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Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 9 hours ago
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General Lizzon was inspecting other sections of Sandy Point when another General walked into the control tower.

General: Where did all the X-Wings go?
Tower Operator: General Lizzon's orders. His main concern is sabotage.
General: Unacceptable. Get those X-Wings back out there now. We need those pilots to get up in the sky as quickly as possible if an enemy does attack. Also if Lizzon's really worried about sabotage, he would leave those X-Wings the way they are, so that the guards can watch them all without having to turn their heads. Now, as I said earlier, get those X-Wings back out there.

An alarm was activated as the X-Wings were placed back on the side of the runway: link

General Lizzon: *Watching the X-Wings being moved* What the hell are 당신 doing?!
Rebel: Sorry sir, General Corrin's orders.
General Lizzon: *Sees the General* You! *Walking towards him* Your incompetence is going to cost us well over a hundred X-Wings, if not all of them!
Fan fiction by BingoPB posted 10 hours ago
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The 다음 morning, Lydia, John, and their 프렌즈 left Lydia's childhood 집 after breakfast. On the way back to Tennessee, Marie said, "Lydia, your aunt and uncle are full of malarkey. How did 당신 put up with them for all those years?" Lydia said, "They never really came around very often. They were around 더 많이 in my adulthood than during my childhood." Rebecca asked, "Why do 당신 suppose they came around 더 많이 towards the end of your grandmother's life?" Lydia said, "My grandmother had caregivers around the clock. My aunt and uncle didn't like that. They came in to mess up the caregivers' schedules, hoping they would get mad and quit." Pattie said, "That's just sick!" Lydia said, "It is sick. My uncle claimed that he had regrets about my grandfather. Regrets, my butt! He trashed his own father while he was in the damn coffin!" Gavin said, "That's awful." Catherine added, "It is indeed." Lydia said, "On the positive side, we'll never hear from those assholes again once everything is settled. I miss my grandmother, though." She broke down and cried. John said, "I know 당신 do, darling." She said, "I wish everything was still all right." Pattie said, "Don't worry, Lydia. It will be. It...
Article by hornean posted 11 hours ago
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One hot summer 일 Ernie had a cool idea.
“Hey, Bert,” he said. “Let’s sell lemonade.”

“Good idea, Ernie,” said Bert. “You go buy the lemons. Then we will make the 레몬 에이드, 레모네이드 together.”
“Right, Bert,” said Ernie. “I will get the lemons.”
And he ran off to the store.

On the way Ernie saw Big Bird and Grover.
“Hi,” said Ernie. “I am going to have a 레몬 에이드, 레모네이드 stand. Be sure to come.”
“Oh, we will,” said Big Bird. “All these feathers can make a bird pretty hot.”

At Mr. McIntosh’s store Ernie saw big piles of lemons.
He saw big piles of oranges too.
The oranges looked delicious.
Ernie bought them instead of lemons.

At Ernie and Bert’s house Bert painted letters on a piece of cardboard.
They said:

When Ernie got home, Bert looked inside the bag.
“ERNIE! These are oranges!” he yelled. “Where are the lemons?”
Article by hornean posted 11 hours ago
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One 일 Ernie and Bert were walking 의해 Mister Hooper’s store.
Suddenly Ernie stopped.
“Look at that!” he said.

Ernie pressed his nose to the store window.
Inside was a beautiful box of paints. It had lots of colors—even gold and silver.
“Gee,” said Ernie. “I wish I had that box of paints.”

“Maybe 당신 can have it,” said Bert. “Mister Hooper is having a contest. The painter of the best picture wins that box of paints.”

Ernie started to run home.
“Wow!” he said. “I am going to paint a picture right now!”

Ernie got out his old paint box.
Then he got some paper.
He was ready to start painting.
The doorbell rang.

“I have a letter for you, Ernie,” said the mailman.
“Thanks,” said Ernie.
Then he said good-bye to the mailman and opened his letter.

The letter was from his cousin.
It said:
[i]Dear Ernie,
I painted a picture for you.
Article by hornean posted 11 hours ago
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Elmo was younger and smaller than all of his 프렌즈 on Sesame Street.
It was hard for him to keep up with them.

Elmo could not run as fast as the others.

He could not jump as far as the others.

He could not play baseball at all.
The bat was bigger than Elmo!

One sunny 일 Ernie and Bert and Big Bird and Grover went roller skating in the park.
Elmo went too.
Suddenly a 벨 rang.
It was the ice cream truck.
Everyone skated off to get some ice cream.
“Hey!” Elmo cried. “Wait for me!”

Grover skated back to Elmo.
“I, Grover, will help you. Hold on to my hand,” he said.
And off they went.

Clickety-clack, lickety-split, faster and faster they went…

until they hit a bump.
CRASH! They both fell down.

“WAH! WAH!” went Elmo.
“Oh, my goodness! Are 당신 hurt?” asked Grover.
“I have a boo-boo on my leg,” cried Elmo.
Article by hornean posted 11 hours ago
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Big Bird liked to play with his friends.
But playing with them was hard for Big Bird because…

their jump ropes were too short…

their hopscotch boxes were too small…

their hide-and-seek hiding places were too little…

their see-saws came down but never went up.

One 일 Big Bird came 집 from the park 의해 himself.
“I am too big to play with my friends,” he sobbed.

He was so busy crying he did not see his friend, Snuffle-upagus.

“Don’t cry, Bird,” said Snuffle-upagus. “You are not too big. Their games are too little.”

Big Bird jumped up.
He stopped crying.
“Do 당신 really think so, Mr. Snuffle-upagus?”

“Yes, Bird, I really do,” said Snuffle-upagus. “You are a very nice size—big, like me.”
Then Big Bird had an idea.
“Hey, we are both big. So let’s play together!” said Big Bird.

