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Her eyes are so beautiful. They're so blue and wide. I think her eyes are her best feature. 게시됨 3 days ago
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NewAdventure said …
Welcome and Thank 당신 too. 게시됨 25 days ago
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PrueFever gave me props for my videos
Thank 당신 for adding the new Lion King trailer to the Walt 디즈니 Characters Spot :D 게시됨 27 days ago
Makeupdiva said about Natasha Lyonne
Natasha needs 더 많이 팬 on here. 게시됨 1 month ago
They were a cute couple! 게시됨 1 month ago
Emo_foxygirl gave me props for my images
Thanks for the add back i hope 당신 will have a happy valentines day!!! 게시됨 1 month ago
mohd-mustaq said …
What do 당신 mean 게시됨 2 months ago
ktichenor gave me props for my comments
Just 게시됨 some actual Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 사진 in the Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 club for ya'. Hopefully, that'll at least cover up those eyesores created 의해 that spammer loser *lol!* Hope the rest of your 일 is better. 게시됨 2 months ago
ktichenor said …
Hi! I just noticed the Taylor 빠른, 스위프트 club got spammed! I'm so sorry. I just reported them. That loser spammed my personal club not that long 이전 and others. They keep coming back with different usernames. 게시됨 2 months ago
ktichenor commented…
Just reported their fake club. Hope that helps. 2 months ago
Makeupdiva commented…
I hope it helps too. I've reported them a lot though 팬팝 hasn't deleted their 프로필 또는 the spam they've left. It's really annoying. 2 months ago
ktichenor commented…
I'd be surprised if the administrators were even here! But *fingers crossed.* 2 months ago