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posted by zutaradragon
Forgive this corpse for living
For being strong enough to cry
But to weak to crush this voice
For being to weak to revive
But strong enough to keep walking

Forgive this dead 심장 for beating
And not knowing the use
To perhaps remind me
Of what i once was?
Alive and beautiful....
Now cold, dead, and rotting.
Remind me of a past when i lived?

Forgive this constant pulse
When this body is lifeless
Soul is rotting...
But there's a constant 'Bip Bip'
In my arm which doesn't belong...
Because it's only suppose to exist
In those alive.

Forgive these cracked lungs for breathing
For aching and breaking everyday
And never...
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i walk through the big 사과, 애플 and sigh, seeing the huge contrast between here and the out skirts where we live. i walk into a big mall and look around. 2 reasons i'm here. #1, getting stuff. 의해 that, i mean stealing it. i'm the best thief in the world because...well, best 2 show then tell. i walk over to a cool-looking shirt. it disappears....kinda. shadow manipulation means it's just another piece of darkness in my shadow. anywho, reason 2 is cos i was told my recent target likes to hang out here. i look around, touching stuff and adding them to my shadow. no one noted it, because people...
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posted by zutaradragon
the 2 versions my ghost cat gave me are 2 different versions of the same name. it's a boy 또는 a girl name but, in some languages, it can only be a girl name. however, in most cases, it means the same thing: Victorios. rooted in Egypt, the word Nekhet is pernonced similarly to Niki. Nekhet means "to be strong" here are the meanings i have found from varying lanuages.
~Victory of the people
~Goddess of Victory (Nike)
~Earth: Ganges
~A Dew Drop from Heaven
~Beautiful girl in the world
~As beautiful girl as the moon
~Victory carrier
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*Light is sitting in the tent, 글쓰기 quickly in a black note book.* *Ryuk walks up behind him* umm...*he looks over Light's sholder* what r u doin', Light?
*Light laughs slightly* Isn't it obvios? i'm getting rid of the task force b4 they get rid of me. *he writes the last name, his father's, and looks at his watch.*
-at Near's HQ-
*Near's tower of dice is bigger and he has on in his hand* if 엘 saud what i think he did, then that means...*he raises his arm 2 put the die onto the 상단, 맨 위로 of the tower, but he flicks his wrist and makes all the dice start 2 fall 2 the floor. at the Kira task force...
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posted by zutaradragon
-If 당신 choose to be one of "the awoken" 당신 have to start when 당신 1st "wake"
You can be any age, but preferably not any younger then 12 and no older then 24.
Key points: Remember that your life was perfect in your dreams and you've had schooling starting from Kindergarten and up to what ever age 당신 choose to be. Though the schools always had a main focus (art, writing, math, ect) once it found what 당신 were best at.
You still know everything else 당신 would need to up to that age, but 당신 will know 더 많이 about your specialty, so 당신 will need to pick something 당신 were best at (no...
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i thought 당신 people should understand some things about me. 당신 see, i'm not phased 의해 much, and 당신 people need to know my life so bad, well here goes. we may as well start at when my problems started. i was 6 when this nightmare started. even before that my father was always cruel, but this time it was way worse then that. it was midnight when i woke up 2 a loud crashing sound in the halls. i jumped up and i ran to the door, since the sound came from that general direction. then i saw a black streak run out the door and looked around. it was then that i realized what happened. i started...
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posted by zutaradragon
    Police are investigating a 불, 화재 at a local school building, which was full of what are now dead children and teachers. 또는 at least, presumed dead, as no bodies have actually been found. There was only one person left: a seemingly deranged babbling female teacher speaking of a giant blob, of sorts. The police instantly dismissed her ramblings as those of a traumatized and stressed mind and went back to work. Their investigation turned up large amounts of sulfur, which was very odd and completely unexplained. Most dismissed it, saying that the science labs must have just...
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posted by zutaradragon
So when I was growing up the Tamagotchi virtual pets were making a comeback. 당신 know, they were really 인기 a long time 이전 and then they came back when they came up with the connect feature. I was 9 and, at least in my school, how 인기 당신 were was determined not only 의해 how 당신 looked but how many Tamagotchis 당신 had. I was very unpopular previously, so needless to say this...excited me...to FINALLY get to have something considered popular...and if popularity was determined solely on the number of these...little eggs...I would have been the MOST 인기 kid in school. I had so many...I...
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posted by zutaradragon
Have 당신 ever had a friend....
you may never meet?
But u find u trust them more
then the ones u know for real?
You don't know what they look like
maybe exotic
maybe normal...
or maybe not even there.

