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Part 34: link

    Arthur steps quickly forward, fists clenched, preparing to pull her away from him and pound this interloper into jelly.
    “Arthur, stop!” she says, stepping in front of the man. She faces Arthur, hands on her hips, and he stops, her tone taking him 의해 surprise. She is stern. No hastily made denials, no, “It’s not what it looks like.” She simply stops him, and it throws him off balance momentarily.
    “Step away from her, please.” Arthur’s voice is low and quiet, but menacing. The man does so, holding his hands up. When he turns Arthur sees a long tape measure draped around his neck. He also notices the man is wearing a metallic 셔츠 with his leather pants, and boots with flames embroidered on them. What the…
    “Arthur, nothing is going on,” she tells him.
    “He had his hands all over you!” he protests angrily.
    They stand and regard one another for a few moments. Arthur squeezes his eyes shut, breathing heavily. The image of that man’s hands on her body floats into his mind, and he pushes it down, in an effort to check his own rage.
When he opens his eyes, he almost can see her clearly again. She doesn’t look ashamed. She doesn’t look guilty. That troubles him. She looks… annoyed. That troubles him even more.
    Guinevere waits, watching as the anger on Arthur’s face melts into confusion. “Arthur, look around, please. What do 당신 see?”
    Arthur looks, and finally sees. Mannequins. Bolts of fabric. Lacy things. Tiaras. Oh, crap.
    “You’re getting a dress made?” he asks quietly.
    “Yes.” She turns to the other man. “Cedric, can 당신 give us a moment, please?”
    “Of course, darling. Take as long as 당신 need.” He pats her hand and tiptoes past Arthur.
    Holy hell, he’s gay. Arthur’s head drops.
    “Guinevere, I…”
    “Arthur, I…”
    They stop, having both started at the same time.
    Finally Arthur speaks. “Why all the secrecy?” His voice is inscrutable; Gwen can’t tell how he’s feeling and it worries her.
    “I’m sorry, Arthur. I truly am.” Her voice trembles slightly. She swallows and continues. “If I had known it would have come to this, I would have been up front with you. It’s just…”
    “What?” He slowly starts walking towards her, his face still a mask.
    “You’re going to think me foolish.” She sits on a padded bench.
    “Go on.”
    “I guess I’m overly superstitious about the dress.”
    “Whatever for?” he says, exasperated. But he sits 다음 to her.
    “Well, um, I didn’t tell 당신 this, but I’ve looked at wedding dresses before.”
    “You and Lance were engaged?” He looks at her, surprised.
    “No. But I thought he was going to propose at one point. Before I found out I was pregnant, obviously. I was… looking at dresses at a 샵 and he caught me. He thought it was sweet at the time, but then when everything went to hell so soon after, well…”
    “You didn’t want to take any chances,” he says, looking down at his hands.
    “Arthur, please understand that I did not intend to deceive 당신 또는 hurt 당신 또는 make 당신 worry.”
    “But 당신 did. I was worried. I was suspicious. I knew something was up Saturday morning.”
    “I’m not a very good liar, am I?”
    “Not really. I, uh, also saw 당신 on Sunday. At the café.”
    She looks at him, shocked. “You followed me?”
    “Not exactly. 당신 should have picked a meeting place that wasn’t on my route to work. I saw your car.”
    He put his hands to his face and confesses, “Then I got to the station, borrowed Paul’s car, Wayne’s sunglasses, and Brian’s 캡, 모자 and drove back for another look.”
    “You did not,” she turns to look at him, stunned.
    “I did.” He is still hiding. “It’s a lucky thing Merlin came along 또는 I’d’ve made quite an embarrassing scene.”
    “Arthur, really…”
    “Well, if 당신 hadn’t been sneaking around…”
    “I know. I know. I’m so sorry. I let my irrational superstition run away with my logic, and I hate myself for it. I’m sorry that I gave 당신 a reason to 질문 my faithfulness.” Her voice drops to a hoarse whisper. “So sorry.” She sniffs, and Arthur looks over at her to see her cheeks wet with tears, and it breaks his heart.
    “You know my… insecurity, Guinevere. I let it take over.”
    “I helped.”
    “A little.”
