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What is the name of your hamster? And is it a boy 또는 a girl?

3 answers | my answer: When I had a 햄스터 (he died) his name was Little...
Blonde Hair

Do 당신 think all Blondes are dumb?

6 answers | my answer: No. I'm a natural blonde and I am (not being all co...

If 당신 were a unicorn what would 당신 look like - Please add a picture ?

19 answers | my answer: I would be this adorable one!!
셀레나 고메즈

Post a pic of Selena Gomez wearing a butealfuil outfit and if 당신 participate 당신 get 2 props and the winner gets 7 props WOW good luck

27 answers | my answer: This is nice:
셀레나 고메즈

Post a pic of selena in a red dress 또는 just wearing red

21 answers | my answer: 사랑 this dress <3
셀레나 고메즈

post a pic of selena eating

12 answers | my answer: Awesome and it has glitter :)
셀레나 고메즈

~~~~~~~~~CONTEST~~~~~~~~~(ROUND 1)

11 answers | my answer: I think i'm too late, i just really like this pictu...
셀레나 고메즈

~~~CONTEST~~~ (round 3)

8 answers | my answer: I really 사랑 this picture (the background may be a...
셀레나 고메즈

Cσntєst-Rσund 1

26 answers | my answer: I 사랑 this picture it is just so nice :)

post a pic of kesha in shorts please

4 answers | my answer: Here u go: