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After a few weeks pass, you've been getting much sicker. 당신 can feel it and 당신 can see it. Whenever 당신 look in the mirror, 당신 see a pale face, small dark circles, and white lips. Your rosy cheeks have turned to paleness and nothing but paleness. You've been feeling much weaker and you've been sucking at 농구 lately. Your coach notices and he talks with 당신 about it.

Coach: So Jamie. How is it?
Jamie: ...you should know coach...I'm losing it.
Coach: What can 당신 do Jamie? 당신 need to rest. 당신 can't play.
Jamie: What? But...but I 사랑 playing. I can't just stop.
Coach: Then at least you...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007

당신 made goals, but fate had other plans for you.
Your unexpectant early departure caught me off guard.
Awkward, this is life without you. Breaking dawn, your ascension into heaven.
The floodgates open in the aftermath of your final disappearing act.
What used to be unshakable in the past is now broken.
당신 are gone for an eternity and never coming back down to earth.
랜덤 things remind me of 당신 these days.
Words of wisdom breathe life back into this dying kingdom, the land of the living.
Why won't 당신 understand my heart? Even if it's not me, can't it just be me? I've never had this want for anyone before. Can't it be me? Can't it be me in this life time, 또는 can it be me in the 다음 life time? Even if 당신 promised today is the end, I won't be afraid...

Randy parks in your driveway 다음 to Shawn's car and 당신 see Shawn squatting down at your porch. He sees 당신 and Randy and 당신 get out of the car with Randy. 당신 quickly get Angie and 당신 walk 다음 to Randy, in case Shawn might do something to him. Shawn walks up to 당신 and he starts yelling.

Shawn: Where the hell were you?!?!?...
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So a whole 월 passed 의해 and 당신 and the whole group have gotten closer, esp. Randy. 당신 and Shawn have started to barely hang out outside of school and 당신 spend the rest of your time either studying, sleeping, eating, 또는 hanging out with both Angie and Randy.


Randy: So what do 당신 wanna do this weekend Jamie?
Jamie: Um I don't know. My grandma wants me to go to church with her but I'm not all that spiritual.
Randy: Oh. Well what days 당신 going?
Jamie: Saturday night and Sunday for a regular service.
Randy: Oh. Well we can hang out at your church then so 당신 won't be bored....
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Landon Carter was on the stage opening night, shaking like a leaf under the hot lights. He honestly didn't know why he cared so much. So what if he made a fool of himself? He's Logan Carter; his popularity would save him, wouldn't it? Maybe that's why. 또는 maybe it was her… sitting there looking beautiful

Landon brushed the thought to the side and said his lines. "All I know is your beautiful…..will 당신 sing to me?"

The 피아노 began to play but it wasn't the song that they've all practiced. This one was better, but he wouldn't admit this to anyone.

There's a song that's inside of my soul

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Winter vacation is finally over and 당신 guys all go back to school...

Shawn: 저기요 Taylor. 당신 think we can talk?
Randy: Uh sure.

Shawn and Randy go to the back of the school and they just stand there...

Shawn: Ok. I wanna be truthful and I wanna be as simple as possible too. 당신 should let go of Jamie.
Randy: ...*kinda laughs* What?
Shawn: 당신 should let go of Jamie. I mean 당신 haven't even broke it with Lauren.
Randy: Oh...I totally forgot about her.
Shawn: See. Your just playing them.
Randy: Shawn, buddy, I know 당신 like Jamie a lot but she's mine. I like her and she likes me. Lauren is just...unrequited...
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Chapter 8: Working it out

"Does everyone know what time it is?" asked Heidi in excitement

"Tool time!"

That's right here is Tim the Tool man Taylor"

"Thanks Heidi, I am Tim the Tool Man Taylor and here is Al between the state line Boriland"

"ha ha very funny Tim"

"Today we will be working on is fixing 집 applicator" said Tim

"Today we'll be fixing a coffee maker"

"Alright fixed it Al"

"You did?"

"Yes I added 더 많이 power, come on Al turn it on"

"I don't think so Tim"

"Fine I'll do it"

Tim turns on the coffee maker and very thing was normal until the coffee marker was spiting on coffee bean. The audicene...
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Chapter 4: Meeting the Sullivans

Jill was making 와플 and pancakes, Randy wanted to make plans to talk to Jamie's family.

