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posted by SentinelPrime89
This movie has always been somewhat of an on/off experience for me. I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters back in September of 2010 and a 월 또는 so after picking up the DVD, it became an obsessive compulsion from early 2011 to around mid-2012. Nowadays while I still like the movie, I have not watched it nearly as often as I used too, maybe two times between every few months. Sometimes I've held off of it for about a year. And I plan to continue it that way because back then where I call "the dark ages", that obsession was just unhealthy especially around the movie's lead female, Kate.

Now I'm reviewing it as I see it now and personally like I said, it's OK. It's nothing remarkable 또는 special 또는 new. It's mostly Romeo & Juliet with wolves, just like The Lion King is Hamlet with lions. The story is simple, the 애니메이션 is so-so, and the characters are all likable enough even if they're simply following generic stereotypes. The movie's soundtrack is also pretty good though it'll only be memorable 의해 those who really have 또는 had a good connection to this movie.

This movie's biggest flaw was and still is to this 일 is the amateurish fanbase behind it now. I know only of a handful of people now who actually just treat the movie as a movie and not God's greatest gift to furrydom. It doesn't help much matters at all with the terms "wolfaboo" and "furfag" being thrown around every time someone has an opposite opinion.

I'm rambling... Anyway, my rating here is 6/10. It's an OK movie. I've seen much worse (Norm Of The North, Happily Never After, 우주 Chimps, fuckin Foodfight). I'd even watch this over Frozen.
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I 사랑 this song! :D
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Ep 5: III (part 2)

Nistra: *jumps and kicks III*

III: *falls over*

Nistra: 사랑 has made two into one! Nicks strength and Astras intellect, we are the Ultimate one!

III: NO! I am the Ultimate one! *gets up and fires Magma*

Nistra: *teleports to III's face*

III: Hey!

Nistra: *slashes and shatters III*


Nistra: Why are trying to hurt the Wolves?

III: Must...for master...I...

IV: *appears*

III: Brother...help me...

IV: Uh no *absorbs III, leaving an odd card and a H Piece*

Nistra: IV!

IV: I must be going now! *disappears*

Nistra: *de-fuses back into Nick and Astra*

Nick: *Sees the H Piece and...
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posted by trueshadowwolf
the air plain crashed. cause the driver was a fucking dumbass. right now im on a fucking beach. im probly on some island 또는 something. now i got to find the rest of the guys. and its night...just perfect. "THEN HE HAD TO WALK ACROSS THE 바닷가, 비치 TO FIND HIS FRIENDS!!!" the announcer said. "HEY SHUT UP!!!" i said. "NO 당신 SHUT UP SMART MOUTH!!!" the announcer said. i walked across the beach. but the announcer WONT LEAVE ME ALONE. then...i found a body...IT WAS NICKER11500!!! he was laying on the beach. looked like he was still asleep. then i woke him up. "nicker11500 당신 ok?" i said. "trueshadowwolf....what...
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posted by HumphreyAlpha
A few years after the debacle that had led to an insane 십자가, 크로스 country trip with a delusional, if handsome, white dog and a very delusional hamster, Mittens found herself, once again, lonely. The part of the country she lived in, the Midwest, was profoundly empty of other cats. She had yet to see 더 많이 than one other cat since they'd moved there after the studio 불, 화재 in Los Angeles. The solitude both cheered and depressed her. It was cheerful because there weren't 고양이 around that would be able to 가는 리본, 흰 족제비 away Penny's affections, but depressing that there weren't 고양이 around at all. But, in Mittens'...
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posted by KateLillyWolfy
It was a warm cozy evening, Kate and Humphrey were already in bed. Every thing was well, for a little while. They had their door locked and all of sudden the door was shaking. Kate stirred and then woke up. She saw the door, and freaked out. She woke Humphrey to take a look. He went to the door, shaking with a butcher 칼, 나이프 he always kept in his drawer, Kate heard someone calling her name, and began to cry. Humphrey approached his door, his 심장 pounding, wanting to cry, but before he could open it the door opened 의해 itself.
posted by TheChriZ1995
A/N: It's finally here! The sequel to my first successful story "Adventures" has arrived and a whole new adventure awaits Kate and Humphrey. Please be sure to read the first part of "Adventures" before 읽기 this story and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Welcome to Parenthood

