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오란고교 호스트부

Who thinks Tamaki Souh is the most dumb idiot but sweet and romantic blondie???

2 answers | my answer: Yeah, he's an idiot and a sweet talker, and he is r...
오란고교 호스트부

Which host are you?

40 answers | my answer: I'm Haruhi Fujioka too
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Am I the only one here who's least 가장 좋아하는 song from Hunchback of Notre Dame is Hellfire?

4 answers | my answer: Actually,I-hate-that-stupid-song,even-though-Frollo...
해리 포터 대 트와일라잇

do 당신 hate how some people say they hate harry potter 또는 twilight but they have not read the 책 또는 seen the 영화

15 answers | my answer: Yes,I Really Hate That too, so judgmental that they...
해리 포터 대 트와일라잇

we should stop arguing about which is better dont ya think

16 answers | my answer: I'd say stop arguing about it because Harry Potter...
Kagome Higurashi

ok, i have been watching the new subbed series "Inuyasha Final Act" and now that kikyo is gone (hopefully for good)do 당신 think 이누야사 and Kagome will finally!!! be together?

11 answers | my answer: Yeah-of-course-they-will-and-thank-god-to-that-the-...

HELP ME!! What does chan mean?!For example, Sessy-Chan, what does the Chan mean in Sessy-Chan? TELL ME PLEASE!!!!!

1 answer | my answer: Chill out, I'll help you, chan expresses that the s...
Yami Yugi

Why are 당신 a Yami fan?

17 answers | my answer: A-pro-duelist,A-caring-person,a-genius-strategist,k...
Yugioh 5ds

Your fav 상단, 맨 위로 10 characters of Yugioh 5D's!!

8 answers | my answer: 1.Crow Hogan 2.Yusei Fudo 3.Jack Atlas 4.Akiza I...

What do u think buneary will do if Dawn tries to leave with her leaving pickachu

1 answer | my answer: Not really sure. I guess she would run away and elo...