Snuffle-upagus shook his head.
Fan fiction by 80smusiclover1 posted 12 hours ago
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A unique restaurant caught the attention of the foursome and the Beatles as they walked. This restaurant is called "Fernando's", and its specialty is Peri-Peri barbecue chicken. After checking the outside menu, George said, "The 음식 here looks tasty. Let's try this out." Rosie replied, "All right. Let's go inside." They were awed 의해 the restaurant's carnival-like atmosphere as one of the waiters led them to their table. Once seated, everyone decided to order a group meal, which consisted of a 플래터 of boneless chicken breast fillets, six pieces of chicken wings, four cups of Portuguese rice, a basket of garlic bread, red-skinned mashed potatoes, flame-grilled 옥수수 on the cob, and bottomless soda. John commented as they ate, "Wow! I've never tasted chicken like this before." Paul added, "Me too. This is so good!" George especially enjoyed pigging out on the wings, and he stripped them off completely clean, leaving only the bones. Nicholas was amazed and told him, "George! You're excellent in eating chicken wings!" George replied, "Why, thank 당신 veddy much indeed! I've got a special set of teeth to help me do this." He then smiled while showing his signature "fangs". Scruffy...
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 13 hours ago
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Vito arrived in San Franciscolt. Despite the extra money, he was still not looking 앞으로 to working with Jerry.

Vito: *Takes a left turn, and looks at the address* Not far now.
Boss: *Watching Vito pull in* Your brother has just arrived. *Hangs up*
Jerry: Thank you. *Hangs up* I'll see 당신 tomorrow Kayla.
Kayla: 당신 don't want me to wait here for you?
Jerry: It's not going to be pleasant.
Kayla: Very well.

Vito stepped out of his car, and walked towards the villa, when he received a warm welcome.

Boss: Thank 당신 for coming all the way from Chicagoat to help us.
Vito: You're welcome.
Boss: Follow me, and I'll introduce 당신 to the others.
Jerry: *Arrives in his Subaru*

Jerry saw them go upstairs, so he decided to wait for them to come downstairs before talking to Vito.

Vito: Thanks for everything.
Boss: Nothing is too good for a fellow Costanza member.
Vito: *Walking back to his car when he sees Jerry* What are 당신 doing here?
Article by hornean posted 16 hours ago
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One 일 Bert was painting.
It was hard work.
It made Bert thirsty.
He got out the milk.
Bert dropped the milk.

“ERNIEEE!” yelled Bert. “Help!”
Ernie came running.
“Bert! Why did 당신 poor 우유 on the floor?” asked Ernie.
“I did not POUR it,” said Bert. “I SPILLED it! Please go out and find a mop. And hurry!”

Ernie ran down Sesame Street.
He saw Betty Lou.
“Bert needs a mop. Do 당신 have one?” he asked Betty Lou.
“Gee, I don’t know,” she said. “But I will look for one.”

Betty Lou walked down the street.
“If Bert needs a map, he must be going on a trip!” she said.

“I will look for a map and ask him to send me a postcard.”

Betty Lou knocked on Oscar’s trash can.
“Who woke me up?” growled Oscar.

“I did,” said Betty Lou. “Bert needs a map. Do 당신 have one?” she asked.
“How should I know?” yelled Oscar. “I am asleep!”
Article by hornean posted 16 hours ago
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Today was a big 일 for Big Bird.
He was going to visit Granny Bird.
She lived at the seashore!
It was his first trip away from home.
Big Bird’s 프렌즈 took him to the bus stop.
“Good-bye, Big Bird! Have fun! We will miss you,” they said.
“I will miss you, too,” he said.

Big Bird thought the bus would never get there.
“Gee, I hope Granny is waiting for me,” he said to himself.

At last the bus stopped.
Granny Bird waved to Big Bird.
“My little Big Bird! I am so happy to see you!” Granny said.
“Me, too, Granny!” Big Bird said.

After lunch they went to the beach.
Granny’s 프렌즈 all said, “My, what a nice grandson!”
But Big Bird did not want to talk.
He wanted to go into the water.
“Go on, dear,” said Granny. “I can watch 당신 from here.”
Big Bird ran to the water.
It was the first time that he had ever seen the sea.
“Wow! It sure is big!” he said.
Article by hornean posted 17 hours ago
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Herry Monster liked to skip.
One 일 he skipped down Sesame Street…
and right into the mailman.
Letters went flying.
So did the mailman.

Herry helped the mailman get up.
Then he picked up the letters.
“Look!” said Herry. “A letter for ME!”
Herry dropped his bag and read the letter.

The letter said: “Come to a 차 party. Bring your 가장 좋아하는 doll.”
It was from Ernie and Bert.

Herry skipped down the block.
“I 사랑 parties!” he sang.
He skipped to Betty Lou’s house.
She had a letter too.

“Are 당신 going to the party?” he asked her.
“Oh, yes,” she said. “And so is my beautiful doll.”
Herry smiled and said, “So is MY beautiful doll.”
Then Herry stopped smiling.
“Where IS my doll?”

Suddenly Herry remembered.
“I had my doll in a bag and I put it down on a pile of leaves 의해 the post office.”
Betty Lou said, “Let’s go find it.”
Article by hornean posted 17 hours ago
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Big Bird was looking for someone to play with.
“Here comes Bert,” said Big Bird. “I bet he will play catch with me.”

“Hi, Bert!” said Big Bird. “Let’s play catch.”

Bert kept on walking.
“Not today,” said Bert. “Ernie is waiting for me.”
Big Bird looked surprised.
“Oh,” he said.

Just then Grover ran out of his house.
He had a shiny new truck.
“Hi, Grover!” said Big Bird. “That’s a nice truck. Let’s play with it.”
Grover kept on running.
“I am sorry, Big Bird, but I am giving it to Ernie,” said Grover.
Big Bird looked sad.
“Oh,” he said.

Then Big Bird saw Cookie Monster.
He had a big box of cookies.
“Hi, Cookie! Want to play?”
Cookie shook his head.
“Me bring Ernie cookies,” said Cookie.

