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Scourge1 said about 워리어 캣츠
Why the check did ripples just die. Are weavers that powerful!?😥😥 게시됨 over a year ago
Scourge1 commented…
What the dark forest is wrong with my auto correct? I meant rippletail, heck, and weavers over a year ago
Scourge1 commented…
BEAVERS!!!!!!! I want to destroy this thing!!!! over a year ago
Moonlight05 commented…
XD having trouble with auto correct. I Hate auto correct! over a year ago
Wolfymaster4eva commented…
Don't worry I get that all the time ps. I 사랑 scourge 7 months ago
Scourge1 said …
저기요 how did u make your 프로필 page so awesome? 당신 have a background and a " bramblestar of thunderclan" thingie 게시됨 over a year ago
Scourge1 said about 워리어 캣츠
On the 12th 일 of leaf bare StarClan sent to me...
12 vague prophecies
11Scourges killing
10 twolegs destroying
9 lives to leaders
8 cases of greencough
7 sad stalks of catmint
6 ticks on elders
5 original clans
4 times it's snowed
3 고양이 with powers
2 dead voles
And a hawk eating Snowkit in a tree!

To bramblestar908 I changed some of it to make 당신 feel better. 게시됨 over a year ago
Bramblestar908 commented…
OMG I can't believe 당신 added the Snowkit part on there I said it was sad!!! over a year ago
Bramblestar908 commented…
Oh and I saw your picture 당신 게시됨 of 아니메 tigerclaw I thought 당신 said it was some guy named hawkfly 또는 something over a year ago
Wolfymaster4eva commented…
Nice cover of 탄약통, 카트리지 in a 배 나무, 트리 that was good 7 months ago