I've dabbled in modding Skyrim for quite a while now thanks to the helpful guides & tutorials out there. I thank namely Gopher, Darkfox127, Nightasy & Antony Bellingham for their extensive guides & tutorials in modding in many different areas. I haven't really involved myself in the modding community as I'm just beginning modding as a hobby (I've only published one mod on the Nexus so far but am working on more.) I've looked around the web and have read all about modding teams such as 'Beyond Skyrim' on the 'Dark Creations' website and I must say that I am AMAZED at the amount of time & effort these people put into making these huge mods! They work together to make whole new lands, quests, dungeons etc. It's all very well done and it must be interesting to be a part of such a skilled team! From what I've seen, the Skyrim modding community seems phenomenal at how people support & help each other. Some people even make mods with others for example, Morskom Estate was made 의해 both Darkfox127 and Elianora who are both well known mod authors.

I've noticed a growth & increase of strength in the modding community ever since the latest 'Steam Workshop' incident. Many well known modders have given their opinions on 'Paid vs Free' modding and how 기사 have exploded all over the web explaining so. I can't say what my view is on all this 'Paid vs Free' stuff because after watching other authors' opinions, I couldn't explain it any better myself.

Someday I wish to be 더 많이 involved in the modding community and be a part of a team so I can learn 더 많이 about modding Skyrim (and possibly other games in the future). People such as: Brodual, Nozi87, Gopher, Chesko, Insane0hflex & Smike (and many 더 많이 I'm sure) are really a huge part of what makes this modding community so great!

Overall, I'm just really happy at how being able to mod Skyrim for over 3 years has brought all of these amazingly talented people together and has created a community that people can look up to and be inspired by. If it weren't for this group of talented individuals, I'm sure that there wouldn't be half as many great modders out there as there are now! :)


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