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In part one of a two part worldwide exclusive interview with Broken 언덕, 힐 star, Alexa Vega, we catch up with her on set just before her 2AM call.

For Alexa Vega, starring as 'Kat Rogers' in the link Young Filmmaker's production Broken Hill, is an important step in her career progression.

“A lot of people still remember me as that little girl,” explains Vega of her role as 'Carmen' in the hugely 인기 Spy Kids franchise. “So I don’t want to jump right into roles that kinda go ‘whoa, she grew up too quickly’, 또는 that shock people.”
And as Vega claims, playing the glamorous rebel 'Kat',...
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posted by alwayz_here_16
저기요 i go to meet her in person a few months back. She is such a sweet person and is so pretty. She came to Hot Springs for the premier of Broken 언덕, 힐 (which her fiance directed 또는 produced)and he decided to stop 의해 the school. The band teacher knows her fiance becuase he used to live in Edgmont SD and asked him if she could talk to the band and the 그네, 스윙 choir kids, so thats what they did.
During our 7th 시간 we were in the middle of warm ups and she walks in and asked if that was the right room she was supposed to be in. ha ha ha it was funny because i thought she was a tall young actress...but...
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