"Randy?, what are 당신 doing?" asked Jill

"I'm making plans with Jamie's family, I want 당신 to meet them"

"Honey I'll 사랑 to meet them but I don't think, they don't want to meet us"

"I can see why" Randy said looking at the 와플 and the 팬케이크 shirk. Brad comes down in his old 축구 uniform and jeans.

"Mom the 팬케이크 and 와플 shirk again" said Brad

"I know" said Jill cleaning up the food

"Hey Randy, how do 당신 feel playing soccer?"

"Can't I'm busy"

"Are 당신 still working...
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This story is NOT mine! Credit goes to it's rightful owner!

Chapter 1: the visit

Tim was watching football in the house. Mark was walking round listening to Good Charlotte. Jill was looking at paper from her clients. Brad went to
college to become a 축구 player. Randy was still in Costa Rica. In Detroit's airport Randy was there with his girlfriend Jamie

"I'm very scared about this," said Jamie

"Don't worry I hope my parent takes this well" said Randy

"I hope so, can we see my dad and my stepmom"

"Do they like jokes?"

"Not really"

"Well this will be great"

At 집 Jill came in the living looking at...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
This 팬 fic is NOT mine! Credit goes to the rightful owner!

Chapter 1:

Funeral. A dark cloudy 일 was perfect for the theme. The line of the funeral 집 was through the door. Everyone wanted to say their last goodbye to lovely lady of Beaufort. One 의해 one everyone saw this lady and met her husband who said 'they'll help 당신 in anyway'.

Finally Landon Carter went up to his wife and he said goodbye to his wife forever.

"Jamie, thank 당신 for everything" said Landon sobbing

Cynthia Carter was behind him and she pattered him on his shoulder.

Landon blowed Jamie a final kiss.

Landon and Cynthia...
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Jill: *tears* I'm sorry sweetie.
Jamie: No no...she couldn't stay here forever with me...
Tim: 당신 know...if there's anything we can do...
Jamie: It's fine...it's fine. Thank 당신 though...

After Randy's parents say their goodbyes to your grandmother, Randy comes up. 당신 look at Randy and tears just start flowing. When he walks up to you, 당신 quickly grab onto him and pull him into a hug. He puts his arms around your waist, comforting 당신 with an embrace. Your tears just start flowing and 당신 start whimpering like a 강아지 dog.

Randy: Shh it's ok. It's gonna be fine sh...

**after the funeral**

You and...
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Chapter 2: the news

Randy and Jamie were in front of Tim and Jill's house. Jamie was ready to turn back.

"Jamie don't my parents can help us"

"I feel so scared"

"My parents are very nice"

"Okay I can't believe I'm listening to you, are 당신 sure?"

"No I'm not sure my parents are complete strangers to me"

"Ha ha ha very funny"

Randy kissed Jamie before he ringed the doorbell. Randy was feeling his 심장 beating faster and faster 의해 the minute. Randy ringed the doorbell.
Jill answered the door.

"Oh my god Randy'

"Hey mom"

Randy and Jill hugged each other. Jamie wasn't that nervous anymore.

"Mom this is my...
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One day, she came to me. I wasn't ready for her and I couldn't hold my balance. Just to see her for one minute, I waste the rest of the 일 willingly. 사랑 is corny, it makes 당신 blind but I don't care. As long I can 사랑 her, I don't care...

Jamie: Oh. 저기요 Shawn.
Shawn: Where are 당신 baby?
Jamie: Home.
Shawn: Oh. Why didn't 당신 tell me?
Jamie: Sorry I forgot.
Shawn: Oh. So where are you?
Jamie: Home.
Shawn: Oh. Well I guess I'll leave 당신 alone.
Jamie: K.

You hang up before 당신 can hear Shawn say "bye" and 당신 smile at Randy.

