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Wow, it's been so long since I've been on here and I miss it! This was awesome, even if I was the most embarrassing person to ever exist back then. 당신 guys can always talk to me on 페이스북 또는 tumblr if 당신 want. I miss y'all. 게시됨 over a year ago
Oh my god...I've just been on 팬팝 for the first time in months and realised how embarrassing I used to be. Ugh, yeah, anyway, this brings back so many memories <3 게시됨 over a year ago
CheekyCheese commented…
Ah, I miss this so much, I made some awesome 프렌즈 here. over a year ago
Wow, haven't been on here for a long, long time. Hello to anyone who's still here. I miss this. -CC 게시됨 over a year ago
harrypotterbest commented…
저기요 :P over a year ago
IzzyOzera commented…
저기요 :) over a year ago
sarabeara said …
Of course we can be friends! 당신 seem awesome! ^_^ Plus we have like a million clubs in common so there's endless stuff to talk about.
Us Directioners must stick together!
Haha, I feel ya. I'm so awkward in real life 당신 have no idea omg. 게시됨 over a year ago
Wow, hi guys :] I feel bad for not coming on here 더 많이 often...
When I actually used this website, I used to be such a huge loser which thinking about it, seems a shame because I sort of wasted my time on here. :L
I actually miss this :')
So yeah, bye xD 게시됨 over a year ago
CheekyCheese commented…
Now I'm just an awkward fangirl weirdo... o_O over a year ago
Waterwhip commented…
We've missed 당신 c: over a year ago
xDark_Angelx commented…
^^Words to live by. "We're all losers, and we fucking rock!" :P over a year ago
IzzyOzera said …
So how are you? 게시됨 over a year ago
Hii... :3 게시됨 over a year ago
PotterForever commented…
hello ;) over a year ago
xDark_Angelx commented…
Hey! :) over a year ago
simpleplan commented…
Hi X3 over a year ago
lexipayne gave me props for my images
Mrs.Tomlinson! ;D
사랑 Your Pics!(: 게시됨 over a year ago
pariapink gave me props for my polls
ur welcome!<3
is Lou ur 가장 좋아하는 member??:) 게시됨 over a year ago
pariapink gave me props for my images
heyyy!!!i 사랑 ur pics!!<333 게시됨 over a year ago
CheekyCheese commented…
Thank you! <3 over a year ago