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I just want to say that I 사랑 your pictures and 비디오 on 당신 tube and I hope we can be 프렌즈 and how old are 당신 in the pictures in your 비디오 on 유튜브 게시됨 2 months ago
michaelbowen01 said about noRAP
Would 당신 like to be my friend is that ok with 당신 게시됨 4 months ago
AmazingExia commented…
wow 당신 are still alive and are still not somehow in a prison 또는 mental asylum what a fucking miracle 4 months ago
AmazingExia commented…
happy 2019 asswipe 4 months ago
Chris_Hansen commented…
uwu 4 months ago
Chris_Hansen said …
Watch the fuck out 게시됨 10 months ago
michaelbowen01 commented…
Fuck 당신 sumbitch 7 months ago
AmazingExia commented…
scathing 7 months ago
michaelbowen01 said about jinniesathot
would 당신 like to be a girl friend is that ok with 당신 and i hope to here from 당신 soon

your friend 사랑 michael bowen 게시됨 10 months ago
jinniesathot commented…
bold of 당신 to assume i'm a girl. but i'll let it slide coz- 프렌즈 ^^;; 10 months ago
AmazingExia commented…
you're being way too lenient with him 10 months ago
ValreeRobinon commented…
i dont understand every girl acc i have been on he is there asking the girl out 7 months ago
big smile
jinniesathot gave me props for my polls
thanks for following my clubs <3 게시됨 11 months ago
Miss Emmy is a perfect babysitter and I 사랑 having her watch 당신 do 당신 like her 게시됨 11 months ago
michaelbowen01 said about jinniesathot
would 당신 like to be my friend 게시됨 11 months ago
jinniesathot commented…
sure :D 11 months ago