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posted by dumy
당신 guys know about Zora. The little girl in sonny with a chance,she is smart,creepy,and nice and so much 더 많이 if 당신 think. She has not come out a lot but she will start to come out on this episode called Zora blossoms. Zora blossoms is about when Zora likes a guy and dose not know how to talk to sonny helps her out and she turn her into the most(if 당신 think)beautifulest and youngest (att the same time)girl in the whole studio. 십자가, 크로스 your fingers for Zora's big break!!!!!!!!!!!! So if 당신 guys got comments,notes,or if 당신 know something that is going to happen to her please let me know so see ya on the computer!!!!!!!! :)