    “A lot,” she argues, her fingers playing with the hem of her slip. “And…”
    “There’s more?”
    “Well, I wanted there to be something over which I would have complete control for this wedding.” She looks down at her lap. I’m such a fool.
    “Oh. That.” He looks at her again, and any anger left in him melts. “Guinevere, 당신 are in complete control. Me, your father, my father; we are all completely at your mercy, don’t 당신 realize that?”
    She looks suddenly at him. She can feel the 사랑 in his eyes as if it were a caress on her skin. “I suppose I don’t.”
    “Yes, my father offered the house. But that’s all it was. An offer. A suggestion. But if 당신 want to get married at Westminster Abbey, the three of us would stop at nothing to make that happen. Even if the 퀸 herself had it reserved that day.”
    Gwen laughs, a small snort. She reaches for a tissue from a box on a nearby table.
    “No, I 사랑 the idea of having it all at the house. I just wish…”
    “That 당신 had thought of it?”
    “That I had been a part of the original conversation.”
    “Ah. It won’t happen again, I promise.”
    “Thank you.”
    They sit in silence for a minute, each contemplating the pattern in the rug under their feet.
    “Aren’t 당신 cold?” Arthur asks, breaking the silence.
    She sniffs again, with a small laugh. “Yes.”
    He puts his arm around her, gently pulling her to him, not sure if she will accept the invitation. She does, melting into him, and he breathes again. He holds her for several minutes, letting her tears wet the shoulder of his shirt. A few slip from his eyes as well.
    She looks up at him, and he kisses her forehead.
    “Arthur,” she says softly, “I know now that what I had with Lance wasn’t love. Compared with what we have, it was nothing. Nothing. I was overcome 의해 a fear to not let anything spoil what I know will be the happiest moment of my life, and somehow that turned into being overly superstitious about this damn dress. Arthur, every moment I am with 당신 I feel completely loved and cherished.” She sits up and takes his hands. “I 사랑 how 당신 look at me, how 당신 speak to me. I 사랑 how 당신 are so gentle and caring with me, how 당신 make me laugh. I 사랑 each smile and caress 당신 give, no matter how small 또는 meaningless it may seem. My 심장 is full like nothing else I have ever experienced, and I don’t wish anything, even my nonsense, to ever 구름, 클라우드 something so perfect and beautiful.”
    Arthur stares at her, eyes wide with wonder. “My God, Guinevere, no one has ever said anything like that to me before. I… ah…” Overcome, he leans over and kisses her, pulling her into his arms again, onto his lap. His hands stroke her back, running along her spine. She holds his head in her hands, holding him to her, her fingers in his soft hair.
    “How could I… have been so… worried?” Arthur gasps, 키싱 down her neck. I can feel her body far too well through this slip, he absently thinks, then remembers where they are. Oh well.
    “Ahem.” A voice politely says, interrupting their reconciliation. Gwen pulls away from Arthur, giggling.
    “If you’re going to go any further, please let me put some plastic down on my velvet upholstery.”
    “Sorry,” Arthur says, not standing up.
    “Quite all right,” he waves his hand dismissively. “I completely understand how 당신 might see me as a threat.” he teases.
    “Um, yes, sorry about that, too.”
    “No harm done, no harm done.” He steps closer. “Cedric, owner of this little hovel.” Arthur shakes the man’s extended hand.
    “Forgive me for not standing,” Arthur says, blushing. Cedric laughs.
    “The only thing 당신 need to know, sweetheart, is that I am designing something fabulous for your little 심, 만 두 here, and I guarantee it will blow your socks off. Among other things. Not that 당신 need any encouragement, from the looks of things,” he grins.
    “So. Now 당신 know. Go 집 so we can get some work done,” Gwen shoves him.
    He leans over for one 더 많이 quick kiss, pauses a second, says, “Yes, I think I’m all right now.” Before he stands, he leans over to her again, saying quietly into her ear, “I 사랑 당신 so much, Guinevere.”
    “I 사랑 you, too. And I promise I’ll make it up to 당신 when I get home,” she says and looks into his eyes lovingly.
    “Wow. I had better go before I can’t again.”

