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BlueDopamine gave me props for my comments
<3 게시됨 2 days ago
BlueDopamine commented…
For being my buddy for so long. 2 days ago
BlueDopamine commented…
Wish we knew each other irl. We could have made so many good memories 2 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
"Well, this hurts me 더 많이 than I can stand to say
In just one sitting, 당신 left the room so I could pray
So I'll pace the halls to see
If I could find a hole in something
또는 maybe places to escape
Oh, but everybody knows this is the part
Of breaking down in anybody's arms
I'm reaching down and hoping this one's ours
God, please let this stay
And then I fell into pieces and she fell into me
Saying, "Play me a song. It's been too long since I've heard 당신 sing." 게시됨 4 days ago
BlindBandit92 commented…
당신 got here just in time To let me know I was worth saving It's nothing 더 많이 than for the 심장 Too proud to breathe But I'm too scared to say the things worth saying Who knew this trip would be this hard? As I'm looking to the sky to count the stars I wonder if 당신 see them where 당신 are I'm down…" 4 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
"Dreams of his crash won't pass
Oh, how they all adored him
Beauty will last when spiraled down
The stars that mystified
He left them all behind
And how his children cried
He left us all behind
저기요 Miss Murder, can I?
저기요 Miss Murder, can I?
Make beauty stay if I
Take my life?
What's the hook, the twist within this verbose mystery?
I would gladly bet my life upon it" 게시됨 4 days ago
Mauserfan1910 said …
Here's the way I'm going to put it, as long as 당신 can make a character out of it, and it isn't going to be OP as fuck, I'll allow it. 8 is being a fucking Chicken for gods sake, so do whatever I guess 게시됨 7 days ago
KEISUKE_URAHARA gave me props for my answers
i wish buddy......if 아니메 is not there it would have been worse.............he he he 게시됨 7 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
I didn't choose the pervert life. The pervert life chose me. 게시됨 7 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Relatable !!!! 7 days ago
KEISUKE_URAHARA gave me props for my answers
ur sick too...???
im sick as well i have chickenpox its been few days now
it ruined my new 년 as well all stuck up in my room...he he he

as for other animes im watching
1) radiant
2) that time i got reincarnated as a slime
3) Black Clover
4) boruto
5) one piece
6) Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
7) Hinomaru-Zumou (awesome)
8) Fairy Tail (2018)
9) Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudou-bu

some 아니메 finished recently....waiting for new ones.....he he he 게시됨 7 days ago
oh in free time i slowly watch sket dance dnt wanna finish it early bcz if i do then i dnt have animes to watch......he he he he 7 days ago
아니메 is my only partner now........he h ehe 7 days ago
KEISUKE_URAHARA gave me props for my answers
everything is booooring as usual......hope this 년 gives me something exciting........he he he

what about u bro........???

btw r u watching any animes lately/.........???? 게시됨 8 days ago
Lavendergolden gave me props for my images
To be honest, I 사랑 your new Erza themed profile. She's some waifu material, and ranks 1st of my prettiest 아니메 girls list !!! 게시됨 8 days ago
Mauserfan1910 gave me props for my videos
We were probably 팬 of each other back on my old kragfan account, but not this one 게시됨 9 days ago