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Nicolas97 said …
아이콘 !!! 게시됨 2 months ago
Kirkir gave me props for my images
아이콘 <3333
aaa I'm still so happy 당신 ship Varchie :D 게시됨 2 months ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
13 days Celine. 13 days have passed since my last post and 당신 still haven't come to talk about TLJ with me :( I guess I gotta make a pick to get your attention. 게시됨 3 months ago
MTahmisian gave me props for my polls
당신 are awesome! I 사랑 your club choices! 게시됨 3 months ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
Okay, 당신 have to have seen TLJ 의해 now and yet 당신 haven't come to talk to me... #betrayal #theforceisweakinourfriendship :( 게시됨 4 months ago
xoheartinohioxo commented…
:D 사랑 당신 ♥ 4 months ago
Nicolas97 said …
당신 WATCH YOUNG SHELDON !?? OMG !! Thoughts ? 게시됨 4 months ago
MTahmisian said …
당신 are so awesome! Props for your club choices! Arrow, Flash and especially 24!!!!! 게시됨 6 months ago
makintosh gave me props for my images
저기요 there
The Period Drama club is currently changing looks, and I've just seen your icon, and I totally think it would be a nice candidate. Would 당신 mind if I use it for the election poll? Will credit, of course. Thanks in advance 게시됨 6 months ago
xoheartinohioxo said …
OMG I 사랑 당신 SOOOO MUCH!!!!! 게시됨 7 months ago
Stelena-Finchel gave me props for my images
I hope your 일 is as wonderful as 당신 are ¯`·.¸¸.ҨҩҨҩ ♥ 게시됨 8 months ago