Big Bird looked mad.
“Nuts!” he said.
“No nuts!” said Cookie Monster. “Cookies!”

Big Bird sat on the steps.
Opinion by dentaltourism5 posted 17 hours ago
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Dental Tourism Ajijic
Ajijic offers 당신 one of the best dental implants specialists in implants, 당신 can have the best options for your oral health with US quality and savings of up to 70% on your dental work, so 당신 can travel and get your dental work done worry-free.

Ajijic offers a great variety of fun activities and accommodation options, our dental clinic will offer 당신 quality on your dental services at prices 당신 won't believe, visit our Puerto Vallarta Dental Clinic and save.

Patients from US and Canada travel to Ajijic Jalisco to get dental implants, the most common treatments are:

Snap-on Dentures
An im­plant-supported overdenture has the advantage of replacing a patient’s teeth with 더 많이 lenient implant placement positions compared to the other alternative prosthetic choices. Are indicates when the patient has a severe morphologic compromise of denture supporting areas that significantly undermine denture retention. Poor oral muscular coordination Low tolerance of mucosal tissues. Parafunctional habits leading to recurrent soreness and instability of prosthesis.
Article by hornean posted 17 hours ago
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Bert and Ernie are best friends.
They live together.
Bert is neat.
Ernie is messy.

Sometimes Ernie is VERY messy.
Then Bert gets mad.
“Ernie, come here!” Bert shouts.
“Look at the mess 당신 have made!”

“Okay, Bert,” says Ernie. “I am coming.”

Ernie jumps out of the tub.
Splash! Splash!
Ernie splashes water on the floor.
Drip. Drip.
He drips water on the rug.

“Ernie!” Bert shouts. “You are making a BIGGER mess!”
Ernie smiles at Bert.
“But, Bert,” Ernie says, “you told me to look at the mess I made.”

Now Bert is very angry.
“I wish I lived here all 의해 myself!” he shouts.
Bert walks out of the room.
SLAM! goes the door.
Ernie stops smiling.
“Bert does not want me here anymore,” he says. “I guess I will go away.”
Ernie is sad.

Ernie gets dressed.
Then he packs a big bag.
Article by hornean posted 18 hours ago
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Have 당신 ever seen dinosaur skeletons in a museum?
I have.
I visit them all the time.
I went again yesterday.



I like to say their names.

SCOLOSAURUS was just where I had left it.
And TYRANNOSAURUS REX looked as fierce as ever.
TYRANNOSAURUS used to scare me.
I still can’t believe how big it is.
Just its head is almost twice my size.

I’m not afraid of 공룡 anymore.
Sometimes I call them “you bag of bones” under my breath
I can spend hours looking at them.
I used to wonder where they came from and how they got into the museum.
But now I know.

공룡 lived millions of years ago.
A few of them were as small as birds, but most were enormous.
Some 공룡 ate plants.
Some 공룡 ate the meat of other dinosaurs.
And some may even have eaten the eggs of other dinosaurs.
News by wakeupsales posted 1 day ago
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In today’s world of marketing, customer retention is one of the key areas which marketers tend to ignore. Everyone thinks creating new customers is the key to profitability.

Contrary to 인기 belief, research shows that companies usually spend up to 3 times 더 많이 on acquiring new customers than trying to retain an existing one. On the other hand, existing customers with their trust on your side spend up to 50% 더 많이 on your offerings as compared to new ones. There’s also a belief that improving customer retention 의해 a marginal 5% can result in revenue growth up to 50%.

When the stakes are that high, it’s only fair for every company to prepare a smart customer retention strategy. Let’s talk about 7 of the most effective strategies that can help 당신 in this regard:

Interactive Onboarding Process
In so many instances, companies celebrate after acquiring a new customer (which they should) only to turn their backs on that guy & focus on getting another new customer. That’s a recipe for disaster!
Fan fiction by Peaceandlove67 posted 1 day ago
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Shortly after New Religion's album was released, Paul was able to put pressure on his ankle. He still had to rest it as much as possible, so he didn't go out much. One evening, while his mates were out getting 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 to bring home, Paul heard "I Could've Lied" on the radio. He wondered if Rosa had heard it yet. Just then, he heard his cellphone ring. He reluctantly hobbled over to his dresser to answer it. It was his mother. She said, "I just heard your song on the radio. Was your breakup with Rosa the reason 당신 wrote it?" He said, "Yes, Mother." She asked, "What truth did 당신 admit?" He said, "I'm an aromantic asexual, Mother. I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I was afraid 당신 would be disappointed." She said, "Dear, sweet Paul, I could never be disappointed in you." He said, "But I thought 당신 wanted grandchildren." She said, "I may not have human grandchildren, but 당신 gave me wonderful granddogs, Yukon and Nunavut." Paul smiled and said, "I had the pleasure of raising two great dogs." His mother said, "You know, sometimes I think about Yukon, and I just cry." Paul said, "I know, Mother. I miss him, too." She asked him, "Are 당신 going to get another dog someday?" He said, "Yes, but...
Fan fiction by unicornqueenfl6 posted 1 day ago
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door opens* cookie, IM GOING IN *runs in house* COOKIE STOP RUNING AROUND THE HOUSE! cookie, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY BECAUSE YOUR RUNING THEIR HOME! Cookie, I COULD DO WHATEVER I WANTTTTT! okay il just call your mom cookie cookie , NOOOOOO OKAY STOP RUNING THE HOUSE *slaps cookie with flip flop* cookie, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA STOP DOING SUCH DRAMA! cookie, DUMB BABY SITTER WHAT DID 당신 JUST SAY *slaps cookie 900000 times with flip flop* WE ARE LEAVING! cookie , NOOOOO *puts cookie in car and gose back home* cookie, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 1 day ago
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S.B is the narrator

Narrator: Trainz was filmed in high definition before a live studio audience.
Leon: *In the yards with the other 랜덤 D&H Alco PA's* What should we do before the opening credits begin this time?
Stan: I don't know.
Sebastian: Perhaps it's going to focus on the four of us.
Xavier: This is what I like about our job. If we don't come up with a good idea for this episode, we can use it for the 다음 one.
Narrator: Wait a second. I don't remember hiring 당신 four to write the opening scene.
Audience: *Laughing*
Leon: Are 당신 sure?
Stan: We had a conversation about it.
Sebastian: 당신 don't remember it.
Xavier: That's all.
Narrator: Yeah, that's not going to work on me fellas. I write each, and every episode.