All 당신 have is a feeling like...
you could trust them with your life.
And, if it's true...
that 집 is where the 심장 is...
then my 집 must be with you.
However, I don't know where 당신 are...

My trust, my life, my heart
it's somewhere so I can't get to it.
I intend to find it someday
and in turn find you, my friend.
I must find 당신 somehow.
You have my heard and soul
with you.

I feel like I'm lost.......
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posted by zutaradragon
sirens blare as ambulances and cops show up 2 an empty house...empty exept 4 the bodys.
"they're gonna b fine, they're gonna b fine..." james mutters as he runs. he had no idea where he was going, he just knew that he had 2 get far away from there. "god, let them b ok!" he wasn't talking about his father. no, his father was gone. he hadn't ment 2 kill him, of course, it just, sorda'...happened. all the anger that he had, foolishly, kept inside, it was all releast in that one, deadly, blow. and, the horrable thing, he felt better now, almost...realeived. "no..NO, that isn't right!"...
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*a beautiful bronze spotted she-cat lies in a basket in a small 부엌, 주방 with black and white checked floors and 3 small kits curled up asleep beside here. a silver spotted male walks in. he's well muscled and his eyes soften when he sees the she-cat and the kits. one kit is silver, like the mother, one is bronze, like the father, the other is a smokey color* 2 daughters and a son. *the silver she-cat purrs*
yes, they're lovely, Neb Medes. *the bronze male purrs back. the silver she-cat's name mean all alert*
i should hope so, Kem Senef, with such a handsome father. *Neb purrs. the bronze male's...
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I looked up as the last 벨 rang, signaling that school was over for the day. With a sigh I slowly got up and shoved my agenda and spiral roughly in my bag. "Hey Jane?" My eyes darted up to see Mark, who was in the same grade as me; not only that, he was only one 년 older than me. It doesn't even seem like that; though I was thirteen, he was shorter than me. "What is it?" I asked, putting my black backpack over my right shoulder. "Um, I wanted to know if 당신 had anything to do this weekend, 당신 know, maybe we could do something?" He mumbled as we walked out of the class, waving goodbye to...
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posted by zutaradragon
these r all the medicine herbs i know of from warriors, along with a bunch i found through some research. if i am missing any from the series 또는 got the effect wrong, please let me know.

~Melissa~Colds, insect bites, rashes, nausea, sore throat

~Comfrey~cuts, bronchitis

~Nettle~Allergies, kit birth

~Wort~anxiety, burns, coughs

~Buchu~bladder infections

~Roselle~weight loss

~Sassafrass~bug repellent

~Acacia~cuts, coughs, sore throat

~Acai berry~weight loss

~Blue Curls~cuts, bruises, sprains, sore throat

~Creat~colds, Diarrhea, digestion, indigestion

~Angelica~kit birth, colds, digestion, indigestion, coughs...
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posted by zutaradragon
“Your name?” asks everyone from everywhere...constant repeat
“I am...Nameless...” always my reply...
Someone once asked “Why?” well....

My name is Empty
Because all my 사랑 was stolen
My name is False
Because my soul and spirit were taken as well
My name is Worthless
Like everyone always told me I was

My name is Envy
Because everyone has what I don't
My name is Longing
For a reason to 옮기기 on
My name is Searching
For some remnant of humanity

My name is Deceived
I was told, and believed, that life is a treasure
My name is Lost
No longer needed, required
My name is Hatred
For every human here

My name...
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posted by zutaradragon
Does it rain when 천사 cry...?
Or do the clouds weep for those who can't?

