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_Aderis_ said about Riku114
I am the Roast Queen. To add to that I am also the Sass 퀸 but I prefer the Roast 퀸 thank 당신 very much. 게시됨 2 months ago
_Aderis_ said about Riku114
Also I added my responses to some of the DID Alter Q and A 게시됨 2 months ago
_Aderis_ said about Riku114
I'm going to compromise and post here just saying that sometimes I feel like I want to use my own account. It's a fine line to walk though, between freaking Riku out and between holding myself back from saying something 'mean' 또는 'rude' 또는 'improper' that might soil some of Riku's image.

Out of respect for her I try to stay out of the picture but 당신 know~

I like to have my fun as well.

Besides, if Lucille can post a thing 또는 two I sure don't see why I can't post an innocent post. 게시됨 2 months ago
_Aderis_ commented…
Also hi Riku. Bet this is spookin ya but I want some fun as well. I'm behaving, don't worry about it. Buh bye, that is all. 2 months ago
_Aderis_ commented…
For those that aren't Riku feel free to friend me and message me 또는 whatever. I don't particularly care and I'll reply like.. whenever I front and feel like it. Maybe that'd be a week, maybe a month, who knows. Not my problem tbh. 2 months ago
_Aderis_ commented…
Buh bye bitches and hoes. (I am mandated to state that I do not actually think 당신 are bitches 또는 hoes since apparently I am 'accidentally mean' a lot.) 2 months ago