Theme Song: link

Sebastian: I guess that's why it takes a long time to finish.
Opinion by DarkSarcasm posted 1 day ago
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I was very excited for Ghostbusters '16.

I waited impatiently for every piece of new content.

(According to an old comment, I'd been GB-stalking for a 년 and a half before the movie even came out.)

I added everything I could get my hands on to this club.

I capped and iconned trailers.

I made picks, quizzes, scoured the internet for positive articles.

Hell, I even wrote a few 기사 of my own.

Acquired Funko Pops and a Ghost-busting guide book and Ghostbusters-themed Twinkies.

(Most of which are probably still in a cabinet somewhere, 'cause I don't really like Twinkies.)

Spent hours wading through troll-infested swamps to fuel my rage.

(aka the 코멘트 section on any Ghostbusters content that allowed comments)

Gotta keep the hype going. Prove the haters wrong.

Finally, I pre-ordered my ticket for an opening 일 showing.
Fan fiction by Seanthehedgehog posted 2 days ago
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Johnny arrived at Gran Memoria with Derek, and Benjamin.

Johnny: *Opens the door, and holds it for the others*
Derek: Thank you. *Walks inside with Benjamin*
Johnny: *Following the two of them*
책상, 데스크 Clerk: Welcome gentlemen. Are 당신 here for an interview?
Johnny: I am. Felix Potter, and these are Harold Greene, and Otto Runstedt.
Derek: How do 당신 do?
책상, 데스크 Clerk: Fine, thank you. If 당신 sit down over there, I'll get everything prepared for you.
Johnny: *Sits down with Derek, and Benjamin*
Benjamin: What exactly are we going to try, and find?
Johnny: Anything unusual. Places like this are occasionally used as a front.
Debbie: *Walks into the room* Hello gentlemen.
Johnny: Good morning.
Debbie: My name is Debbie Alameda. Please follow me.
Johnny: *Stands up with Derek, and Benjamin. The three of them follow Debbie to a flight of stairs*
Debbie: So, I understand that 당신 three come from the United Kingdom.
Opinion by BB2010 posted 2 days ago
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I've put up a 상단, 맨 위로 Ten 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 songs, so here's a 상단, 맨 위로 Ten 가장 좋아하는 디즈니 Scores!

10. Kingdom Dance
Movie: Tangled
Composer: Alan Menken
This song is played when Rapunzel and Eugene are in Corona together for her birthday, ending with the Kingdom Dance. This is a fun song and it’s fun to watch. Rapunzel is running around like she’s in Disneyland (something I’m pretty sure the writers were going for) and any time I’m going somewhere exciting like Disneyland 또는 a convention this song plays in my head and I feel like Rapunzel. There’s times where I listen to this song and when the kingdom dance part comes up I feel like joining Rapunzel.

9. Married Life
Movie: Up
Composer: Michael Giacchino
This song is played during the Ellie and Carl’s married life scene at the beginning. It’s a simple sounding song, not as overwhelming as some of the others on this list but that’s the thing, to me it sounds like a simple song but it ends up fitting so well with Carl and Ellie’s life together. Their married life looks so simple; going to work, going on picnics,...
Fan fiction by BingoPB posted 2 days ago
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That evening, the funeral for Lydia's grandmother was held. After the funeral, Lydia broke down once again. John hugged her and said, "It's all right, love. We're here for you." She continued to cry. Catherine said, "It's hard to lose a loved one. Trust me. I know. I've 로스트 a lot of loved ones during the past twenty-four years of my life." Lydia said, "I know 당신 have. I'd never once say I had it worse than you." Pattie felt bad for Lydia, especially since neither of them had any grandparents left. Pattie then said, "Oh, Lydia, I wish I could do something to make 당신 feel better." Lydia said, "Just talk to me, Pattie, and I'll be all right." Pattie said, "All right. I'll keep talking to you." The 다음 morning, Lydia paid her final respects to her grandmother before the burial. As they left, Gavin asked, "Do 당신 ever visit your grandparents' graves, Lydia?" She replied, "No. The thing is, they're not there. What's the point?" Marie asked, "You mean 당신 never considered putting 꽃 on their graves?" Lydia said, "I never considered it. There's no point in it. There is a lyric from a song called 'Gone Away' 의해 the Offspring that sticks with me. 'Black 장미 and hail Marys, I can't...
Opinion by Peaceful_Critic posted 2 days ago
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Me reminiscing
Hello, it's been years since I was actually active, and I thought to myself, man I wonder how good old 팬팝 is doing right now. How old was I when I was truly active at this site? 12? 14? Either way, I was probably cringy and immature. Woah, look at that Kataralover, Riku, Cruella, and Zanhar are still active! In fact, the majority of people I associate with this site are still here. Lol, I like how deathding posts so much that he is among one of the most 인기 태그 on this site.

New Values With Characters
For people, who don't know I used to value development, complexity, and establishment above all else. Even though none of these things are bad, they aren't what makes a good character in my opinion.

