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The Man in the High 성 is returning for it's third season on October 5th on Amazon. 게시됨 18 hours ago
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Syfy has renewed Wynonna Earp for Season 4, just one 일 after the launch of Season 3. The good news was first shared on Saturday during the show’s annual panel at San Diego Comic-Con. 게시됨 18 hours ago
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“We are absolutely delighted that Wynonna Earp has been renewed for a fourth season,” series creator Emily Andras said in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter. “We are so grateful to Syfy for their relentless and ferocious support of the series and the ‘Earper’ fandom.” 18 hours ago
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Kingdom Final Spot Look thanks to the talented mmeBauer. 게시됨 1 day ago
nermai gave me props for my images
Olá irman!!!

How are you? I hope 당신 are having a magnificent week! :)
You're welcome! 당신 know 당신 can count with me always! And much 더 많이 in unfair situations! Also, thank 당신 for the same as well! ^^
However, let's talk good things here, like the newest one: we've got a new teaser from Las Chicas del Cable! ^^ It has just been released and I'm already looking 앞으로 for the entire season! :D 게시됨 3 days ago
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Just a few days 이전 we were talking about when it could come out, and we already have a 날짜 and a lot of details! :D Besides, the new pictures are amazing! 3 days ago
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Also, your new 아이콘 are amazing! I'm a bit lazy those days and it's been ages since I don't make an icon! I hope I have some spare time and I can make some new ones! :D 3 days ago
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Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! Beijooos! 3 days ago
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Hello dear I am doing alright, how have 당신 been? 게시됨 8 days ago
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Stunning new spot look thanks to nermai (: 게시됨 8 days ago
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Have A Great Weekend...💕 게시됨 9 days ago
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Thank you! xoxo 7 days ago
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Oii irman!

I'm fine, and you? How is your week going? :)
I hope 당신 are less stressed, even tough 당신 have to work, that 당신 can have some spare time for yourself! ^^
의해 the way, your new 아이콘 is marvelous! And also the ones from Las Chicas del Cable! All of them are gorgeous! :D 게시됨 10 days ago
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And same, I miss it so much as well! I don't know when it could come back, but maybe 다음 fall? The last season was released on December, and I read that they have already finished filming, so we may be lucky and have them back soon! I hope so at least! ^^ 10 days ago
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의해 the way, I watched Animal Kingdom episode 6 and J proved again to be the worst. Yes, Nicky was such an idiot for taking Billy's hard drugs and shooting herself, but she didn't deserve to be left in the hospital the way he did. She shouldn't get help and be apart from this family for a while. 10 days ago
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Have a great weekend! Enjoy it! Beijooos sweetie! 10 days ago
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Oi, Joana! Como está? ^_^

Muito obrigada pelo link! Já votei no banner e mal posso esperar pra ver o look novo do nosso amado spot de Dallas<3 Como sinto falta dessa série! Já que a maioria das que assistia está acabando, talvez eu faça um rewatch dela em breve... saudades do meu John Ross<3 Sempre vou ficar triste ao lembrar daqueles tantos cliffhangers da terceira temporada que não foram aproveitados :'(

보아 semana, amiga! Beijos :* 게시됨 11 days ago
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GLOW Spot:

link 게시됨 16 days ago