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BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
There's a certain unmistakable 글리 to turning a troll words/actions against themselves. 게시됨 10 hours ago
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It’s cold here to I see u like the 49ers awesome 게시됨 11 hours ago
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But really, Uaans such a joke most of us are just using him for memes and shit XD 게시됨 19 hours ago
Riku114 gave me props for my pop quiz questions
It was way too hard not to post that. I had to. XD 게시됨 19 hours ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
hate stop flagging my 비디오 because 당신 are insecure with your life and manhood ty. 게시됨 19 hours ago
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Thx 게시됨 1 day ago
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Hi I’m good how are u ? 게시됨 1 day ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
Ship wars are the most stupidest thing. I found an artist who literally blocked people just because they have different opinion on a ship. Not even being an asshole about it either. On 상단, 맨 위로 of that people block other people way too liberally and for stupid reasons. Anyone participating in this ship war garbage legit get over yourself. 게시됨 3 days ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
I agree. I've argued over petty shit before, but this is super petty 3 days ago
BlindBandit92 commented…
Yea I've even been blocked for stupid 나귀, 엉덩이 reasons. 3 days ago
zanhar1 commented…
Zutara vs Kataang man. That was some intense shit; I was in that for a while and I wasn't even that into either! That's the thing about ship wars; they're so intense 당신 get heated even if 당신 aren't passionate about the ship! Like the attacks got weirdly personal and all I wanted to do was have an opinion. I was a naive sweet summer child when I wandered onto that battlefield. Like I'll stick to Sokkla and TyZula thank 당신 much. 3 days ago
ArcticWolf commented…
God forbid you're a multishipper, then you'll likely be attacked wherever 당신 go 2 hours ago
BlindBandit92 said about Fandoms
I need to get back and do some stuff in this club. I haven't done something with it in years. 게시됨 4 days ago
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AHhhhhhh that sounds so awesome.... it's on my bucket list hahah. Maybe I'll skip the upside down/backwards/in the dark ride though xD I'd definitely be in it for the vibe of the place over the rides I think. Plus the shows, I'd be in it for that.
RIP :( Yeah I've only played a few games because my partner told me about that game and it's pretty cool. A lot like League aye? 게시됨 6 days ago