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MalloMar gave me props for my comments
YESSSS! I'm sorry it took about a 월 to respond. :(
The 랜덤 Fun Place was my life! seriously an unhealthy addiction at one point. :')
You're so sweet. Thank you! 게시됨 2 months ago
misscindyspice commented…
:DD 2 months ago
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Congrats for winning round 14 in DP Themed 아이콘 Contest! Please pick the 다음 theme! ^^ 게시됨 3 months ago
It's officially my 4 년 fanniversary on 팬팝 :) it does not seem like that much time has past lmao. so much has changed! 게시됨 4 months ago
Lavendergolden commented…
Congratulations! It is so great Darby! 4 months ago
Sparklefairy375 commented…
Congrats! :D 4 months ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
Congrats! :D 4 months ago
저기요 all! its been about 6 months since i came on this club but it seems to be a lot 더 많이 active now, which is good! how have 당신 guys been? shoutout to anyone who actually remembers who i am LOL 게시됨 4 months ago
wavesurf commented…
^Hey, there! Welcome back! 4 months ago
MaidofOrleans commented…
I remember you! Great to see 당신 again :) 4 months ago
MissCinico commented…
Hi, welcome back! 4 months ago
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Hello fellow Sansa fan! :3. 게시됨 6 months ago
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sansa tho <3 게시됨 7 months ago
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Prop for being a 팬 of Nick Starnes! 게시됨 10 months ago
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당신 게시됨 12 months ago
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^-^ 11 months ago
BelleRose829 gave me props for my images
Won 게시됨 12 months ago
BelleRose829 gave me props for my images
Round 2 게시됨 12 months ago