Starting off with development, what it means is character changes essentially. I think development is quite overrated in the analysis community, it's not what the character is. It's an end destination for a character after an arc. I mean if the development is done well then great, but all the basic parts of a character are far 더 많이 important. Not to mention, characters don't even need to develop to be...
Fan fiction by RobinKF posted 2 days ago
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Robin & Starfire drawing pictures! AWWW!
It was another summer in Gravity Falls Oregon, the Mystery Twins, Dipper & Mabel Pines were bored, just then they saw the famous Teen Titans of Jump City & the famous Titans East had came into the Mystery Shack! Suddenly, Dipper & Mabel were too excited to stand 또는 sit still, they just HAD to get the Titans & Titans East autographs…they walked straight up to them & Dipper yanked on the leader of the Titans on his cape.
the leader turned around, they recognized this ebony haired boy: it was Robin the Boy Wonder! the Titans & him were famous, they had also heard that the Titans had solved the mystery of Brushogun in Tokyo Japan, they were the new famous 히어로즈 of Japan, they had earned medals that day, but when the Titans & Titans East saw the Mystery Twins, they squealed like fangirls when they saw them & they knew that they just HAD to get their autographs.
The Mystery Twins, the Titans & the Titans East ran over to each other & asked each other for their autographs, then the Mystery Twins took the Titans autograph pictures & signed: we hope 당신 guys have an awesome summer vakay! Love, Dipper & Mabel Pines-the Mystery...
Fan fiction by 80smusiclover1 posted 2 days ago
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As the group went inside the 런던 Beatles Store, they saw rows of shirts hanging in the wall, a keychain and fridge magnet rack, bags of different kinds, 기타 accessories, mugs, toys, board games, books, and even signed photos. The cashier became speechless upon seeing the four mop-topped lads walk around the place. There was also a group of 팬 who became speechless as well. When the Beatles saw them, they decided to give them hugs until they can speak while the foursome continued exploring. After thirty seconds, they finally did. One of them said, "Oh, we're so happy to finally meet 당신 all in person!" John replied, "It's veddy nice to meet you, too!" Another 팬 then showed the band their owned albums and asked, "Can 당신 please get our autographs?" Paul replied, "Of course, darling." After signing the albums, the Beatles gave them 더 많이 hugs and kissed their cheeks. The 팬 cried tears of joy and told the lads, "We 사랑 you!" George replied, "We 사랑 당신 do!" They then blew them lots of kisses as they left the store. The band felt very happy that they have met another set of their present-day fans. Rosie, Nicholas, and the Geordie twins congratulated them, too. As they paid...
News by MissDIU posted 2 days ago
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She is making a comeback!

아이유 will reportedly be starring in tvN‘s upcoming weekend drama, Hotel del Luna, which is set to begin airing this summer.

Hotel Del Luna is a 판타지 drama that revolves around a hotel with wandering spirits. The glamor of Hotel del Luna can only be seen 의해 the souls who cannot leave this world. To the average person’s eye, it is simply a shabby old hotel located in the 심장 of Seoul.

The spirits find the hotel under the shining moonlight and receive VIP service that does not exist in the real world. The story follows a super elite hotelier who ends up as the manager of Hotel del Luna along with the beautiful, yet ill-tempered president, Jang Man Wol, as they manage the hotel together.

아이유 will be playing the role of Jang Man Wol, who has been cursed for a sin she committed in the past. Because she cannot find a soul who has committed a greater sin than herself, she has been forced to be the president of the hotel for 1,000 years. And while she is elegant and beautiful like the moon, she is in fact an old woman with an ill-tempered, fickle and greedy personality.
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If asked for an example of an eccentric and kinetic musical style, one of the first groups that would come to mind would be Red Velvet. They have never hesitated to release hyperactive and somewhat odd music, which gives them their energy, quirk, and charm. However, their 2018 mini-album, "Summer Magic", got a lot of flack, and many 팬 debated as to whether it turned out to be a bop 또는 a flop. Its most iconic track, "Power Up", will be the song we cover today.

The first thing 당신 will see when 당신 click on this video is the action of plugging a cord into a pineapple. That is the first sign that the song will be a wild ride. Then, the members repeat the word "banana" with fervent gusto. They do this three 또는 four times throughout the piece. With the youthful dance routines and unique template of line distribution between members, 당신 can compare each member's range to that of other videos. Unlike many groups, they not only sing solo, but also as a team. Many groups focus so heavily on individual talent that they dismiss the thought of allowing idols to harmonize together, so it is good that they pursue otherwise. This can help the members personally connect with one...
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Gracie K (ASMR).
I admire 당신 with what power 당신 have overcome the diseases
당신 are a fighter.
I do not know 당신 personally, but I have to tell 당신 that I'm really proud of you!
What you've achieved with your 15 years on YouTube and Instagram, and so on
It is good that 당신 also help people with your videos.
당신 are a very strong personality and your style is fascinating and inspiring
당신 are always polite and friendly, 당신 are a very good role model for us all.
If we were like you, the world would be better for people.
My English is not good, I hope 당신 understand me.
Keep up the good work Gracie!
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Gracie K (ASMR) I admire 당신 with what power 당신 have overcome the diseases
당신 are a fighter.
I do not know 당신 personally, but I have to tell 당신 that I'm really proud of you!
What 당신 have achieved with your 15 years already here and also on Instagram etc.
It is good that 당신 also help people with your videos.
당신 are a very strong personality and your style is fascinating and inspiring
당신 are always polite and friendly, 당신 are a very good role model for us all.
If we were like you, the world would be better for people.
My english is not good, i hope 당신 understand me.
Keep up the good work Gracie!
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Mizumi Hideyoshi : Cure Sapphire

Mizumi : What A Good 일 Walking To Schoo-

Mizumi : OMG!!! Whats That!?
??? Landed On Mizumi's Face Hardly
Mizumi : What Are You..?
??? : I'm Lunar, Your Precure Fairy
Mizumi : Precure?
Lunar : Yep!
Mizumi Hears Load Footstomps.
Lunar : OH NO! Its An Monsuta!
Mizumi : AAAAAAAAAH!!!
Big Light Appears At Mizumi.
Mizumi : What... Is... Happening?!..
Luna : Transform! All 당신 Need Is To Say : Shiny Precure,
Mizumi : I dont know how to do it, but i will try~!
[Done] Cointinued In Ep.2
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Paul woke up the 다음 morning before dawn. A song came to his mind, and he knew that if he didn't write it down, it would slip away from him. Not wanting to wake his mates, he reached over to turn on the lamp. He reached for his notebook and pen, and he began to write one of his best songs yet:

"It hurt me deeply,
That 당신 did not appreciate my honesty.
I did my best to be up front with you.
당신 didn't have to hurt me.
I didn't want to hurt you.
당신 know that I could've lied
And kept it all inside.
If I had lied, 당신 would've been proud of me.
But I wouldn't have been proud of myself.

