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does any one like fruits basket 또는 inuysha anymore?!?!?!?!?!!?

23 answers | my answer: i will always like 이누야사 but i haven't seen frui...

Post a pic of a male character with long hair

29 answers | my answer: but 당신 know i had to put him! SESSHOMARU!!!!
신작 영화


2 answers | my answer: well i totally agree. alpha and omega seems pretty...
조니 뎁

Johnny Depp becomes a vampire! Finally!

24 answers | my answer: OMG!!! two thumbs wayyy up!!! it would be one great...

Who is the actor???

6 answers | my answer: jude law!!
테일러 스위프트

Post the most beautiful pic of Taylor Swift!!! WINNER GETS PROPS :)

20 answers | my answer: i 사랑 this one!

Is there season 4?

3 answers | my answer: yes there is the season premier is September 13

What 책 could 당신 read over and over and still 사랑 it?

19 answers | my answer: Catching Fire- its sooooo thrilling Percy Jackson...

My B-Day is on November 24, right after Miley's B-Day. What do 당신 think about that?

8 answers | my answer: Happy Early Birthday. 당신 better have a slammin' pa...

r u tall?????

96 answers | my answer: i'm 5'8 and i'm 14