed down into steady breathing matching my heartbeat to hers.

* * *

    I was just about to yell at Arthur again, when a different voice beat me to it. Guinevere shook Arthur, bringing him around to face her.
    “Arthur,” she said again, lowering her voice. “Just calm down ok? We did not come here to argue with your father if that's the case we should not be here. However we are here, to explain how much we 사랑 and care for each other to the two people who potentially hold our future in their hands. We need to do this gently because arguing is getting us nowhere.”
    I was taken aback as Arthur's fumes slowly started to leave him when she put a comforting arm on his cheek. He then pulled her into a hug, and immediately relaxed into her arms.
    I sat watching them, my mind boggling at what I just witnessed. “How on earth did she do that? That was the quickest burst of anger to a calm Arthur I have ever seen. No one was able to do that with Arthur, not even me. For years, Arthur's tantrums could last for days before he even considered talking to anyone. And now all of a sudden this girl, Guinevere relaxed him in no time at all. She must be Arthur's soul mates.” I observed them some 더 많이 before turning to my husband, who looked surprised at Arthur's change in mood. Is he changing his mind? But as soon as the thought was there, his expression changed to hatred glaring at the young couple.
    “Uther, hon.” I softly spoke to him in a whisper, he slowly pulled his gaze away from his son and to my face.
    “What Igraine?”
    I sighed before saying what need to be said. “Did 당신 not see what happened Uther? Never in all my years have I seen Arthur's anger so short. Can't 당신 see how much they need and mean to each other? While 당신 see a prince influenced 의해 magic from a serving girl I see a man and woman in love, despite what their rank and other people say, why can't 당신 just be happy for your son?”
    “Dear, that's not how it works. Princes are meant to marry princesses of nobility and royal blood. Not serving girls who come from a background of knowing absolutely nothing of royal responsibilities 또는 what it takes to be queen. And also it has been the way of princes marrying princesses for generations. We are not going to break a tradition that's been going on for hundreds of years for a little crush our son has on a servant. I'm sure it will pass, after all this is just a phase that all young princes go through, picking one special servant and eloping with her for nights on end. Its most likely why he feels protective of her, because he wants her all for herself. Why if she wasn't his and I wasn't married. . .”
    “UTHER?!” I was speechless, about to give him a lecture about what he just said when another voice, an angry enraged voice beat me to it.


Ok yeah this is not exactly how I expected this chapter to go but it just kind of stuck. I hope 당신 like my cliffhanger. And yes I did not mean to make Uther a sick minded king but it just sort of happened that way. Hope 당신 like it and I will try and 업로드 the 다음 chapter tomorrow. Please read and comment.
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