Oh, 당신 know I could've lied,
But it would've hurt my pride.
Lying ain't part of who I am.
It just ain't my jam.
I'll never show what isn't real,
'Cause that's not how I feel.
I damn well could've lied,
But I have nothing to hide."
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Kelly requested me to do this, so here I go. I know things have been rough. 당신 had a rough childhood, and it isn't fair. Of course, nobody ever said that life was fair. No matter how terrible things were and still are, please know that I am your friend. If 당신 ever need to talk, I am only an 메시지함 away.

I admire that despite everything 당신 have been through, 당신 never became bitter. Don't ever change, Kelly. It would be heartbreaking if 당신 did. No matter what anyone says, 당신 are wonderful the way 당신 are.

Even if there are storms, just remember that the sun is shining somewhere. I will help 당신 see the light when it gets dark. I will be a shoulder to cry on. I want 당신 to know that all of your 프렌즈 당신 have made here care about you. 당신 can talk to us about anything.

Just remember that lyric from one of my favourite Beatles songs, "Any time at all, all 당신 gotta do is call, and I'll be there."

Peace and love,
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The night sky was dark that night, the light of the stars and moon hidden 의해 a thick blanket of jet-black clouds. From the clouds drifted hundreds of thousands of snowflakes, the winter winds guiding them on their journey to the ground. From the soil, a forest of lodgepole pines stood tall, looming over the snowy, Canadian landscape. A brotherly pair of 늑대 traveled within their shadows, the eldest of the two in the lead. The younger male stuck closely behind his companion, using him as a shield against the blustering wind. Despite this, snow still managed to cling onto his coat. He growled.

“I hate winter.”

“What else is new?” replied the older male. He picked up his paw from the snow, flexing his toes slightly before taking a step forward. They’d nearly gone numb.

“You really should’ve done this during the fall, Tony. I’m freezing my tail off.”

“Well, I didn’t, King,” Tony said with a matter-of-fact tone. He looked back at the bistre-furred male. “And if 당신 came with me just to complain, then maybe 당신 should’ve just stayed at home.”
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Ah...Alpha and Omega.

I know I'm, like, 8 years too late to 가입하기 the fandom, but dang it, my interest in this franchise has returned and I'm gonna talk about it. Let's start at the beginning, which is a pretty good place to start, in my opinion.

I was about 12 when the original movie came out, and, as someone who craved stories about animals, I ate it up. I watched the trailer about a million times, and rented the movie from Redbox as soon as it was out on DVD (why I didn't ask to see it in theaters, the world may never know). To put it simply, I loved A&O 1. Looking back on it now, I still enjoy it quite a bit. Is it perfect? No, not really? Would I put it in my 상단, 맨 위로 10 가장 좋아하는 movies? Eh...? Depends, I need to actually sit down and think about my 상단, 맨 위로 10 가장 좋아하는 movies. It wouldn't be the number one spot, is what I'm really trying to say. A&O 1 might be predictable and have its moments of wasted potential, but for what it is, I still quite enjoyed it.
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Having watched the whole of Season 1 of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, I'm not entirely sure where the 삼각형 comes in and why the writers placed so much emphasis on it.

Kendra and Carter have known each other and loved one another for the last 4000 years and 206/207 lifetimes. This seems, to me at least, that this relationship has 더 많이 importance to the show and to both characters. As everyone who either watches the Flash 또는 애로우 knows, the crossover episodes Legends of Today/Legends of Yesterday state that Carter remembers his past lifetimes, including his first as Prince Khufu, and that Kendra is starting to remember her lifetimes. As we go through Season 1, she starts to have 더 많이 and 더 많이 memory flashes as well as an important scene between Kendra and one of her past selves named Cinnamon in 1x11 (Magnificent Eight), which imply if not outright state that having a relationship with anyone other than Carter ends up in tragedy 또는 heartbreak. This, I feel, is important to Kendra as she comes 더 많이 and 더 많이 to terms with what her and Carter's dynamic is.
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I have a few issues with the claim Sara Shirabuki made during the third arc of the manga. She accused Kaname of having deliberately freed Shizuka and set her on the Kiryuu family, in order to made Zero the weapon he needed. I'm not saying that Kaname wouldn't be willing to do this. Indeed, he's shown several times that there isn't ANYTHING he wouldn't do in order to protect Yuuki - be it killing the Vampire Council, manipulating and using others, 또는 letting an ex-human vampire like Zero drink his blood.

The first issue is one of timing. From the flashbacks, we can see that Shizuka and the ex-human she loved were both free when he was killed. The scene is set outdoors. This means that when Kaname supposedly freed her, she didn't yet have any reason to target the Kiryuu family. Kaname couldn't have even predicted that she would one 일 want revenge, because no one could have known that Zero's parents would have been the Hunters to kill him. Someone else could have found them first.
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Name: Aryess 앤젤 Weston
Reason 또는 meaning of name: ((I liked the name Ari from Maxiumum Ride, so I made it girly with -ess? Idk I was 12; Weston was the last name of a spy in a tv show I like; 앤젤 because of its ambiguous meanings: warrior, protector, "of death," "sweet as an"))
Eye Color: light grey, like silver~
Hair Style/Color: light blonde, wavy, down to my shoulder blades
Height: 5' 8"
Clothing Style: comfortable...though I've been told that I have expensive taste
Best Physical Feature: my eyes, I think?

