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posted by Animaniacs1Fan
I got the list! I looked and counted!
1. Animaniacs Slappy 셔츠 Gray
2. Animaniacs Skippy and Slappy 'Who!?' 셔츠 homemade
3. Dot 'I'm cute' Girls 10-12L Tee
4. T-Shirt Yakko homemade
5. Wakko 'Potty Emergency!!!' Soft Tee
6. Animaniacs PJs
7. Buttons and Mindy PJs
8. Goodfeathers PJs
9. Goodfeathers Pants
10. 50 Posters (Not exaggerating)
11. 5 DVDs
12. 2 pairs of shoes [Pair 1 Warners Pair 2 Helloo Nurse!]
13. Homemade Animaniacs Swimsuit
14. 100 Animaniacs Comics (Also true)
15. Animaniacs Trophy
16. Animaniacs Lunchbox
17. Animaniacs Socks Wakko's 50 States
18. 10 episode boards signed 의해 the creators....
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posted by aldrine2016
As Yakko, Wakko and Dot were about to return to the studio, a 팬 of their show saw Dot's great flipped hairstyle and began to freak out with excitement.

Male Animaniacs Fan: C-c-c-can I have your autograph, Ms. Dot Warner!? [holds out a blank book]

At first, Dot was confused, but since she was no longer being ridiculed for her hair, she decided to grant her 팬 his request.

Dot: Aw sure! Anything for my loving fan! [brandishes a pen and writes her signature on his book]
Male Animaniacs Fan: Thanks!
Dot: And I hope 당신 like my fabulous hairdo! [gives her 팬 a big 키스 on the lips]
Male Animaniacs...
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In a tribute to the great Animaniacs tradition, here is a 더 많이 extreme level of "Good Idea, Bad Idea". Fun for the whole family! Today's episode: "Tetherball"
good idea bad idea
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