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해리 포터

Who else is angry at the fact that they left out...*spoilers for those who haven't read the seventh book 또는 who haven't seen the 6th film'??

22 answers | my answer: I think they should have added that scene, too.
해리 포터

I might be in the last Harry Potter movie :D

35 answers | my answer: Good luck!
해리 포터

How did 당신 feel when JK Rowling announced that Dumbledore is gay?

21 answers | my answer: When someone I know told me, I was like : 'No... yo...
해리 포터

Nineteen Years Later? Pfft. 더 많이 like forty!

24 answers | my answer: I think they look older than they should look like....
해리 포터

Are 당신 excited to see Ron and Hermione's 키스 in Deathly Hallows???

13 answers | my answer: YES! I can't wait! :)

Help Needed....

4 answers | my answer: The 팬팝 Nation. I know, it's maybe kind of la...
Jane Austen

NEW SPOT Jane Austen's 히어로즈

2 answers | my answer: I joined! :)
Jane Austen

I am looking to buy a collection of the Jane Austen novels as a present for someone who loves them. I am hoping to find a "special" set of the novels in some way - perhaps a set of old editions, 또는 some other way in which they are unique. any ideas?

2 answers | my answer: Here is a collection of Jane Austen novels on Amazo...

Help, please? I'll give 당신 three answer props if 당신 do :)

7 answers | my answer: Maybe 당신 can make them explore to try and find Try...

What would be a good name for my character?

10 answers | my answer: Shirley, Addie, Joanne, Molly, Myrtle Hope this...