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Breathless13 said …
Rave reviews for Scott Prussing’s paranormal romance Breathless keep piling up.

Bite This! (Vampire Book Blog)

Scott Prussing writes an amazing tale with this wonderful 판타지 and romance novel. Breathless has a refreshing view of 뱀파이어 and is filled with mystery and intrigue. Prussing scores a big win with this book. Breathless is truly a book 당신 will fall in 사랑 with and want to read over and over again. to see 더 많이 reviews 또는 to purchase a copy 게시됨 over a year ago
뱀파이어 don't age... but humans do... so while you're waiting for Breaking Dawn (movie) 또는 maybe even Midnight Sun to be finished, take a look at the book Breathless, 의해 Scott Prussing. One reviewer wrote simply: "Breathless breathes new life into the vampire genre."

당신 can 미리 보기 Breathless, see reader comments, and order a signed first edition at 게시됨 over a year ago
Both have their plusses... and their minuses! Passion, forbidden love, danger...but glittering skin? C'mon! For another slant on this whole vampire/human interaction, take a look at the new novel Breathless. link 게시됨 over a year ago