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girsmurf22 gave me props for my videos
*le realizes i have not fanned u* :OOOOO

I shall do so now xD 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 commented…
hehe thanks! :D over a year ago
XxKeithHarkinxX said …
Thanks for the add~ 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 commented…
u too :) over a year ago
iluvinvaderzim gave me props for my pop quiz questions
well tak tried 2 kill girsmurf22 and some of her 프렌즈 including me but we pwned her 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 commented… wut? over a year ago
iluvinvaderzim commented…
iz sooooooooooo scary over a year ago
iluvinvaderzim gave me props for my polls
hi 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 commented…
hi! im new to fanpop, how long have 당신 been on fanpop? over a year ago
iluvinvaderzim commented…
a 월 또는 2 over a year ago
robocat9 commented…
wow over a year ago
mehparty3 said …
i like you! all of the non-bieber loving parts of you! okay...... that last part came out wrong 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 commented…
oh look, another bieber hater over a year ago
robocat9 said about 원디렉션
harry's my fave! dont ever change! aaaaahhh 게시됨 over a year ago
robocat9 said about 저스틴 비버
HES SO HOT 게시됨 over a year ago
megaliena commented…
I no over a year ago
victoria7011 commented…
His voice is AMAZING over a year ago
jdbfanforever commented…
right!!!!!! over a year ago