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posted by TeanRose424
I deleted the old ones on accident so I decided to start over, and do it a little different.

Chapter One:

Our New Life

I entered our small 집 . It was small in size but we only really used it for sleeping and eating. Most of the time we were out working. 또는 in my case getting away from town. My sister and I are known as the “Witch Twins”. Because my Mother and Father only wanted one of us; Jane. I was an outcast. But, she is my best friend and would never turn against me in any way. We were always together. She is what has kept me stable all these years.

I entered the main room to be greeted...
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posted by TwilightLovarr
Hello everyone, I decided to write a one shot this time about Alec and Jane! The most powerful twins on the world. But how did they became a vampire? This is about Alec and Jane, how they became a vampire?[/i]

[b]Jane’s POV


I looked straight before me as I walked hand in hand with my twin brother through a dark alley. The ground was odd and there laid pieces of trash in the corners of the old houses. I saw some people peeking at us as they whispered things about us to the others. Things like witches 또는 children of the Devil. We were the Witch Twins. No, we weren't real witches, but how...
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