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how did maude flanders died?

4 answers | my answer: Homer was at a baseball game with the family and in...
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who is cuter??

25 answers | my answer: BART SIMPSON DUH <3
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why does homer strangle bart

63 answers | my answer: It was just meant to JK it's just that ho...
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What is the name of the Simpson's cat??

40 answers | my answer: SNOWBALL III HOW COULD 당신 NOT KNOW THAT :( lolz JK...
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Why they are yellow ?

41 answers | my answer: wow it's because they wanted to and because Matt wa...
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Why does Marge have blue hair?

13 answers | my answer: her hair is not blue it's grey it's just died blue....
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what is lisa like at 집

16 answers | my answer: the usual... 읽기 a book, studying, practicing h...
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do 당신 think homer will get smarter 의해 going back to school?

12 answers | my answer: No he will just fall asleep like he did during that...
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somebody tell me about the simpsons ...i m not able to understand this but really eagar to know..>>

3 answers | my answer: well the simpsons is a life about the dysfunctional...
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Why does everyone unappreciate marge?

5 answers | my answer: Well i wouldnt say everyone does, but quite a few p...