    Arthur enters their apartment, and is briefly disoriented 의해 the rearranged living room, having forgotten that they had done that. It really does look better this way.
    He looks at his phone, sighs, then calls Merlin.
    “You’re not calling from jail, are you?” Merlin answers.
    “You have an odd habit of not saying ‘hello,’ do 당신 know that?”
    He sighs dramatically. “Hello. Well?”
    “Merlin, if I was calling from jail, I wouldn’t be calling from my phone, would I?”
    “So, what happened?”
    “We’re both idiots, that’s what.”
    “Us we 또는 당신 two we?”
    “Gwen and me we.”
    “Go on.”

    Arthur hangs up the phone and looks at it. He has an idea, and he dials another number. He just finishes his last phone call when Gwen gets home. As soon as the door goes click, she drops her keys and her 지갑 and launches herself at Arthur. She wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him immediately, fiercely, pushing him backwards until she reaches a place where she can set down the bag of 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 she brought 집 for them.
    He wraps his arms around her, lifting her up, and she brings her legs around him, hanging on, clinging to him.
    “I 사랑 you, Arthur,” she gasps against his lips. Vaguely she is aware of him walking back to the bedroom, his hands grasping at the 치마 of her dress, scrunching it upwards, inching his hands under the material.
    “I 사랑 you— oof!” he staggers into the doorframe, hitting his shoulder on the way into the room. Gwen laughs and he drops them to the bed. She rolls him onto his back. It always impresses me that she can do that, Arthur thinks as she grabs his 셔츠 and yanks it off over his head, pulling him upright in the process. She gets up and turns around so he can undo the zipper on the back of her dress, which she drops to the floor and kicks aside without a 초 thought. Then she pulls her slip off over her head, tossing it as well. She reaches down and pulls of Arthur’s shorts and underwear all at once.
    He scoots back onto the 침대 and watches her remove her cream-colored bra. She leaves her panties on, just to tease him. 담홍색, 핑크 today, boyleg, lace. He takes a moment to admire them as she climbs back atop him.
    Arthur brings his hands around to cup her backside in his hands, stroking the bit of flesh peeking out from under the bottom edge of her knickers. Gwen leans over and kisses him while his hands rove around, just enjoying the feel of her. She kisses her way over to his ear, nibbling, running her tongue along the outer edge of his ear, giving him delicious chills.
    He slides his hands into her panties, inching them downwards. She adjusts herself slightly so he can remove them. Following her lead, he flings them across the room using two fingers, as if her knickers were a giant rubber band. Gwen cracks up laughing at this, and falls against his chest.
    Arthur seizes this opportunity to roll her over onto her back. He gives her a smoldering look before bending to take a breast in his mouth. As he does so, she reaches down for his erection, encircling it in her small soft hand. She feels him groan against her breast and she holds his head with her free hand.
    He reaches down and plunges two fingers into her, exploring her familiar contours as his kisses his way across to her other breast.
    “Arthur…” she breathes, “please…”
    “Please what, Guinevere?” he teases her. I want to hear her say it.
    “Please… 사랑 me, Arthur… I need you… inside me… now… now…” she gasps, arching against him.
    Well, she said ‘please.’ He grins wickedly and scoots himself upward, kneeling between her knees and plunging into her forcefully, making her cry out with pleasure.
    She grabs his head and pulls his face to her, clenching his hair in her fists and 키싱 him passionately. Arthur continues his rhythm, hard and fast, driven 의해 their mutual need.
    “Oh…” she cries out, releasing his head and clutching his shoulders. “Oh…”
    Arthur lifts a hand from the mattress to stroke her cheek, a sudden tenderness coming over him as he watches her in her throes, squirming with pleasure beneath him.
    She turns her face into his hand as she climaxes with a great gasp, eyes flying wide open, black with desire.
    Her eyes fix on his and he clutches Gwen’s head, gently, and he feels himself flood into her; hears himself shout his release.
    Arthur rolls to the side, 다음 to her, pulling her immediately into his arms, holding tightly. She clings to him, wanting to stay there forever.
    “I’m sorry I was sneaking around getting a dress made, Arthur,” she whispers.
    “I’m sorry I turned into a jealous stalker,” he whispers back.
    They look at each other, and suddenly they both start laughing at how ridiculous they both are.
    “We are both so dumb,” Gwen says, giggling.
    “I know. Good thing we’re stuck with each other so we can’t inflict our stupidity on anyone else,” he laughs.
    “I 사랑 당신 so much, Arthur.”
    “I 사랑 you, Guinevere.” He pauses. “Guinevere?”
    “What did 당신 bring for dinner? I’m hungry.”

