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My 심장 is so broken. I feel like Castiel deserves a better ending. Every one else in this show gets forgiveness. But now with Misha no longer being a season regular, it seriously leaves no room to fix him. Besides that, i fear the relationship Dean and Cas had basically went up in smoke. thoughts? 게시됨 over a year ago
Harrypotter148 commented…
I WAS PISSED? I 사랑 cas and i fear this is the last we shall see of him .After S7 i think he is going to be gone. WHY??? I don't know why and it breaks my heart! over a year ago
Chaann94 commented…
Hmm... I think it's a trick of the writers to make us think that. I mean, didn't we all thought the same of Sam in season 2, Dean in season 3 and Sam(again) in season ...5/6??. Don't worry, he'll be back! =). ...tch, look at me, being tough over here... OMG IT BREAKS MY HEART!!! I don't want Misha to leave SPN!!!! I feel your pain... over a year ago
ebony2012 commented…
당신 guys are soo lame ! dean is the best im obsessd with dean! cas is boring! over a year ago
spn_fan7 gave me props for my images
사랑 your 아이콘 :) 게시됨 over a year ago
TotalAssButt commented…
YAY! Thank youuu :D over a year ago
spn_fan7 commented…
You're welcome! So you're a Cas girl? :) over a year ago
TotalAssButt commented…
I 사랑 all the guys! i cant just pick one. :) over a year ago
TotalAssButt said about 수퍼내츄럴
so guys, remember in the S6 preimere with the DJ Sammy thing? im sure there has been a few conventions since then? do any of 당신 know if someone asked Jared about that? (i know weird & random) but just want to see how that 'went down'.... someone going to a convention should ask.. if i was going, thats what id ask LOL :) 게시됨 over a year ago
shomill commented…
Yeah, I remember that, but I never was sure what it was supposed to mean. over a year ago
TotalAssButt commented…
I think it was supose to be funny (like the herpexia poster in season 5) but im still curious on how it ended up in the show. I 사랑 how SPN does so many little things that only our fandom would understand, 또는 laugh @ over a year ago