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그레이 아나토미

Is Grey's Anatomy not on for another 3 weeks?

7 answers | my answer: comes back on 4/16!
그레이 아나토미

is izzie EVER coming back to greys anatomy? 또는 is she definately gone for good?

2 answers | my answer: She is gone for good. Katherine Heigl, the actress...
해리 포터

which pair do 당신 prefer lily and snape 또는 james and lily?

23 answers | my answer: Definitely Lily and James, I mean I 사랑 Snape for...
해리 포터

We just got 20000 fans!!!!!

2 answers | my answer: Wooo hooo <333 We just keep getting 더 많이 and more....
해리 포터

OK people i have a question. the epiloque did 당신 like it???

2 answers | my answer: It wasn't what I was expecting it to be, but honest...
해리 포터

Who liked Lavender??? i didn't like her she was really annoying

21 answers | my answer: I think the Jessie Cave did a fantastic job of port...
해리 포터

Is Penelope Clearwater a muggle-born 또는 a half-blood?

5 answers | my answer: She's a muggleborn. They make that pretty obvious i...
해리 포터

out of all they some have died in Harry potter,and 당신 have a chance to save 5 of them,who will 당신 pick then? my list it:1. 프레드 Weasley. 2. Cedric. 3. Lily Potter. 4. Dobby. 5. snape

137 answers | my answer: 1. 프레드 Weasley 2. Sirius Black 3. James Potter...

What length does a banner have to be?

2 answers | my answer: 800x100 pixels in photoshop! Meaning 800 pixels...

I am still really confused about the numbering of episodes this season. Some people count "Broken" as one episode and some are counting it as 2. So is "Broken" 1 episode 또는 2? And does that make Wilson 6X09 또는 6X10? Thanks!

4 answers | my answer: Broken is counted as 2 episodes, which makes Wilson...