Your Fears: the League of Shadows coming for my children
Your Guilty Pleasure: cheating on my healthy 음식 regimen with entire pints of ice cream
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: continuity errors in movies...I notice them too easily
Your Ambition for the Future: watching my kids grow up to be happy

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: gotta get work done before the ankle biters are up
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The 다음 morning, John gently woke Lydia. He said, "I just talked with your father. He made the funeral arrangements. Family and 프렌즈 will be received from 1:00-3:00 tomorrow afternoon. The funeral will be at 5:00 that evening, and the graveside service will be the 다음 morning." She said, "Okay. I guess we better get ready to head up the road." Lydia, John, and their 프렌즈 made the trip to Virginia. Lydia and John's 프렌즈 got to meet Lydia's parents. Lydia's mother said to Pattie, "Lydia talks about 당신 all the time." Pattie blushed and said, "Good things, I hope." Lydia's mother said, "Always." She even took a liking to Gavin's Liverpool accent. She sat close to him at 공식 만찬, 저녁 식사 just to hear him talk. The 다음 day, at the funeral home, Lydia went up to the coffin to see her grandmother one last time. She missed her grandmother already. She decided to go off to be alone. Just then, she heard Pattie's voice. "There 당신 are, Lydia." She said. Lydia asked, "Were 당신 looking for me." Pattie said, "Yeah. How are 당신 holding up?" Lydia broke down and cried. Pattie hugged Lydia and said, "Be strong. I'm here for you." Lydia said through tears, "I miss her already. She was the woman...
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During the zeo episode Good As Gold Jason's body started to reject the gold zeo powers I believe there may have been long term effects like a weakening of his immune system. Which was made worse when he was thrown into that evil pit during Turbo A Power Rangers Movie. Furthermore there could have been a residual evil infection leftover that nobody noticed immediately and the only place to treat it would have been the planet Eltar. In the episode Fall Of The Phantom we find out the powers are life sustaining Zordon probably created them to remove the infection and restore Jason's immune system. Further evidence in the episode One Last Hope who else would Zordon trust with the combined 불, 화재 power of Artillatron and The Turbo Rescue Zords then his original choice for leader Jason and again in The Delta Discovery with the means to find and activate The Delta Megaship.
The only reason Jason never demorphed at any point was for his treatment to successful he couldn't.
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Puerto Vallarta offers 당신 one of the best dental implants specialists in implants, 당신 can have the best options for your oral health with US quality and savings of up to 70% on your dental work, so 당신 can travel and get your dental work done worry-free.

Puerto Vallarta offers a great variety of fun activities and accommodation options, our dental clinic will offer 당신 quality on your dental services at prices 당신 won't believe, visit our Puerto Vallarta Dental Clinic and save.

Patients from US and Canada travel to Puerto Vallarta Jalisco to get dental implants, the most common treatments are:

Snap-on Dentures
An im­plant-supported overdenture has the advantage of replacing a patient’s teeth with 더 많이 lenient implant placement positions compared to the other alternative prosthetic choices. Are indicates when the patient has a severe morphologic compromise of denture supporting areas that significantly undermine denture retention. Poor oral muscular coordination Low tolerance of mucosal tissues. Parafunctional habits leading to recurrent soreness and instability of prosthesis.
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Paul opened his eyes and saw John rushing to him. John had a concerned look on his face. He asked, "Paul, are 당신 okay?" Paul groaned and said, "No." John asked, "Where does it hurt?" Paul replied, "My ankle is killing me. It's hard to 옮기기 it." John asked, "Do 당신 think it might be broken?" Paul said, "I'm afraid so. I heard this horrible cracking sound, and the 다음 thing I know, I feel unusually warm, and the room appeared darker." John said, "The intense pain must've gotten to you. Do 당신 think 당신 can walk?" Paul said, "I'll try." He tried to stand, but the intense pain in his ankle made standing impossible. He was almost in tears. John said, "It doesn't look like walking is an option. I'll take 당신 to the hospital." John carried Paul to the car and drove him to the hospital. Once there, Paul immediately got a room. The doctor ordered an x-ray. After a long wait, the doctor said, "Your ankle isn't broken. You're lucky. With a fall like that, 당신 could've easily broken it. 당신 have sprained it very badly. It'll take about four to six weeks to heal. 당신 better go 집 and get some rest." Paul cane out on crutches. He said, "I'm going to be fine, John. It's a sprain." John said,...
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The Studios were divided into four rooms, which were the lobby, the recording room, the rehearsal room, and the art gallery. The group enjoyed the place as they toured each of the rooms one 의해 one. They also took lots of photos. Afterwards, the foursome and the Beatles left and walked back to the 런던 Beatles Store. George remarked, "That was a veddy fun tour of the Studios that we had. Don't 당신 agree, me mates?" Rosie replied, "It sure was, George!" Ringo said, "Maybe 다음 time, we can do our rehearsals for our 다음 tour there!" John replied, "That's a brilliant idea, Ritchie!" Nicholas and Paul added, "Indeed!" Everyone then laughed and joked together while walking to the store.

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-Hamato Yoshi marries Tang Shen.

-Shen gives birth to quadruplets: 4 sons. Named in order of birth: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

-Shortly after the birth of their sons, the dojo was attacked 의해 Oroku Saki (later Shredder) and a duel to the death resulted in the death of Shen and Saki knocked unconscious. Yoshi took his children and fled to New York.

-In New York, Yoshi purchased four baby turtles and a rat.

-One 일 their 집 was attacked 의해 foot soldiers, and while Yoshi was touching a 쥐 and his children were touching the baby turtles, the foot soldiers fired darts filled with mutagen. The darts hit Yoshi and the children, mutating Yoshi into a 쥐 and his sons into turtles.

