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Karoii-chan gave me props for my images
Hey, your 프로필 is quite calming and peaceful. 게시됨 7 months ago
uploaded900 commented…
Thank you!! I’m glad it makes 당신 feel that way 7 months ago
Karoii-chan commented…
Welcome ~ Everything's in harmony. =3 7 months ago
SilentForce gave me props for my polls
Hello.How are 당신 today?I've been meaning to ask 당신 this for quite a while now,because of 당신 "which retro 아니메 artstyle do 당신 like more?" 투표 in which 당신 included "The Rose of Versailles" I was wondering if 당신 have watched it? 게시됨 11 months ago
uploaded900 commented…
I've actually never seen any retro 아니메 except for a couple episodes of Jungle King Tar-chan. I've noticed a some 망가 and 아니메 shots of "Roses of Versailles" and I really liked the art style! 11 months ago
SilentForce commented…
I see.Hope that I'm not being annoying but if 당신 are a 팬 of historical dramas than I would definitely recommend 당신 당신 to give it a chance 11 months ago
SilentForce commented…
Thats good to hear because I was afraid that I sounded like the cringy type of 팬 thats too pushy about trying to get someone to like the thing that their like 11 months ago
MalloMar said …
YESS! I wish I had gotten into 헤타리아 when I was in high school, it would have made my classes 더 많이 interesting and made the facts stick in my head better. Also, it isn't as 인기 now as it was then. Russia's adorable! I 사랑 all of them so much (yeah, sounds like a cop out, but it's true) However, my current favorites are Germany, England, Lithuania and America. Good to find another fan! I watched the whole series, then the movie, took a break, and started again because I'm lame. :) 게시됨 12 months ago
uploaded900 commented…
That's great! I actually had of a crush on Germany and America. Lithuania is definitely a likable character. Let's fangirl until they animate World Stars (whenever that will happen) 12 months ago
MalloMar commented…
YES! They're attractive for sure. I have to read the manga, too, since I'm a noob. Gotta say, Russia and China are beautiful and (from what I've seen) underrated. Sorry about my late responses. My internet hasn't been working. 11 months ago