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 Marik Ishtar 3
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This Yu-Gi-Oh 사진 contains 애니메이션, 만화, and 만화책.

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Tea, and Yugi walked down the 거리 hand in hand after recently getting together. Although, Yugi didn't fill anything when 차 kissed him, but Tea's 심장 flue! What could he do? Tell her about his little crush on DMG? 'No,' he thought. 'There's no way she'd let me off the hook. She'd probably rant about how she was a duel monster and it would never work. Maybe I could explain to her that Yami could bring her to life? Hum?? No, it won't work.' He ended his thoughts when 차 kissed his cheek.

"Yugi?" She asked tilting her head, and focusing on his lips.
"Yes Tea?" He smiled at her.
"Do 당신 love...
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posted by safben
Chapter 7: Battle in the palace

All of the priests and Atem raised their left arms and a strange device was seen on their arms. The boys noticed these devices and turned to Nefertiri.
“What are those things?” Yugi asked.
“Those are Dia Dianks,” she answered her brown eyes still facing the defending priests and Pharaoh.
“'Dia' what?” Yugi asked again, still confused.
“I'm sorry guys. I don't know much about a Dia Diank, except that is what the priests and the Pharaoh use to summon their Kaas,” Nefertiri said.
“Shh we can't let them see us,” Nefertiri whispered.
Yugi turned...
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posted by anime_obsessed5
Read this first!!
This is NOT like my other 기사 this is not supposed to be funny.But some parts maybe.Now on with the story.

It's was a abnormal 일 in the palace everyone was totally manic,Mana just stud there watching the chaos.She just sighed no one would tell her what was going on not even Mahado would tell her,he said it would cause her harm,and she Hadn't seen Atem once,but the servants said she was not allowed out of her room.So she just looked out her window leaning against the wall,she wanted to go out and have an adventure with Atem and Mahado like she used to.She saw someone...
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As they climbed the stares they came to the third Room.
"Ello Mate I'm Jim Crocodile." The Australian said.
"Should we care?" Marik laughed.
"Ye-" At that moment he was shot as he fell they saw who had shot him It was....Mai!
"Mai?!What are 당신 doing here?" Serenity asked.
"Joey called me and said 당신 were in trouble.So I came to help." Mai answered
"Well she's fine were almost done here so just go away." Marik said.
"I see what's going on." Mai said.
"Wh-What?!" Evil Bakura said.
"You both Want Serenity." Mai claimed.
"Wh-What?!"Evil Bakura said while his face turned red.
"So?" Marik said.
"Huh?" Serenity...
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