-Yoshi takes his sons and fled into the sewers where they reside for their safety. Nicknaming himself Splinter, Yoshi set up a dojo in the sewers and began to teach his sons through ninjitsu.
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Name: Lancelot Morgan
Reason 또는 meaning of name: Lancelot: Servant, Morgan: Sea
Eye Color: Grey-Blue
Hair Style/Color: Short, brown
Height: 6’ 0”
Clothing Style: Discreet
Best Physical Feature: Eyes

Your Fears: Not your business
Your Guilty Pleasure: Watching
Your Biggest Pet Peeve: Hurting Others
Your Ambition for the Future: My ambitions are unneccessary

Your First Thoughts Waking Up: What happened?
What 당신 Think About the Most: Saftey
What 당신 Think About Before Bed: I never plan to sleep.
당신 Think Your Best Quality Is: I listen

Single 또는 Group Dates: Single
To be Loved 또는 Respected: to respect love
개 또는 Cats: I’m 더 많이 a horse person

Lie: When needed
Believe in Yourself: On occasion
Believe in Love: Yes
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The 다음 morning, Lydia and John were eating breakfast. They heard the doorbell ring. Lydia said, "I'll get it." She looked through the peephole and saw Catherine, Marie, and Gavin standing at the door. Lydia let them in. She gave them hugs and said, "It's great to see 당신 all again." Catherine said, "It's great to see you, too." Marie asked, "How's your grandmother?" Lydia said, "About the same." John got up to greet the guests. He said, "We were just eating breakfast. Would 당신 like some?" Gavin said, "No, thank you. We ate on the way here." Foxy walked up to the guests and sniffed them. He then rolled over on his back, begging for a belly rub. A few 분 later, the doorbell rang again. Lydia looked through the peephole and saw Pattie and Rebecca standing at the door. Lydia opened the door and hugged her friends. A few 분 later, she said, "John and I have to work today. We only have to work half a day, though. Make yourselves at home. There's 음식 and drinks in the fridge. Help yourselves to whatever 당신 want. We'll be back." When Lydia and John returned, Pattie said, "You two have a lovely place here, but do 당신 ever get bored?" John said, "No. We go to Greeneville for...
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John and Paul headed out. On the way to Rosa's apartment, Paul rehearsed what he intended to say. John said, "I think you're ready." Pretty soon, Paul was sweating. John asked, "Are 당신 nervous?" Paul said, "Yeah." John said, "It's going to be all right. I'll be with you." Paul said, "I'm worried that it won't go well. What will my mother think?" John said, "It's your life, Paul. 당신 can't live it the way others want 당신 to." Paul said, "It's hard being an aromantic asexual." John said, "I wouldn't know, Paul." Paul asked, "Then, why aren't 당신 married?" John said, "It's just that I don't want the risk of something bad happening." Paul asked, "What do 당신 mean?" John said, "All right, I'm going to tell 당신 something, but 당신 cannot repeat it. Okay?" Paul said, "Your secret is 안전한, 안전 with me." John said, "Before my band and I became famous, I fell in 사랑 with a beautiful woman named Amelia. One day, I asked her to marry me. Then, one day, she went out for a drive, and she was hit 의해 a drink driver. I tried to save her, but it was too late. I never told 제비꽃, 바이올렛 this, but the reason I broke up with her is that I could never 사랑 another woman the way I loved Amelia, and if I did, I'm...
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"Though the young female night elf had enjoyed the company of the male night elf she was committed to, she also enjoyed the company of female alliance races and had various partners. She remembered the female human she had seen around Stormwind a few times and though their relationship didn't last, it was nice that her and the female human dated very briefly. And who could forget the female draenei that the female night elf remembered seeing around Darnassus a few times who had caught her eye and they found a secret spot to make out as the draenei pushed the night elf against the wall, their breasts pressing together as the two kissed and that was good. The female night elf went to Loch Modan on a quest assigned to her 의해 the questgiver in Ironforge and she decided to briefly disregard doing the quest after a female dwarf and gnome caught her eye and she soon found herself in a two sided 사랑 삼각형 with the two short alliance females. Lastly, she decided to return to Stormwind where a pandaren caught her eye."
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*This was inspired 의해 an 기사 의해 Rubyrings :) I'm reposting it because I'm not sure if I 제출됨 it right on the Beatles club and it's really tiny in 코멘트 so this just makes it easier to read.
Feel free to check out 'If You're A Beatles 팬 Do This' 의해 Rubyrings on the Beatles club :)

Basic Info:
Name: Kirsten
Middle Name: Kiki *face palms*
Last name of a Beatle 당신 wish to Marry: I’m Ace but I’d 사랑 to be 프렌즈 with Mr. Lennon :)

Birthday: May 19

Beatle: All of them!
Song: All (That’s my final answer)
Album/Albums: Same answer
Period: Both early and late
Accent: British (what else?)
Movie: Hard Day’s Night
당신 & : ?
When did 당신 first like The Beatles?: When I was seven and my mom told me about them and played an old 45 (that’s a record) for me. Loved them ever since!

Has 당신 current 가장 좋아하는 Beatle always been your fave?: Of course. I 사랑 them all.
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The group became even 더 많이 excited when they finally reached Abbey Road Studios. The building had been restored and preserved to its original glory, and it proudly displays an English Heritage plaque near the door. There was also a sign that said, "Open to the Public", which means that visitors are free to go inside and explore the studios anytime. George commented, "Well, I'm veddy glad that she has remained to be the same studios we've known and loved." Paul replied, "I'm glad about that, too." Ringo added, "We all are, mates." "That's right." Chirped Rosie. John said, "So, shall we go inside, chaps?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Replied everyone in unison. And thus, the foursome's and the Beatles' tour of present-day Abbey Road Studios had begun.