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해리 포터

Hermione with ron? 또는 Hermione with Harry?

40 answers | my answer: Ron and Hermione always. Harry & Hermione are like...
해리 포터

What did 당신 think of the dance scene between Harry and Hermione?

19 answers | my answer: It was nice but then very wried.
해리 포터

Did anyone else feel really upset after 읽기 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

21 answers | my answer: Yes. Why did she have to kill off 프레드 and 통스 an...

Am i the only one who does not totally hate hannah???

18 answers | my answer: Hannah is awesome. She makes Booth Happy. 본즈 too...
뱀파이어 다이어리

who's cuter damon 또는 mat

11 answers | my answer: Matt is so cute and caring. Damon can be scary at t...
뱀파이어 다이어리

who's the cuter and better kisser for elena

8 answers | my answer: Stefan and Elena 4ever. Stefan and Elena have been...
뱀파이어 다이어리

Did 당신 felt sorry for katherine when stefan leaved her alone in the tumb in episode 11 ??

6 answers | my answer: No. She so Horrible. Hope She stays there.
뱀파이어 다이어리

Are 당신 guys Team Forwood (Tyler&Caroline) 또는 Team Catt (Matt & Caroline)?

8 answers | my answer: Team Forwood. Hands Down. I 사랑 tyler with carolin...

I heard that Finn and Quinn are going to 키스 in the new super bowl episode.Is it really true?

5 answers | my answer: I Hope Not. :(((((

What would 당신 put on your 'Born This Way' shirt?

75 answers | my answer: Neat Freak 또는 bracers