Randy: Didn't go too well did it?
Janie: Whatever. He deserves it.
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
Jamie's Point of view:

Dear Landon,

I finally have a life full of peace. I thought that I would never experience a life with true 사랑 and joy until I met you. We got married a few months ago, and being married to 당신 has been the happiness time of my life every since I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. We never talk about me dying, and even in on my worst days 당신 always find a way to make me smile. I am unconditionally in 사랑 with God, 당신 Landon, and my life to know that it is alright for me to die. I know that my father will heal in his own way and 당신 will go to college and fulfill a...
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I got this on Dvd last 년 and I was watching it. It is a very sad film. The story begins where a 인기 guy named Landon Carter has to do community service after a prank goes horribly wrong. He meets this geeky girl named Jamie Sullivan. But what he doesn't know is that she has leukemia. Of course he falls for her and the story goes on. Mandy Moore was excellent as Jamie , and Shane West who acted like a total jerk yet 당신 start to like his charcther as the movie progresses. My fav scene ah its gotta be the one where he kissed her when she finshed the song Only Hope how cute. Also I like the ending


He marries her in the end where her mother got married . And 4 years later Landon who is now in medical visits her dad and he says that Landon was Jamie's miracle. Of course in the end he says 당신 can't see the wind but 당신 can feel it.

Rating : 9.5/10
**next day**

Randy: 저기요 Jamie!!
Jamie: Oh 저기요 Randy.

You kinda get surprised at how happy Randy sounds to see 당신 today. 당신 sit 다음 to him in Chem and he gives 당신 a huge smile. 당신 give an awkward smile too and the teacher starts his lectures. After the class, 당신 and Randy walk to your 다음 class, English.

Randy: Did 당신 get any of that stuff?
Jamie: Um yah. Did you?
Randy: No. I didn't get a thing he was saying. Do 당신 mind helping me today with the homework then?
Jamie: Um no problem. Yah I'll help.
Randy: Can we go to your house to study? The 도서관, 라이브러리 isn't opened here afterschool and my house...
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I 사랑 you, I only need you. Everytime I look at you, my words change. It feels like the sun is shining down on me, giving me the warm feeling that 당신 are my one and only last love.

The whole day, 당신 and Randy hang out together with his brothers and Angie. 당신 guys just all hang and chill together wherevers..

**at night**

You tuck in Angie again and 당신 hear a knock on your door. It's Randy again.

Jamie: *smile* Oh it's 당신 again.
Randy: *smile* Can I?
Jamie: Sure.

Randy plops onto your 침대 and gets under your covers. 당신 follow right after and 당신 키스 him lightly.

Jamie: Ugh tomorrow's school.
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I lie awake driving myself crazy thinking of you. I made a mistake when I let 당신 go. I drive myself crazy, wanting 당신 the way that I do.

You've still been avoiding Randy as much as possible, yet yearning for him 더 많이 as days pass by. It's been a 월 since 당신 and Randy haven't said a single word to each other.

**Randy's POV**

I'm such a mess! Look at me! Tossing and turning in my bed. It's been 5 hours since I've tried to go to sleep. **gets up and goes to the living room, watching TV** Ugh all these stupid soap operas. Isn't there anything good on? ...man...I was such a fool. How good was...
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당신 said 당신 needed me...then why don't 당신 want me?

The past few days, you've been feeling much better with Randy. 당신 feel like 당신 have 더 많이 energy and 당신 actually sometimes don't even think about your leukemia at all! 당신 kinda have a feeling that it's cuz Randy is too sweet to you. He always makes 당신 smile, laugh, and he always gives 당신 a warm fuzzy feeling in the deep gut of your feelings. The past few Sundays, you've also been going to church with Angie, Randy, and his family. 당신 sing for the choir all the time and after services, 당신 two always go to the lake and hang out there......
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
I didn't know what Landon had planned for tonight, he'd seemed very secretive today and almost all week. I half expected him to do something.

After all this was Landon Carter.

He was coming over at 6:30. I had begun to get ready at 6:00, since I didn't need too much time, since it seems a little difficult for me to look slightly decent these days. But Landon still insists that I am beautiful, no matter what in his eyes.

So, I put on my blue flowered dress, and my 담홍색, 핑크 sweater that he'd given me. I pulled my hair back into a loose ponytail just as he arrived.

Daddy had shown him in and he was sitting...
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