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BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
"me as an Ancient Greek:
me: 저기요 Poseidon whats with the pitchfork huh???? There’s a lot of 건초 to stack in the ocean huh??? fucking loser
me: *gets killed 의해 a tsunami*" 게시됨 4 days ago
legend_of_roxas commented…
당신 would think the gods would have thick skin because they're, 당신 know, GODS. I guess they're nothing 더 많이 than sensitive sissies. *Gets struck 의해 lightning* 4 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Lol, Greek Gods were particularly known for their expression of Emotions. Being quite similar to Human Nature !!!! 4 days ago
SilentForce commented…
LOL 4 days ago
Riku114 commented…
XD 3 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
I find it really sad and shocking amusing how many people refuse to read descriptions lmfao 게시됨 4 days ago
SilentForce commented…
Same.Like some days 이전 I read a review of "Noragami" on Anime-Planet in which the writer said that he/she was disappointed that this 아니메 turned out to be a comedy even though 당신 can easily judge that its a comedy just 의해 읽기 its 설명 또는 의해 just simply taking a look at the damn 태그 LOL 4 days ago
SilentForce commented…
Correction: Anime-Planet does indeed a misleading 설명 of "Norami" but it still has the comedy tag.Also that still doesn't change the fact that that user could have done a bit 더 많이 research before watching it. 4 days ago
SwordofIzanami commented…
People just don't like 읽기 these days. XD 3 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
I still haven't 게시됨 the other pictures from my trip I need to get around to doing that. Plus I need to get around to making that waifu list. Either way. "shrugs" 게시됨 6 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
I'm interested in seeing both of them !!!! 6 days ago
Rihanna312 gave me props for my comments
And here`s a prop that I forgot to give. :D 게시됨 8 days ago
Rihanna312 said …
I had seen few episodes of season1 like 5 또는 6 years 이전 and recently I remembered about them and decided to find out the 제목 and watch it all. I remember loving Moka especially her vampire side back then, and turns out, nothing has changed. :D She`s awesome indeed. 게시됨 8 days ago
missdoney gave me props for my comments
Maybe 당신 have different opinions than mine, but they are well written and assertive. 게시됨 9 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
How do 당신 fail this hard?

link 게시됨 9 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Too much excitement for the Plane lmao !!!! 9 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
Happy fourth dudes and dudettes. ^^ 게시됨 17 days ago
TheLefteris24 commented…
Happy Fourth ^^ !!!! 17 days ago
Mauserfan1910 commented…
'MERICA FUCK YEAH 17 days ago
Ishan-Ultra3 gave me props for my polls
Prop..just because.
Kthnxbye 게시됨 20 days ago
BlindBandit92 said about 랜덤
TFW 당신 watch playthroughs and 당신 cringe hardcore. I don't mean to call the let's player out but some people are too cringy to watch. I know I am cringy with shooters so I wouldn't want people to watch me play that generally so it goes both ways but goddamn the cringe. People taking 15 turns to complete something that takes 3 to 4 turns (fastest and 7 to 8 (longest) Give 또는 take. I mean putting a mage in melee. I thought it was a general rule that unless it's a battle mage/etc never to do that. 게시됨 22 days ago