Two weeks later
Humphrey's POV

Life these past two weeks has been going great, mine and Kate’s pups are strong and healthy and just learning there first words. Kate had mostly stayed in my parents 굴, 덴 taking care of the pups while I mostly ran around hunting caribou to keep the pups and Kate from going hungry. My parents had done there...
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posted by HumphreyWolf11
UPDATE: Ich werde nicht wirklich nutzen * in bestimmte nicht text Ereignisse zeigen, auch ich meinen Namen geändert, um Darren (Es ist besser, als Tag der mit Abstand)
Ich erwachte aus meinem Schlaf ging ich um 굴, 덴 Schlaf, die in der Nähe meiner Augen i Mein Pelz geleckt und standed langsam war wischen
"Oh, ich verließ das TV auf dem" i sagen, packte der Fernbedienung zum Ausschalten des TV
Als ich ihn auszuschalten ging, hörte ich einen Schuss i sofort rannte nach draußen, um dann zu untersuchen i gesehen Poacher, dass im Besitz einer Schrotflinte auf 굴, 덴 Boden, war Jakob, der stark blutete...
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Eight walked casually, slowly, his every muscle sore and bruised, his face throbbed from the kicked up debris he encountered during the chase. Even his wound burned, despite it being quite healed for some time. His eyes were heavy and each time a paw hit the ground it hit with the weight of a stone, his body being kept from the ground 의해 sheer force of will alone.
He was exhausted. He woke to see two full sunrises since he had last rested, and finished off the 초 일 with a brisk run with the lead Alphas. A trying task, especially for the likes of him.

As the 일 passed into the noon hours...
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posted by yoj123
guys this is my first 기사 so don't hate me if it is bad

Kate kept on running from the big black 곰 that was chasing her, she could not stop for she knew the consequences of what would happen if she ever slowed down... she would be torn to shreds 의해 the gigantic 곰 right behind her,she had to go and tell the other members of the pack, they would help her kill the bear.

she came up with a plan to kill the 곰 의해 herself. she would run to the nearest cliff and stop short causing the 곰 to fall off the cliff. so that was what she would do she saw a cliff 의해 the corner of her eye and decided...
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posted by Slenderwolf
Mission Details:Kill all Enemies, Find the hostages.
Weapons: M4A1 Acog sight, Desert Eagle.
Here Goes Nothing......
Time:10:50 Am.
Desert Special Units.
January 4 2014.
"Wake up!" Sandman said.
I opened my eyes only to find myself into a upside down hummer. I crawl out of hummer. "Here your Gun!" he gave my M4A1. I cover on a sandbag and shoot some enemies. Of course I didnt loose my pistol. I ran to a small house but I got hit 의해 a sniper hidden.
"SHIT, SLENDER IS DOWN!" i heard a soldier. "Im fine..." I said. I took my M4A1 to shoot at sniper, he was hidden on a small...
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Felt bad for my lack of contribution to fanpop, 더 많이 importantly Alpha and Omega so I'll try my best to find/make a video every day!
posted by shadow-omega
I haven't been this club for like....3 months, though I've gotten some ideas for a fanfic, it be a first one I made...or try making...anyways ON TO THE TRYING!!! *~*

"A few years have pass 의해 since leaving the United pack, I went my own way...i found a new pack' only been in it for a few days...my name is Risk, weird but true...I was a normal member in the united pack, though I tried helping has much as possible....."

Risk:...so....we're only east of Idaho huh?...

Zion: yeah...it was a good idea leaving the pack...even though it was "United" our 음식 sources were decreasing faster...

Risk: agreed,...
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