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Breakup 조언 needed

2 answers | my answer: 당신 want to break up with someone 또는 they are break...
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Please answer this quickly because I'm dying to know what happened to Azula after Katara tied her up in Sozins comet part4 아바타 aang?

7 answers | my answer: yeah, she went to prison
아바타 더 라스트 에어벤더

do 당신 think that after korra started almost of us ignored this club ?

6 answers | my answer: kinda but 아바타 is still encorporated in korra
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How many chapters from the cartoon did Avatar: The Last airbender movie go up too and will there be another one?

2 answers | my answer: The movie was only the first ep. and the last 2 epi...
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When Katara and Aang are trapped in the Cave of two Lovers: What do 당신 think happened after this scene?

11 answers | my answer: they did 키스 cause it shows them moving closer to...
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당신 think Sokka and Suki got married?

13 answers | my answer: They either got married 또는 he didnt get married at...
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what is your favoraite episode ?

5 answers | my answer: How can 당신 make 아바타 lover like me chose ONE sin...
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Im sure 당신 wouldn't know, but who was the first 아바타 ever?

16 answers | my answer: Nobosy really knows who the first 아바타 ever but w...
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Though Aang had mastered all 4 elements at the end of the series, in my opinion, he is still not a better waterbender than Katara, a better 불, 화재 than Zuko and a better earth than Toph. What do u people think?

3 answers | my answer: Toph will always be the best earthbender and I thin...
아바타 더 라스트 에어벤더

Katara only started to 'look at' Aang romantically after the Fortune teller. But did Aang like Katara from the moment they met?Did Aang take Katara as a playmate since the other children refused to play with him after they know he's avatar?

1 answer | my answer: Yes and somewhat it was 사랑 at first sight. And I...