Part 36: link
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Part 13: link

This chapter is dedicated to Stacey for her birthday! Happy birthday, darling!

    “Who could that be?” Gwen asks when her phone vibrates on her desk. Merlin looks over from his computer screen and shrugs.
    “Hello?” she 답변 quietly.
    “Gwen?” a vaguely familiar voice responds.
    “This is Uther Pendragon. Sorry to bother you, but…”
    “What’s wrong?” Gwen asks, immediately frightened. Why is Uther calling me in the middle...
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Sky Atlantic has announced the cast for new crime drama The Tunnel.

Stephen Dillane (Game of Thrones) and Clémence Poésy (Birdsong) will lead the ten-part series, based on the format of The Bridge.

Adapted 의해 an Anglo-French 글쓰기 team led 의해 Ben Richards (Spooks, Outcasts) and directed 의해 Dominik Moll (The Monk), The Tunnel will begin filming this 월 and is due to air later this year.

The official synopsis reads: "When a prominent French politician is found dead on the border between the UK and France, detectives Karl Roebuck (Dillane) and Elise Wassermann (Poésy) are sent to investigate...
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Now it is subtle, but I am beginning to hear rumblings of discontent on tumblr about the usual lazy 글쓰기 on Merlin and 더 많이 to the point the proposed lack of heirs for the Pendragons. My view? Can we wait and see how the story arc goes please before starting to get pitchforks out? In some they have sons, in some they do not? Let us see how this is played out. Now, true to form this show has never done even vaguely well for continuity, intelligence, much less a proper story arc what with the cop out for tremendously lazy 글쓰기 often used so there need not be any character development through...egads...
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Now, I visit my tumblr about four times per 일 for supplies and amusing convos with a few people I rather like a great deal, but something came up on my dash that pissed me off to no end. No, this is not a point for jokes and laughter this crossed the line.

I am not a prude. I am so far from a prude 당신 could not imagine, but there has to be a freaking line where the humour stops and 당신 realize 당신 are dealing with human beings.

Don't encroach!

As it is the ARWEN spot, I thought I could talk about my pissitude here. Again, I will take this down if anyone doesn't get where I am going here from...
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Merlin’s head throbbed. The sides of his temples hurt so much that he couldn’t even lift his brow 또는 open his eyes. His ears flickered at the sound of the gushing wind around him; making him shiver as he lay face down on the ground. He forced his eyes to snap open and stared blurrily ahead. His vision wasn’t clear, and to make matters worse, it swirled around, causing 더 많이 headaches. He shut his eyes and took a deep breath. Reopening his eyes, he slowly pushed himself up. His limbs ached as did his entire body. Biting his lips to contain his pain, he piled his weight onto his arms and...
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“Gaius… are 당신 sure it was them?” Merlin couldn’t believe what he heard. “Maybe 당신 saw someone else? Maybe it was just …” he couldn’t come up with a proper solution because there seemed none.
    “I know what I saw Merlin.”
    “And it was Gwen?”
    “But… it is so unlike Gwen to commit such a sinful act. Did 당신 hear them properly, Gaius? 당신 are getting old, 당신 know, and your hearing could have deceived you, besides...”
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Episode 1
My first 설명 of this episode was EPIC, if this is the standard of what we are going to see throughout the season, then I'm glad I'm on this journey with them, and everyone here.

The moments I loved -The knights banter - although minimal, it showed the friendship they have, Gwaine with the apple, Percival/Gwaine with the 음식 oh and I loved the 부엌, 주방 scene with the servants, Percival/Elyan with the 3 children & Leon/Elyan.
Merlin/Arthur - I loved their friendship in this episode, their banter, as it should be, although going 의해 the 방탄소년단 with Merlin & the Knights in a...
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Just obeying Stacey's orders to 업로드 my Brangel video over here. Hope 당신 all enjoy it. :)
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