The clouds weep for those who can't...
or won't?
Or fear to so gravely?
Those whose pride will not let them be seen...
committing such a treason.
Those whose constant weeping left...
their eyes dry of all emotion.
Tears can no longer fall and
pain is 로스트 on them.
Maybe those like me, whose...
Heart is in a constant storm
and so cold and dark that...
no crying 또는 weeping can escape.
A barren, cold, and dark place
so cold all tears...freeze inside
and icy cold.

It rains when 천사 cry...
When their beautiful faces
and caring...
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posted by zutaradragon
Eyes, once wide and warm
blue and beautiful...swirling with a...
lively innocence...
so fleeting....
2 say the least.

Now, thro cold eyes...
ice....numb....2 everything that goes on
around them....
or, at least.....
that's all that dares sho...
in these eyes.
No emotion shines
no innocent glo
nothing left.
because, in this world...
crying....is weakness...
caring 4 1 another is....
trivial...& useless now.
4 ♥s and feelings r played everyday....
as if they're nothing 더 많이 then a game...
trivial....all emotion....
2 say the least...

Eyes...cold, narrow, slanted....
watching this world,
not belonging......
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~Dedicated 2 My Most Treasured Friend
Thx 2 U My Echo is Heard Now~

This is a call
2 all those in constant torment
Whose rl self is dormant
Hidden deep within

Those whose hearts r cold
Because this world is cold...
Whose very soul is frozen
Because this world turns a cold shoulder, blinded
By what they desire, they 4get
That other humans r around them

Those close 2 breaking
Hands r shaking
♥'s broken
Won't b awoken

Given up belief
In everything but sorrow
& waking up 4 the 다음 2morro...
Seems 더 많이 like a pain...
Then the gift every1 says it's suppose 2 b

Hope is lost
Feelings lost
& living seems like......
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posted by zutaradragon
It's like watchin' another family
fall apart
and I can't help it
no, I 로스트 it
I cry myself to sleep again
I need to find myself a friend
but who wants to be a friend
with someone growing up in a war zone?

I'm just watching the fighting
and the arguing
and I can't do anything
I can't help
so I run
I run away to my room
my safe-place
my only shelter

It hurts me so much
it only makes me cry
I can't lie
and I try and I try to walk away
I feel myself pull away.
And I cry and I cry and I run away
all I have left of them is a picture to go by
and I don't even want that
I rip my face free of them
and I throw the family portrait...
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posted by zutaradragon
Hold me now,
why bother?
It only makes me weak
time I seek
with you, no other
but 당신 won't speak to me now.

당신 hurt me so
I know what lurks beyond my refuge
a world of subterfuge.
It pains me to know
the feelings grow
and yet 당신 keep adding pain to the flame
a growing feeling of loss and shame.
Yet I keep letting 당신 cause me pain
cos I kinda like the way it hurts
I don't understand why
the reason's 로스트 on me...

It's like a feather floating through the air
and it's not fair.
I drift through space
로스트 my face
my place
fell from pace.
I'm just drifting here
so full of fear
and I can not get free.
posted by zutaradragon
가입하기 in on the Masquerade?
no....i won't let my future fade.
I intend to survive?
no...I intend to thrive.

Imma win this game
walk away with the crown.
I'm almost there
I jus' figured I'd share
for all those who care.
Prove ya lame?
Nah, no need.
I'm here for du fame
so imma plant this seed

I only care about this moment
not tomorrow
not yesta' day
no, jus today

Am I blessed 또는 am I lucky?
Maybe it was that jade monkey?
I made my wish
got my dish
but where's the bad, the regret?
Am I a fad, 또는 did I let
all the fame, all the money
reach my head, now I feel funny.

I don't wanna go straight up
cos what goes up...
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