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Post the most epic picture 당신 own! Make it funny, too!

13 answers | my answer: Ha Ha Jim Benton

what is the name of the show with the dude and some girlz and he has to pick which one to marry?

5 answers | my answer: The Bachelor

is it just me or...

13 answers | my answer: Sometimes it is slow sometimes it is fast it's a 50...

If a cow appeared in your bathroom, what would 당신 do?

23 answers | my answer: Oh occupied....... my bad :P

Who smokes here?

28 answers | my answer: THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING 당신 COULD DO TO Y...

How to have someone NOT have a crush on you?

4 answers | my answer: This kid in my French class had crush on me and it...

What is the last thing 당신 watched on TV/internet?

26 answers | my answer: 16 wishes

If 당신 had a choice of how to die, how would 당신 die?

12 answers | my answer: In my sleep so no one will know I even died until t...

What are the things 당신 like to do on your Spare time?

24 answers | my answer: Read, television, computer

How many caps do 당신 have?

29 answers | my answer: 35